Simpsons Fanon

What to expect when Bart’s Expecting Bart annoyed with his nice art teacher uses Voodoo to get rid of her but gets her pregnant. So he dresses like Mickey Mouse from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and gets more women pregnant with voodoo but this annoys Homer when hyper broody Marge wants Bart’s help.


The title gag is Moe skiing and falling to his doom! “Oh noooooo!”

The billboard gag is “Total Recall: All products tainted.” With Apu looking sad. Oscar in a cherry picker lift sprays in graffiti paint “Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Oscar laughs.

The chalkboard gag is “April showers do not bring Matt Lauers.” I have no idea who that is.

The couch gag is the Simpsons in a fantastic voyage in Homer’s body. Illustrated in gloomy red and black by Michal Socha.


The episode opens with Barney sad he can’t go into Moe’s to drink because it’s shut for a bar keep meeting.

“Huh...?!” Barney questions why the bar would be shut. He spies throw the window.

“Eh, welcome fellow barkeeps, gin-slingers, and beer jerks.” said Moe to various bar keeps and wenches including whoever runs the bar from Cheers and Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders and the Irish pub landlord from the episode where the Simpsons went to Ireland. Oh and Cleatus for some reason and the rough eyepatch bar tender Homer went to once. “We are all here because drinkin' in our bars is down.”

“Mom-and-pop bartenders can't compete with big box stores like Booze Barn and Hooch City.“ said the Irish pub landlord.

We cut to drunk people at a gas station drinking wine from the wine gallon pumps. Bells rang.

(bell dinging) Moe rang the end of the night bell.

(all clamoring)

There was also a lady bar wench and a bar tender who wanted to be an actor. Instead he ran a snazzy bar.

“Uh, folks, this is the owner of the airport bar speaking. Uh, we're experiencing some financial turbulence. Uh, please remain calm. Now let's watch this informational video that'll help save our business.“ said an airport captain who owned the Black Box Bar.

“Thanks, Cap.” said a bar keep on a film. “Now what I'm proposing is a superhero pub crawl. Our clientele dress up in costume and go drinking from bar to bar. Their masks make 'em feel uninhibited and invulnerable.”

(all murmuring positively)

“Yeah, and that's not all. Why don't you tell 'em about it, Moe?” said the bar keep on the film.

”Yeah, you got it, Moe.“ said a random bar keep in the bar.

”We can make up superhero drink names and charge 'em double.“ said Moe. “Like, uh, Nick Fury, Agent of Schnapps; s*x in the Batmobile; and Wolveriskey.“ Those were all terrible ideas... Mr I only serve watered down beer... “Here, check out my, uh, portfolium here.”

The other bar keeps admired his portfolio.

In the suburbs.

(in Marge voice): “Happy Halloween, kids!” Lois Griffin thought it was Halloween and dressed as Marge for some reason.

”Lois it’s the middle of April...” Peter sighed.

Lois grumbled like Marge. “Hrrrrrrrmmmmm!”

At the Simpsons Oscar and Lisa were playing with their Guinea pigs.

Homer got a text message. “It’s from Lenny. Moe’s drumming up business with a super hero night. Hmmmmm sounds fun.”

“No fair! Dressing up as a superhero is a kids thing!” Bart whined. “Or a lonely nerd thing at comic book conventions.”

“Well now it’s your old man’s thing when drinking at Uncle Moe’s.” said Homer.

“Hugo, if you’re not interested, I have to comb feces out of my guinea pigs’ hair with a wet paper towel.” said Oscar cleaning his guinea pig.

(Guinea Pig squeaking.)


At Moe’s.

(all clamoring, cheering)


”Yeah!“ Men and women drinking while dressed as superheroes cheered, and um drank alcohol.

”Flame on!” Barney was the Human torch. He belched into a fire lighter but set light to his breath and mouth. (belches) (gasps) “Oh-God-oh-God-oh-God!” He screamed. Paramedics took him into an ambulance. “I can't breathe!” Barney cried and put on the oxygen mask.

“No, no, no!” the paramedics warned him. The ambulance blew up in a fiery explosion.

In Moe’s Rorschach from Watchmen morphed his ink blots on his face to ask a lady dressed as a generic superhero out on a date. She refused. Rorschach morphed his ink blots into swear word symbols.

Homer glued potato chips to his face and painted himself and the chips orange to be the Thing.

“Why do they call this a yard of ale?” Lenny asked.

“Easy. After you drink one, you're passed out in your yard.” said Carl.

We pan over to loads of drunk super heroes like Bat man vomiting and Spider-Man drinking upside down. Plastic Man pulling a muscle in his arm and Rorschach still trying to get a date.

”Wooooooooo! Super heroes! Thanks for sneaking me out on a school night Oz!” said Bart as Bartman.

”No problem Bartman. Now where’s the comics....?” Oscar dressed as a superhero pondered.

”I think it’s just a drunkard theme night thing...” said Bart. “Let’s just go home...”

“Hmm. (drunkenly): Well, better get home. The delightfulness ended hours ago.” said Homer at Moe’s.

She Hulk put a TV On. Moe was on it. “Homer, the best thing for you to do in this situation is keep drinking.” said Moe.

”Heh.“ Homer obviously kept drinking.

The next morning at breakfast.

(Homer moaning) Homer’s wife and kids heard Homer outside groaning while eating breakfast. They went out to the front yard to find an embarrassing sight. Homer in his underwear with an orange face and potato chips glued to his face lying in the yard drunk.

(groaning) Homer groaned hungover.

(Otto laughs) Otto laughed as the school bus arrived.

”Oh, why are you doing this to me, booze? I drank every kind of you!” Homer groaned.

“Mom can you take us to therapy...” Hugo groaned mortified.

”Hmmmmm! Off to school with you kids.” Marge sighed embarrassed in Homer.

“See ya, Homer!” said Bart getting on the bus.

“Bye, Dad!” said Lisa.

”Garrrrrrr! Rrrrrrrrrr! Raaaaaagh! (Beastly murmurs.)” said Hugo growling.

”Have a good day, you three! Don't be me!” said Homer.

The bus went through the bar street where Moe’s and King Toots is. Sanitation workers were tidying up. The kids in the bus could see this embarrassing scene from last night’s festivities.

”There's my dad!“ said Milhouse.

”Wait, I think I just sucked up a dollar!“ said Kirk stuffing his arm down a road sweeper’s tube. He got stuck. (grunting) “José, hit the switch!” he yelled to the road sweeper driver.

”We are not all Josés, man.“ said the Hispanic driver.

(other kids laugh) The kids laughed at Milhouse who was embarrassed about his dad.


Bart, Oscar and Milhouse were heading to class when there was a note on the door telling fourth grade to head to art class.

”Oh Art!” said Milhouse.

”Yes!” Oscar cheered.

“Simpson! Smock up!” said Skinner.

”Every time I do art, some do-gooder teacher sends it straight to a therapist.“ Bart groaned.

”Your stuff is pretty disturbing.“ Milhouse whispered.

”I've never acted on any of it.“ said Bart.

”You will take art, you will enjoy art, and you will make something in a kiln your mother can use.“ said Skinner sharply.

Bart had made Marge, his mother, another tea cup with holes in it. Marge was annoyed as tea poured out of the holes. “Oh... “ she smashed the cup annoyed but felt bad for Bart as he had worked on it. (groans) “Maggie! Why'd you do that?” She blamed Maggie.

Maggie gave her a shocked look. Like “WTH woman?!”


Art class.

"You'll all be spending this lesson in art." Skinner sends the fourth grade class to the art classroom.

"Cool beans!" said Oscar. He liked painting and drawing.

Bart frowned at him.

“Bart why don't you like art?" Oscar asked. Sighing.

"It's not that I don't like it. It's just that I want an F on my report for art so it says Fart! Ahahahaha!" Bart explained before bursting out laughing.

Oscar sighed and rolled his eyes.

"And like I said to Skinner. My art kinda creeps people out and they think I'm psychotic or something." Bart added.

"But if you got a B in art it would say Bart!" Oscar replied.

"I suppose that might be a reason to try hard..." Bart found that difficult to argue with.

They went in the classroom and sat at the easels.

Unfortunately the cheerful teacher was cheerful and nice to everyone. And they were doing a life drawing with Groundskeeper Willie as the nude model.

“Oh, I just came in to take out the trash!” Willie groaned.

”And you shall leave immortal!“ said the cheerful art teacher. “Also, take out the trash.”

She then looked at the students’ paintings.

“Honest!” she said about whatever Nelson was doing. Probably punching his easel...

“Inspiring!” Martin painted a Monet pond painting.

“Yes... necessary!” she said about whatever Lewis painted.

”Oh, Milhouse-ian!“ she praised Milhouse.

”Oh, Bart, it's wonderful!“ she praised Bart.

”Really? Wonderful? I just drowned a grasshopper in paint and let him crawl on the paper till he died.“ there was a dead black grasshopper smearing black paint across Bart’s canvas.

”You know what that's called? Mixed-media conceptual art.” said the teacher.

”No, it's not, because I hate art.“ Bart groaned.

”Oh, then it's protest art!” said the teacher.

”Stop encouraging me!“ Bart whined.

”I will admire you from afar...!” said the nice art teacher.

(exasperated grunt) Bart grunted annoyed.

Once the nice art teacher left. Bart looked at what Oscar had drawn.

"It's your teddy bear creature?! Wow it looks almost life like..." said Bart.

"Whattya mean almost?!" Teddy yelled as he came out of the canvas. His big wet shiny black nose was smooshed against Bart's. He was all too real.

"Ay carumba!" Bart yelled. "Your painting came to life!"

"Well duh. That always happens." Oscar explained.

"Cooool!" Bart cooed.

"I'll show you something cool!" Oscar smirked. He painted a moustache on Bart. Bart felt the moustache and pulled at it. It was real despite having been painted on.

"Whoooooa!" Bart cooed. "Just make sure to erase this moustache before recess."

"If you say so." Oscar replied.


After class Bart bumped into Shauna.

(gasps) Bart gasped. “Shauna? What are you doing here?”

”Training for the Olympics.” said Shauna.

”Coooooool!” said Oscar.

”Oz, she was being sarcastic...” Bart groaned.

”No she isn’t!” Oscar retorted.

“I gotta find a way to get rid of my art teacher.” Bart explained to Shauna.

“Easy. Voodoo.” said Shauna.

“Coooooool!” said Oscar cooing.

“Is there a voodoo queen you can direct me to?” Bart asked Shauna.

“He means a caplata...” said Oscar.

“Oh, yeah. She lives in a trailer down by Yogurtland.” said Shauna.

“Mmmmmmmmmm! Yogurt....” Oscar moaned hungrily and drooled.

“Now kiss me. I wanna make somebody mad.” Shauna snogged Bart. Eeeeeew!

(grunting) “What are you doing?!” Bart struggled and pulled away from Shauna.

”What's my no-good daughter up to now?“ Chalmers frowned.

”Simpson! You are so dead!” Jimbo yelled making a fist gesture.

”Ay carumba!” Bart yelled.

Plot 2[]

“Now u have everyt'ing you need for the voodoo.” said a voodoo sorceress Bart is visiting at Yogurtland. Oscar was eating a yogurt. “Would you like a bag?”

“Yes, ma'am.” said Bart.

“Paper or plastic?” the voodoo lady asked.

”Uh, plastic.“ said Bart.

”Just like the chicken foot say you would!” said the voodoo lady smoking a cigarette as she put his things in a bag for him.

Oscar laughed hysterically. “Chicken foot! Hehehehe!”

Bart rolled his eyes.

”Are you two making the same purchase from Momma Janis or...”

”No I’m here to get help to become like Dr Facilier from Disney except without the part where he got dragged to the voodoo equivalent of the underworld by angry Loa.” said Oscar.

Bart groaned a his ridiculous request.

“Also did your ancestors ever practice voodoo with Mary Todd Lincoln. Abe Lincoln’s wife?” Oscar asked.

Bart face palmed.

”Why yes! All the time! She was part of a large coven!” said the voodoo lady.

”Knew it!” Oscar cheered.


Music played as Bart, Oscar and Milhouse were on the roof of the school. Bart had drawn a pentagram. That’s satanism you idiot!

“Okay, did you get Trunch's DNA?” Bart asked Milhouse. He was gluing a photo of Trunch to a voodoo doll.

”Yeah, got it out of her purse.“ said Milhouse holding a hair clip with a hair on it. (chuckles)

“How'd you do that?“ Bart winced gluing the hair to the doll.

“Art teachers don't have a desk. They just throw their purse anywhere.” Milhouse explained.

Bart ran round the pentagram chanting. “Voodoo spell, voodoo spell, seagull beak”

“Mine! Mine! Mine mine mine! Mine!” Oscar mimicked the finding Nemo seagulls. Milhouse hand gagged him and frowned.

“and bone of Mel, purple heart and tear of chum...” Bart slapped Milhouse eland lowered his head near the doll. A tear fell on it, (grunts)

“Just had to be tear of chum.” Milhouse groaned.

“Send her home with aching tum!” Bart waits. Nothing happened.

“Oh, right, we need one more thing from her purse.” said Bart.

“I've got these.” Milhouse passed an envelope.

”Hmm, she's got tickets to the play God of Carnage.“ said Bart.

“Orchestra?! On an art teacher's salary? That's black magic!“ said Milhouse.

Bart put the envelope and theatre tickets on the doll and offerings and set fire to them.

”Now take this sacrifice Baron Samedi! Oh and please appear to us in the form of the late Geoffrey Holder and advertise 7up!” said Oscar.

”Oz no!” Bart yelled.


At art class the next day.

“Where's Mrs. Trunch? I need to know the correct density of "points" in my pointillism.” Martin asked Bart holding a pointillism painting.

Bart rolled his eyes. “Mm, sorry, but I don't think we'll be seeing much of Trunch today. Yep, I cast a voodoo spell on her. I won't bore you with the dark details, but let's just say she's in no condition for teaching.”

(gasps) Ms Trunch arrived. (disappointed) Bart grunted annoyed that his spell didn’t work.

”Oh... Class, I have an announcement. I'm afraid I can't teach today. I have a tummy ache.” said the cheerful art teacher.

”Mm...“ Bart cheered up.

“A very special tummy ache.” said the art teacher. Bart was confused. “I'm going to have a baby!”

(gasps) Bart gasped.

Ralph ran out the school into the playground. “Aah! Bart Simpson got a teacher pregnant!”

(scoffing) Lisa scoffed. “Typical Ralph nonsense.“

(Milhouse panting) Milhouse ran out. “Bart Simpson got a teacher pregnant!”

“You happy with your two-timing boyfriend now?” Chalmers said to Shauna who didn’t care.

Bart was sent to Skinner’s office.

”I admit, I did make a voodoo doll of Mrs. Trunch.“ Bart explained. “But I just asked for a stomach ache, not a baby!”

”Classic wish-maker's mistake: vague language.” said Skinner.

”So I did make her pregnant?“ Bart asked.

“Of course not. Doesn't work that way.” said Skinner.

”Just how do women get babies?“ Bart asked.

”I'm not allowed to discuss that with fourth-graders. Fifth grade, you get every dirty detail.“ said Skinner.


Bart was sent home. A very angry but sober Homer picked him up and scolded him on the drive home.

“Do you know how embarrassed I was to get a call at my arraignment for my behavior during the pub crawl because of a voodoo curse my son placed on his art teacher?“ Homer yelled at Bart.

“I didn't mean to make her pregnant. I just hate art so much.” said Bart.

“Oh, everyone does, son. That's why they lock it up in museums where no one will ever visit.“ said Homer.

”Philistine!” Oscar snapped in disgust.


At Moe’s.

“So, uh, your boy's got magic knock-up powers, huh?“ asked Moe.

“Hey, I created three kids,” Five kids Homer! “Okay five... and no one's making a big deal of that.” said Homer.

“Not true! Whenever I compliment your virility, you act all weird. And you are very virile.” said Lenny.

Homer was creeped out by Lenny. “Uh, yeah. Just talk about sports!”

“No problem.” said Lenny. “Wish I had that Tom Brady's libido.”

(shudders) Homer shuddered in disgust.

On the drive of the Simpsons house. Marge was tidying out the car.

”Oh, it's amazing how many Cheerios Maggie drops in the back seat.” she gave bags of Cheerios to Bart to throw away. “Here you go. Put those in the trash, then you can help me unload the dishwasher.”

Bart groaned. “Oh! A minute of fun, a lifetime of work. I've never heard of a pregnancy like this.” He sighed.

”There he is.“ said a woman with her husband.

“Jenny, this is crazy.” said the husband as they went over to the Simpsons.

“Nothing's crazy at this point.“ said Jenny. “Are you the boy that makes babies?“ she asked Bart.

Bart winced. “I like to think I'm the boy that makes families.“

”You see, Jenny? He's just a jerk kid.“ said the husband.

”It's just... (sobs) we've been trying so hard to start a family. With all the money we've spent on IVF.... (sobs) You have no idea!“ Jenny cried.

Bart had an idea. “Hmm, maybe I can help. But it'll cost you.“

“How much?” Jenny asked.

“Five dollars.” said Bart. Jenny gave him five dollars. “Plus one dollar haw-haw insurance.”

“Trust me, the insurance is worth it.” said Nelson riding a bike.


Bart’s treehouse.

Bart took a hair from Jenny and tied it to a headless doll and performed the voodoo ritual.

“By the power of this place, make a baby with a face.” said Bart casting a spell.

“That's great, really. Really glad we're getting a baby with a face. Thank you.” said the husband sarcastically.

“If you’re gonna get snippy I’ll ask the Loa to give you a hideously deformed baby...” said Bart sharply.

At the school while Bart and his friends played baseball.

A white car pulls up.

(tires screech)

“Haw...!” Nelson started his laugh.

“No haw-haw! It worked!” said the husband.

(groans) Nelson groaned.

”I'm pregnant!“ said Jenny. “Look, Bart, I really, I can't believe there's a connection here. But, uh, we have some friends who are in the same dark place that we were. Can we give them your name?”

”Only if they have five dollars.” said Bart frowning.

”Yes, right. I'll make sure that they have five dollars.” said the husband.

“With them.” Bart frowned.

”Look, I'm sorry our check bounced, man. I can have the bank teller call you.“ the husband sighed.

“Just give me the cash and you'll get your driver's license back.” said Bart. Um I think he took the guy’s driving license.

At a tent.

”Please keep the chatter down while the Womb Wizard is casting his spells. Ones are appreciated, people.” said Jimbo asking the crowd to be quiet.

In the tent Bart was at a cauldron dressed as Mickey Mouse from Sorcerer’s apprentice.

“Barbecue sauce and teddy bear's eye.” He chanted.

“Give me my eyes back!” Oscar’s living teddy bear Teddy cried with no eyes. Which looked creepy.

Bart hushed him.

“They want a baby, God knows why.” Bart casted magic.

Oscar saw Bart dressed up as Mickey Mouse from Fantasia and laughed hysterically.

”Oz! Shhhh!” Bart was chanting rhyming magic.

”Doo, do do do, do, do do....” Oscar sang in doos the broomstick dance from Disney’s Fantasia.

Bart winced.

Then Homer because Bart borrowed the spatula right when Marge needed it, found Bart was practicing voodoo again.

”Why you little! I’ll teach you to answer people’s prayers!” Homer strangled Bart.

Bart gasped and wheezed.

”Ho boy!” Oscar spoke like Mickey.


Homer punished Bart by taking him to Moe’s and giving him beer nuts for dinner.

”Eat the nuts.”

”But they’re full of germs.” said Bart.

”Eat them! That’s your dinner!” Homer barked.

Oscar seethed in anger.

”Dad I am not Hugo! You don’t get to treat me like that! I am going home to have dinner.” Bart snapped.

”No you’re not! Ow!” Homer tried to stop him but Oscar slapped his hand. Oscar was glaring at him.

Bart and Oscar went home.

“What is your problem, boy?” Homer asked running after them.

”Maybe when I've got a dad who shows up in the morning with no shirt on and rocks on his face, it sets, I don't know, a low bar?” Bart ranted.

”Wow, I got to take that in.“ said Homer standing there. “I’ll think it over at Moe’s after a few drinks.”


Then Fit Tony as his dead cousin Fat Tony some how is in this story because he wanted Bart’s help ie his voodoo powers to get his horse pregnant.

”Bart, Oscar. Meet my filly (A girl horse), Cheesesteak.” said Fit Tony.

Oscar laughed hysterically. “Hehehehe! Filly cheesesteak...”

Bart chuckled.

Fit Tony annoyed spoke in Italian to Legs and the curly haired guy that they should have told him that was a silly name for a horse.

Curly haired gangster explained it was only funny because he said filly in front of the horse’s name.

Bart eventually got the message that Fit Tony wanted him to perform voodoo on his horse to make her pregnant.

”Fit Tony I’ve only used that spell on humans. I don’t think voodoo works on horses. That’s crazy talk!”

Fit Tony and his goons pointed guns at Bart and Oscar.

They gulped.

Plot 3[]

“Why do you have to go for the guns? That’s not fair. We can’t fight back... I know because I always rely on pointing my gun at people I don’t like...” said Oscar.

”Yeah can’t you threaten to give us cement shoes or put a horse’s head in our beds...” Bart whined.

Fit Tony and his goons pushed them into the stable.

”Breed me a champion or you will never see another sunrise!” Fit To y threatened them.

Homer got captured too, somehow.

“Hey, this is all your fault.” Bart snapped at Homer.

“How is it my fault?” Homer asked.

“I wouldn't be here if you were more of a role model.” Bart ranted. “Pub crawls, naked Frisbee golf...”

Oscar laughed. “Naked frisbee golf...”

Bart frowned at him.

“I just did that because it was a series of funny words.” Said Homer smirking.

“Also doing anything outside naked is funny...” Oscar cracked up laughing.

“Well, it's your mediocre fathering that put me on the path to hell!” said Bart yelling.

“Cooooooooool! Hell!” said Oscar.

Bart rolled his eyes.

“Wha...?” Homer asked. “Maybe you're right, boy. It's time I was a better father. And I'll start by saving us. I just need to facilitate some horse intercourse.“

”Eeeeeeeeugh! No! You are not doing it with a horse!” Oscar groaned in disgust.

”He meant getting Cheesesteak to do the nasty with the grand champion horse, you dummy!” Bart yelled at Oscar.

However they found something wasn’t right about the champion racing horse Fit Tony stole.

He wasn’t interested in fillies...

”Hmmmmm? This horse doesn’t like lady horses! I wonder why?” Homer asked.

”Dad no guys like girls... until they get Twitterpated like Bambi, Thumper and Flower.” said Bart.

The grand champion horse snorted and put on a radio in his part of the stable.

It’s raining men by the weather girls played.

Cause tonight for the first time (first time)

Just about half-past ten (half past ten)

For the first time in history

It's gonna start raining men (start raining men)

It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men, amen

I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get

Absolutely soaking wet

Bart, Oscar and Homer were horrified.

It's raining men, hallelujah, it’s raining men, amen!

I’m gonna go out to run and let myself get

Absolutely soaking wet!

”Oh dear god!” Bart yelled horrified.

”What are we gonna do?!” Homer sobbed. “Black Lightning is friggin’ gay!”

“How can a horse be gay....?” Oscar winced.

”Ed the horse is gay.” said Homer.

”Ed the horse is not friggin’ gay!” said Oscar.


At the Simpsons house.

The door is knocked.

“Who is it?“ Marge asked the visitor.

”It’s The Purge. We’re here to beat you up.” said Homer. (laughs)

Marge let Homer, Bart and Oscar in.

”Homer! You’re late for dinner and so are Bart and Oscar! Explain!”

”Well we got kidnapped by Fit Tony and he wanted Bart to perform a voodoo spell on his horse Cheesesteak to get her pregnant via the grand champion horse Black Lightning. However he’s gay.” said Homer.

”How did you escape?” Marge asked.

”I wrote us out of the predicament like Matt does.” said Oscar.


Meanwhile the pilot bar tender went to Glenn Quagmire’s party.

“Glenn, are you okay?” Carrie asked.

“No, I’m not okay. I thought I could do this, but I can’t. I’ve been lying to you, and I’ve been lying to myself. There’s something you need to know. I hate dogs.” said Quagmire.

(all gasp)

“Uh, this party has begun its initial descent.” said the pilot bar tender talking into his radio receiver.

The pirate with peg legs and arms winced.

“That’s not even my dog. That’s Brian, my neighbor’s dog.” said Quagmire pointing to Brian. “He can talk. Brian, say something.”

“Brack.” said Brian trying to bark.

”Bite me.“ Quagmire snapped at Brian.

“Glenn… (scoffs) I can’t believe this. So you don’t like dogs, that’s fine. But you didn’t have to lie and put me through all of this. Good-bye, Glenn.” Carrie stormed off.

“Uh, folks, please use caution as you exit the party as some of your feelings may have shifted.” said the pilot guy.

”Okay enough! We get it! You’re a pilot...” said Brian.


At school Bart was writing lines. They were the Hulu chalkboard gag for repeats of the episode. They read: “It is too late for April fools pranks on April the 27th.”

”No it’s not...” said Bart.

Elsewhere Fit Tony and his thugs were trying to get the champion race horse to mate with his filly, Cheesesteak. Hehehehe! But the champion race horse was more interested in all the stallions. And listening to It’s raining men by the Weather Girls.

“Johnny Tightlips why didn’t you tell me this horse is gay?!” Fit Toby ranted.

”I ain’t saying nothing.” said Johnny Tightlips.

Fit Tony face palmed and grumbled angrily. Frustrated with Johnny Tightlips.


2nd grade art class.

“Uh teacher... my orange isn’t the right shade of orange for that orange in the bowl!” said Lisa.

“Just paint the damn fruit!” said the teacher rudely.

“Lower your expectations Lisa... get with the programme...” said Lisa painting.

3rd grade art class.

”I painted a clown!” Oscar painted a picture of a clown.

Ace winced exasperated.

”You were supposed to be painting the bowl of fruit!” The rude teacher yelled.

”I don’t like you. I want Ms Trunch back...” Oscar frowned.

”She’s on maternity leave Oz. Because of Bart’s voodoo spell.” Ace explained.

Meanwhile Bart was practicing Voodoo to make women pregnant again.

He was in a graveyard with tombstones and the husband and wife asking for his help to make a baby.

“Baby teeth... birds nest... give this poor woman a positive pregnancy test....” Bart chanted performing a ritual he assumed was voodoo.

”Bart!” Homer yelled catching him. He strangled Bart.

”What’s you’re problem?!” Bart gasped.

Marge arrived with a crazed look in her eyes.

”Bart. I heard you are helping women have have babies with voodoo.” said Marge.

”I’m sorry!” Bart apologised.

Marge softened up. “Oh don’t apologise sweetie. I actually need your help. Because I want babies!!” She was hyper broody again...

Homer groaned frustrated. “That’s my problem! You stupid voodoo brat!” He snapped at Bart.

”Homer don’t stifle our little bokor. (Voodoo witch doctor)” said Marge.

”Marge it’s a form of devilry! You’re extremely pious!” Homer argued.

Marge gasped.


Homer was still annoyed with Bart.

”Boy you already got us captured by Fat Tony! How could this get any worse. What other calamities will your voodoo spells cause?!”

Baron Samedi and some colourful voodoo dolls from Disney’s The Frog Princess arrived. The voodoo tiki masks Bart set up started singing.

”Are you ready?”

”Friends?” Bart stammered.

“Are you ready?” The masks sang.

Bart stammered.

”Bart Simpson!” Baron Samedi said sharply.

Bart turned to look at him, quivering with fear.

”You called upon my powers. Yet you haven’t paid your debts.” said Baron Samedi.

”Now you’ve done it boy...” said Homer.

”Oh yiu can have your cut of my earnings!’ Bart was holding his money.

Baron Samedi laughed. “I don’t care for money. You’ll pay your debt to the Loa with your soul!”

a voodoo tiki mask opened his mouth wide, a green void was inside.

”No please!” Bart stammered.

”Are you ready?” The tikis sang.

”No! I’m not ready!” Bart cried.

Shadows grabbed his shadow by his feet and dragged Bart’s shadow and Bart into the voodoo equivalent of the afterlife.

”Noooooooooo!” Bart screamed as he was taken by the Loa/Voodoo spirits.

Lightning struck. Marge and Homer saw a new tombstone with Bart’s screaming face chiselled onto it. It read: “Here rests Bart Simpson. He wasn’t ready.”

”What the?” Homer gasped.

”He got into debt with Voodoo spirits. Amateur mistake.” said Oscar.


Homer then went off to annoy fat Tony by singing about his gay horse.

Let them play.

We won't look, we'll turn away.

He turns Hugo away from Cheesesteak and Suds McDuff the Duff Horse. Hugo sneakily looks back. Homer puts horse eye covers over his eyes.

”No fair! I wanna see the horses do it!” Hugo whined.

Go make love, then eat some hay.

Homer threw hay about.

You’ll be dead.

Shot through the head.

Fat Tony sang drawing a gun on Homer.

Be that it may. But Fat Tony’s horse is gay! Homer sang while marching about.

”Enough!! I get it! The race horse I am breeding foals from is gay!” Fat Tony yelled.


Meanwhile in the voodoo after life.

Bart suffered. Presumably from all the Disney or Geoffrey Holder Baron Samedi.

Geoffrey Holder as Baron Samedi laughing maniacally.

He drank some 7up.

”Crisp and clean. No caffeine!” said Geoffrey Holder. “Now try making that out of a Kola nut! Gahahahaha!”

Bart winced.

Plot 4[]