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Hey listen can u plz make Young Prince do a collabaration with my rapper Rapsta Chik p.s the song is called Mousetrap --Carman39 (talk) 16:15, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

I think Young Prince is awesome! --Carman39 (talk) 18:08, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

I cant get onto the site, the actual song will need 2 wait till January but we can start making some plans for the new single now. --Carman39 (talk) 18:15, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Let's talk about plans for our new song--Carman39 (talk) 18:58, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Rapsta Chik will be delighted to join U on ur tour, will u be willing to put our song on ur new 2013 album cuz I'm putting it on my 2013 EP

Ok we have about an hour and a half to get the song done so I can release it on christmas ok so lets talk names and my EP is out on new years

Let's Call it "Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart)" and here is the chorus and my verse


Mousetrap (Snap!)

You got me babe


It snapped up my heart

My verse

Snap! Went the trap

Never believing u were out late

But soon u took everything away like that (snap)

U destroyed us

By fuckin' some other girl with auburn hair (Bastard)

Ok so u tell me ur verse

P.S Sarah Simpson and me are working on a song for January next year. Ur verse is great ok I will just put the song together and I am working with Alicia Keys on a song.

Ok so we collaborate on two songs, Mousetrap and a remix of TGIF, sounds good to me

Of course it will be on my EP

I'll tellbu the song details soon and p.s I released the song check it out

I gotta go now but I'll release the song tomorrow bye

Hey can't stay long but I just want to know if u can be the opening act for Rapsta Chik's TGIF Tour.

Just finished TGIF remix :D

I can't take the wait so I'm going to release the EP now. And I love the logo :)

The songs are only out in the U.S.A they won't be worldwide until Christmas Day.

Check out the new EP!!!!

Did u like the new EP cuz in Janurary i will release my second album, it will be called TGIF Pt. IV: Last Friday Ever.

Ok I gotta go but I'll see u tommorrow maybe, bye :)

Glad u liked it :D I bet u cant wait for my new album and mixtape

I have an idea for a THIRD collaboration, a celebration remix of Gimme My Munny,

The album is called TGIF Pt. IV: Last Friday Ever and in April I will release a mixtape called Fantasy, ok so u right the lyrics to Gimme My Muny (Remix) and u write my verse too and u may want to check Sarah Simpsons album

I have not released my album yet but I made a page for it, go check it out.

Look But U Can't Touch is released So u can check it out for urself and also check out Springfield Shopper: Rapsta Chik's Year but if u r gonna release a new album u need a name and I will help u with a name for ur album.

I finished lyrics to TGIF and it's the version without u so it's the 2007 version

Yes my setlist is

1. Intro

2. Motherf*****

3. Mousetrap (with you)

4. Gimme My Muny (remix with you)

5. Fuck U (I'll do Alicia Keys part)


7. TGIF (celebration mix with you)

8. Outro


I'm gonna do a newspaper page so can u think of something juicy to report about Rapsta Chik and Young Prince?

I like the lyrics to I'm A Rockstar, Bitch

Ok we need to talk.

1. Quit editing the featured single section of Rapsta Chik

2. Come and check out Fantasy and TGIF Pt. IV: Last Friday Ever

3. When you check them out click on all the song links

4. I'm planning a 2013 EP

Can I add it but put (confirmed but not yet a single) next to it because it's gonna be on my new album anyway

I'm gonna add it but if Gimme My Muny was unsuccessful here is something for you, the song TGIF was really unsuccessful but it became a number 1 when I released it with Young Prince so just try and release it for Rapsta and Prince.

No I meant re-release Gimme My Muny and the remix worldwide and the album will be released at midnight.


P.s check out Basset Hound by Scissor Sisters featuring Rapsta Chik

i gave a teaser of my third album Ceramic Doll and also check out Lazers Never Die, and i have an idea of a song for you its called Fuck With Me and it features Rapsta Chik but she is uncredited in the song.

P.S I can't wait for Celebration and I can't wait for you to see Rapsta Chik's third album Ceramic Doll

Ok so let's get Prince and Rapsta to collaborate again, here is current information for the track

Artist: Young Prince ft. Rapsta Chik (uncredited)

Album: TBA

Writer: Prince, Rapsta

Release: Feburary 18th 2013 (I'm hoping?)

Ceramic Doll's second single is called You Die Now and the collab with Jane Mik will be on the album too.

I made a page of Fuck With Me but I only put in current information about the song so no release dates or lyrics, will you feature Fuck With Me on your album but don't say that I sung in it on the track listing.

Lets start planning lyrics for Fuck With Me

Rapsta can sing the chorus and here it is.

Yeah do you want

You want

Do you want to fuck with me

Come on boy

Come on now

Get on the bed and fuck with me

Fuck f-f-fuck fuck with me.

Ok so you message me your verse and that's the song sorted. P.s When you put the song on the lyrics page put the thing about Rapsta's uncredited feature at the bottom where you put extra info.

Great so now you can put it on the lyric page, check out You Die Now and let's start planning the fuck with me music video (Rapsta does not appear in the video, her words are mouthed by an animated cat)

Here is Ke$ha's verse (but I'm not putting it on the page)...

Boy you fooled me once (shame on Ke$ha)

Fooled me twice (shame on you)

Eff you boy I can't take it anymore

I hate you bastard you're full of shit.

Great so that's the video sorted so you can edit it onto the page and the lyrics can be put on Princes lyrics page, ok now when you said you will release it April or May, I know this is a long way away but can you release it May 31st because that's my birthday :)

I like your new file pic, Who are those girls though?

I figured out info for the TGIF Tour and secondly can you add that in the Fuck With Me video that the real Rapsta has a small cameo in the ending chorus when the cat turns into her?.

Thanks, but leave me to doing the covers because i also love doing covers and i made one for End Of Time already so... Fuck With Me is sooo cool, thanks for putting it up!

p.s when you said that ther is no producer can u please put "Lunice" as the producer, because Lunice is a real life preducer and i think about his song "Runnin'" because it has a line saying "you dont want to fuck with me" in it so can i put Lunice and Azealia Banks as the producers and put that the song samples "Runnin'" by Lunice?

oh, its not jsut a line, listen to the chorus of Runnin', for the chorus of Fuck With Me the backing track is the backing track to the chorus of Runnin'

i also added taht the song is called Come With Me in the clean version and i added a single cover. check it out

I made a picture of Rapsta Chik (i just photoshopped Darcy from the Simpsons and gave her red hair and a new dress)

Check out Rapsta Chik's new single "Kiss Me (Baciami) " from her upcoming fourth album.

Three things:

1. Is it true that Prince is engaged to Jane Mik.

2., Shouldnt 4'O Clock ft Rapsta Chik be the lead off Superhero by Jane Mik.

3. Rapsta and Bart are getting a divorce.

thats all, Carman39 (talk) 20:58, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

Hey, listen, i edited the discography but something happened when i edited TGIF remix chart positions, and it came out wrong when i published it. could you please fix it?

and i'm planning on re naming a track on TGIF Pt 5 and have it feature you and Sarah, is that ok?

Thanks for the covers, they are AMAZING, please message me ur verse,

P.S i added TGIF remix, Mousetrap andIf You Really Want It to Young Prince singles category, remember to message me Princes verse

One more detail. when you message me your verse, the song is about a romantic/sexual relationship in college.and the video will be college theme.

Hey, couple of things

1. If You Really Want It is up and So is the video

2 My computer is broken so I'm using my iPod for these pages, could you please make Rapsta's singles covers till I get my computer checked out?

Luv ur new signature, and for the stuff on Rapsta's covers are her picture and the Parental Guidence sticker.

Oh, could you please make a single cover for Need a Woman's Love by Joshua Riverra ft Rapsta Chik.

And I've changed the release date for If You Really Want It, It's now today in the U.S and 4th July in U.K

THX for the covers, p.s my computer is starting to work again and sometimes it goes off randomly, so I can do the covers on days where my computer works and on days when i use my iPod you can do them, OK?

These are the pages for Need a Woman's Love and Blue Skies RMX and I have an idea for an song for your album, called "The Noise" that samples M.I.A.'s "Bring the Noize", oh and when are you going to reveal the album name?

Is "The Noise" going to be a single or a promotional single, and have you heard "Bring the Noize" by M.I.A. because The Noise samples the song.

Glad u like Bring The Noize, it's one of my favorite songs, anyway I decided a a new promotional single and 2 official singles from TGIF Pt 5.

Hi, could you please make a cover for Rapsta Chik singles VaJJ, Deep Love and Airplanes ft Pink? My computer won't work so I have to use my iPod for a while, NOW I CAN'T PLAY SIMS 3!!, thanks for reading :)

Thanks for the covers! You make the best single covers ever!

This is the page for Deep Love, I'll do VaJJ and Airplanes later because I only woke up 45 minutes ago.

Oh and Rapsta said yes to Bart, they just eloped in Vegas! Could you please make an album cover for TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns, and can The Noise feature Rapsta Chik, she can sing the "d-d-d-dem freaks" bit.

Young Prince can cover VaJJ, that would be awesome!

So what are you gonna call the song produced by Pharrell because I love Pharrell's productions and singles.

Hey, I have and idea for the Pharrell song, back when we were discussing Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart) we were discussing the name of the song and you suggested "Repetitions" but then we decided Mousetrap (SUMH), I was thinking of using that name for a track on TGIF Pt 5 but I didn't use it because I thought you could use it. Oh and I'm using Mousetrap on the deluxe edition if TGIF Pt 5

Rapsta will be on the remix, and the other artist on Repetitions could be 2 Chainz or Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Tinie Tempah,, T.I, Lil Wayne, there are loads of great rappers for Repetitions. An I was thinking of Rapsta leaving Young Life and going over to Low Price.

Sorry to be so impatient but when are you going to post the TGIF 5 cover.

Thanks for the covers!

I can tell you like Glee, so I don't know how to break it to you if you don't know, but Cory Montieth (who played Finn) died last night. I loved Glee and Cory so I'm really sad! :(

GLEE IS FALLING APART!!! NO HEATHER MORRIS NO CORY MONTEITH!!! I'm planning a Cory Monteith dedication song called Hurting and a b-side called R.I.P.

Check out The Monteith Mixtape it's a mixtape by Rapsta Chik and Cory Monteith, it has some of Cory's songs from Glee on it.

I'm creating a Springfield Shopper page of tributes by fanon characters, what is Prince's twitter tribute, Rapsta's is "R.I.P. Cory, Poor Lea, this must be tough 4 U, Glee won't be the same but it must go on." or if you want Young Prince can retweet it.

Hey, Rapsta Chik is gonna take part in the Young Life Records: Cover Week, where you record a cover of your favorite song for fun and premiere your cover at the end of the week, Young Prince can join, he has to figure out what cover he will do by Saturday, and i know ive asked this but is "The Noise" going to be the third or fourth single from Young Princes album.

Is "Repetitions" the third single or is Mirrors, and Rapsta will do Little Mix's DNA for Covers week

I love Little Mix too, DNA is my favorite, is Jane Mik doing the cover week?

I love that song! it's my favorite Britney Spears song! :)

I would love for Helena Fasesha to be in the movie!

Is Black Soul going to be a 2013, 2014 or 2015 movie?

Rapsta Chik has announced that she will star in her own directed film "Heart2Heart", and could you please make a single cover for DNA and her new single La La La featuring Steve Aoki?

There is going to be a Cover Week: The EP for all the people who are taking part. And something is wrong with the Jane Mik page.

A couple of things

1. You said that the third single form Young Prince's album was unknown, but it says on Young Prince's page that the third single was Get Yourself Back Home with Jane Mik, so wouldn't The Noise be the next single released from the album because you said that The Noise is single 4.

2. Will Young Prince star in Rapsta's new movie Heart2Heart?

Great, Heart2Heart is a romance film so what kind of role would Young Prince play in the movie, would he be a friend of Rapsta's character, the guy Rapsta's character dates or Rapsta's family memeber?

Ok, and Cory Monteith's autopsy results have come out, he died of a drug overdose. And can Rapsta Chik just make a cameo appearance in Black Soul.

About the soundtrack for Heart2Heart is it ok if Young Prince records a song for it, as he is one of the main chraracters, I've put him to feature on a track performed by Rapsta and 2NE1 called Heart2Heart, and could you please tell me the name of Young Prince's track.


A couple of things

1. Is Mammukah going to be single 3 from RIU, or is Repetitions, you said it will come out September 19th.

2. When will The Noise be released, and can there be a Special Ibiza Edition for the song. anyway in the song Rapsta can do the second verse.

1. Ok

2. The Ibiza Edition is sort of a remix, instead of the electro clash beat it has more of a techno club mix, of you don't like the idea then Rapsta could cover The Noise and use the Ibiza mix for her cover.

3. Could you please do a cover artwork for ION (Miami Club Edition)

Good news, Rapsta Chik just confirmed that she will release a fifth album shortly after Heart2Heart comes out.

Thanks, and Rapsta will reveal the TGIF Pt 6 lead single name on Saturday, but I'll tell you that it's called "Flashbacks".

Speaking of I love it, I Love It is the name for Rapsta's fifth album in Feburary.

Check out Rapsta's new label Livin' Life Records.

The ION cover is awesome, could you please make a cover for Flashbacks and TGIF Pt 6.

Thanks for the covers, I'll let you know when the second single from TGIF PT 6 is decided.

I was actually thinking of using Car Journey as single 2 and using Feeling That I Got as promotional 1.

It's also the day ION is released, next up TGIF Pt 6! Rapsta had an album launch party last night, everyone who attended said that the album was amazing, a song called Drugs is going to be the first deluxe edition single.

Could you please make a cover for TWERK featuring Helena Fasesha.

Is Felicia Brooks going to release a second single, and I was hoping that she could feature on a remix of Car Journey for Rapsta's upcoming album. P.S. check out Rapsta's new promotional single IH8U, it's going to be released mid September on the same day as Feeling That I Got.

Oh, I meant that IH8U and Feeling That I Got will be released next week on August 29, sorry I got the release date wrong.

Thanks for the cover, the EP is out October 14. And the lead single from I Love It has changed, instead of it being Victim featuring, it is now Insane with Kelly Clarkson, Insane is due out just 3 days (October 11) before TGIF Pt 6. Victim will still be the second single on November 4.

I just read Young Prince's biography, His dad is Milhouse!?

Oh. Amanda's sister Amelia (or Amy for short) was adopted by Amanda's parents when they found out that Fay (Amanda's mother) could'nt have anymore children. But Amy died earlier this year at age 18 before they could tell her that she was adopted. Rapsta was really hit hard by the death and still cries when someone mentions it.

Hey, could you please make a cover for Rapsta Chik & Kelly Clarkson's upcoming single Insane. Maybe (if it's possible) something similar to the Flashbacks cover.

Hey, Rapsta Chik's I Love It tracklisting was released early, so check it out, I included Young Prince in a song called KOKAKOLA and a remix of Victim.

1. I'm probably getting my computer back next week (it's been in the shop for a broken plug socket), but even when I get it back, could you still make some Rapsta and Helena covers, I'll still do some on my own but I just like your covers more.

2. I've figured out Rapsta's cameo character for Black Soul, she could have a cameo at the 1932 opening as a jazz musician nicknamed Toots, when the film sets to 1934, Toots has given up on music to focus on acting.

3. Helena and Rapsta have collaborated once again for a song on the Black Soul soundtrack called "Heartache Heartbreak". You could use it on the soundtrack or Helena could put it on her debut album.

I've noticed that in some songs with Rapsta and Helena say the label is Young Life, but just to tell you that Rapsta and Helena have quit Young Life to create Livin' Life Records, Rapsta and Helena are the only members in the label but yeah, they aren't with Young Life anymore.

Are you already doing the Heartache Heartbreak cover, because I was hoping I could do it when I get my computer back on Saturday (then I can finally play Sims 3 again!)

And also, a short film about the internet is coming out this month and it has rappers and singers playing different Internet characters and memes, we have Helena Fasesha as Glozell (look her up, she's clean but funny) and Rapsta Chik as Jenna Marbles (she's funny too, but definitely not clean), and Bart Simpson will play Shane Dawson (look him up, SOO FUNNY). If you have any more Internet memes or YouTubers, just tell me, and if Young Primce wants to play anyone, just say.

I know that Rapsta and Primce have a collab for December (The Noise), but I have an idea for a collab but I have no album to put it on because all Rapsta's tracks are ready and written for I Love It. But anyway, my idea for another Rapsta Chik feat Young Prince collab is called "Should Have Left It Alone", it was originally written for Helena Fasesha but she gave it to Rapsta Chik. "Should Have Left It Alone" is a power pop ballad and Rapsta just thought that the song would be perfect for a duet with Young Prince. Anyway the song is non-album and will have to be released in October.

Helena Fasesha's next single is'nt Treasure Chest anymore, her new single is going to be BTDT (Been There, Done That) feat Felicia, so just tell me Felicia's verse. And if Young Prince doesn't want to do "Should Have Left It Alone" with Rapsta Chik, then Rapsta could do it with Jane Mik or Helena or Felicia or Sarah or Bart.

Rapsta would be honoured to feature on Q.U.E.E.N.. And BTDT will be released September 15 in the U.S. and September 19 in the U.K., also would Young Prince feature on the official remix of BTDT.

Hey, I thought that maybe Jane Mik could have a song on the album featuring Helena Fasesha, I even have an idea for a name: "#DRIVE"

Have you thought of Felicia's BTDT verse, and for the Q.U.E.E.N. video can Rapsta appear in a red white and blue outfit similar to Miley Cyrus's at the VMA's and she does the verse on a gold throne surrounded by bodyguards.

Yes, Felicia will do a rap.

I'm introducing a new singer called Amara, she released an EP in 2012 but this year she abandoned her good girl image and is releasing the lead single from her album (released in December) later on in the month, her single will feature Joshua Riverra

Amara is new to the music business, so she needs some recognition, I was hoping she could feature on a track in Young Prince's new album, and Jane Mik could feature on a track in Amara's album.

Ok, you also said that on September 21st you will reveal the name of Young Prince's album, the name for Amara's debut album will be revealed either tomorrow or Friday, or if not then then she may reveal it sometime over the weekend, I'm still deciding on the name for Jane Mik's collab with Amara and Amara's album name will be the name of an already confirmed track, the album version of Smokin' This Hun does not feature Joshua Riverra. Anyway can't wait to hear the name of Young Prince's album and cant wait for Felicia's BTDT verse.

Young Prince's track with Amara could be called "#GETDUMB" and Amara and Jane Mik's song could be called "The Boy".

Amara's album name has been revealed to be called "A"

1. Could You please make a BTDT (Been There Done That) cover

2. Back in Decemeber you said that Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart) would be on Young Prunce's album, will it still be included.

I might be able to get you a Helena photo next week, it depends if my computer works because I'm still using my iPod to do my songs, so can I please just have the BTDT cover with a random background.

Also on the Treasure Chest album version of Heartache Heartbreak, Rapsta has a singing verse and a rap verse, but when Helena (as Nicola) and Rapsta (as Amanda/Toots) perform the song in the film and on the soundtrack, the rap verse is cut out. And also Rapsta will play a villain in an upcoming WW2 movie, she will play Hitler's wife Eva Braun and even though Eva has no records of doing anything bad like Hitler, in the film she is shown to be a fighter and she dies not by suicide, but by gunshot when she runs out onto a battle, so the WW2 film is not as accurate as the actual war.

And BTDT music video premieres today!

Can't wait to hear what Young Prince's album name is today!

Rapsta Chik is releasing Should Have Left It Alone ft Young Prince in early November when you're ready could you message me the verse.

Something is wrong with The Rock In Rio page (September 22 section)

Helena Fasesha is pregnant.

Check out the full version of Heartache Heartbreak

awesome, i'm afraid for the Heartache Heartbreak cover i cant provide you a Helena Fasesha picture because my photoshop suddenly stopped working, but feel free to make your own Helena picture for the cover.

You can make Helena as you imagine her

good news, i found a way to get my photoshop working so i made a Treasure Chest cover, an Amara picture and an A cover

Thanks for the cover :).

By the way, Helena Fasesha, Amara and Rapsta Chik are doing a tour together called the Livin' Life Tour, would Young Prince be the opening act for the North American leg of the tour and Jane Mik for the Asia leg, the tour will start next year.

It's ok, Sarah Muntz could be North American opening act and Joshua Riverra could be Asian opening act.

Helena Fasesha's actress mother Cecelia Fasesha died earlier on today.

it's ok, Helena will be fine, it wont happen to her.

I have created my idea of Helena Fasesha, here. do you like it?


is the Should Have Left It Alone verse done? the song is about you telling your partner that they should have left a situation alone and that you are mad at them.

I am working on my verse for Da Noise , it should be up soon.

I have some good news, I go on this online game and i told my online friends about the site (i didnt tell them i created five characters on this site) but they said they loved the site and that they would tell their friends about it. So maybe. More people might join Simpsons Fanon and make a character!

It's fine :). And also here is Rapsta's verse for Da Noise:

Party people, party people, people everywhere

Imma pull a Willow Smith, whip-whippin' my hair

The cops saying that we gotta shut it down

But we just tell the bastards "get rid of that frown!" (bitch!)

The spotlight shinin', sh-shinin' on me

Fuckin' up bitches tryna steal my Gucci

I asked the bartender for a drink

Drinkin' so much that I can't even think

The DJ Girl tryna tell me that she hates boys

I said "Didn't ask for your life story, just want the fuckin' noise!"

What do you think?

Yes I will be there for the Fanon Awards but when is the time again? And I don't think I can say anything because I'm using my iPod to do this. Let me know what the time is and if there is a way to chat using My iPod

Oh, sorry I couldn't make it to the awards, I had a long day and didn't really have time to keep up with the wiki. And I was wondering of you had an idea for Amara's sixth and final single off A, she is releasing A as the fifth one in January. I was just thinking she could release the final single in late Febuary or mid March.

Happy New Year to you too! I am loving the first day of 2014 and I can't wait to see Young Prince's surprises for 2014. Rapsta will be busy this year. Rapsta will be focusing more on acting this year (with Heart2Heart, The Eyes and Fast Cars) but she has another album and a tour this year so rapping will still be her main focus. And I think that The Boy featuring Jane Mik should be Amara's sixth single from A. Amara has a second album planned for this year and Helena is going to give birth to her baby in Early 2014. Do you think Young Prince will have a third album planned for Late 2014 or Early 2015? Anyway, Happy New Year and I can't wait to see how the year goes.

About Should Have Left It Alone. Release date is January 19, 2014 and all I need to know is Prince's verse and where his scenes in the video are set. In the video for Da Noise, Chik's scenes are set on a couch rapping and showing off her tattoo, Chik is also scene dancing with Prince in some scenes.

Thank you for the verse, i also edited the music video section on Should Have Left It Alone.

Young Prince's tour ends in Febuary and Rapsta's begins in March, maybe Young Prince could join a date sometime in March, which dates could he be available for?

Maybe Young Prince could be available for March 4th in Tacoma, And "The Boy " featuring Jane Mik will be the sixth and final single from A. And an old track from a 14-15 year old Rapsta Chik (back then unsigned and called Chiksta) that she leaked back in 1999 called "1999 (Simple Time)" has been found!

I was thinking that for Young Prince's guest appearance on March 4, they could perform Should Have Left It Alone , Mousetrap (Snapped Up My Heart)  and TGIF (Celebration Remix) . And I can't wait to see Young Prince's unreleased work from his teen years, 1999 (Simple Time) will be featured on Ceramic Doll II, a new version (featuring new vocals from Amara) and the original from 1999 will be featured (the original featured vocals from Hailee Stone who was Rapsta/Chiksta's best friend at the time best friend at the time).

Ok, Hailee would love to co-write the movie! She wrote a scene in Heart2Heart (7 days till release, so excited!)

Yeah, Hailee won't let Young Prince down, she's a very good writer and also a good singer, Hailee also co-wrote 1999 (Simple Time)

Helena Fasesha's Treasure Chest abum is out today, a Springfield Shopper review is coming.

Hey, i was just wondering if you wanted to do a cover for Rapsta Chik's new single Hashtag Rapsta Chik.

The Treasure Chest review is on its way and thank you for the cover, I love it!

I think I might use the new cover as a remixes EP cover, and I loved the Adrianna and Young Prince interview, HEART2HEART is gonna be awesome!

The Boy featuring Jane Mik is out 14th Febuary, should I do Miks verse or are you doing it?

Mik could do the second verse.

It's Ryan and Delia's birthday tommorrow! And "The Boy" will be released 17th of Febuary

You're welcome :)

Amara has an all new single out on March 29. It features Rapsta Chik and the remix features Felicia and Bart Simpson.

This is late, but Happy 26th Birthday Young Prince!

thank you :)


Thank you, and Young Prince's remix of "Party (Oh Oh Woah) " will be amazing! :)

I'll be sure to get it :)


I cant wait for Jane Mik's new music, and Young Prince's new film :)

I have decided Rapsta's new single and im working on a cover for Queen. Also I cant wait for the Now Thats What I Call Music albums! Its gonna be so exciting!

OMG, so excited for Night Visions!

I'm so glad you like it! Isla really wasn't expecting to reach number 1! And I have decided what Rapsta Chik's fourth single will be, but you will have to wait until the day. And Amara had cut out a few tracks of the album, she was thinking of adding a cover of Beyonce's "Partition" but it didn't make the cut. Also Bart Simpson is planning a special surprise for Rapsta on her birthday. And "After Hours" out on Tuesday! Cannot wait!

Amara and DJ TRAKZ are probably gonna get married in the fall, and EVERYONE is invited!

Rachel Layton's new album will be coming very soon, and maybe one of the Austin Greyhound collabs might be a future single. Also I am so excited for Austin Greyhounds album! Best of luck to Felicia and her debut album and I really hope she doesnt feel threatened by Amara, Amara and Felicia are friends so I really hope they don't get competitive. So glad that you like Rapsta's singles choices, and I have A LOT planned for this year!

POWR ft. Austin Greyhound and Iggy Azalea has been chosen as the official second single from Fire. Austin sings the chorus with Rachel backing him up, and Iggy perfoms the first verse. Release date announced soon.

The Samantha Diaries review tomorrow! With a Fire review coming on July 1!

Cover Week is back! This time it is a little different. All Springfield based record labels will take part, and there will be a two disc album , disc one is solos, and disc two is duets. What covers will the Low Price gang be recording?

Felicia was amazing in her cameo appearance! She got to meet her idol Lana Del Rey (who made a cameo in the start). I hope she enjoyed her appearance. And I have been waiting for so long for "The Eyes" to be released, and its finally here!

Good news, Amara has decided that on June 29 "Someday In Our Lives" featuring Young Prince will be the fourth single from Physical! Feel free to write your verse, and can you please make the cover, my iPod charger is broken so I need to get a new one.

Thanks for the cover :)

A sequel to BTDT will be on Helena Fasesha's new album. It also features Felicia

I'm trying to decide between U Make Me, Anika, or Molly as the third single from FASESHA, what do you think?

Amazing tracklist, I cant wait for August 5! Also, sorry that my review of Fire will be a bit late, I'm kinda busy.

If Im not busy I might have the Fire review out tomorrow, I can't wait to see how it does in the charts!

Of course!

Thank you, its amazing! :)

Thank you for the Amara, LaQuaria and Helena discographies. You dont need to do DJ TRAKZ's and Rachel Laytons if you dont want to.

Thank you :)

I was thinking that Felicia and Helena Fasesha's cover of Black Widow could be the fifth and final single from Cover Week 2 , it is the highest charting non single released from the album.

I made a page for "Black Widow", funny thing is today is when it was officially released.

I love the cover! Its really good. I'm really glad Black Widow will be released as the fifth single.

Felicia and Helena do go good together with their collaborations, I really like Felicia, she is awesome!

Its been nearly 1 year since you introduced her!

The official release date for "I Am Me" has been confirmed, it will be released A LOT sooner than expected. Also every day, a new track from the official track listing will be revealed. Danzfloor is the first track, the title track is the second track, and Spinning Around is the third track. Track 4 will be revealed tomorrow!

The baby is due in December, also Felicia's I Don't Care video is awesome! I cant wait for her performance

A new Cover Week EP has come out, it has 6 songs that didnt make the final cut. I added a duet between Amara and Austin Greyhound, and a duet between Rapsta Chik and Mira Shai. Also, a release date for "Bad" will be August 21, 2014, so when you're ready, tell me Felicia's verse and I'll do the song.

I've finished the single cover for "Bad", I'll post it up later to see what you think. Its a movie poster inspired cover.

Just to let you know, the Rapsta Chik review is unfinished because I have work to do, but once I am finished i will finish the review.

Queen? Also, I promise I will have the review finished in the next couple of days, the release of the album is tomorrow, yay!

Queen has been climbing up the charts for 5 weeks, so it would be pretty great to see it reach number 1.

Rapsta Chik is finally out!

So happy for Felicia and Austin!

Trio3 would be delighted to collaborate with Felicia, also cannot wait for Young Prince and Jane Mik's wedding!

I'm glad you like the "Bad" video. I am so excited for Felicia's performance, I'm sure it will be amazing! Also tonight is the start of the Asian leg of the Livin' Life Tour!

Thanks, good luck to Felicia, I'm sure her performance will have everyone talking for days!

Chris Robinson directed the music video for "Bad".

School's Out will be released at the end of the month, also new the new Faces singles "Danzfloor" and "Spinning Around" are out! Faces are back!

Yay, it's Young Prince and Jane Mik's wedding day! Also, LaQuaria Ghetti and Amara have remixed Under the Radar's cover of "***Flawless" in the same style as the new remix of the Beyonce original featuring Nicki Minaj.

Bart's new album B.A.R.T. is now out! So is Bad, due to the album's surprise release it came out early!

I'm thinking that if there is a music video for "Black Widow", it could be a follow up of the "I Don't Care" and "Die Another Day" videos. What do you think?

I can imagine it being a short film, with them both on the run. Also, happy (late) birthday to Felicia, I hope she had a good 18th birthday.

Hey, my laptop broke again :(, so I won't be active until it either gets fixed or I get a new laptop. On my iPod i can't create pages anymore. Hopefully something happens soon because I want to get back to my work on the wiki. See you soon, bye.

It's working again, but if it happens again I will let you know. My laptop's pretty old now, so it does this a lot now.

Please post them later, I'm not available to chat right now, can't wait to read the results!

I loved the transcript! Na Na sounds amazing and everyone who won deserved their awards!

The second single from Rachel Layton's The POWR EP will be released at the end of September, and it will be a new version of the song "You Don't Know". The single version features Young Prince and JayDee, who has returned to the music business, but as an independent artist.

The Black Widow video is finally out!

Rapsta Chik loved being a part of "Na Na" so much that she released a remix of it to her SoundCloud account. I hope that "Na Na" is song of the year!

My computer is currently being fixed, so I have to use my friend's old computer. Just to let you know.

I can't wait to see them :)

P.S. Hope you had fun in the US

OMG! Wild Animals looks so awesome! Can't wait!

I love the Night Visions track list!

I can't wait for Words! It looks so awesome! Also the fifth single from FASESHA will be released at the end of the month, but I can't decide which one to choose, any ideas?


Due to fan request, the version of Bounce featuring Felicia is the main version of the song, and the Big Sean version is released as a b-side to the single, and will be featured on the album's deluxe edition.

I am thinking of names for Amara's second album, the album title that I pick will be announced after the release of the Bounce music video, so look out :)

Just added it on :)

Can't wait for the charts update!

LaQuaria's new single "LAQUARIA" is out, Rachel Layton will reissue Fire with single Demons, Karma is the fifth single from FASESHA which is FINALLY out! and the title track of I Am Me is the fifth single.

It's nice to have you back :). I hope you enjoy Helena and Rachel's Christmas Wishes EP. Also LaQuaria's new single with Meghan Trainor comes out this month.

Happy Holidays! Also, it's a little late, but a third single from B.A.R.T. comes out on Sunday (December 28)! There hasn't been a single from the album since August!

Springfield Shopper: Best of 2014, it's got lists of movies, songs, albums and newcomers. Another Springfield Shopper will be released with things to look forward to in 2015.

Springfield Shopper: 2015!

Happy new year. I have a lot planned for 2015. And a new character has been introduced, LewisLoud, a French hip hop producer who produced 4 tracks on Rapsta's SEVEN album, one on Amara's Flashing Lights, and at least two on LaQuaria's second album.

Heart2Heart sequel Soul2Soul is in the works, will Young Prince reprise his role?

Yay! Work on Soul2Soul will begin soon, about Rapsta Chik, her new music video for "Love All Night" will be out tonight!

I'm gonna be sad to see your characters all retire. But if you want I will continue the Now! Series, and the 2015 SVMA's will continue this fall. So what's gonna happen with all your characters?

Young Life and Livin' Life will be merging together, so I will continue with Ashley Simpson's music career.

I do have some ideas for the futures of Austin and Under the Radar. I'll make sure that their careers will continue successfully under their new label.

I'm glad you like Don't Wanna, also it's sad to hear about Ophelia Michaels's suicide. I wonder why she did it.

Yeah, Ophelia's death reminds me of Simone Battle from G.R.L.'s suicide, it's really sad.

Rapsta will be starting a new domestic abuse awareness project called Her aim is to make domestic abuse in Springfield gone, and people who suffer from domestic abuse find the courage to leave their partners. Chik's second album single Escape will have a music video that tells two stories of abuse. Also Isla Chan will tell her story, would Felicia be okay to tell her story in the project?

If you get a chance please tell me Felicia's story so I can type it in, thanks.

Thanks for telling me Felicia's story, it will be revealed tomorrow. But today Amara is celebrating because her new album Flashing Lights has been released! Review coming soon!

No I haven't seen it... what should I do? 

Telts23 has agreed to taking the characters off the page. The Flashing Lights review has been finished, and the Flashing Lights (song) page is up. Also I am busy this evening so Felicia's story won't be released until tomorrow.

I'm glad that you think that Flashing Lights is a good single choice. Also I really think that it's very likely that Felicia's "I Don't Care" will win an award at the SMA's, she really deserves it. But I'm really looking forward to Young Prince's new song, I'm sure it will be amazing. But the SMA's aren't the only things happening on February 10th, Amara's Princess Tour will kick start on that day! So in case she wins a SMA, she's going to leave a message, because by the time the SMA's are taking place she will be in Toronto performing.

Felicia's story is up. Also I have written Amara's video message:

"Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a good time. Sadly I can't be there cause I am in Toronto, But I wish luck to everyone there, and I really wish I could be there. If I win an award I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me, and whoever voted for me. See you all soon!"

Also I think that Rapsta Chik and Faces should perform "Love All Night" at the SMA's, also LaQuaria and Bella with "Don't Wanna"

Hey, I wont be able to make it to the awards. Sorry but I just finished eating out with my friend and I am really tired. We ended up going to more places than the restaurant and it kinda wore me out. I cannot wait to read the transcript and I really wish I could be there but I just need to have a rest. Talk to you soon :)

I read the transcript and loved it, and I love "I'm Gonna Miss You", it has great lyrics.

Can't wait for the awards!

Pull Me Close page is up, also Helena Fasesha has finally beaten the success of "Queen" with her newest single "Bang Bang"!

I know you left the wiki, but if you ever get time to catch up, then I can give you updates. LaQuaria Ghetti released TSD2, Amara will release a Flashing Lights: Brighter EP on her birthday, it's like Beyonce's More EP. Isla Chan tragically died in a car accident, Trio3 broke up, and so did Helena Fasesha and her husband after Helena discovered he was having an affair with his ex and had a son with her, Helena has full custody of Anika after she filed for divorce. Amara and DJ TRAKZ adopted a baby girl named Rose, and Rapsta Chik revealed she has a 14 year old maternal half-brother named Zachary Phylson, who is the only biological sibling she has as Amy was adopted. Also Escape was finally released, and the SEVEN release date and third single will be released May 31, 2015 (Chik's 30th Birthday, turns out the media had gotten her age wrong so she was a year older than everyone thought), also the Escape music video starring Nick Riverra and Kendall Jenner will be released on her birthday too.

Ok then, hopefully talk to you soon, also Soul2Soul was a big hit :)

I have quit the wiki, explanation here, goodbye. :)

I know you won't see this but just in case you do, I've decided to update you on what's happening. I'm back editing to the wiki because I finally found free time, and all my characters are back like they were before. I explained my absense as problems with the record company which held off all releases. The record label came back with "Return", and also to commemorate Isla Chan's career, released "Isla" as a collaboratie album, with the lead single being Amara and Helena's cover of "Zero Fucks Given". Austin Greyhound is getting on quite well as a Livin' Life member, and in April his album "Photographs" will be released. Austin also dated the newly-divorced Helena for a few months, but they broke up because Austin proposed and Helena didn't want to get married again, they are on good terms, releasing a single together and performing at the SMA's 2016. Speaking of the SMA's, they are going to be hosted by LaQuaria Ghetti (who just released a new single titled "Detonate"), "I'm Gonna Miss You" is up for an award! Under the Radar are releasing an album called "Happiness and Break Ups" and the title track is the lead single. Amara will release a new single at the end of the month, called "Leave Me Behind" featuring Austin Greyhound, Helena Fasesha has released "More" as her new single (and may even show a snippet of another new single at the SMA's, hint hint). Faces are back, with their new self titled third album (review here), and single "Lighten Up" featuring JayDee. Helena's album should be released this fall/autumn, Amara's album should be a summer release, LaQuaria Ghetti will release an EP in May to lead up to an album released either in fall or winter, Bart Simpson will probably rule summer again like he did in 2014 as I have plans for him, that is if his dear wife Rapsta Chik doesn't take over with HER summer release. It's now pretty much tradition that Rapsta Chik releases an album every summer, and this one will be no different. She has released a new single titled "Billions", which samples a Trio3 song (they are credited as featured artists on "Billions" but are sadly still broken up). There is SOOO much going on but I do just have to catch up because I missed A LOT! There was no SVMA's last year because there wasnt much music videos going around, but there WILL be one this August. Ok, well that's basically all that's going on. Bonus: I made a page to introduce Rapsta Chik's mother Fay Middlestone, and read about her, because she and Rapsta have a strained relationship and always have tbh, but they love each other. Bye :) PS if you can, read the wiki after the SMA's because SO MUCH announcements will come during that night of March 29 and will be revealed on March 30.

Carman39 (talk) 16:55, March 26, 2016 (UTC)

I love Felicia's new album!

It's very nice to have you back, I can't wait for the "Love Work" page. And as usual, Amara and Rapsta Chik will be releasing new music on their birthdays this month, and that's also when their album titles will be revealed. I also love Felicia's new more mature sound! It's nice that the charts have come back, I'll update the discographies later.

I love the "Love Work" video!

Can't wait for the next single (or singles) from "Lost "! Speaking of Felicia, I was wondering if maybe she could appear on Rapsta Chik's eighth album (details coming at the end of the month, as well as two new singles!) for a duet with Rapsta. Since Felicia is in the UK and Rapsta lives all the way in Springfield, Rapsta and Felicia's parts would be recorded separately.

Glad to see Felicia's on board to appear on Rapsta's new album. I've made a page for the album, which I will update as more info is revealed. I'm still picking a name for the album, but it's going to be a feminist inspired name such as "Woman of the Year" or "Fearless Girl", I prefer the first one though. Felicia is definitely on the album however! But their song together "Doubtful" won't be released as one of the singles on May 31 as I already have the second and third singles planned, but "Doubtful" could be released in the summer!

It would be an honour for them all to work on PendulumI'm very excited for it!

I forgot to mention, Amara also made a song titled "Nothing To Lose" available to download when "A4" is pre-ordered.

It's quite late, but tomorrow I will do a review of "Happiness and Break Ups", also can't wait for "We Rise".

I'm glad you like "Common Bitches" and "Slay"! The album will be released in mid July, and "Doubtful" will most likely be the fourth single and probably coincide with the release of "Woman of the Year". Helena Fasesha's new album comes tomorrow! A review will either be released tomorrow or Friday. And Now 5 will be released on June 15!

Glad to see you like And I Am Telling You I'm Not GoingThe fourth single is the Aretha Franklin assisted "Art of Singing"! Also, cItYb0yZ have released their debut EP, "Cicada". Since it's not a full album I'm wondering if I should do a review soon, I don't know, would you like to read a review of the EP?

I will be doing a Cicada review, but not for a couple of days because I'm a little bit busy

Another thing, I was wondering if Felicia could feature on a remix of Faces and LewisLoud's song "All Rise" for the soundtrack to Rapsta Chik's movie "Gloves"?

Here's the "Cicada" review! Amara has a new single out from "A4", titled "Camera". And "Woman of the Year" has been confirmed a release date for July 15!

A4 is out now! Review comes tomorrow!

The "A4" review is finished. Rapsta Chik and Felicia's collaboration "Doubtful" will be released on July 14, the day before the album is out. I am so excited for Young Prince's new single "In America" featuring Felicia! I think it's gonna be amazing!

Please help, someone edited the Rapsta Chik article and I can't get it back!

I'm glad that you're excited for everything, this is going the be a great Summer and Autumn. I'm also glad Young Prince has a new single out, I think everyone has missed him and I can't wait for his fourth album. Helena and Austin are trying to work things out for their unborn daughter, and I imagine they will be able to in the end. As for Rapsta having her first number 1 in the Springfield charts, "Doubtful" could have some potential as it seems to be a fan favourite from the album.

I'm glad to see Low Price Records have come back from their break, and the new recruits sound awesome! With Felicia signed to the label, is she staying in the UK or returning to Springfield? I ask because I'm thinking of Faces performing "All Rise (Remix)" (which will be released early August) at the SVMA's and I was hoping Felicia could be there to perform with them, if she's not busy. I have also created a page for Springfield Shopper reporter and music blogger Adrianna Morgan, because she is the only mentioned and most important member of the Springfield Shopper staff and the one who keeps people updated on music news, making her quite and important character. I've added some backstory to the character as well.

Glad to see you like the page for Adrianna Morgan, as well as "Summertime". And of course Felicia can perform "Carousel" at the SVMA's. I have introduced a new character and artist at Livin' Life Records, she's Austin Greyhound's cousin Alexa Wilde (who is professionally known just by her surname). Wilde's debut single should be coming out next week, and two artists are due to feature on it. I was wondering if one of the artists featured on the single could be new Low Price member Haven, she sounds like an interesting person and the single would give both new artists some attention. The other artist will be a well known Livin' Life member.

Yes, my characters would be delighted to perform on the soundtrack, maybe some of yours could feature on the Gloves soundtrack? As for Wilde's debut single, promotion will begin for the song this weekend, and the third artist to feature will be revealed tomorrow, but here is a hint, the third artist is one of the three founding members of Livin' Life Records

I'm also excited for "Like You", I think both Wilde and Haven are gonna have a week. Little trivia, the reason why I put Wilde, Haven, and Amara all in the same song is because they all started out on YouTube, doing covers and original songs. The next few months are going to be big for Wilde, I'm planning on having her peform at the SVMA's, will Haven be able to join Wilde and Amara?

And another thing, a new Cover Week album will be released at the end of August, and I was wondering if since Low Price is back in business, if the members would like to take part. This year there is a theme, and the theme is 90's and 00's, so each artist has to pick a song from the 90's and one from the 00's, and also rework them slightly to fit the cover artists genre. Hopefully the LP members take part, I'll just let you know the songs that are being done already.

Amara - "Believe" and "Alejando"

Under the Radar - "Wannabe" and "Independant Woman Pt.1"

cItYb0yZ - "Return of the Mack" and "Low"

Rapsta Chik - "Gangsta's Paradise" and "Lip Gloss"

Faces - "Vogue" and "Just Dance"

Austin Greyhound - "...Baby One More Time" and "The Way I Are"

Helena Fasesha - "No Scrubs" and "In For The Kill"

LaQuaria Ghetti - "Crush on You" and "Upgrade U"

Wilde - "Nothing Compares 2 U" and "Hips Don't Lie"

Great, the album is going to be so good! The album will be released August 31, with two singles being released the day before. Promotion for the album will begin a week before, it's a long wait but it will be worth it.

I think a superhero film universe is a great idea! It would be fun to start that. I imagine some characters (such as Amara, Helena Fasesha, Austin Greyhound) as heroes or agents, but some as villains (Rapsta Chik, Wilde, LaQuaria Ghetti). We should have a discussion about this at some point.

I'm excited to create the universe too. And for Cover Week, I've figured out the singles to be released, I was thinking Amara's cover of "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga, and Jake Watson's cover of "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. They should both be released in about a months time. A new Now That's What I Call Music album is coming out soon, however it is a themed album titled Now That's What I Call a Party!.

Another exciting announcement, On Wednesday, not only is that the day Wilde officially releases "For Your Life", but that will be the day the SVMA nominations are announced!

Glad to see you are so hyped about the SVMA nominations, I'm currently looking back at all the videos released this year to decide which videos will be nominated. I have a feeling that "Love Work" may be nominated for a few awards...

Well you won't need to wait much longer to find out, and the "Love Work" video was a brilliant and captivating one! So I'm sure it will be nominated for (and maybe win) some awards.

"For Your Life" has finally premiered on KBBL Morning Radio, the official iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music release will be tomorrow. The music video for "For You Life" will be released on August 3, and will also a Tidal exclusive for a week, to be released to VEVO on August 10. Also it's exciting to see some of the "Woman of the Year" non-single tracks charting!

I'm sure WOTY will do well at the 2017 SMA's, as for the SVMA's, I'm wondering (since I'm so hyped!) if I should follow through with releasing the nominations tomorrow, or do them later today? I'm just so excited, and on the list there is already a few clear winners!

Well if you are still online, we could reveal the big awards (Video of the Year, Best Male/Female Video, etc) on Simpsons Fanon chat ?

The full nominations list is up!

Glad to see you like the nominations, they all deserve to win. I use dice to randomize the winner, though I have already decided a couple of winners myself. Do you have any other performances planned for the SVMA's?

Wow, the SVMA's are going to be busy, there are three more performances planned! Rapsta Chik will perform "The Message" with Wilde as a tribute for the Orlando victims, Christina Grimmie, Dallas police officers, and Alton Sterling. Amara is to perform her yet to be announced fourth "A4" single, and Faces and Felicia are going to perform "All Rise (Remix)". So it will be an amazing ceremony!

The "Gloves" OST tracklist has been revealed! And the creepy and controversial "Suicide Squad" inspired "For Your Life" video has been released, "All Rise (Remix)" is out. And the third "Cicada" single has been released, it's "Scream + Shout" with Amara!

I can't wait for By Haven !  I love that you've added an album template. If you have time, maybe you could add a single template, that could be really useful.

The new Cover Week album tracklist is up. And both Amara and Helena Fasesha have new singles out. Amara's "Thinkin'" featuring Drake, and Helena's "Words Hurt".

The SVMA's were a success, you'll be happy to hear "Love Work is Video Of The Year! LaQuaria Ghetti has released her third album "Loud Life", with contributions from Young Prince and Felicia. The two singles from "Cover Week 90's and 00's" have been released. Jake's cover of "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" was released (create a page for it if you want), and instead of Amara's cover of "Alejandro", Wilde's cover of Sugababes hit "About You Now was released. 

I will update the charts while you're gone. Glad to see you're happy with the SVMA's results, it was a fun night enioyed by all, "Love Work" truly deserved the award. I should also announce, the track list for Now 6 has been completed and the album should be released by the end of the month! 

Hey, glad your back. I've not updated the charts since the week of 17th of September so hopefully you can update it. There is a Halloween festival coming up (I'm hoping it will be annual) and I was wondering if any of your characters would like to perform? If so tell me their setlists please. :)

Glad you liked "Sour"! I can't wait for Jane Mik's new album, I'm sure it will be great. I'm loving your setlists so far, I'm excited to see Haven and Felicia's setlists, if they are performing. Sadly Helena Fasesha will not be performing, as she is due to give birth soon and while she's still a few weeks early, she's been showing early signs that she could go into labour in the next few days.

Thanks for the congratulatory message! Helena and Lia are both doing well, but since Lia's birth was premature both are staying in hospital for a while. Helena is moving with Anika and Lia to live with Austin soon, so he's at home preparing for the girls. Anika is also excited to be living with Lia, she doesn't see her half-brother Bradley (Dan's son) a lot so she's happy to have a little half-sister.

Hey so remember "Cover Week: Best of 2014...So Far", well new Cover Week 2016 album should be coming out in about a month! There will be two Cover Week albums a year, one in the Summer which will just be any songs and one in November/December which will feature songs from that year. I've figured some songs out for Cover Week 2016, and some duets with your label if that's ok? Feel free to tell me your songs when you're ready.



  • Helena Fasesha and Young Prince - The Greatest
  • LaQuaria Ghetti and Felicia - Formation
  • Wilde and JayDee - Work
  • Under the Radar and cItYb0yZ - Cheap Thrills
  • Austin Greyhound and Jane Mik - Closer
  • Amara and Rapsta Chik - Side to Side

Hi, so I was wondering if Felicia would like to appear on episode 3 of Lip Sync Battle Springfield battling against JayDee. If so just tell me what songs she would like to lip sync. And when you are ready, just tell me your songs for Cover Week 2016 :)

I'm glad you like the Cover Week 2016 choices, I love all your choices. The album is planned for November 14, with the two singles being released on November 12. I'm planning to have the first two singles be Amara's "Perfect Illusion" and Helena Fasesha and Young Prince's "The Greatest". Felicia and JayDee's episode of Lip Sync Battle Springfield will air on November 4, and JayDee will be lip-synching to Drake's "Hotline Bling" and Eminem's "Rap God".

And one more thing, I was wondering if Young Prince would allow Under the Radar to release "Go" as the lead single from their album reissue "Happiness and Make Ups". It's a smooth reggae song that would be a fantastic lead single.

Great, "Go" will be released on October 31, 2016, but the seventh and final single from Helena's "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" will be released a few days before. And I can't wait for Seven Cases of Crimes Against Humanity, it sounds like it will be amazing!

Of course!

Later is the first day of the Springfield Halloween Festival 2016, are you excited?

OMG "Mary Jane" is awesome! I love the personal touch to the album, It's a shame about the rumours of Young Prince's affair, but I'm glad to see they're making it work. I'm sure it will be one of the best albums of her career as "Love" was just amazing. I don't think Rachel Layton's solo comeback "Downbeat" has a chance now, or "Happiness and Make Ups", LOL. Also, her performance at the Halloween festival was the best of the night, she even managed to beat Helena's surprise performance!

I'm glad you are excited for Downbeat, the album will be more personal than Rachel's previous work (with the exception of a couple of songs which will be more party themed), and as you can see from the tracklist, there is only one collaboration which is the lead single "Comin' at Ya" featuring from The Black Eyed Peas. "Comin' at Ya" will be first heard tonight as it is featured on the fifth episode of Hopeful, but won't be officially released until November 4. In other exciting news, "Go" premieres tonight! And don't worry, the track lives up to the hype! If you want, you can write Young Prince 's verse for "Go". If you don't want to then I'll write it. And the second single from Beautiful Mirage will be "Grand High", to be released on November 9.

The synopsis of the fourth and fifth episodes of Hopeful are out! Also, I can't wait to seeYoung Prince's "Go" verse! I'll write up the lyrics as soon as you send it.

The lyrics for Go are up and the song has been released, also Downbeat is out! I'll do the review later today!

I've created the page for Cover Week 2016, as well as "Perfect Illusion" and "The Greatest". Also, remember the drama movie starring Connor Hayes and Amara we spoke about, well "Target Acquired" will hit theatres in February 2017!

I can't wait for Seven Cases of Crimes Against Humanity and LifelineI'm sure it will be awesome.  Young Prince's fourth album is something I am looking forward too, he always makes a great album. The Woman of the Year Platinum Edition is really something Rapsta put together to keep her fans satisfied for another few months as she wants to make her ninth album (due for Summer 2017) as perfect as she can make it, she loves releasing new music and doesn't want her fans to wait too long since the lead single probably won't be released until Spring. She's put out some snippets and asking fans about which song from the platinum edition they want as a single and most of them are saying "Round and Round" (an electro hip-hop song with tribal house elements, and with an added bonus a verse by LaQuaria) with some wanting "Lifestyle" (a funky pop-rock song, featuring DNCE), which one do you think? As for chatting, it's 11pm where I live and I have a busy morning, so I can't chat just now, so maybe tomorrow, we have different time zones so I'm not sure when you're really available.

I'm available to chat, if you want to?

A review for the new Under the Radar tracks are out, and Rapsta has released the audio for "Round and Round" to her VEVO page, so it will be released on December 7. I'm available to chat if you are?

The synopsis is amazing! I can't wait for the future episodes! And I am so glad you like Round and Round, it's one of Rapsta's favourite songs, are you available to chat?

I have put the Livin' Life Records submissions into the page, I can't wait to see which ones made the nominations and which ones Low Price will submit!

I'm glad you like the submissions, I am so excited for the awards!

Congrats to Felicia on her huge year! Jane Mik's cover of "This Is What You Came For" will definitely be released on December 23, you can make the page for it when you can. Unless you have any other singles planned in December after that, then that should be the last song of the year. This really is a full month! As for the SMA's perfomances, I've figured out my performances.

If you are planning on writing a transcript, I'll need to give you the lyrics to the portion of "To You" as well as the full song of "Stronger" as they aren't being released until after the ceremony. "Here I Go" and "Smash the Glass" I won't need to give you the lyrics as they both come out before the ceremony.

I'm glad you're excited for the performances and I'm excited to see your performances. About the nomination announcements, I'd have loved to do them on chat, but sadly I won't be able to as I'm very busy next Tuesday and Wednesday, which is a shame, but oh well. I'm also hoping you're excited for the Hopeful reveal on Sunday, I will write the synopsis on Monday when all will be revealed, then after that I'll be busy for a few days. If I can, I'll add more nominations tomorrow before it closes.

I've added the remaining nominations to the SMA's page. I think it would be better for you to post the nominations up since I won't be available on Tuesday, and Monday and Sunday aren't exactly great days either. I'm doing a Springfield Shopper article on things to look forward to in 2017, is there anything you can add for me to put on the page?

I love all the nominations! It all looks so good and all the nominees are so deserving! I will add some more of the album's producers over the next couple of days as I will be quite busy for the rest of the month. I will also add the synopsises for the last couple of dramatic Hopeful episodes and explain fully about Margaret's motivation. Hopefully we can chat in the next few days about the SMA's, which I am SUPER EXCITED for!

They would be honoured to be the opening acts! The 2017 article will be published on New Years Eve. I just want to announce Amara will be releasing a Greatest Hits album in January and "Here I Go" is the lead single from that, the new album will probably be out later in the year.

So, the "Things to Look Forward to in 2017" page is up, if there is anything else you want to add or if there is anything I missed out, feel free to tell me or update the page yourself. Have a Happy New Year!

It's ok I've been busy too, that's why I didn't go on chat I didn't have any time, I hope you update the page with the winners soon. Anyway, for the transcript I need to give you the lyrics to the small portion (the chorus and first verse) of "To You" Rapsta Chik performed as well as the full lyrics to Faces's "Stronger". I'll just leave them here over the next couple of days.

I've added the songs and speeches to the transcript. I'm hoping it's OK that "Work Late" is released as the fourth single from Beautiful Mirage on February 3? You don't need to worry about Jane being unable to star in the video as neither of them will be.

So a prequel to The Eyes titled Eye is coming out this Summer (hopefully it will make up for the disappointing sequels) but I was hoping Jane Mik would play the lead role of Lilee's mother Lana?

Helena Fasesha has a new single called "I Won't Be Silenced" and Austin Greyhound has two new singles "Good Nights" and "Love With You". The Target Acquired movie has been released and both Amara and LaQuaria Ghetti have new singles out for the soundtrack, "Disturbia" and "Thrill".

A new Cover Week album full of 80's songs is due to be released in late April. If any Low Price artists want to take part just tell me their songs. These are my planned ones.

  • Wilde - Straight Up (Paula Abdul)
  • Helena Fasesha - Nasty (Janet Jackson)
  • Faces - Point of No Return (Exposé)
  • Amara - Express Yourself (Madonna)
  • Austin Greyhound - Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
  • Joshua Riverra - Call Me (Blondie)
  • Rapsta Chik - Push It (Salt 'n' Pepa)
  • Under the Radar - Tell It to My Heart (Taylor Dayne)
  • LaQuaria Ghetti - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
  • Cityboyz - Fuck tha Police (N.W.A)