Simpsons Fanon

Episode ideas that haven’t been finalised.

  • An Episode Where Bart gets in a lot of trouble. Only idea I have right now is Bart in his church clothes being told off outside somewhere. Looks like the school grounds. I also have a scene of he Simpsons and their friends stuck in a supermarket that they’ve emptied and barricaded themselves in.
  • An episode where the busy body old lady with her hair in a bun stays with the Simpsons and bores them by cancelling their Easter egg hunt. And they have to drive Mr Burns home for some reason.
  • An episode featuring Bart and Hugo in the attic where Homer is still being cruel to Hugo. Bart is naughty during the Christmas holidays and gets sent up there and bonds with Hugo. Hugo sleeps in a cage this episode.
  • Bart Simpson encounters the gypsy from Treehouse of Horror XII one night in the Simpsons house. She has the power to conjour up slime which she demonstrates for Bart.
  • Bart tries to truant from school again. Skinner visits the Simpsons house to tell him off for truanting.
  • Mr Burns visits the Simpsons with a box of chocolates one evening.
  • An episode starts with Grampa Abe staying with the Simpsons, Homer complaining about his weight again. Then in another scrap Bart is visited by his friends to warn him Skinner is on the war path about something and Nelson wants to beat him up again. Then in an identical scenario Peter Shepherd from Jumanji is visited by his friends o warn him he got in trouble with the school principal and Rock, his bully is looking to fight him.

Then both Bart and Peter are running about their school libraries hiding from their angry school principals.

Hey I’m making joined up scenes now! I might have an episode now!

  • An episode where Bart has a credit card but misuses it buying things he shouldn’t have like booze. Marge goes after him to catch him out and Sideshow Bob and Gino make a cameo.
  • An episode where Homer is spying on/Stalking Ned Flanders. Marge finds out and together with Ned gives him something to spy on, ie fake information about Ned such as him being Sideshow Ned etc.