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BlueKraid BlueKraid 19 December 2020

Holidays of Future past The Ancient Legend

Oscar briefly mentions as a gag he sent Rod and Todd Flanders to the W.I.T.C.H cartoon universe because there is a Rod and Todd there.

Maggie in one of the futures is killed in the Ural Mountains by pikachus.

Zia uses an invention of her mother’s to steal talents from others but becomes a caterpillar monster called the Switchapillar.

The other, possibly future characters go on a science fair trip to a jungle where they encounter fierce natives who mistake Zia as the Switchapillar for their god the Golden Dragon.

stuff involving Dr Caligarus because he’s cool!

A character gets told off for smacking the crows.

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BlueKraid BlueKraid 29 April 2020


Treehouse of horror ideas.

One where the Simpsons celebrate in each story the different holidays celebrated on October 31. Firstly Bart’s story is Halloween, trick or treating and Halloween parties. Second story is Oscar’s and it is about the holiday of Mexican day of the Dead festival. Finally Lisa’s story is about the holiday of Samhain (And Samhain from the real ghostbusters cartoon). Then Ned wants to do a fourth story observing All Saints Day. The Simpsons refuse because the episode is always three stories. Oscar relents if Saint Bartholomew will be there.

One story of a trio about onryō, Japanese vengeful ghosts. Where the Simpsons are terrorised by Sadako from the Ring and try to hide in the Grudge house and encounter Kayako. Then Sad…

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BlueKraid BlueKraid 20 November 2019

Episode Scraps

Episode ideas that haven’t been finalised.

  • An Episode Where Bart gets in a lot of trouble. Only idea I have right now is Bart in his church clothes being told off outside somewhere. Looks like the school grounds. I also have a scene of he Simpsons and their friends stuck in a supermarket that they’ve emptied and barricaded themselves in.
  • An episode where the busy body old lady with her hair in a bun stays with the Simpsons and bores them by cancelling their Easter egg hunt. And they have to drive Mr Burns home for some reason.
  • An episode featuring Bart and Hugo in the attic where Homer is still being cruel to Hugo. Bart is naughty during the Christmas holidays and gets sent up there and bonds with Hugo. Hugo sleeps in a cage this episode.
  • Bart…
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