The 29th installment of the treehouse of horror

Segments[edit | edit source]

Demon of the killing[edit | edit source]

During a town hall meeting quimby announces he had found a demon (He Metions that the demon killed miss Springfield) and locks it up, According to Frink, The demon will posses a soul and has to kill a person after the person is killed the demon leaves the soul it possessed dead, So quimby's bodyguards bring the demon to Frinks house, Frink looks at the demon cage saying "I better put this demon somewhere else, Frink opens the cage only to be possessed. at Moes, Frink enter the tarvern and finds moe, Moe says "Hey get out of here" but Frink grabs moe and throws him out the window, Moe then gets crushed by a car (That moleman was driving) After moes death the demon leaves Frinks soul to die, Later the demon enters Flanders house, where The demon possess Ned where The demon in Ned's body drowns Edna in the sink, Edna dies & Ned's soul dies, Finally the demon enters the hospital where the demon enters dr nicks soul and go's to the Simpson house to kill homer, The demon enters to succeed, But then herman, Jasper & Bart are weapon-filled, The tried to kill the demon but it didn't work, But Homer comes in with duff beer, Trips on herman Gun, He spills the duff beer on dr. Nick which kills the demon and saves dr. nick, Dr nick thanks homer, Then homer says "Woo-Hoo I saved people's lives!"

Gameshows are cheap[edit | edit source]


Deaths[edit | edit source]

Demon of the killing[edit | edit source]

  • Miss Springfield: Killed by the demon offscreen
  • Moe: Crushed by a car
  • Hans moleman: Possibly killed when the car crashed on moe
  • Frink: Died when the demon left his soul
  • Edna: Drowned in the sink
  • Ned: Died when the demon left his soul
  • The demon: Killed by duff beer

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Nick (Demon): Where is the simpson?!
  • Herman: ..... Mexico?
  • dr. Nick (Demon): D'oh
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