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Treehouse of Madness is a Simpsons fan episode by ElectricMayhem. In it, Bart, Lisa, and Homer tell 3 scary stories in the treehouse. First, in Homer's Die-Dentity Crisis, Homer has Professor Frink invent a clone of him, but Homer's clone goes on a rampage and frames Homer for a series of crimes. Then, in Planet of the Grapes, Springfield is taken over by mutant grapes. Finally, in It Came From Beneath The Nuclear Power Plant, Blinky the giant three-eyed squid attacks Springfield.



Lisa comes out from behind a red curtain and tells the viewer that the following Halloween special may be too scarey for children, and that they probably shouldn't let their kids watch it. The scene cuts to a spoof of the opening of the Twilight Zone, with Bart doing a voice-over like Rod Serling. Finally, we see Homer, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie up in the treehouse eating candy and telling stories. Bart tells Homer he sucks at telling scary stories. Homer strangles Bart as he usually does, but then Lisa suggests that they have a competition to see who's the best at telling scary stories. Homer lets go of Bart, and Bart begins his story.

Homer's Die-Dentity Crisis[]

Homer wakes up on Monday and goes down stares in his underwear, and thanks God that it's Saturday, but Marge corrects him and says it's Monday. Homer complains that it's "always a Monday". Marge says that Homer's just over-reacting. Homer gets dressed and drives to work but instead of going to work, he goes to Frink's Laboratory because he sees a long line of people there and a sign that reads "CLONE YOURSELF FOR JUST NINETY-NINE DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS, PLUS TAX". Homer says that though that price is high, it's a better price then a hundred dollars. Homer decides to go clone himself and have his clone go to work in place of him. Later, Homer's clone, at work, kills Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers when Burns fires him. Homer's clone escapes as the police arrive, but witnesses inform the police that Burns' killer was Homer Simpson. Meanwhile, Homer is at Moe's when his clone enters. Homer asks his clone how it went at work, and the clone tells him it went great. Just then, the police burst in asking for Homer. Homer's clone gets away, and the police arrest Homer. That night, at the Simpsons home, Homer 2 is watching TV when he hears police sirens. The real Homer crawls in through the window, and confronts the fake Homer. The fake Homer tells the real Homer that he plans to replace him. Homer attacks his clone with a knife, but the fake Homer manages to dodge the attack. Homer then hits his clone upside the head with a lamp post, knocking him unconscious. He drives the fake Homer to Lake Springfield, and dumps his body in the water. Homer drives away, whistling peacefully. After clearing things up with the police, Homer goes fishing with Bart. As he fishes, Homer notices a person in the distance rising up out of the water. Homer doesn't realize it, but that person.... is his evil clone!

Planet of the Grapes[]

Oscar creates a hackneyed parody of Planet of the Apes but with grapes instead. Hilarity ensues.

It Came From Beneath The Nuclear Power Plant[]