another installment for the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

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intro/opening[edit | edit source]


Cue the music from "Goosebumps".

The opening begins with Matt Groening walking up the hill on top of Springfield carrying a briefcase which spills out his transcripts of past Treehouse of Horror segments and they get blown into the autumn wind throughout Springfield.


Santa's Little Helper's eyes are glowing an eerie green.


Various clips of the previous Treehouse of Horror segments are being shown.

Wraparound[edit | edit source]

A trunk-or-treat is being held at Springfield Elementary School as a school fundraiser night organized by Marge with approval by the school administrators, candy donations, and help from a band of volunteers, parents, staff and teachers to assist her with the event.


We see Ned Flanders setting up his car with his Noah's Ark trunk-or-treat station with some help from his sons, Rod and Todd. He has a pumpkin angel decorating craft kit and Christian pumpkin cutouts for the boys.


The Squeaky-voiced teen is handing out tickets at the entrance. Vehicle participants are decorating their cars and matching their respective costumes.

We see the children at the event playing games, going car trunk-to-car trunk for candy, getting a bite to eat at the food truck, making bathroom breaks, going on the giant super slide, getting their pictures taken, their faces painted, etc.

Of course, raffles, the costume parade and contests are being held as well.

Bart (dressed as The Joker from The Dark Knight), Lisa (dressed as Cinderella), Milhouse (dressed as a pirate), Janey (dressed as a ballerina), Ralph (dressed as a dalmatian puppy), Sherri and Terri (dressed as Meowlody and Purrsephone from Monster High), Nelson (dressed as (dressed as a 1920s gangster), Alex (as Cher from Clueless), Richard (dressed as a hobo), Becky (dressed as little Red Riding Hood), Lewis (dressed as Black Panther), Allison (dressed as Lydia Deetz from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice), Wendell (dressed as a cowboy), Nina (dressed as a witch) and Martin (dressed as a robot) are gathered in black tent with with other children in costumes for "Spooky Story Trilogy Time" with a 1 ticket admission.


Bart, Lisa and the other kids looked around as they see a foggy effect.

MALE VOICE (v/o): Welcome, my children! Welcome! Welcome!

Bart, Milhouse and Lisa screamed in horror.

Eerie music played in the background and thunder roared, clashing with lightning.

"Who are you?" Milhouse demanded as he clinged onto Lewis and Richard.

"Allow me to introduce myself," the ghastly voice howled. "I am the host of the three spooky tales you will hear, the master of fright...i am the king of nightmares..."

"Just show your face already!" Bart snapped, irritated. "Quit keeping us in suspense!"

"Very well..." and then out of the blue came a ghastly glowing skeletal figure carrying a large book.

"Are you prepared to hear the three gruesome horrifying three Halloween tales?"

With that, the ghastly figure revealed himself as the grim reaper and held up a book, as the words were carved on the book in blood:


Story 1[edit | edit source]

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Outro/Ending[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sherri is dressed as Meowlody and Terri is dressed as Purrsephone from the Mattel doll and toy franchise, Monster High
  • Allison Taylor, dressing as Lydia Deetz is a shout-out to her voice actress, Winona Ryder in her first debut episode, "Lisa's Rival", who also portrayed as Lydia Deetz in the 1988 film, Beetlejuice
  • Lisa is dressed as the main titled character from the 1950's Disney film, Cinderella

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