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Treehouse of Horror XXXVIII is the thirty eight spine tingling enstallment of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Series. In Ghostly Bores, The Simpsons enter a spooky game show while in Theres A Glitch In My Glavin, Professor Frink finds his true love and finally set in future times Maggie marries Kang and gives birth to alien octuplets in "Goo Goo Ghastliness".



On Halloween Groundskeeper Willie is digging up graves in the cemetary when Bart and his friends tease Willie about his lousy job until everybody awakes from their graves and kills Willie and the kids, leaving their blood splattered on a nearby grave spelling Treehouse of Horror XXXVIII.

Ghostly Bores[]

A gameshow host opens the segment showing the viewers around the haunted Mansion where The Simpsons will be staying for the next week to win $100,000! She takes you through the house and the most haunted rooms, When The Simpsons arrive they are completely freaked out at all the strange happenings. Homer gets sucked into a mirror, Lisa's bed tries to eat her and Barts walls write nasty curses. A ghostly butler is the only other person in the mansion, or is he? After nearly being eaten by carnivorous plants in their daily challenge The Simpsons try to escape and then find out all the odd things where just fake. A whole film crew and a team of professional pranksters where living in the house aswell but then are all killed by the mansion for faking it's spookiness. The Simpsons leave empty handed but are glad to have each other.

Theres A Glitch In My Glavin[]

Prof. Frink arrives at the Prom reunion alone and Marge tries to cheer him up but accidentally gives Frink some extra inspiration. Frink creates a robotic wife and at first is the sweetest thing on Springfield until a lady replies to one on Frinks love requests on the internet. She turns into a murderous machine and tries to set things right!

Goo Goo Ghastliness[]

Marge arrives at the screen and explains how we are going to time travel to the future. A montage of famous events and iconic objects appear floating around another dimension showing each year. Then we arrive at Maggies future wedding where she marries Kang (who is her father as well as husband). Marge dislikes how Maggie marries her father but Kodos explains it's normal where they come from. A year later Maggie becomes preganent and gives birth to alien octuplets. They all turn out to be menaces and have plans to take over the Earth!


The Gameshow hosts from Ghostly Bores says,"Well see you next year, so have a happy holiday!" and then his head falls off.