THOH XXXVI is the 36th Treehouse of Horror and presumably the last until further notice.

Opening[edit | edit source]

Bart realizes he has a stalker, then gets a phone call from the stalker. However, there voice has been disguised. Bart asks if its Sideshow Bob, then all of the sudden Sideshow Bob walks up and tells Bart he was wrong. Just then, Freddy Krueger swings into the room on a rope with a phone, then kills Bart and the carnage spells out THE SIMPSONS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Blood drips from Freddys claws and spells out "XXXVI". Bob and Freddy high-five each other, then it changes from "THE SIMPSONS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL XXXVI" to "TEAMWORK!"

Don't Judge Me![edit | edit source]

In a spoof of Judge Dredd, Chief Wiggum goes by the name "Judge Wiggum" and tries to kill crime in a futuristic Springfield... for good. He arrests a cyborg version of Snake that resembles the Terminator, a Ghost Rider version of Bart on a skateboard instead of a motorcycle, and even a high-tech "Taskmaster" version of Jimbo. Finally, he catches up with the powerful drug dealer, Moe, and attacks his huge, high--tech "tavern empire". He fights off his guards (Homer, Lenny, and Moe) and even his secret weapon (a super fat, blob-like Homer that eats everything in its path). He makes it to Moe, and right then, ahis partner (Ralph) jumps into the air and shoots lasers everywhere, then the building collapses and they all die. Then the ghost versions of Moe, Ralph, and Chief Wiggum float out from the wreckage and fight. They eventually give up when they get halfway to heaven, realizing they'll all be dead in the end, anyways.

Lets Disembowl This Outside[edit | edit source]

In a spoof of Straw Dogs, Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, and Helen Lovejoy, go to visit The Simpsons to talk to them about Barts bad behavior in Sunday school. Homer asks if there questioning him, and they exchange glances for a moment, then say yes. Homer suddenly goes crazy and grabs Marge as they run through the house. Ned, Helen, and Reverend Lovejoy sigh, then go to chase them. Homer kills them in Wile E. Coyote-like ways (Putting "Flanders-Seed" on the floor to bait Ned into going under an anvil, wich falls and squishes Ned, luring Helen to a window then runs up and pushes her out of it). The last one standing is Reverend Lovejoy. He and Homer have a hand-to-hand face off, then Reverend Lovejoy throws a beer out the window, then Homer dives after it, and falls to his death. Reverend Lovejoy and Marge look out the window, then kiss as a Taylor Swift song plays.

Box-Office Spits[edit | edit source]

A witch curses the movie theater and every one turns into a character from the movie they were seeing.

Ending[edit | edit source]

We dissolve to Bart (dressed as Slappy from Goosebumps), Lisa (dressed as Pocahontas from the titled Disney film) and Maggie (dressed as Cheer Bear from Care Bears) inside Bart's treehouse on Halloween night. They had finished trunk-or-treating hours ago.

Bart is seen finishing the third and final story for the Halloween night.

"And that is the story. The End," Bart concluded as he then closed the book.

"Wow, Bart." said Lisa. "That is some story. By the way, did the people in that story ever turn back to normal?"

"Maybe. Maybe not." Bart replied.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dont Judge Me! is a spoof of Judge Dredd, mostly the remake. Other films are spoofed as well (Terminator, Ghost Rider) and Jimbo appears as the character Taskmaster from Marvel Comics.
  • Lets Disembowl This Outside is a mixed spoof of Straw Dogs and Looney Toons.
  • The name of Lets Disembowl This Outside is a spoof of the term "Let's"
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