Howland or Abraham I.png This article's information is considered NON-CANON in both canon and fanon, as it might feature something from Treehouse of Horror, takes place in the distant future or has something out of the original canon of the show.

Treehouse of Horror XXXII is a fan-made episode of Simpsons met presitator met bart simpsons samen

met kang en Kodos

Intro. Alle treehouse of horror Afleveringen van the simpsons.[edit | edit source]

The Simpson family goes on a tourist group to view catacombs in Rome, Italy where they encounter Mr. Burns as the Crypt Keeper who makes each member of the family relive the manner in their death.

Story 1: The Bart in the Striped Pajamas[edit | edit source]

Story 2: Doctor Homer[edit | edit source]

Story 3: Big Trouble in Little Springfield[edit | edit source]

Ending (closing). Speciale treehouse of horror song[edit | edit source]

Notes/References.[edit | edit source]

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