Treehouse of Horror XXXI - Another addition to the Treehouse of Horror series. Bart gets a friend with a dark secret, in Friends Are Fiends If You Take The R, Homer is possessed by a spirit, in I'm Under Your Skin, and the world is about to end in 2012: The Crappy Apocalypse.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Homage to 1990s' Nickelodeon TV show, "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" One Halloween night, Bart (dressed as Thor from The Avengers), Lisa (dressed as Astronaut Malibu Stacy), Milhouse (dressed as The Flash), Richard (dressed as the Creeper from Minecraft), Tanya (dressed as Queen Amidala from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace), Alex (dressed as Cher from Clueless), Ralph (dressed as a black and white cat), Janey (dressed as Batgirl), Lewis (dressed as Black Panther), Uter (dressed as a chocolate bar), Wanda (dressed as Uhura from Star Trek), Becky (dressed as Abbey Bominable from Monster High), Nelson (dressed as a pirate), Database (dressed as a robot), Nina (dressed as Rey from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens), Sherri and Terri (dressed as The Tweevils from Bratz), Allison (dressed as a princess), Wendell (dressed as a clown) and Martin (dressed as a mad scientist) who are all on a Halloween camping trip (chaperoned by Marge and Homer), gather around a campfire in the middle of the forest as the "Bewitching Hour Society" to tell three creepy and scary stories.

"Finally," Alex said as she grinned. "My first appearance in a Halloween special!"

"It's been forever since we've last appeared on a Simpsons episode, Richard!" Lewis pointed out.

"You said it, Lewis." Richard added. "It's great to finally be back!"

"Hey, Lisa," said Becky. "Long time, no see. What you've been up to? I hear your parents are chaperoning this Halloween camping trip."

"I've missed you, Lisa." Tanya added. "I can't believe that I am appearing in a Halloween show!"

Milhouse prepares the "bewitching hour dust" using gun powder to toss into the campfire to produce an eerie white smoke and chooses Bart to tell the first story.

"Submitted for the approval of the Late Night Society," Bart begins. "I, Bart Simpson, call this tale...Friends Are Fiends If You Take the R..." ...

Plot 2[edit | edit source]

Friends Are Fiends If You Take the R


At the end of the story, it is now Homer's turn as he just joined the group after bribing him with Halloween candy and marshmallows.

Plot 3[edit | edit source]

I'm Under Your Skin


As the story ends, Homer looks around for the last storyteller of the night.

"I'm not good at telling ghost stories," Database admitted.

"Does a ghost story have toast in it?" Ralph asked.

Finally, Nelson is chosen to tell the last tale for the night.


plot 4[edit | edit source]

2012: The Crappy Apocalypse


Ending (closing)[edit | edit source]

At the end of the final story, Milhouse comes back from the lake with a bucket full of water and Bart signals him to put out the flames.

With the flames completely extinguished, this concludes the Bewitching Hour Society meeting as Bart speaks, "I declare this year's Halloween show adjourned!"

At the end of the meeting, Bart, Lisa, Nelson, Milhouse, and the other kids retire to their tents and into bed.

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