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Treehouse of Horror XXVI
The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXVI.jpg
Episode Number 577
Production Code TABF29
Original Airdate October 18, 2015
Blackboard Text The Head Must Die - Jimbo Jones 1990
Title Screen The Bad Dream House Eats Wizard Burns
Billboard Lard Lad's Hell, Now Open To Fat People Who Hate Lard
Couch Gag The Simpsons get killed by Itchy And Scratchy And Scratchy Get Killed By Itchy And Itchy Sits On Couch
Directed By David Diabolical Silverman

In the 26th annual fright fest, when Apu runs out out of product ingredients, he kills people for body parts, in Dial K For Kwik-E-Mart, the class chick mutates in Chickedy-Pie, and the world is hypnotised by Ralph, in Ralph. This aired On October 18, 2015, and the third episode in season 27, and the 577th episode in all.

Full Story[]


The Simpsons logo is made out of bones with blood on them, with Homer getting sucked into a black hole during The Simpsons word sign is going over, he tries to eat it but can't and gets sucked into the black hole. Then we see Springfield with Kang & Kodos taking over the Power Plant with other aliens paying to eat the nuclear waste then we see Wizard Burns (Treehouse Of Horror XII) being eatin' by the Bad Dream House (Treehouse Of Horror) then we see Jumbo & Vampire Kurney sawing the Statue then it falls on a trick or treating Ralph walking by then we zoom thru the city with the evil Willie trying to kill kids (Treehouse Of Horror VI) then we see the billboard saying "Lard Lad's Hell, Now Open To Fat People That Hate Lard" then we see the school all filled with little devils in class and Bart writing on the chalkboard made of blood "the head must die - Jimbo Jones 1990" then he skateboards out the classroom after a horrifying shreak is heard, then his skateboard hits barney and kills him and his guts shoot out. At The Nuclear Plant Homer is being slave worked ant the radioactive rod falls on his neck, then he screams and it melts his neck and the alien wacks his head with it and homer runs out of the plant, then we see Marge as the Witch Marge (Treehouse of Horror VIII) and the when the cashier checks Alien Maggie (Treehouse of Horror IX) out Maggie eats him and Witch Marge is disgusted anyways, we cut to the School when all the kids are zombies except for Lisa playing a guitar on the tune of the treehouse of horror theme, then she goes out but the school crumbles when she hits the door, then we see homer throwing the whip at Otto which is Frankenstein then we see all of the people as zombies, then zombie chief Wiggum gets ran over by Witch Marge & then Maggie who is an alien screaches with an alien call and witch marge is startled and starts to drive wrecklessly and then we see the house when bart skateboard over homers car and falls on the groundthen lisa runs over bart and crashes into the garage when homer gets out of his car then ran over by witch marge then all the simspns try to go on the couch but are brutaly murdered  by itchy and scratchy (Treehouse Of Horror IX) and then itchy murders scratchy, then titles shown on a bloody Television.

Dial "K" For Kwik-E-Mart[]

Apu starts making People into Hot Dogs!


Bart mutates the class baby chick with radioactive waste!


Ralph becomes the ruler of earth, after he hypnotizes everyone!