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In the 24th installment to the Treehouse of Horror series; in Let Me AXE You A Question, the family enter a gameshow, where the incorrect contestants are killed in gruesome manners, and in Poltergeezer, Grampa dies; and returns to haunt The Simpsons.


Let Me AXE You a Question[]

The family are watching TV, where they see an ad for a gameshow, where the winner wins 5 million dollars. Homer immediately signs the family up, ignoring the fine print on the contract, which states the show is allowed to seriously injure or kill the contestants. The family, the Flanders', the Skinners and the Van Houtens are all contestants. The gameshow begins and the Van Houtens are asked the question 'Recite the square root of pi to 50 decimal places.'. When Milhouse gets the first decimal place wrong, the gameshow host pulls a lever, and the Van Houtens fall thru a trapdoor into a giant pit of alligators, where they are eaten. When the Skinners are asked 'What's the capital of Japan?' Seymour answers 'Boston' which causes He and Agnes to be sliced in half by axes. The Flanders are then asked 'Name Two things that are NOT A Pronoun'. Ned gets the question wrong and they are eaten by Dozens of Piranhas and Anacondas,leaving only The Simpsons. They are asked 'Is Pluto a planet?'. Lisa, the brains of the family, opens her to say no, but Homer cuts in and says yes. A trapdoor In the floor plunges the family into fire (The fire is seen offscreen). In hell, the family are on Massage Tables, where they then look angrily at Homer who says "What?". They're then whipped by a devil.


Grampa is walking across the road. He fails to see an approaching car and is hit. He is rushed to hospital whre he is announced dead. The family are sad. Grampa watches from heaven and decides to see how they react. When his spirit sees they don't attend his funeral, he flies over to the Simpson residence to investigate. There he sees they are actually watching a re-run of The Pain Train. Angry, Abe decides to teach them a lesson. When Marge sees the furniture is flying by itself, she tells Homer. Homer just says "Honey, relax. Just do what I do: go with the flow.". Concerned, Marge calls a priest. Lovejoy arrives, an states there is a poltergeist in the house, and reccommends they should move. Homer of course, refuses and kicks Lovejoy out. Late at night however, Homer is dragged out of bed, Lisa's Malibu Stacy's hover in the air, and Bart's slingshot begins firing things itself. The family flee to the attic. They think they are safe, but when Homer looks into a mirror, he sees Grampa's reflection. He angrily says "You deserve this Homer!", Homer is pushed down the stairs. The family think he is dead. As Abe prepares to throw a knife at them, the family apologise. At first, Abe lowers his knife...but then lifts it up and hurls it. Just as it is about to hit them, Homer sits up screaming. He thanks God, it was only a dream, but then sees he is in a hospital bed. He then says "D'oh!"

The Not-So-Evil Dead[]