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In another addition to the Treehouse of Horror series we see three more terrifying tales. In The Chupacabra of Springfield, Professor Frink creates a real life chupacabra, in SAWed SideSAW Bob tortures The Simpsons plus Oscar and in Triassic Park, Mr Burns opens a theme park; featuring extinct dinosaurs!


Apu is at the Kwik-E-Mart. When three cannibals, enters the store, he refuses to serve them hotdogs. The cannibals then grab Apu, skewer him and put him on the sausage roller. One of the cannibals asks if they want ketchup and mustard. They nod, and the cannibal spells out 'TREEHOUSE OF HORROR' in ketchup, and 'XXII' in mustard on Apu's belly.


The Chupacabra of Springfield[]

When trying to fuse the DNA of a vampire bat and monkey, Professor Frink accidentally creates a Chupacabra. The Chupacabra goes on the rampage, killing Hans Moleman, Apu, Seymour Skinner, and completely killing off Springfield's goat population. After a mysterious electricity cut at the Simpsons household, the Chupacabra manages to get in, via Bart's window. It chases the Simpsons throughout the house before finally cornering them in the kitchen. As it prepares to strike, Professor Frink bursts through the door, and shoots an arrow through it's heart. When Marge asks how Frink knew where the Chupacabra was, he simply says "Face it, it had to be done". The family then roast the Chupacabra and watch TV.


The story begins in The Simpsons house. The Simpsons are then called by a mysterious person, saying they along with a few others, have won a day at Family Fun House. The family head there, inviting Oscar along, not noticing the sign saying 'Warning: Entering the building will most likely result in untimely doom' while Oscar becomes suspicious. When inside, they are quickly greeten by SideSAW Bob. They are all seperated and forced to travel through a maze of torture and traps. Watching them from a camera, SideSAW Bob taunts them, saying how ironic it is that the stupidest of them all, (Homer) is avoiding all torture devices. ...

Bart finds himself locked in a room, stripped nude and chained to the pipes along with his twin Hugo. SideSAW Bob appears on the screen, revealing the key to unlock the chain is to the vat of shrimp across the floor covered with butterscotch as Bob took the opportunity to look up Bart's allergies.

Bart's epiPen is stolen and locked in a box which can be opened by a key hidden in a pile of broken glass and used syringes. 


When The Simpsons and Oscar finally reunite, they decide they must find the key and defeat SideSAW Bob. However Bart then suggest they then leave through the door marked 'Convenient Exit'. The Simpsons leave, whilst SideSAW Bob vows revenge on the Simpsons, especially Bart before realizing he has walked into his very own trap.

At home the Simpsons agree to never listen to a shady phone call again. The phone rings, and someone tells the Simpsons, if they give them their credit card number they'll win a prize. Homer immediately gives them the number and Bart berates his father for his stupidity, calling him an idiot.

Triassic Park[]

Mr Burns asks Homer and his family to come work on his new theme park, 'Triassic Park'. Homer agrees, and the family head to the remote island, where the park is located. Mr Burns then reveals the park's main attraction is dinosaurs (the other attraction is keyrings). Homer is given the job of maintaning the security, so the dinosaurs can't escape. However, Homer of course, falls asleep, so the security system powers down. The dinosaurs then escape, and start killing the staff. After learning there's an escape copter on a base at the top of the island, the family race to get there. After narrowly avoiding a group of Velociraptors, a T-Rex and an ancient form of chicken (in Homer's words, those things are evil) the family finally reach the top. They manage to escape in the helicopter. Homer states that 'We're safe at last' before the helicopter malfunctions and the family crash right back on the island. However Homer, soon adapts saying, 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em'. The family sigh.

Memorable Quotes[]

Mr. Burns: Here, try this roast velociraptor.

Homer: Mmmm...extinction.

Hans Moleman (while the Chupacabra sucks his blood): I'm just glad I can serve a purpose.

Marge: What I'd like to know is, how did you know where the Chupacabra was?

Professor Frink: Face it Marge, this was gonna happen.

Lisa: The sign says we shouldn't enter.

Homer: Yeah, but they also said it was impossible for someone to be perfect. But look at me!

Moe (as he is being drowned in beer): Damn you irony! I'll see you in hell!

SideSAW Bob: Well, after stepping in five beartraps, I'd say that payback is on a roll today.

Homer: Mmmm...genetically engineered mutant.


SideSAW Bob: (appears on screen) Hello, Bart.