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Treehouse of Horror XX It’s Halloween again! Bart murders Miss Hoover for Lisa and tries to get her to agree to a criss cross killing, (killing someone of his choice in return). Then Springfield is plunged into the grip of a zombie apocalypse of 28 days later style when Kent Brockman tries the new Burger squared burger and becomes a muncher! Then finally Homer falls and gets impaled on Moe’s beer distillery and his blood mixes with the beer making a strangely palatable drink. Especially to vampires! And Moe puts on a musical as he tries to woo Marge in this Sweeney Todd inspired story.



Frankenstein’s monster breaks out of Frankenstein’s castle but stops to turn off the electricity because no one is using it. How resourceful! Hehehe! Then at a science museum an Egyptian mummy wakes from his sarcophagus and finds the security guard asleep and snoring. He is annoyed by this lack of security and flicks his ear to wake him.

“Ow! Huh?” The guard pulls out his gun alerted but the mummy knocks him out with one swipe from his hand. The Egyptian mummy then finds Wiggum once again investigating a spate of vampire related killings in the Egyptian exhibit of the museum.

“What we are dealing with is definitely a mummy...” said Wiggum.

The mummy rolled his eyes and snapped Wiggum’s neck killing him. Everyone ran away screaming.

The mummy met up with Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and Wolfman.

“Ah! Isn’t it nice to walk the streets undetected...” said Dracula.

They decided to spend Halloween night partying. However they encounter Jimbo and his gang. They were in costume. Jimbo was Master Chief from Halo, Kerne was Heath Ledger Joker and Dolph was Spider Armour MK1 Spider Man.

“Hey lame-ohs! Way to go retro horror movie monster!” Jimbo said, being rude to the classic horror movie monsters.

When the bullies left the monsters seemed annoyed by their insults.

“Frankenstein monster lame?” Frankenstein’s monster asked.

“No no no! Of course not! We’ll show those brats! To the costume store!” said Dracula.

Sometime later the classic movie monsters left the Halloween costume shop in costumes. Dracula was Iron Man. Frankenstein’s monster was Spongebob! Hehehe! The Egyptian mummy was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and the Wolf man was dressed as Harry Potter. Gee Harry you’re hairier than usual! And what big teeth you have!

“All the better to eat you with my dear viewers...” said Wolf man.

They then went to the Simpsons house where there was a party going on. Marge answers the door because Homer as Zorro is busy picking up donuts with his rapier and eating them. Marge finds Dracula and his friends at the door.

“Who are you people?” she asked them.

“Uh, we are Homer’s friends...” said Dracula.

“No you’re not!” said Homer.

“But we bought booze! Boooooooze!” Dracula wailed in a spooky manner.

“Oh, in that case you better come in friends!” said Homer letting them in.

The monsters drank duff and hung about with the other party guests. Dracula shares a beer with Mrs Krabappel, the Egyptian mummy allowed Selma to unwrap his bandages and Frankenstein's monster was having an affair with Mrs Muntz (Nelson’s Mom so one of them is being unfaithful)

We pan over the other guests. Skinner is Waldo from Where’s Waldo. Moleman is a sailor and Kirk Van Houten is a clown. Yay! Clooooowns! (Unfortunately for Oscar it’s a grownup’s party and is way past his bedtime anyway.)

However disaster strikes when the monsters’ wives turn up! Ie Dracula’s wife, a vampiress etc. The wives are very angry with their husbands.

“You told me you were out killing children!” said the Egyptian mummy’s wife. Uh that sounds rather dark...

“I was! But then we bumped into an old friend! The the the- er my man Homer!” said the Egyptian mummy in an upperclass manner. He even acts like Captain Jack Sparrow a bit.

“You’ll be sucking your own blood tonight!” Dracula’s wife scolded her husband. “Let’s get them ladies!” She said to her friends the other wives. The wives clobber their husbands with whatever they have available. Amusingly Wolf Man’s wife is smacking him with a newspaper and calling him a bad dog! Hehehehe!

“Lighten up ladies! It’s not cheating if you’re wearing a costume!” said Homer. The monsters attacked him. “Aggggghhh! No! Not the face! Not the face!” Homer screamed. His head was ripped off and thrown in the punch bowl. He had Xs for pupils and then the text Treehouse of Horror appears around his head so it is Treehouse of Horror XX!

Let the horror begin! Mwuhahahaha!

Story 1[]

Dial M for Murder. Or press # to return to the main menu.

Everything is in grayscale like an old film! At school in second grade, Miss Hoover is announcing the student who would go on to represent the school in the National reading round up. Lisa thinks it’s her and is smug.

But... “My choice is Hubert Wong!” Miss hoover picked out the new Chinese kid. Lisa was shocked and annoyed.


“Hooray for different race!” Ralph cheered.

“Congratulations Hubert...” said Lisa sarcastically. “Or should I congratulate your tutor Miss Amelia at the homework factory?! Your victory is tainted! Asterisk! Asterisk! Asterisk!

Asterix from Asterix and Obelix appeared at the class room window.

“You called?” asked Asterix.

“No I was shouting asterisk. The little star used to make a footnote?” Lisa explained.

“Oh. My mistake.” said Asterix leaving.

“Lisa don’t take this personally. I barely spent any time on this decision! said Miss Hoover.

“Asterisk! Asterisk! Asterisk!” Lisa yelled at Hubert.

“Yes?” Asterix asked.

“I meant the little star for footnotes again...” said Lisa.


Lisa grumpily went to detention.

“Lisa Simpson in detention?! My horoscope told me my day would be interesting. I just thought it just meant the horoscope.” said Skinner.

We cut to Homer at home. “Stupid Blorobope!” he remarked reading his horoscope in the morning newspaper.

Lisa took a seat next to her brother Bart who for some reason in this story acts as if they are complete strangers.

“Stupid Miss Hoover...” Lisa muttered.

“I heard you had a run in with Miss Hoover.” said Bart. “Aren’t teacher’s like the worst?”

“I don’t want to talk about it Bart...” said Lisa.

“Look you’re a smart kid. I bet you like ideas.” said Bart.

“I do.” said Lisa.

“Well this one’s a whopper!” said Bart. “What if you get revenge on Mrs Krabappel for me and I’ll get revenge on Miss Hoover for you? Criss cross!”

“Hmmmm, interesting... with no obvious motive that could work!” said Lisa.

“So do we have a deal? Criss Cross?” Bart asked.

“Thanks but I’ll pass.” said Lisa.

“If I say Crisscross one more time will it change your mind?” Bart asked.

“Look, you’re a persistent fellow but I-“ Lisa replied but Bart interrupted.

“Criss Cross!” said Bart.

“I’m in!” said Lisa.


Lisa sneakily followed Mrs Krabappel back to her apartment.

Lisa then called up Bart on her mobile. “I’m at Mrs Krabappel’s apartment. Have you established your alibi?”

“Yep.” said Bart.

“Where are you?” Lisa asked.

“The tennis game.” said Bart.

“And people will remember you being there?” Lisa asked.

“Oh they’ll remember me alright...” Bart snickered as he mooned the audience as they watched the tennis.

Eventually Lisa ended her call. She rang Krabappel’s door bell and ran away.

“Mmmmhmmm? Huh? Hello? Oh no! I’ve been ding dong ditched!” Mrs Krabappel yelled annoyed.

Lisa laughed and snickered. “Criss Cross.” she went home.


She found Bart at home lying down on his bed.

Lisa was giggling as she came in to see him.

“Ha you should have seen the look on Mrs Krabappel’s face!” Lisa laughed.

“And you should have seen the look on Miss Hovver’s face!” said Bart. “In fact it looked something like this!” He fetches something from his school bag. Miss Hoover’s decapitated head!!

“Oh my god! You killed her!” Lisa gasped.

“Right. Like we agreed...” said Bart.

“I never said kill. I said prank!” said Lisa.

“Yeah... like when Mom and Dad say snuggle but they actually mean lock themselves in their room! And several months later Maggie is born...” said Bart.

“I didn’t kill Mrs Krabappel! I played ding dong ditch on her!” said Lisa.

“Ding dongs ditch means you kill her and throw that ding dong in a ditch! Gee do you ever read or not?” Bart asked.

“You’re a monster!” Lisa yelled. “You do not to get to give Oscar a hard time for carrying guns from now on! At least he never murdered anyone!”

Oscar heard their conversation and walked off whistling innocently.

“A deal’s a deal little sister.” Bart replied. “Tomorrow after school go to Mrs Krabappel’s apartment and T.P her.”

“Just T.P?” Lisa asked.

“I need T.P for my Bungholio!” said Oscar from the hall way. But no one responded.

“Yes. Torture and pulverise her!” said Bart laughing maniacally. Lisa backed away in horror.

“Then ding dong ditch the body and we’re even.” said Bart.

“I think I’m gonna be sick...” Lisa groaned.


After school Lisa passed an art class room. Some one inside was using the paper guillotine. That someone was Mrs Krabappel. She dropped her matches and went to pick them up but realised the blade could fall on her.

“Oh Lisa, can you hold the guillotine blade so it doesn’t fall on my neck?” said Mrs Krabappel.

Lisa gulped.

“Come on. I trust you completely.” said Mrs Krabappel.

Lisa went to help her when Bart was at the window. “Slice her luck a bagel!” said Bart

Lisa gasped at how evil he had become. She held up the guillotine blade for Mrs Krabappel.

“Got it.” said Mrs Krabappel no longer vulnerable to the guillotine as she light a cigarette. “Thank you Lisa. If you hadn’t come along I would have been sliced, like a bagel.”

Lisa gasped as Bart held up a card saying “Criss Cross!”


Lisa went to the toilers and washed her hands. Bart suddenly came out of a cubicle.

Lisa gasped. “Bart?!”

“I’ve been waiting for you.” said Bart in a sinister manner. “And trying to figure out how girls pee...”

“Eeeeeeew! Bart!” Lisa groaned.

Bart washed his hands under each of the automatic taps while approaching her menacingly. Then he saw his reflection or Bart from another universe, or Hugo! Hehehe! “My! Who is this handsome devil?!” Bart gasped.

“That’s your reflection you idiot!” said Lisa dryly. “Why are you in the girls bathroom?!”

Bart frowned and continued approaching her menacingly.

“I’m sorry Bart. I can’t kill Mrs Krabappel!” said Lisa. “How about something else? I could do your homework for you? I won’t give you the answers, but I’ll give you the tools to find them yourself!” said Lisa.

“No dice.” said Bart. “Either kill Mrs Krabappel or Willie will tell the authorities he saw you kill Miss Hoover!”

“Why would he do that?” Lisa asked.

“Because I did a favor for him.” said Bart pulling out Skinner’s decapitated head with a knife in it.

Lisa screamed.

“Yes criss cross like the plaids on me kilt!” said Willie.

“You’re not wearing your kilt.” said Bart.

“Oops!” Willie quickly put on his kilt.

“This is a girls bathroom!! Get out!” Lisa yelled.

“Fine... but Criss Cross...” said Bart making a cross with his fingers as he left with Willie.

Lisa sighed with relief. But it was only temporary as Oscar came out and washed his hands.

“What were you doing in there?!” Lisa yelled.

“I’m afraid of the urinals so I go in here.” said Oscar. “Plus I like saying Candyman five times in the mirror to see what happens. “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman.” Oscar stopped and expected something to happen but it didn’t. “Well that’s that story debunked. Nothing bad hap-“

He was grabbed by the Candyman!

“Be my victim!” said the Candyman. He stabbed his hook through Oscar’s stomach and killed him.

Lisa screamed and ran off.


At recess Bart kept pestering her with Skinner’s head and going Criss Cross. Eventually Lisa gave up.

“Ok Bart. I guess I have no choice... I have to kill... You!!” She grab the knife from Skinner’s head and brandished it at Bart.

Bart screamed and ran off. There is a montage of her chasing him on the playground equipment.

Then they encounter Alfred Hitchcock and accidentally push him off of Mount Rushmore in their attempt to chase one another.

Then Bart hides in an area with lots of eyes but Lisa tears through a wall at him.

Then Lisa chases him across the house roofs until Bart takes a dinghy from Homer rad a cardboard cutout and rides down the roof.

Then Bart is at the psychiatrist office when Lisa burst in and chases him out the window. Then in a playground he is catching his breath when she finds him so his son a merry go round with other kids. But Lisa waits for him. Suddenly the kids yell ice cream! And run off to buy some ice cream.

Lisa goes after Bart and swipes at him but dings against the metal of the merry go round.

“Fine! Go ahead and kill me!” said Bart. “But you’ll be no better than me! We’re both cut from the same dinner!”

“It’s pronounced DNA you moron! And secondly no! I’m not a murderer like you! And I never will be!” said Lisa throwing the knife up in the air.

It landed its blade in Bart’s head and killed him!

Lisa gasped.

Mrs Krabappel clapped. “Well done Lisa!”

“But it was an accident? I didn’t mean to kill him!” Lisa gasped.

“Sure you didn’t Lisa... sure you didn’t....” said Mrs Krabappel. She picked up Bart by the collar of his shirt. “Ay carumba this you little snot!” She rested his corpse on the merry go round and then gave it a very hard spin. He went flying!

Music played and Mrs Krabappel and Lisa held hands and walked off together.

The end.

Story 2[]

Don’t Have a Cow Mankind

A zombie apocalypse story of a different kind from Dial Z for zombies. This time it is a mysterious plague that turns living people into flesh eating maniacs than the classic undead.

Kent Brockman was standing outside the Krusty Burger restaurant with news.

“Kent Brockman here with news of the new sandwich at Krusty Burger! The Burger Squared! Krusty can you tell us how it’s made?” said Kent.

“Why certainly Kent.” said Krusty. “We take cows, feed them up, kill them and process the carcasses. Then feed them to other cows! Then kill them and sever the unholy results on a whole grain bun!” said Krusty. Mmmmmm! Cannibal cows!

“So in other words Burger squared.” said Kent.

“Yes Kent.” said Krusty holding a sign with the words Burger2 with a superscript 2 for squared. And a picture of a happy family with a little boy eating burgers.

At the Simpsons Homer was doing a calculation on a calculator. “He’s right! It all adds up!”

“Cows eating cows?! That’s an abomination!” Lisa yelled.

“Now Lisa. You’re a vegetarian but these cows have made a different choice in life." said Marge.

“Uh no Mom. We’re the only species that gets to chose our diet. Cows are herbivores, they have to eat plants. If you fed them to each other the results could be unspeakable!” said Hugo.

“Quiet boy!” said Homer.

At Krusty Burger. Kent was offered a Burger squared burger and took a bite. “And now this lucky reporter will be the first human to try this delicious crime against nature! (Bites the burger) Mmmmm! Juicy, flavourful with just a hint of- Grrrrrrrrraaaagh! Rrrraaaghh!” Something went horribly wrong as he turned into a rabid ghoul with red eyes and Bit a chunk out of Krusty’s arm!

“Hey that’s my check cashing arm you stupid!” Krusty yelled at him but suddenly turned into a rabid ghoul as well.

Kent leapt on and tore out Squeaky Voiced Teen’s throat. While Krusty lunged at the camera man breaking the camera.

The titles Don’t Have a Cow Mankind came up as static.

Twenty eight days later the town was over run with zombies!! Well a kind of zombie.

Lenny, Carl and Barney as Munchers were carrying Moe.

“You guys might want to wash me before you eat me.” said Moe.

His friends as zombies murmured in agreement.

Bart saw this and went to the kitchen. Every window and door of the house was boarded up.

“The munchers got Moe!” said Bart.

“So? I’m not going out there to save him! We don’t know what kind of hideous creatures are out there!” said Homer.

Grampa was at the window.

“Help me son! Oh you gotta help me!” said Grampa.

“How do I know you’re not a muncher?” Homer asked. Because he can talk...

“I’m your father!” Grampa whined.

“I can’t understand that muncher talk!” said Homer shutting the curtains on Grampa. He cried as the munchers got him and tore him to pieces as they ate him.

“Well I think it’s cool we’re in a zombie apocalypse! I want to go out and shoot zombies!” said Oscar.

“You’ll probably be the first to get killed you nut! Now everyone go to your rooms and live off your fruit bowls for the next month.” said Homer.

“And besides, they’re not zombies Oz.” said Lisa. “Zombies are the living dead. These are rabid people infected by a virus.”


In his room Bart was hungry.

“Nnnnngh! So starving!” He groaned. “And there’s nothing to eat except this!” He addressed the fresh bowl of fruit in his room. Yummy fruit!

Bart got his telescope out to look for food outside. “There must be something to eat out there...” He saw Zombie Ralph eating himself! Then he saw a Krusty burger restaurant. “Ah!” He looked closer with a stronger magnification. Inside on a table was a lone burger.

“A burger!” said Bart. He yanked off a plank from the window and crawled out.

Some time later Marge came up to check on him. She found him growling while eating a burger before burping as he finished it.

“Nyaaaaaagh! Bart ate a tainted burger!” Marge screamed.

“I’ll bash his head in with this book!” said Homer holding a purple book. He chased after Bart trying to whack him with it.

Bart screamed and ran away.

“Come back here you undead little!” Homer yelled.

“Dad no! That could be the last book ever written!” Lisa yelled.

“Really?” Homer asked showing her the book. It was by some guy called Arsenio Hall.

“Eeeeeew! Fine never mind...” Lisa doesn’t like Arsenio Hall for some reason...

Homer continues trying to clobber Bart with the book.

“No wait! The burger didn’t change me!” Bart protested.

“Wait Dad! Bart’s right! He must be immune to the virus! We need to keep Bart alive to produce an anti muncher vaccine!” said Lisa.

“We must keep this boy alive at all costs!” said Homer strangling Bart. “I’ll call Dr Hibbert! He’ll know what to do!” said Homer. He smashed Bart’s face on the phone keypad to dial Dr Hibbert’s phone number.

Dr Hibbert was in his office fighting off zombies. Yes his hospital had already gone Resident Evil already.

Homer explained Bart ate a burger but was immune to the virus.

“Well if Bart is the chosen one you must get him to the safe zone so the cure can be processed.” said Hibbert fighting off zombies. Eventually they were too much for him.

“If you see my wife tell her I love her.” said Hibbert as he knew he was doomed.

“Waits when you say tell her I love her. Do you mean I as in me or yourself?” Homer asked him.

Hibbert screamed as a muncher bit him.

“Eh... I’ll shake her hands...” said Homer.

The Simpsons went outside to use the car to drive to the safe zone.

“No remember everyone. No loud noises!” said Homer as they went outside.

“Oh what a beautiful day!” Homer yelled.

The munchers bursted out of every hiding spot.

The Simpsons screamed and ran back in chased by the munchers. They all fell over each other trying to get the Simpsons.

Then Rainer Wolfcastle as McBain blasted his way through the munchers. He was still alive.

“Come with me if you want to live!” McBain quoted terminator. But the munchers tore him apart and ate him.

“There we go again, yet another celebrity politician who can’t keep their promises...” said Homer. “To the panic room!”

They ran in the lounge.

“We don’t have a panic room Dad!” said Lisa as Munchers came down the chimney.

“Then to the panic room’s door!” said Homer. They went to the kitchen but more Munchers broke in.

Apu called for them as he too was still alive and armed to the teeth.

“Well why not...” said Homer as they went outside and got in a jeep with Apu.

He reversed onto Hans Moleman’s head squashing it and squeezing his brains out along with his glasses and false teeth. They landed together to look like his brain was wearing glasses and smiling! Hehehe!

They drove to the safe zone.

“How comes Apu survived?” Lisa asked.

“Because as a vegetarian I do not eat meat! And as a convenience store owner I am armed to the teeth!” Apu explained. His jeep has loads of guns.

They drove through a pane of glass being carried by two munchers.

“Hey! Munchers need windows too!” said the munchers annoyed.

Suddenly Helen Lovejoy as a muncher leapt on the jeep and smashed open the window trying to get to them.

“Shoot her!” Apu gave Marge a shotgun.

“I can’t! She’s Lisa’s godmother!” said Marge.

“Fairy godmother?” Oscar asked.

“No!” Marge said annoyed.

“You can apologise to her in Hell!” said Apu.

“I suppose I could.” Marge shot and killed Helen Lovejoy.


The Simpsons and Apu continue travelling. Apu then activates the thruster jets on his jeep and it picks up frightening speed as it approaches a ramp. The Simpsons yell as the jeep goes flying. It then lands on a mountain of garbage.

“Oh dear. I’ll have to get out and push.” said Apu as he got out to push the jeep. Leaving himself particularly vulnerable to the munchers who were closing in on the truck.

Eventually the truck got free and the Simpsons drove off without him.

“Wasn’t that nice of Apu to sacrifice his life for us?” said Marge.

“Hey! You’re supposed to wait for me at the bottom! Curse you savages!” Apu yelled. He then got eaten by the munchers.

The Simpsons continued driving until their jeep ran out of fuel and came to a stop in the middle of nowhere.

They got out and walked to the safe zone. Homer wielding the shotgun and Oscar wielding MP-100s.

“This safe zone sure is far away.” said Marge as they walked.

“Which is why the chosen one demands he be carried.” said Bart climbing on Lisa’s shoulders.

Lisa walked into a high branch so it smacked Bart in the head. “Oof!” Bart grunted.

“Awwww! Did the chosen one bump his chosen head?” Lisa teased him and made him bump his head repeatedly.

“Kids! Stop that!” Marge told them off. “Now where’s your father got to?”

Homer got left behind and found Mr Burns lying on the ground lifeless and discoloured from Muncher infection.

“Well look who is the lazy good for nothing, hardly a model worker now?!” Homer berated Mr Burbs.

“Ha! Got your nose!” He broke off Mr Burns’s nose. He continued to tease Mr Burns until he suddenly sprung to life and bit Homer’s hand. “Aggghhhh! Let go! Let go you stupid buck toothed mummy! Aghhhhhh! Sonnuva! Let go!” Homer fought with Mr Burns until he let go of his hand.

Homer was immediately infected by the bite and began acting like a zombie.


He rejoined his family. Groaning like a zombie along the way.

“There you are! Where have you been?” Marge asked him. He growled at her like a zombie.

“Dad? Are you becoming a muncher?!” Lisa gasped.

“I think the better brains is, are you brains are brains?” asked Muncher Homer.

Bart snatched the shotgun off of him. “Where shall I shoot ya? TaKe your pick? Eyes or mouth?”

“Um mouth.” said Muncher Homer.

Bart cocked the shotgun. “Eyes it is then.”

“No!” Marge snatched the shotgun from Bart. “If we get to the safe zone they can cure your father!”

“Safe zone?! You really think there’s a frigging safe zone?! Gahahahaha!” A crazy injured survivor asked them. There was a pause. “Well yes there is, it’s right over here...” said the survivor.

The Simpsons arrived at a security checkpoint. They had tied Muncher Homer up so he couldn’t eat anyone.

“We have the chosen one! Let us in!” said Marge.

A soldier checked Bart over. “Ah yes, this is the chosen one. Now to save the rest of our lives we must eat the flesh of the chosen one!” said the soldier as cannibalism had set in.

“Ay carumba!” Bart yelped.

Marge pointed her shotgun at the soldier. “Certainly not! How dare you think about eating my boy!” She said furiously. “There must be some other solution!”

“Well...” said the soldier.


Eventually everyone was cured of the muncher virus and were back to normal playing and frolicking in the sunshine.

“And soon children and adults alike were frolicking in the sunshine without a care in the world... and all it took was to let my brother Bart bathe in our food...” said Lisa.

Bart was having a bath in a big cauldron of stew. “More soup Lisa? Mwuhahahaha!” He poured her a bowl from his bath but put the bowl under himself as he filled it.

“Eeeeeeeew!” Lisa groaned taking her Bart flavoured soup. The story ends with Bart pouring bowls of soup for everyone from his soup bath.

The end!

Story 3[]

There’s no Business Like Moe Business

Moe takes part in a musical.

Marge and Homer are kissing in one of the booths at Moe’s.

Moe sighs and sings lamenting why he can’t find a girl with his mug. His phone suddenly rings.

“Because you are uglyyyyy!” Bart calls him from down the line.

Moe sighs and puts down his phone.

Moe then insults his own mother so she spits at him from a painting.

Barney wants a beer so Moe tries to pour some from the beer tap but the tap is blocked.

“Must be a mouse in the pipes. I’ll put a cobra down there.” said Moe letting a green cobra slither down the pipes of the tap. However the tap was still blocked.

Moe sighed and went in the basement where he turned some wheels on a machine.

Homer saw that the taps were unattended. “Woo! Free beer!” He went to the taps while Moe sung and poured himself some beer but fell into the basement and impaled himself on Moe’s beer machine’s pipes.

“Oh god! Homer relax!” Moe gasped. Homer did so and pipes impaled him further as he slid down them. “Uh okay don’t relax...”

Moe went up to ground floor. Marge asked where Homer had gone. Moe lied that he had left her and said that he didn’t really love her.

Marge was upset by this news.

Homer cried for help from the basement.

‘What was that?” Marge asked.

“Uh just practicing my ventriloquism.” said Moe. He drank a glass of water while Homer screamed for help again.

“But now lets pour ya a glass of nectar to sooth those woes...” said Moe pouring her a glass of beer. However Homer’s blood dripped into the machine mixing with the beer.

The tap poured out orange tinted beer. Moe didn’t seem bothered and neither did Marge. She tried it and sung about how it tasted of pleasant things like cuddling, clean clothes, (have you eaten any clean clothes lately Marge?) and cups of cocoa with rainbows poured in.

Then Lenny, Carl and Barney as the phantom of the opera. (Beware his scented candles! Scented!) sung a song for the musical.

Then there was the interval.

“This is the best musical in light years!” said Kodos.

“Light years measure distance not time!” Kang explained.

“You know what I mean...” said Kodos.

“Is this the interval now...” Oscar groaned.

“No! This is end of part one! Musicals don’t have intervals...” said Lisa.

“Well I’m going to the lobby to get some snacks anyway...” said Oscar. He got up and went to the lobby as part two of the musical started.


Homer was still missing and Moe was still trying to get Marge to move on from him. So he read a fake letter from Homer. (Actually a letter Moe wrote himself.) where Homer opens up to being gay.

“It gets even gayer as you read along.” said Moe.

Suddenly Homer in an evening robe appeared and sung about being gay and all the men he’d like to try such as nibbling on teriyaki thighs! He continued singing his gay song before vanishing.

Moe tried to pour Marge another orange tinted beer but the secret ingredient had ran dry.

“Must have been all those vampires I had in here Tuesday night.” said Moe.

He went to the basement to find Homer being put back on the pipes by stage hands. Moe found this awkward so he told jokes about the Irish until Homer was ready.

Moe then squeezed Homer so blood entered the machine.

He then went upstairs and served Marge a blood drink. She drank the orange coloured beer and it made her realise she needed to move on from Homer and marry Moe.

Moe asked for her hand in marriage.

She said yes but the beer made her tearful. Her tears woke up Homer as the dripped from tires to the ceiling drains of the basement.


Moe was pouring Marge more blood tainted drinks. Suddenly Homer appeared with a machine attached to himself from the beer machine. He threw Moe down the basement and grabbed a moe dummy and threw it on the floor.

“Homer you do love me!” Marge cried.

“Marge can you love a man who is half beer...” said Homer.

“Always have!” said Marge.

Homer poured them both an orange tinted beer (beer mixed with his blood) to drink.

The end!

The musical has everyone on stage singing a happy Halloween to us all. Then the Treehouse of Horror XX text appeared and fireworks.

Kang hushed them because Kodos was sleeping. She was snoring loudly!

The end!