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Treehouse of Horror XV it's that time of year again! Kang and Kodos cook the Simpsons as dinner for their boss. Ned after an accident can see briefly into the future and tries to save people ala Final Destination. In four beheadings and a funeral Lisa Simpson as Detective Eliza Simpson solves murders in Victorian London and the Simpsons go on a fantastic voyage inside Mr Burns to rescue Maggie after she accidentally gets swallowed.



Kang and Kodos are cooking dinner for their boss.

Narrator: We now return to keeping it Kodos. Starring Kang!

"Kodos! Is dinner ready yet?" asked Kang. "Our boss will be here any minute now!"

Kodos checks the oven. The Simpsons are very small and being cooked various ways. Marge and Lisa are pies, Homer is eating himself and Bart is being shallow fried and jumping about in the burning oil. "Tch! This one's eating himself!" Kodos explained Homer was eating himself.

"Octopuses, we're done now!" said Marge.

"I keep telling you people we're Rigellians!" said Kodos.

"Am I the only one in horrible pain?!" Bart whined as he floundered about in the hot oil that was burning him.

"You're the only one who won't shut up about it!" said Homer eating himself still.

Eventually Kang and Kodos' boss arrived and had dinner. He ate the Simpsons.

The elderly Rigellian wearing glasses was now fat and bloated as objects belonging to the Simpsons laid on his plate. I.e. Maggie's pacifier, Homer's shoe and Betsy the slingshot.

"What a delicious meal! I'm fit to burst!" said the boss. Suddenly his stomach bursted open like a burst pustule and Bart was flushed out along with copious amounts of green vomit. Eeeeugh!

"Coooool! I'm vomit!" said Bart raising his arms up out of the puke. They oozed and dripped green vomit everywhere.

The audience laughed.

"A fine meal like this deserves a hyper galactic promotion!" said the boss, still alive despite his stomach exploding.

"Hyper galactic?!" Kang and Kodos cheered.

"Wait! I don't have a family anymore! I'm all alone!" Bart said upset that his family died.

"You do now son! You do now." said Kang adopting him. They all hug.

"How wonderful! This calls for my stamp of approval!" said the boss. A Rigellian's tentacle stamped the table with the words "Treehouse of Horror XV"

The Ned Zone

Homer was outside one evening trying throw a bowling ball up onto the roof.

"Homer what are you doing?" Marge asked.

"Trying to get a frisbee off of the roof." said Homer.

He threw the bowling ball very hard so it chipped off some of the chimney and smacked Ned on the head. Ned screamed as he was knocked out.

"Oh there's the frisbee..." said Homer not caring about Flanders.

Ned woke up in hospital where Dr Payne was examining him.

"Now you're rather fortunate Ned. You nearly died of a brain tumour! Luckily that bowling ball knocked it out of your skull!" said Dr Payne.

Ned thanked him by shaking his hand but he had a vision of Dr Payne falling to his death. Ned gasped.

"Now let me open this window so you get plenty of fresh air." said the doctor.

The Simpsons went to see Ned with flowers and gifts.

"Hey doc can you get my frisbee off of the ledge?" Homer asked.

"Very well, but this is the last time." said Dr Payne. He tried to get something but fell out the window!

As Dr Payne fell, "oh no! This is gonna hurt!" He injected himself with a powerful anaesthetic and sighed with calmness as he plunged to his death and landed with a splat!

Ned was horrified.


Ned was soon discharged from hospital with his head bandaged up.

"Now come on Ned. You can't see into the future! Dr Payne falling to his death was just a con-diddly-incidence!" said Ned.

"Help! Some bullies threw my shoes over a power line! With me still in them!" said Moleman hanging upside down from a power line.

"Wriggle free! I'll catch you little fella!" said Ned. Moleman did so and was caught safely in Ned's arms.

However Ned had a vision of Hans Moleman being torn apart by crocodiles. Ned gasped and dropped Hans Moleman into an open sewer.

Moleman quickly found himself surrounded by hungry sewer crocodiles that tore him apart! "Oh dear..." he groaned as he died.

Ned ran off and stopped at a theatre.

"Oh Lord! Why have you cursed me with such a horrible gift?!" Ned lamented.

Suddenly he saw the show was Rosie O'Donell singing that night. Aghhhhh! Rosie O'Donell!

Suddenly he had vision of it closing down after no one attended.

"Well, I don't need to see the future to predict that..." said Ned.

Homer then started bothering him about his frisbee.

"Ned have you seen my frisbee?" said Homer.

"No I'm afraid all I've seen are premonitions of everyone's horrible deaths!" said Ned.

"Oh! Do me! Do me!" said Homer. Ned held his hand to see his future.

Someone was shooting Homer dead. That someone was Ned!

Ned gasped in horror.

"Oh! What did I die of? Too much happiness? Naked lady avalanche...?" Homer asked.

"Uh... you die from eating a submarine sandwich." said Ned.

"Oh what kind?" Homer asked.

"Rye bread and Parmesan meatball." said Ned.

"Oh!" said Homer before groaning aroused about the delicious meatball sub sandwich. "Mmmmm.... Deadly sandwich..."


Ned was hammering in a for sale sign.

"Mr Flanders why are you moving?" Lisa asked.

"Because I've had unholy visions of shooting your father." said Ned.

"Well, if you must shoot our Dad. Remember the family motto. Not the face." said Lisa.

"Lisa I'm not gonna shoot your father." said Ned.

"Shoot Dad? Ha! Better get in line Ned! There isn't anyone in town who hasn't wanted to shoot Homeboy." said Bart laughing.

"Look you can't fight fate Mr Flanders." said Lisa. "If it happens, it happens."

"Ha! Flanders is gonna kill someone and he starts with the top dog?!" Homer laughs. "You couldn't shoot me Ned..."

"Now Homer don't tempt the gods- I mean god! There's only one! Well sometimes there's three." said Ned.

"Hey Wiggum let me have your gun for a sec!" said Homer to Wiggum.

Chief Wiggum tossed him his gun. Homer gave it to Ned. "Come on Ned shoot me!" He started goading Ned into shooting him. "I bet you couldn't even shoot me accidentally even if I jog you by hitting the gun like this!" He slaps the gun about.

"Homer stop that!" Ned yelled. Homer continued. "That's it!" He threw the gun into an industrial shredder and it got grinded up.

Ned sighed with relief. "I did it! I didn't shoot you! I changed the future!" said Ned hugging Homer. However he had another vision. Homer was at the plant in a monitoring room where he pushed a button setting off a nuclear explosion that killed everyone!

"Oh no! What have I done?! I've created an even worse future!" said Ned.

"Well, gotta go Ned. I'm working at the power plant again somehow." said Homer inexplicably going to work for some reason.

"But you'll kill millions!" said Ned.

"Duh! That's what radiation does..." said Homer.

Ned stopped him. "Homer you must never ever go to the plant ever again."

"Okay starting from tomorrow. It's Lenny's birthday!" said Homer as he drove to work because it was Lenny's birthday...

Ned gasped.

"Mmmm! Ice cream cake..." said Homer.


Ned rushed to the plant

"I need to find Homer! He's gonna kill everyone!" Ned warned Carl.

"Eh, you have to take the bitter with the sweet..." said Carl eating some cake.

Ned found Homer in the core destruction booth.

Ned begged him not to push the destruction button but Homer couldn't hear him. Ned spoke to him in the comms device. "Homer, don't push the destruct button! You'll kill everyone!" said Ned.

Mr Burns liked the sound of this. "Ohohoho! Now you listen here you greasy buffoon! Push the destruct button or your fired!"

"Okay." said Homer.

"No Homer! People will die!" said Ned.

"If you don't I'll fire you!" said Mr Burns.

"Hmmmm, why is it taking me so long to push this button..." said Homer.

Ned saw a gun belonging to a sleeping security guard. He took it. "Must kill best friend!" He shot Homer several times in the heart. Homer just stood there.

"Oh Homer, fall backwards!" said Ned. Homer stumbled about with Ned gasping everytime he went near the button. Eventually he fell across the monitor.

Ned sighed with relief.

But Homer rolled towards the button just stopping short of it. Ned sighed.

But then Homer's tongue fell over the button activating it.

"Oh you stupid son of a-" Ned yelled as the plant exploded in a massive explosion!


Homer and Ned found themselves in heaven. Homer's family including Hugo arrived as angels. Marge wasn't happy with him.

"Homer! I'm so mad at you for blowing up the plant and killing everyone! I bet you did that to get out of cleaning the garage!" said Marge.

"Eh, every cloud has a silver lining." said Homer.

"Well unfortunately for you the garage made it to heaven!" said Marge. There was the Simpsons garage with angelic wings and a halo! Hehehehe! It was full of their stuff.

"D'oh!" said Homer.

"Homer, its time you got what was coming to you!" said God ominously. "Your frisbee." He gave Homer his frisbee while stroking him.

"Cool! Thanks God! So what's the buffet like? Is it great?" said Homer.

"Oh sure! Just stay away from the three bean salad." said God.

"Hey you're not the boss of me..." said Homer.

God growled trying to hold his temper.

The End!

Plot 2[]

Four beheadings and a funeral

It's London in the late nineteenth century around about the Jack the Ripper murders.

We pan across London at night as a red haired lady says goodbye to someone in a carriage.

"'ello Ducky!" she says to someone. Uh...

Suddenly a sinister shadow sneaks up on her brandishing a knife!!

The woman screams before recognising the man. "Oh you gave me such a fright sir! Now you don't need a knife to catch my attention! Oh! Such handsome mutton chops! Gizzus a snog!"

The man stabbed her.

"Ow! That wasn't a snog!" The lady cried. The man stabbed her to death.


In Scotland Yard the police were examining the corpse.

"Looks like the Muttonchop murderer has struck again, Lou." said Wiggum.

"What shall we do with the body, Chief?" Lou asked.

"Dust it for prints Lou." said Victorian Wiggum.

"Eh?" Lou asked.

"For the prince! I want her clean and ready for the prince to examine her." said Wiggum.

"No no no no! Prints. Finger prints!" said Yakko.

Dot was cradling Prince as he swooned at the sight of her. "I don't think so." she said before throwing him out a window.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance!" said a posh British Lisa.

"Why if it isn't the most famous detective in all of London! Eliza Simpsons!" said Wiggum. They couldn't afford Sherlock Holmes... "and her easily excited assistant Dr Bartsworth!"

Lisa as a Victorian detective marched in followed by Bart in a green suit.

"Oh! What a shiny door knob!" Dr Bartswortb was too busy staring at a door knob.

Eliza was examining the murder victim with a magnifying glass. She had one really big eye because of the magnifying glass. Hehehe.

"That won't be necessary Simpson! We've already found the murderer!" said Wiggum.

Apu was dragged in.

"No please! I'm innocent!" said Apu.

"What shall we do with this Indian sir?" said Lou.

"Lock him up till we find someone darker." said Wiggum.

Uh oh...

"Oh dear!" said Eliza Simpson. "Now you've done it!

A thousand SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) ran in bearing pitchforks and torches and screamed "hate crime!" at him.


After the SJWs were gone and Apu explained he only liked British food. "Lark tongues, head pudding, eel pie."

"Oh! Eel pie! My favourite! Gimme!" Wiggum took the eel pie with eel tails sticking out of it and started eating it. "Oh and take him away Lou..."

Lou took Apu away. Then Marge as a British woman came in. She was carrying a basket of flowers and speaking old cockney gibberish.

"Wha-(Wiggum chokes on something)" a baby eel crawls out of his mouth crying. "Get back down there!" Wiggum stuffs the Elver back down his throat with his truncheon. "As I was saying. What seems to be the problem m'lady."

Marge explained in cockney that she saw a real suspicious mad looking fellow and when he saw her he ran away but dropped a bloody dagger which she took upon herself to keep to give to Wiggum.

"Ah! A case that even you don't have the power to solve!" said Wiggum to Eliza.

"I accept the challenge!" said Eliza taking the bloody dagger and examining it.

"You do so. Now about that guy we arrested in that child abduction case..." said Wiggum.

Lou and Eddie bought in Peter Pan! XD!

"I shall never grow up!" said Peter Pan.

"In jail you will..." Said Wiggum.


Eliza and Bartsworth went to British Comic Book Guy's shop. Except here he is not a comic book collector but a collector of rare artefacts.

"Ah, this one of the seven swords of Osiris. It is part of a collection! For just this one and because it is soiled with human blood I give you this comic book in return for it!"

"Listen up! We want to know who you sold this to!" said Eliza.

"I keep my customer records in the back. You may observe my knick knacks but don't touch! Look with your eyes only!" said Comic Book Guy.

Bartsworth was interested in some shrunken heads.

"These shrunken heads remind me of those missionaries I see!" said Bartsworth.

The shrunken heads were Ned Flanders and his sons Rod and Todd.

"I just told the natives they were having sex the wrong way!" said Ned.

Suddenly Comic Book guy stumbled out crying "murder! Murder!" with a sword of Osiris stuck in his back. He collapsed dead.

"The muttonchop murderer has escaped!" said Eliza.

"This ledger will lead us to him!" said Bartsworth.

Comic book guy wasn't quoted desd.

"This potion will grant me new life!" said Comic book Guy. However he spilt the elixir of life over a stool. It came to life!

"I'm alive! I'm aliiiive! I'm going to broadway to be famous! Soon everyone will know the name Simon Stoolowicz!" said the stool. It ran away on four feet.

The stool ran past Eliza and Bartsworth as they read the ledger of the customer the swords of Osiris came from. A sinister shadow was following them...

"Ah ha! It says here the swords were sold to C Ebenezer Burns!"

"That blackard?! He makes coal out of children!" said Bartsworth. "I know just where to find him.

They head to a Chinese opium den called Mao's.

It is ran by Chinese Moe called Mao. He was checking on his customers. They were various citizens of Springfield as their Victorian counterparts such as an Otto, a Herman and uh the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland...

"Who (pause) are (pause breathing opium smoke) you?" asked Absolem.

"Eliza Simpson. And this is my easily distracted assistant Dr Bartsworth. Dr Bartsworth was enthralled by the colourful opium smoke Absolem was exhaling as shapes and things. "We're looking for C Ebenezer Burns."

"Uh right this way." said Mao leading them to a room where Mr Burns with long fingernails was smoking opium. He examined the sword of Osiris.

"Yes I once owned that entire collection. But sold it for opium... and I'd do it again for more opium..." said Ebenezer Burns.

"But to who?" Eliza asked.

"A rather fat gentleman with muttonchops! kind of like that fellow over there." said Ebenezer Burns.

They turned to see Homer as a man with thick sideburns. He suddenly ran away.

"After him!" said Eliza.

Homer ran away through the opium den.

"Stop thief!" said Eliza.

"Uh Eliza, he didn't steal anything. He's our murderer." said Bartsworth.

"Oh." said Eliza as they chased Homer.

Homer began throwing Opium addicts at them.

"Hey! Read the sign pal!" said Mao. It read "don't throw patrons."

Suddenly Homer was caught by Wiggum.

"Wiggum! You've caught the muttonchop murderer!" said Bartsworth.

"Uh Wiggum, what are you doing in an opium den...?" Eliza asked.

"I'm here with Ralphie, he's addicted to opium now." said Wiggum.

Ralph was smoking opium. "I can make opium ohs!" said Ralph. He made rings with his exhaled smoke.

"Now the Muttonchop murderer is safely in police custody your services are no longer needed Simpson!" said Wiggum. "Take him away Lou."

Homer was arrested as the apparent murderer.


Bartsworth and Eliza walked home past some prostitutes. "Ah with the Muttonchop murderer safely in police custody the streets are safe once again for the ladies of the night to prance about in netted tights." said Bartsworth.

Suddenly Eliza found something. "Bartsworth look!" They found Selma lying dead with a sword of Osiris stabbed threw her chest. "Another murder victim!" She then determined something important. "That means Wiggum has the wrong man! The Muttonchop Murderer is still on the loose!"

"No this corpse looks like it's been here for months!" said Bartsworth examining Selma. "This hag is in the later stages of decomposition!"

"I on,y died five minutes ago you jackass!" said Selma briefly returning to life to yell at Bartsworth.

The next day Homer was due to be hung from the gallows.

"Please I'm innocent! I ain't killed nobody! I haven't even had the pleasure of a woman or learnt good table manners!" Homer protested his innocence.

"That's what they all say." said Wiggum. He was about to pull the lever.

"Hold your hand Wiggum! This man is not the murderer!" said Eliza. She took out the sword of Osiris used to kill Selma.

"A sword of Osiris!" said Wiggum.

"Yes, but not only is this one soaked in the blood of its victim, the handle is coated in a grease. The kind of grease from... an eel pie!!" said Eliza.

Everyone gasped as Wiggum was eating an eel pie.

"Oh so just because I like eel pie I'm a murderer now?!" said Wiggum.

Lou took his hat off. He had sideburns/muttonchops under it.

"Muttonchops!" said Eliza.

"Oh thanks Lou, Eddie never gives me trouble or speaks out against me!" said Wiggum.

"That's because you cut out his tongue!" said Lou.

Eddie spoke in gibberish as you can't talk without a tongue.

Wiggum made a nervous sound then ran off. "You'll never catch me!" He got in a hot air balloon and flew away. "You'll never catch me! I'm traveling faster than the speed of air!"

Suddenly a steampunk flying saucer ripped through his balloon. The balloon flew away as it deflated.

"Remember me for my police work and not the murders!" said Wiggum as he crashed.

The steampunk flying saucer was being piloted by Victorian Kang and Kodos.

"Yes! We have destroyed the human flying machine! Now they're defenceless!" said Kang. The aliens laughed.


However this apparently was all just a dream of Ralphs as he was still in the opium den with his dad smoking opium.

"Daddy I had the strangest dream!" said Ralph.

"You're still dreaming Ralphie." said Wiggum as the camera panned out to reveal they were in an ice palace with monsters swimming about and flying about.

"That's some good eel pie..." said Wiggum.

The End!

Plot 3[]

In the Belly of the Boss

The Simpsons went to a science fair/invention expo. Probably Lisa's idea.

A man was demonstrating a vagrant translator on Crazy Cat Lady who was raving gibberish.

"I have a serious brain disease. Please give me a cat." said the translator.

Crazy cat lady laughed sheepishly.

Professor Frink was demonstrating a vitamin capsule with riboflavin!! Uh glavin...

However Maggie thought the balls in the capsule were a ball pool to play in. She snuck out of her pran and climbed in.

"And now I will place the lid on the capsule." said Frink trapping Maggie in there!

"Of course the capsule is far too big to swallow so it must be shrunk!" said Frink. The capsule was shrunk to normal size for a medical capsule.

"Oh here we go, more expensive equipment..." said Homer.

"Now we need a volunteer to try this-" Said Frink but Mr Burns took the capsule.

"I'll take that." said Mr Burns.

"But- Oh glavin..." said Frink. Mr Burns had a lizard tongue and swallowed the pill with it.

Suddenly his stomach made a noise that sounded like Maggie sucking her pacifier.

"That sounds like Maggie! But she's right- Aaaaaagh!" Marge screamed when she found Maggie was missing.

"Don't worry ma'am, your daughter will be slowly rocked to sleep by the stomach acid." said Frink.

Marge screamed.

That's not very comforting Frink...


Mr Burns was taken for an X Ray. The capsule could be seen in his stomach on a monitor. Maggie was inside giggling while playing with the balls in the capsule.

"Aaaaagh! I'll save you sweetheart!" Homer screamed as he shoved his hand down Mr Burns's throat and tried to grab the capsule. "Ah ha! Got it! Uh. Uh oh this is yours." He accidentally pulled out an organ and stuffed it back down Mr Burns's throat.

"We must get to Maggie before she's dissolved by the stomach acid. I propose sending a miniaturised ship down there to rescue her." said Frink drawing on Mr Burns with a marker pen.

"Stop that! That marker is cutting my skin like a knife!" said Mr Burns.

Later the Simpsons got dressed into their uniforms to volunteer as the crew.

"Bionauts assemble!" said Frink wanting to see all the Simpsons had arrived on time.

"Pilot!" said Homer.

"Science officer!" said Lisa.

"Security!" said Bart carrying a phaser gun of some sort.

"Redshirt?!" Hugo whined. His job was to go out of the ship when exiting it was needed first, in the event that he'd die horribly as an expendable crew member it would warn the rest of the crew whether it was dangerous or not.

"Uh Professor. Is there a reason my uniform is uh rather kinky?" Marge blushed as she was given a sexy uniform that showed off her legs.

"Um whatever do you mean, ma'am? Oh Hubba hubba!" said Frink having dirty thoughts about her.

"And while you're in me, grab as much cancer as you can!" said Mr Burns.

The Simpsons weren't considering helping him to live longer as they put on their suits.

The Simpsons got in the ship and it was shrunk. Frink then had it injected into Mr Burns.


Homer was driving the ship.

"Wow! Mr Burns's body looks amazing from the inside!" said Lisa as they flew past blood cells.

"Eh. I've seen it all before." said Homer.

"How?!" Lisa asked.

"Experiment at work, Mr Burns had indigestion, I had to dislodge a blockage, save Bart and Milhouse from certain death..." said Homer.

"Why was Bart there?!" Marge asked.

"Uh..." Bart was lost for words now that he was in big trouble.

Suddenly Frink sent a message.

"Now you must enter the subclavian vein." said Frink.

"Screw you, doc! I can pilot this ship!" said Homer flying off course.

"Dad... you should listen to him! He's a man of science! And you can hardly read!" said Lisa.

"I know how to navigate an octogenarian's body!" said Homer.

"Homer! We have to save Maggie! Listen to the professor!" Marge nagged.

"Fine..." Homer sighed taking them the right way. However he went too fast and ripped out of a blood vessel and slammed into Mr Burns's heart. That he apparently has.

"What happened?!" Homer asked.

Frink spoke to them. "Mr Simpson you are wedged in Mr Burns's heart." said Frink.

"His heart?!" said Bart.

"I didn't think Mr Burns had a heart." said Lisa. Ha! Because he's evil!

"Of course he has a heart my non scientist Little-" said Frink.

"She was talking about his character/personality, you twit!" said Homer. "It's a metaphor!"

"Anyway. You must dislodge the ship from the outside. But beware of those retroviruses! They're so retro and funky! Ga hoy!" said Frink describing a cartoon picture of a retrovirus by a cartoonist and some trivia about him. "But seriously touch them and you're dead."

They went outside the ship. Fortunately there were no retroviruses. They got to work dislodging the ship from Mr Burns' heart.

Homer arrived with a rib bone.

"Where did you get that?!" Marge asked.

I found a whole rack of them over there. Relax I only ate two." said Homer. Hehehehe! Casual cannibalism...

Homer helped free the ship. Before everyone returned to the ship Bart decided to go to the bathroom...

"Bart what are you doing?" Marge asked.

"Taking a whiz." said Bart urinating on Mr Burns's heart.

"Stop that! We're guests in Mr Burns!" Marge told him off.

They returned to the ship.

"Okay in order to reach Maggie in time we must ride on a nerve impulse. The body's information super highway!" said Lisa being a nerd.

"Learning is fun!" said Hugo giving her a high five. It wouldn't make sense for Bart to say that.

Bart rolled his eyes at his geeky siblings.

"And to make sure we get there super fast, I'm mashing all the buttons at once!" said Homer. He slammed all the buttons. This set off sirens and fired the guns.

Outside Mr Burns. Mr Burns lay there on the table as an enormous explosion happened in his stomach causing a brief bulge in his stomach from the explosion.

"Well, that hurt like hell!" said Mr Burns.

The Simpsons arrived at the stomach in time. Maggie was still playing with the balls.

A claw grabbed the remains of the capsule and Maggie and deposited her safely into the ship.

"Oh my sweet undigested baby!" said Marge kissing Maggie and making her giggle and coo.

Homer tried to start the ship but it wouldn't start.

Frink communicated with them. "Uh bad news folks. With the baby's extra weight you don't have enough power to start the ship. One of you must be left behind to save The others. Frink out."

"Oh no! This is the worst Treehouse of Horror we've ever experienced?!" Lisa cried.

"What even worse than being turned inside out? Or Dad causing the end of the world?" said Bart.

"Okay maybe not the worst..." said Lisa.

"These white blood cells are attacking my clothes!" said Marge as some white blood cells tore her already kinky outfit to shreads. "But at least they know when to stop!" The cells died and dropped off of her.

"Stupid horny white blood cells!" said Homer.

"Homer..." Marge didn't like him saying the word horny in front of the kids.

"Anyhoo, one of us must stay behind." said Homer. Everyone was staring at him. "Bart? Lisa?" They all gave him the look.

"Fine..." Homer realized they wanted him to stay behind. He was left behind in the stomach acid as they took off. "We'll come back for you!" said Marge as she navigated the ship.

"Relax Homer, there is always a way outta here." Bart assured. "And that is letting nature take its course! You could just dive down there all the way to Burns' anus."

"Aww... I'm saying goodbye to everything I ever loved... Oh! Marshmallow!" Homer sighed. Then he saw a giant marshmallow and started eating it. "Oh! When God shuts a door he opens a window!" Homer continued eating the marshmallow.


The ship flew out of Mr Burns's nose and returned to normal size.

"Mom, did you have to fly out through all those boogers..." said Bart. Eeeew! Boogers! XD

"Cut me some slack! I'm a widow!" Marge whined.

Frink had some good news. "It seems we have ninety percent chance of rescuing you dad before he expands." said Frink. However Homer painfully returned to normal size insid Mr Burns. Crying out in pain as he was trapped under his skin.

"Okay... zero chance, Frink out!" said Frink escaping as they stared in horror at what happened.

"I'm surprised Dad didn't cause Mr Burns blow up in a shower of bloody gore and organs." said Bart.

"Bart that's disgusting!" Marge told him off.


They then went to a restaurant for some reason.

"Dad, would you like some of my Snickerbar cheesecake?" Lisa asked. Mmmmmmm! Snickers cheesecake.... drools and gurgles.

"Oh hohoho! I'm afraid I've had quite enough as it is!" said Mr Burns.

"I say when we're full! You don't want to piss off a man who can kick you in the crotch from the inside!" said Homer. Lisa gave him her slice of snickers cheesecake. He stuffed it into his mouth, or at least tried to because He was completely covered in skin so couldn't eat or even see for that matter.

"Awww...! I need a mouth hole! And er some other holes too." said Home pointing. Uh yeah... gross!

"Oh cheer up my chubby inner child!" said Mr Burns getting up from the table and starting to dance with Homer as Jazz music played. "I've got yooooouuuu deep under my skin!"

"I've got yoooooouuuu deep in the heart of me..." Homer sung with him. They started dancing as curtains pulled back to reveal a dance floor with a stage and a band playing on it.

"Oh great another musical ending for this years Halloween..." said Bart remembering when they got turned inside out by that green fog.

However everyone decided to join in with the dancing. Yes everyone from this Treehouse of Horror episode. Kang and Kodos. Hans Moleman and a crocodile. Bart covered in green alien vomit was dancing with the Rigellian boss...

Oscar then popped up to wish everyone a happy Halloween. "Happy Halloween everyone!"

The end!

End Credits

The usual spooky end credits except the theme tune to Perfect Strangers was playing with funny screenshots from the episode.