Opening[edit | edit source]

The Simpsons title zooms in, looking decayed, while Blinky gets splashed by a wave of radioactive ooze

It then cuts to an army fighting off against a gang in masks (The Purge) in front of the Nuclear Power Plant; its towers are cracked and overflowing with toxic waste.

The camera pans over, showing Blinky on the ground, as well as a guy with glasses and a black suit (Johnny Pigdestroyer) with an Angry Bird (Matt Tilda) fighting against a mutant pig (The Angry Birds 14: Pig Vengeance) in the background. It then shows the zombie versions of Jimbo and Kearney wearing masks from The Purge: Anarchy, decapitating the statue of Jebediah Springfield. The head lands on Ralph, knocking his head off and to the ground, where it starts to lick his ice cream.

It then moves over to show Lard Lad getting zapped by lightning; he comes to life and starts to cause destruction, but is grabbed by Moe as Cyclops from X-Men who zaps him and the donut. Meanwhile, Mrs. Krabappel sits on a bench outside the school next to Alfred Hitchcock, who then throws bread crumbs at her, causing her to be swarmed by crows. (The Birds)

In the school, Bart is writing "I will not play Satan's Path again" then it shows the Jumanji board with Bart getting sucked to the black part of the game,which usually shows text. Then,the game spits out Bart and he rides his skateboard through a boarded-up door and lands on an ED-209 being swept leaves on, by Groundskeeper Willie,as RoboCop.(RoboCop) The ED-209 awakens and begins to battle with Willie.

It then goes to the Power Plant, where Homer accidentally throws the nuclear rod over his shoulder and into the neck of his suit which attracts a shape-shifting monster; he screams before mutating into a horrific monster whilst Carl and Lenny look on. He runs off screaming. Carl then pulls on a costume resembling superhero Blade; he draws his sword, accidentally cutting through Lenny's neck in the process, and runs after Homer. Lenny's head then falls off and his headless body drinks coffee through his neck hole.

The camera then pans down underground, briefly showing the corpses of The Tracey Ullman Show versions of the Simpson family as well as a skeleton of Godzilla and Bender from Futurama buried beneath, till it reaches a battle arena.

A version of Mr. Burns resembling Freddy is killing Jason,which then Mr. Burns got killed

Elsewhere at the Grocery Store, Maggie is passed along a checkout by a cashier resembling a huge cockroach, and is priced at "666",the number of the beast.She is placed into Marge's trolley; Marge also resembles a large blue cockroach. Maggie looks at Gerald and he molts his skin to show that he is a monobrowed insect. However, Maggie's skin molts too, revealing that she is Gerald, who shakes his fist at the monster.

It then cuts to the school orchestra, which has all four versions of the Phantom of the Opera singing, with Lisa playing the saxophone wildly. The Phantom of the Paradise, playing the organ, then signals the door and she leaves, still playing.

Bart then skateboards away from a infected Comic Book Guy, up the tentacles of Cthulu, and passes multiple horror story writers. A crowd of terrified Springfieldians passes him and he joins them in running away from several film monsters,including Vlad in his Dracula form from Dracula Untold

It then shows Maggie driving a sedan; she drives into Milhouse, who is knocked off a bridge and eaten by a giant Three Eyed Fish,with the Fat in the Hat briefly seen.

There is a large panning shot of Springfield with dozens of horror characters and monsters, before showing Homer pulling up onto the driveway. He dodges Bart and Lisa as usual, before Maggie drives up in the hearse. His face morphs to the Thing version earlier and he screams, before Maggie runs him over. He is left twitching on the driveway.

The family all rush onto the couch. Bart and Lisa are normal; however, Maggie is still holding her steering wheel, Marge is still a large blue cockroach and Homer is now a ghost from the film The Devil's Backbone. The camera then cuts to show the Television with the title and credits, while some sirens announcing The Purge overlapping the theme.

Prom Fright[edit | edit source]

Spoof of the movie, Prom Night

Phantom of the School Auditorium[edit | edit source]

Spoof of "Phantom of the Opera". The Springfield Elementary School auditorium is haunted by a mysterious ghost during a the night of Lisa's school play.

Dr. Homer and Mr. Burns[edit | edit source]

Spoof of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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