Treehouse of Horror II is the first episode of the third season. It's Halloween again and after too much Halloween candy the Simpsons all have nightmares.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Marge once again in the red curtain theatre tries to warn everyone not to watch this episode because it's too scary.

“Hello everyone! Last year I warned you all not to let your kids watch this Halloween episode. But you did anyway.” Marge sounded defeated. “But this year is even more violent and scary! And I think they snuck in some bad language too!”

“So please for your children’s sake! Send them off to bed early and- Well you didn’t listen last time. You’re not going to now...” Marge sighed. “Enjoy the show...


It's another Halloween night and the kids come home with their candy.

Homer is watching the news.

“And to end the news on a more horrifying note this Halloween, the presidential election primaries are coming up!” said Kent Brockman.

“Hey if you don’t like it go to Russia!” Homer yelled at the TV.

The door rang.

Jimbo and his gang were at the door. “Trick or treat!”

“Hey aren’t you too old to be trick or treating?!” Homer asked them. “And you’re not even in costume!”

“Fork over the candy old man or we’ll egg your house!” said Kerney.

“Fine...” Homer gave them some candy and shut the door on them. “Hehehe! Suckers...”

There was the sounds of eggs cracking and splattering from being thrown at the door.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.

Eventually the kids arrived home carrying their candy.

“We’re home...” said Bart.

“Aroooo!” Oscar as a clown howled.

“Oscar clowns don’t howl...” said Bart.

“I’m a were-clown...” said Oscar. He squeaked his big red shiny clown nose.

Bart is dressed as a medieval executioner, Lisa as a totem pole (Which resulted in them missing out on some candy because they had to wait for her to catch up) and Maggie is a pirate. Oscar went as a clown again.

“Get a good haul this year?” Homer asked.

“Kinda. We would have got more but we had to wait for someone to catch up because of her stupid costume made it difficult for her to walk!” Bart ranted.

“I wanted to go as a totem pole okay?!” Lisa ranted.

Oscar was squeezing his clown nose making it squeak and honk.

They share their horde of candy and begin eating it.

"Don't eat too much before bed! You'll get nightmares!" warned Marge.

“Oh like we’re all gonna have nightmares...” Homer said sarcastically. “Three terrible nightmares? I’d like to see that...”

“Why specifically three?” Oscar asked.

“It’s a good number of stories each Halloween.” said Homer.

And that’s why from now on every Halloween episode will be three stories.

The kids didn't believe her and continued eating candy.

However it's soon bedtime and despite Marge's warning that too much candy before they go to sleep will cause nightmares, the kids sneak some candy to bed.

”Kids time for bed! You better not be sneaking candy to bed!” said Marge

Lisa is in bed eating candy until she goes to sleep.


Lisa's nightmare

The Simpsons are on holiday in Marrakech, Morocco.

“What a dump! Why would Princess Grace live here?!” Homer asked.

“Dad! That’s Monaco! This is Morocco!” Lisa explained.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned.

Oscar was playing James Bond on his Gameboy. “This place is a lot more colorful than it is on my Gameboy. And no machete wielding thugs.” said Oscar.

Bart rolled his eyes.

A contortionist wrapped himself up in knots.

“I can do that. But I don’t want to.” said Bart.

A man is resting on a bed of razor sharp nails.

After homer is told off for smuggling cutlery and crockery (Plates and saucers and things) they visit a bazaar.

“Aghhhhhh! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” Homer screamed as security guards pointed guns at him.

“Sir you must pay a fine. Of two American dollars.” said a security guard demanding a stupidly small fine as punishment.

“Um... okay.” said Homer paying two dollars in the form of Moroccan Dirhams.

The Simpsons were released to continue enjoying their holiday.

A shopkeeper is selling magical artifacts. Homer is interested in the monkey's paw he's selling so he buys it. The man warns him it will cause misery.

“Beware sir, for such an artifact May grant your deepest desires it also brings great misfortune! I was once president of Algeria.” said the merchant dude.

“Uh huh. What do you do now besides failing to convince me not to buy this monkey paw.” said Homer.

“I sell cursed artifacts to rubes such as yourself and I have a small part in Disney’s Aladdin as the wise cracking merchant at the beginning of the movie.” said the merchant. He tried selling Homer an ancient Tupperware box of farts and a device that was a hookah but also slices, fries and julienne fries. But he broke it.

But Homer buys the monkey paw anyway and the shopkeeper vanishes in a dust storm.

”Homer where did you get that ugly thing from?” Marge sighed when she saw the monkeys paw.

”From a guy just over... there...” Homer pointed but there was only a dust devil spinning about where the merchant and his store once stood. The man cackling in the distance was heard on the wind.

Then Oscar gets in trouble for stealing. He stole an apple.

“Street rat! After him!” Razoul from Aladdin yells as the palace guards chase Oscar.

The Simpsons are mortified.

Oscar grabs a rug and tries to fly with it.

“Wheeeeeee! I’m Aladdin- Aaaaaaaaagh!” But falls with a painful crunch after leaping off a building.

The Simpsons wince and shake their heads.

At home they ponder what to ask the paw.

“I say wish for an unholy army of zombies.’ said Oscar.

“No! We should wish for world peace!” insisted Lisa.

“I say we throw this disgusting thing out! Euuuugh! Homer why did you buy this......?” Marge sighed.

“Zombies!” Oscar yelled arguing with Lisa.

“World peace!” Lisa yelled.


“World peace!”

“Zombies!” And so this squabbling continued.

“Guys we both know we should wish for X ray specs that work...” said Bart.

Maggie wishes for a diamond pacifier, a luxury limousine pulled up on the driveway. The Simpsons gasped in awe thinking Maggie wished for them to be rich or something. However a man gets out...

“Oh! He’s getting us our money! Our jewels! Our gold!” Homer gasped.

The man fetched a cushion with a diamond pacifier resting on it.

The Simpsons were confused. Homer astonished let the man in when he rang but he went to Maggie who was struggling to stand upright. He bent down and offered Maggie the diamond pacifier. She took out her red pacifier and threw it away and stuck the diamond pacifier in her mouth and sucked on it and clapped.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned as the man left without saying a word. The rest of the family were just speechless and horrified she’d majesty that wish.

“Well I’m not surprised Mags made that wish...” said Bart.

“Oooooooh.... Maggie...” Marge sighed as Maggie sucked her new pacifier.

So they now know it works. Bart then wishes the Simpsons were rich and famous. Loads of money spills out of everywhere including Marge's purse.

“Oh my! Everyone! My purse exploded!” said Marge as green bills poured out filling the room with green bills.

The Simpsons giggled and swam in the money. Bart hugged an armful of notes and Homer laughed while throwing dollar notes. “Wheeeeeeee! I’m rich! Hehehehe!”

They decide to go to the Gilded Truffle, a posh restaurant that I’m not sure is the same restaurant as the Pimento Olive or the Singing Sirloin. Let’s just say there is a posh restaurant called the Gilded Truffle, and it’s that one, not the other two.

They were immediately offered a lovely table in the middle of the restaurant by the maitre de who seemed to recognise them as someone famous. He was even prepared to ignore his previous dismal news to other customers that the restaurant was fully booked. It wasn’t, he was just snooty and sending away undesirable customers he didn’t want in his restaurant.

“Wow! Great wish boy!” Homer praised Bart for making such a great wish with the monkey paw.

They live the high life, going to restaurants and releasing music albums. However eventually everyone gets fed up with them.

At the shops the Simpsons over hear people muttering and ranting about those obnoxious Simpsons.

“Oh dear!” said Marge. The wishes were starting to backfire.

Lisa then wishes for world peace.

"Lisa! That was very selfish!" Homer scolds her.

"Homer!" Marge murmured.

Everyone throws away their weapons, the nuclear weapon plants are shut down and turned into gardens and the members of the UN hug and apologize for their countries' arguments, particularly North Korea, Britain and Argentina, over the Falklands of course. Then everyone around the world dances. However without weapons the planet is vulnerable so Kang and Kodos invade and enslave the human race. Everyone decides to blame the Simpsons for their misfortune.

Kang and Kodos at this point in the series are still serious villains and hadn’t become joke characters yet so Kang is rather eloquent with his villain dialogue such as saying the humans are ripe for plucking and laughing maniacally.

“And here I thought they just wanted to take us to their home planet to live in luxury... Hm. Guess Lisa was right about them after all.” said Bart as Kang and Kodos enslaved everyone armed with just a baseball bat. Yes a baseball bat.

“Shame she couldn’t be right about wishing for world peace!” Oscar glared at Lisa.

“How was I supposed to know aliens would invade!?” Lisa yelled.

“At first I just found those Simpsons annoying! But now I wish they were dead! Moe yelled.

The Simpsons were horrified that everyone wanted them dead. However it would be impossible to raise an angry mob with aliens enslaving humanity. The Simpsons watched their friends being whipped and made to build things for Kang and Kodos.

“This blows! I’m making a wish! I wish for an unholy army of zombies!” Oscar asked the monkey paw.

“No!” The Simpsons screamed but the law granted his wish by curling up its finger. Now there was only one left.

Every graveyard in the world had zombies burst out of their graves and head directly for the Simpsons house. The zombies battered down the doors.

“Why you stupid zombie obsessed little!” Homer strangled Oscar.

“Zombies help!” Oscar gasped as he was being strangled.

The zombies strangled Homer until he released Oscar. Some of the zombies who weren’t strangling Homer stood there decomposing and awaiting Oscar’s commands.

“Okay zombies. All of you dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller!” said Oscar putting a tape in his boom box. Thriller played out loud.

“Oz no!” Bart whined.

The zombies started to dance to Thriller.

Homer uses the last wish to wish for a sandwich. He realises before hand that the paw is taking their wishes literally so there's a negative side to their wishes. He decides to be very careful with his wish and wording so that it can't backfire.

"I don't want to be eaten by the sandwich! I don't want zombie turkeys! I don't want to become a turkey!" Homer tells the paw.

He gets his sandwich, it's seemingly normal, but the bread is a little dry.

Homer throws out the used up paw, but decides to give it to Ned when he asks, hoping it backfires on him. Ned wishes the aliens would go away. Moe chases Kang and Kodos away with a board with a nail in it. Then he wishes to spruce up his house, it becomes a big castle.

Homer then bitterly wishes he had a monkey's paw.


Lisa wakes up with a blood-curdling scream and hurries to see Bart. He's sleeping so she begs to sleep in his bed in return for a candy necklace. He eats the necklace and nods off to sleep.

Plot 2[edit | edit source]

Bart's nightmare

A narrator, Rod Sterling from The Twilight Zone, explains Springfield is being controlled by an omnipotent monster that can sense when people are unhappy and will turn them into freaks when displeased. Jasper Beardly announces he's mighty sick of being happy all the time and is immediately turned into a dog with his face.

The narrator explains the monster is just a ten-year-old little boy, Bart. Bart greets his family for breakfast and they're startled and quickly pretend to be happy in an eerie manner. Bart is bored with the cat, Snowball II, and turns her into a bizarre creature with flowers for ears, long legs wearing red clown shoes, purple shorts, has an umbrella for a tail and breaths fire. The cat then sets fire to the curtains.

“Thanks for our lovely new pet Bart!” Homer says frightened of Bart.

“Ooooooh! The curtains are on fire!” said Marge pretending to be pleased with her curtains burning.

“Boy it’s time for school! Don’t you think you should get going?” Homer asked afraid of Bart.

“Oh yeah. See ya later everyone!” said Bart.

“Bye!” said his family.

“He gets those powers from your side of the family. No monsters on my side!” said Homer.

A monster sat at the table coughed angrily as he read a newspaper.

“Not now, George!” Homer groaned at Uncle George the monster.

“Mom, how long is Uncle George going to be staying with us?” Lisa asked.

“Hmmmmmm.... I don’t know dear...” said Marge.

Bart then goes off to school while Marge puts out the curtains.

On the school bus Bart demands Otto let him drive.

”Hey Otto, I want to drive the bus!” Bart demanded.

”Ohohoho! No can dude little dude, that would be pretty, oh wait your the kid with the naughty powers. sure. Go ahead.” Otto explained but realised Bart was the evil one and could turn him into a freak or banish him from existence at a moments notice so he relented.

Otto complies because of his psychic powers. Bart dangerously drives the bus at top speed throughout town smashing into everything.

Everyone cheers as the bus drives about smashing into things.

”Hi Bart!” said Wiggum, Lou and Eddie politely to Bart as he drove past like a maniac.

”Wheeeeeee! We’re all gonna die! This is fun!” said Otto in an eerie fake joy to avoid displeasing Bart.

The bus then arrives late and in a scrap.

At class, Bart gets to sit on a comfy chair and drink root beer. The teacher announces that America has now changed to Bonerland to match up with Bart's test scores because he is always right and that George Washington was a surfer called Gary. Principal Skinner then sings a song for Bart and after class he makes all the teachers do lines.

At lunch he has Lunch Lady Doris fired by turning her into a crazy thing made up drums and trumpets. The school then has take the kids to Krusty Burger on Bart's orders until they find a new Lunch Lady.

Instead of geography Bart spends the afternoon tormenting everyone because they are frightened of his evil powers. He made three headed gophers and banished Martin, simply because he disliked him.

“Kneel before my slingshot, puny earthling!” Bart demands aiming his slingshot at Skinner who bows before him.

“I bow before your mighty slingshot master.” said Skinner.

Bart laughed evilly.

“Can I be turned into a freakish thing Bart?” Oscar asked.

“You want me to turn you into a freak...” Bart sighed.

“Yep.” said Oscar.

Bart sighed and focused his powers. Oscar was turned into what could only be described as a creature having a giant pickle for a body, flippers for feet, an orange flag for a tail and a clown face with petals as a clown faced flower monster with a pickle body. Oscar as a pickle clown faced flower monster had a long frog tongue he caught flies with.

Bart sighed as he went to find fun elsewhere.

One evening Homer was at Moe’s drinking as usual.

Moe’s phone rang. It was the prank caller but with an unusual method of taunting him this time.

“Everyone listen up! I am a big fat stupid moron, I have a stupid ugly face... and I like to kiss my own butt...” said Moe.

The Barflies didn’t laugh. In fact they found that joke went too far.

“That’s not funny man!” said Barney belching.

“Yeah that little what’s it went too far Moe! I’m so sorry!” said Lenny.

“Thanks guys.” said Moe.

Bongos played as everyone in the bar turned into freaks with animal heads.

“I said laugh!!” Bart yelled menacingly.

The barflies, now freaks laughed nervously in an eerie manner.

At home one morning Homer is watching football. Bart demands he be allowed to watch The Krusty the Clown show. However, Homer refuses so Bart uses his powers to turn the ball into Homer. He watches as Homer is kicked over the goal before switching the TV to the Krusty the Clown show.

The Krusty the clown show now has to run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for Bart’s amusement. Eventually Krusty has a nervous breakdown from lack of sleep and cries for Bart to just let him stop for a rest.

Bart giggles deviously as he watches an exhausted Krusty perform for his amusement.

“Now I’m gonna ask Sideshow Mel for some of those ‘Legal’ stay a wake pills.” said Krusty.

Meanwhile Milhouse keeps yelling there is a gremlin on the side of the bus.

“Milhouse stop disrupting and scaring everyone! There is no gremlin on the side of the bus!” Skinner tells him off. There is clearly a gremlin tearing apart the bus by ripping out wires and stuff.

Mmmmm... Twilight Zome...

“Okay narrator we get it this is based on an episode of The Twilight Zone... Are you gonna just fill up the story with Omg! Twilight Zone references?” Bart sighed.

“Well... Oh look! The Mad Hatter is begging Death to let him live to perform one last sales pitch! And err... have one last tea party with the March Hare...” said Oscar as a clown faced flower headed pickle thing.

“Oz no! Just because Ed Wynn was in that episode does not mean you can make an Alice in Wonderland reference!” Bart whined.

“I say Death. Why is a raven like a writing desk?” The Mad Hatter asked.

“Oz no! Do I have to use my powers to remove your mouth or something?!” Bart yelled.

“That won’t stop the narrator letting me make silly references...” said Oscar.

Bart sighs as Oscar is squeezing his big shiny orange clown nose. It squeaking like a toy.

Homer arrives covered in bruises and tries smash a chair over Bart's head.

“Okay don’t think angry thoughts! Don’t think angry thoughts! Remember he is an omnipotent being, he can read your thoughts!” Homer’s brain told him. “Just smash him on the head and bam! No more monster!”

However Bart turns him into a jack-in-a-box. Marge is horrified and decides Bart needs to see a psychiatrist.

“Bart!” she yells.

“Lisa did it.” said Bart.

“You’re going to see the psychiatrist right now young man!” Marge said, angrily with him.


He glares at her so she politely asks if he will see the psychiatrist.

“Please?” Marge asks frightened.

"Only if we have ice cream for dinner." Bart replies.

"Nice try, but not a chance." Oscar responded.

Bart frowned and used his powers to turn Oscar into a cactus.


At Marvin Monroe's office, Marvin suggests Homer to spend time with Bart. “I believe Bart craves attention! Be it good attention from let’s say getting good grades at school, to... bad attention from doing things such as turning his father into a jack in a box.

Homer appears to be nodding.

“I see by your nodding you agree with me Homer.” said Dr Marvin monroe to Jack-in-the-box Homer.

“I’m not nodding. It’s the air conditioner...” said Jack in a box Homer.

“Well too bad! Homer you need to be spending more time with Bart! Reach out to him!” said Dr Marvin Monroe.

At Lovejoy’s church Captain Kirk is marrying a woman. But despite her protests he is suspicious of her on the advice of a fortune teller’s predictions.

“No Oz!” Bart yelled.

“Scotty. I. Can’t. Marry. This. Women. Now. I. Must. Speak. With. Toomsnypauses. And. Sometimes. Too quickly.” said Captain Kirk because there was a Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner in it. Mmmmmm, William Shatner... Then he suddenly screamed “Khaaaaaaaaaan!”

“Can I turn the narrator into a cactus or something?!” Bart yelled. "How about Lisa into a toad?"

”Almighty one, please we are trying to pray...” Lovejoy cowered.

”This praying displeases me! For this I’ll make all cars and electronic devices stop working!” Bart yelled. A bongo drum played as the lights in the church went out. Oscar, now human again was annoyed his Gameboy suddenly stopped working and everyone was vexed their cars wouldn’t work. They had to all walk home.

There's then a short montage of them doing father and son activities, such as playing catch, shooting cans, going to the fairground, having a pretend tea party with Clownja (Oscar's idea) etc.

Then, because he is bored. Bart creates three headed gophers for some reason and then kills them.

“At least you’re sticking to the Twilight Zone episode this story is based on narrator...” Bart sighs as he smooshes a three headed gopher’s heads with a hammer.

Bart because he had stopped technology from working. Mandated that everyone farm to grow their own food. Everyone went to work plotting fields to grow crops.

Then Oscar was singing the lumberjack song.

“Oz if you don’t stop I will banish you to the otherworldly cornfield from which there is no return!” Bart yelled.

In a cornfield in nowhere.

“How did I get here?!” asked Lenny.

“Okay chill.” Oscar stops singing. “Can you do one itty bitty thing for me?”

“What is it?” Bart asked.

“Can you conjure up that disturbing vision of screaming dinosaurs fighting each other in a gory bloody battle to the death again?”

“No!” Bart was annoyed by his stupid requests.

“Please!” Oscar begged.

“Stop! Or it’s off to the cornfield!” Bart said sharply.

“Fine.... I’ll show you cornfield...” Oscar ranted.

After farming Bart gave everyone one hour of technology and made everything work again. A TV came on. Bart made it show a programme about screaming dinosaurs killing each other violently with lots of blood and gore.

”Yaaaaaay! Screaming dinosaurs!” Oscar cheered.

”Shhhhh!” Bart hushed him. Everyone reluctantly watched the screaming dinosaurs but dared not even have unhappy thoughts as they muttered about how it was better than what used to be on TV.

Then Bart tortured his Dad by banning alcohol and singing. Simply because he wouldn’t let him stay up late.

Homer screamed. “Okay you can stay up! Just give me back my beer!” Homer cried.

Bart smirked and returned alcohol into existence.

Oscar sung I’ve been working on the railroad! All the live long day!

Bart glared and turned him into a jack in a box for singing. However Oscar willed himself into the form of a Clownja. Bart sighed as the Clownja hopped about laughing like Ripper Roo.

That night Homer tucks Bart into bed. For some odd reason Bart is wearing adorable footed Krusty the clown pajamas. Footed jammies basically. Heh! Cute! Homer asks if he can turn him back to normal. Bart uses his powers to turn Homer back to normal. They then hug.

"I love you Dad." says Bart.


Bart then wakes up screaming bloody murder.

“Oh Bart. Did you have a nightmare?” Lisa asked him mockingly.

“Uh huh. Well it was a nice dream until the end when I told Dad I loved him.” said Bart.

Oscar came in his room. “Bart you’re not gonna believe this but you were in the Twilight Zone movie remake of It’s a Good Life!” He has Ethel on his mini portable TV.

“Ay carumba!” Bart yells.

Then a cartoon monster eats Bart.

Then Bart woke up screaming. He had a nightmare within a nightmare.

“Mmmmmm... Nancy Cartwright reference...” said Oscar sleeping on the floor. Bart rolled his eyes.

The kids all come out of their rooms, it's revealed they all had nightmares. Bart, Lisa, Maggie ask to get in to their parent's bed for the night. Marge frowns.

"I told you this would happen." She yawns, and says "Fine, get in." Everyone goes to sleep.

”Hold on, are you all toilet trained?” said Homer.

They hear a wet trickle as Oscar practically soaks his pyjamas pissing himself. “No...” said Oscar tearfully.

Marge sighs and takes him to be changed.

“Everyone go to sleep. (Yawns sleepily) I have to get up go to work... have to get up and go to work...” Homer says as he goes to sleep. A dream begins.

Plot 3[edit | edit source]

Homer's nightmare

”Oooooh, Lol at them Smithers! Nothing but a bunch of gold brickers, layabouts and slugabeds!” Mr Burns ranted. “Little do they realise their days of sucking at my teat are numbered...”

”Mmmmmmm...” Smithers has a perverted thought about Mr Burns as a nursing mother breastfeeding a baby Smithers.

”Smithers you’re just weird...” said the imaginary mother Burns in his thought cloud.

“Oh, In The mean time sir. May I suggest a random firing? You know, just o throw the fear of God in them?” said Smithers.

”Excellent idea Smithers! Very well! Let’s see... Eenie Meany miney moe! Ah him!” He pointed to Homer who was fast asleep at his station.

Homer is asleep at work. He is caught on the security cameras by Mr Burns and fired.

”Attention Homer Simpson. Attention Homer Simpson! Wake up Homer!” Smithers called over the tannoy becoming frustrated trying to wake Homer.

”Huh? What?” Homer woke up sleepily.

”You’re fired!” said Smithers.

“Fired?! Why?!” Homer whined.

“Because you were asleep at your station Simpson.”

”How did you know I was asleep?” Homer asked.

”We can see you on the security cameras.” said Smithers.

“Oh...” said Homer.

”Excellent! To the secret lab Smithers!” said Mr Burns.

Meanwhile it's revealed that Mr Burns has a secret laboratory where he's building a robot worker. It needs a brain.

”Smithers, the human worker frustrates me. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. So I’ve replaced the weak flesh with steel, which is strong!” said Mr Burns. Obviously he has never heard of the riddle of steel from Conan the barbarian. “Behold!” He unveiled a robot.

”The greatest invention in labourer and employer relations since the cat o nine tails!” Mr Burns continued.

“How long till it’s functional sir?” Smithers asked him.

”Keep your pants on Smithers...” Burns sighed. That means be patient but Smithers took it literally.

”But sir, I don’t want to keep my pants on!” said Smithers naked from the waistline downwards.

”Ob for goodness sake Smithers! It’s a figure of speech you randy little creep! You’re a sex maniac! Now put your pants back on and listen!” Burns yelled. “All it needs is a human brain.”

“So do I, but you don’t see me complaining!” said Scarecrow.

”Oh shut up you!” Mr Burns yelled at poor Scarecrow.


At the Simpsons house.

”Here’s a good job Dad! Oh wait. You need to know to operate an ultrasonic Lithontriptor...” said Lisa.

”Coooool! I have no idea what that is but I bet it sounds mad sciencey!” said Oscar thinking that was cool.

”I can operate one of those...” said Homer.

”Here’s a great job! Open fresh air, plenty of exercise and you get to meet a lot of new people!” said Bart.

”Oh! What is it?” Homer asked.

”Grave digger.” said Bart.

”Grave digger it is then.” said Homer.

Homer’s new boss was Groundskeeper Willie. Uh more like his cousin Grave-keeper Billy. Spoilers!

”Faster! Wider! Deeper! I wouldn’t bury my turtle in that mud puddle!” yelled Grave Keeper Billy.

”Oh! What a slave driver...” Homer whined.

That evening Smithers and Mr Burns arrive at the graveyard. Smithers is scared.

”Dud you hear that sir?” He is scared by Homer’s snoring as he sleeps in one of the open graves.

”No....” Burns teases him. “What is it? Frankenstein? The boogerman?” Not the boogeyman but the boogerman... yeah... um...

”Eeeeeew! Get away from me!” Oscar visiting the graveyard at night to raise the dead whined in disgust as a cartoon slime monster made of snot and boogers in a vaguely human shape oozed and dripped slime everywhere as it lumbered towards him. Squelching along the way. The boogerman’s slimy arms oozed out and grabbed Oscar picking him up. “No! Lemme go! No no no! Gross!” He whined as the cartoon slime monster hugged him.

While sleeping in an open grave Homer is stuffed in a sack and kidnapped by Mr Burns and Mr Smithers. Smithers is scared because the sack is moving.

"Stop - (whacks homer) - scaring - (whacks Homer) - Smithers!" says Mr Burns as he whacks Homer with a shovel until he's unconscious.

They cut out Homer's brain and put it in the robot, but not before Mr Burns does a Davy Crocket impression with it.

“Look Smithers! I’m Davy Crockett!” said Mr Burns wearing the brain on his head.

Smithers chuckles. “Um but sir are you sure you know what you are doing?”

”pass me the ice cream scoop.” said Mr Burns.

”But sir...’ said Smithers thinking that wasn’t practical for delicate surgery.

“Damn it Smithers! This isn’t rocket science! It’s brain surgery!” said Mr Burns.

They turn the robot on, but it has developed Homer's personality and laziness and falls asleep at work.

“That’ll teach RadioShack to call me mad, Smithers!” said Mr Burns.


Meanwhile Oscar was kidnapped by the boogerman and taken to whatever slimy infested pit he lives in to be raised as his child. Oscar winced in disgust as the cartoon slime monster stuck down his hands to a wall of his underground lair with a splat as he slimed his hand with a thick wad of slime. And did the same to Oscar’s other hand. Oscar winced as the slime monster ripped off his clothes. Then the slime monster put a diaper on him and taped it up nice and tight. Tugging on the waistband of the diaper just to be sure.

The slime monster sniffed Oscar’s diaper. Oscar winced and struggled. Tugging at the goo holding him stuck to the wall.

After putting Homer's brain back in his body Mr Burns kicks the robot while quoting the Wizard of Oz “You clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk!” the robot falls on him and crushes him. He explains in his dying breath that Smithers needs to perform the one last procedure.


However Homer abruptly wakes up screaming.

"Homer did you have a nightmare?" Marge asks.

"No Bart bit me!" Homer yells.

"You were suffocating me with your flab! I did try to yell!" Bart whines. Homer decides to get up anyway to brush his teeth.

However it's revealed Mr Burns has sowed his head on Homer's body to survive.

The next morning at breakfast Lisa explains Homer promised to take the family to a spaghetti dinner.

"Mmmm, Spaghetti..."

"Hold on, I'm supposed to be seeing an opera with all my billionaire chums, priorities Homer." Mr Burns replies.

"D'oh! I wish I was dead." Homer groans.


During the epilogue, Bart, Lisa and Oscar wish everyone a happy Halloween and Lisa is holding a working monkey's paw, Bart turns Lisa and Oscar into bizarro things revealing his powers are real and the robot smashes on stage with Mr Burns's head. They then all again wish the fourth wall a happy Halloween.

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