Treehouse of Horror CCLXXVII is the first episode of Season 278.

Segments[edit | edit source]

Leaf Blower Land[edit | edit source]

Groundskeeper Willie gets a leaf blower, but he gets sucked into it, leading him to Leaf Blower Land. In Leaf Blower Land, you can wish for anything you want, and after some time, everyone goes into the leaf blower. Everyone's initially happy, but horror happens when everyone starts fighting.

Passion of the Flanders[edit | edit source]

Homer crucifixes Ned, Rod, and Todd Flanders, saying it's a play. Three days later, they are resurrected, so Homer kills them multiple times, but they are always resurrected. Because of this, Homer gets mad and kills himself, but is resurrected three days later. He is still mad though, so he keeps killing himself multiple times.

The Itchy & Scratchy Book[edit | edit source]

Marge reads a bed time story to Maggie, a book she found in the attic about Itchy & Scratchy. But after reading it to her, she gets possessed and tries to kill her family members in a cartoony way.

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