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prologue[edit | edit source]

wraparound[edit | edit source]

1: Game Over[edit | edit source]

Spoof of Horror survival movie, "Stay Alive." Bart buys a new video game at Sequel Stop.

All over the news, dozens of kids (Martin, Wendell, Ralph, Dolph, Kerney, Jessica, Jimbo, Samantha-like girl, smug girl, white-haired girl and Donnie) in Springfield have been reported to have died in a similar manner that they died in the same video game that Bart had recently purchased.

Bart, Milhouse and Nelson are about to play the new game but Lisa who had seen the news report, warns then what will happen to them should they get killed in the video game, they will also eventually die in real life.

2: MaggieGeist[edit | edit source]

Parody of the 1980's Poltergeist movie franchise 

3: Roadkill[edit | edit source]

Spoof Stephen King's "Christine". Homer buys a new car (the red 1970 Plymouth Fury) after wrecking his pink sedan too many times. Unbeknownst to him, the red Plymouth fury is possessed and cursed.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Gags[edit | edit source]

Cemetery gags: Heather O'Rourke, Toys R Us, Michael Jackson, Dominique Dunne, Disco music, Zelda Rubenstein

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