Treehouse Of Onslaught II is another extra especial episode,airing on halloween.

Opening Sequence Edit

homer is working on a lab and "acidentally" drops a box containing a skeleton-zombie virus.He becomes a zombie,but when he gets out of the lab,He trips on a rock,and his bones spread through the street,and you see his bones forming "Treehouse Of Onslaught",you hear a laugh,and for 1/4 of second,you see Dracula's face...

The Halloween Curse Edit

it was night of halloween,in a night of full moon,friday 13th,that all this happened.lisa told homer,her father,that she had a crush on milhouse,but she never had the courage to tell him.homer says "lisa,you must tell him about your love!The first date has a great impact on our daily lives!Otherwise you may never get a boyfriend at all!That was how i met Marge!"

Lisa does as he says,but milhouse rejects her,saying "no way!You forgot me soon enough when you met Colin!".lisa later suicides by jumping from a cliff.she goes to heaven,and meets Budha.She befriends Budha,but despises God,thinking that he is an illusion,going so far as to throw a boulder on God.He is unharmed,but will give lisa the "supreme punishment'':she will neither go to heaven nor hell.lisa goes to earth again,mostly unchanged,but with her head now being A PUMPKIN!!!!In a rage she kills Bart and Homer.She eventually comes to her senses...mostly.She will now kill only persons who NEED to be killed.She will kill the one person who made all this horrible things happen to her.She will kill...Milhouse. after she killed him,she goes back in time and kills homer when he was ten.But then, if she is homer's daughter and he still had not made Marge pregnant of her,how could she be born to kill Homer in the present and the past?For the same reason,how could she remember Bart if he was also never born?with this,she destroyed the very time of her dimension,and the universe with it.She then says her final line in this part of the show:oh,great,i've destroyed the universe,but who cares?the destruction of the universe is made know to the viewer when the show "shuts down" like a TV.

The Death Ship Edit

In England,Bart and Lisa are working on a ship that seems normal at first...until Bart and Lisa see a crew member BITE(yes,bite),another worker!Bart and Lisa realise something is wrong when the other veteran crew members bite the worker as well,and then,TEAR HIM APART and throw his body parts at the sea!lPlus,their parents,who were supposed to be working there,are missing!Lisa decides investigate,and Bart overhears a crew member talking that they are vampires.He tells this to Lisa who says "it's impossible!Skeptical brain...freezing..."and faints as her skeptical brain freezes because she would never believe that even with evidences.She eventually wakes up,and Bart and Lisa defeat the vampires,but their leader appears...he is REDBEARD,KING OF THE PIRATE-VAMPIRES!He has turned their parents into vampires!Lisa and Bart defeat him and their parents,being bitten in the process,but as the the ship had no direction,it went to antarctica,where Bart and Lisa die,but they will go to heaven happily,knowing they did not let the vampire curse spread to more innocent countries.More later...

Trivia Edit

Redbeard looks like the sea captain that is a secondary character in The simpsons.