Treehouse Of Onslaught is an extra special day, divided on three parts and a opening:

Opening Edit

A plane throws papers saying ''don't watch this show'' on springfield.Then the plane falls and the citizens of springfield kill homer with an illegal weapon.Then kang and kodos appear and use the gun to create the title,"Treehouse Of Onslaught" with bullets.

Dial D for death Edit

A zombie is found in $pringfield.lisa studies its body and discovers that a few aliens (funguses,viruses,bacterias and viruses)are on its body.Then the zombies eat all the simpsons,except for Lisa,Bart and Maggie.Lisa builds a spaceship and there they live a normal life.But the shock of having lost her parents makes lisa insane.she starts to think the zombies are the next step in evolution.Bart is terrified because of lisa's thoughts.Lisa reveals that while he entered she infected him.Then he gets mad and bites lisa,and she laughs maniacally.There is a crisis aboard the ship,but maggie eventually leads the remaining humans to another mini-spaceship.There they live well for 7 days until they go to another planet named Ee'rath.This part of the show is a good example of what a scientist can do,all because of his evolution beliefs.Parody of Marvel Zombies.

Bride of Frinkenstein Edit

Frinkenstein is revived.Professor Frink teaches him how to talk,but the monster demands a "mate".he kills Frink with an axe and kills homer,too.When lisa creates a wife for him,she rejects him,screaming.He says,his voice 10 times loudier:''SHE HATES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LIKE THE OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''.He gets nuts,and he breaks the columns suporting the house,killing everyone...but in the remains of the house we can see his hand moving...Initially i wanted to name the monster ''Homerstein'',but i remembered that homer was king homer already and that in the frankenstein parody position was Frinkestein.

Van Houten from the blue lagoonEdit

Parody of Creature from the black lagoon.An expedition of paleontologists uncover fossilized evidence of a link between land and sea animals in what looks like a small hand with webbed fingers.Then,Dr.Frink Maia and his friend homer reed go on an expedition to find the rest of the skeleton.They go to a boat named Rita,whose captain is Willie.But inside the boat they find out everyone was killed by the living counterpart of the fossil they are looking for,the Gill-man.After that,the Gill-man kidnaps Marge Lawrence,Homer's girlfriend,and to save her they need to go to an lagoon,known as Blue Lagoon from where no one has EVER returned.Homer inicially is afraid,but to save marge he must be prepared for everything,including the death of two menbers of his "rescue team",as he calls it.But,Gill-man abducts Marge and Homer,Frink,and Bart chase the Gill-man to the THE END in front of them.But before they go,Serak,The Preparer makes a deluxe burger for them.Gill-man is about the size of,and has the face of,Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten.Treehouse Of Onslaught II is scheduled for...tomorrow!