The simpsons z is a flash series made with sprites and basic text, is a crossober between dbz, mario and clear, the simpsons.

Episode 0-12[edit | edit source]

Prologue: 201 years ago, the earth was invaded by aliens, the ancestors of Kang and Kodos, fought against the humans and these almost lost but are stopped by a soldier very powerful these go and leave but with Grudge, later, this hero has a son with a woman simpson, and the father turns out to be secretly the same it was his son, a saiyan.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Homer simpsons.[edit | edit source]

It's the same vague and silly series, but is harder and more responsable sometimes, but other times or cares, but starting from a certain series, cares more of his family before him, loves to eat, rest, watch TV, drink beer and Howrah train, but sometimes do not pay attention and others will.

Tecniques:Kamehame ha,Special Beam Cannon



Bart Simpsons:[edit | edit source]

The Same juvenile delinquent of the original series,but now,Are a 100% Saiyan  and cares more for training and protecting his sister and her family itself.

But still making jokes, but even with his powers.

Tecniques:Kamehame ha,Murcielago fast.



Lisa Simpsons:[edit | edit source]

The Inteligent girl of the family,As the first in the group of discover She Saiyan Heritage,Before this,was a smart girl but frustrated that no one spoke or did not come out anywhere, but after defeating several enemies, Get true friends and be . She always gives his all and think logic tactics and techniques for his family and stop their opponents.  

Tecniques:Kamehame ha,Masenko ah,Rasengan,Final flash,Saxofon,Saxo-Bom,Special Beam Cannon,Air Attack.  



Marge[edit | edit source]

The Mother figure of the group,And the original molther of bart,lisa, and maggie,Married With homer,Always care about others and several times of herself, Trat to retain much his feminine figure but always fight alongside all and retains its power and desire to fight, His race is Unkown, thanks to a good workout, always get to support the transformations and power ups.




Mario:[edit | edit source]

The Oldest And Strongest menber of the team Mario and the brother of Luigi,He is a Brave hero that always care for the others,even more than itself.

Villains:[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Smithy Gang Saga[edit | edit source]

1:[edit | edit source]

2:[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This series are a over of 50-60 episodes and a movie.
  • Is a crossover of Dbz/Mario/Simpsons/Sonic.
  • Is a pararel universe of the all franchises.
  • Take place after:
  • -Are after the chapter "Bart's Friend Falls in Love" (after the 3 season  and after "The simpsons arcade events").'-After The game,super mario sunshine.'-After Dragon Ball Z
  • There Are five sagas and much Written specials.
  • Unlike the original series,The characters evolve age, homer and marge will continue through the second age and children will continue to grow.
  • Los simpsons (Exept for marge) are have similar characteristics to the saiyans:
  • Homer eat a lot and it's something silly, but is very brave and seriously trying.
  • Bart is destructive and a little proud.
  • Lisa is inteligent like a saiyan scientist.
  • Confirmed that Sonic Appears.
  • Nelson probably is an ally of the simpsons.
  • This series take place in the year 1993 to 2000

Power levels[edit | edit source]

Season 1-3

Homer:18 When angry:345 Post-Episode 31:25 Marge:13 When angry:67 BART:14 When angry:15 Post-episode 5 training:23 When angry attack:45 when angry:469 Lisa simpson:12 When angry:145 Escape for botz:23.4 When angry:355 Herb powel:18 When angry:365 Mr.Montz:10.7 Milhouse:3

The simpsons arcade game: Homer:34 Post-Maggie take over:45.6 When angry:67 Final attack:102 Marge:17 Post-Maggie Take over:45 When angry:78.0 Bart:23 Post maggie take:45.3 When angry:56 Bartman:78 Skateboard:56 Final attack:101 Lisa:18 Post-maggie take:45 When angry:67.8 With saxofon:76  Mr.burns:2.3 With the robot:78.9 Mr smithers:46 When angry:78 With krusty robt:79 Mafia minions:7,14

Pre-Burns saga: Homer:78 When angry:134 Marge:34.4 When angry:56.7 Bart:67.8 Lisa:67.8 Maggie:3

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