The simpsons party is a video game developed for the Wii, Xbox 360 and the PS3 and Nintendo Switch and PS4 and mobile phones.

the story is, that a party convention has hit the town. The people of springfield celebrate this and begin, but Mr burns doesn't like the Idea as being outside partying means less people are using electricity, which means less money for him. so he and a few more villains attempt to stop the party.

Playable characters[edit | edit source]

Homer Simpson[edit | edit source]

Bonus ablility: ball homer. Homer rolls around as a giant ball flattening all opponents in his wake and taking half the coins they own off each of them. Homer will get an automatic dice roll of 10 everytime he uses this.

Bart simpson[edit | edit source]

Bonus ablilty: slingshot. The screen goes into an aerial view allowing bart to shoot 10 squares of his choosing, turning them int Bart Bank squares. Any opponent who lands on them must give 15 coins to bart. this only stays in affect for 3 turns

Lisa Simpson[edit | edit source]

bonus ability: jazz band. Lisa starts playing on her saxaphone activating the jazz dice. whatever the two dice land on (one being coins, one being people) will allow Lisa to take an amount of coins from people of her choice. (coin dice goes 5-15. player dice 1-3) Lisa may not move after using this.

Marge simpson[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: canyonero. Marge drives the canyonero, rolling an automatic 10, taking half the coins from whoever she bumps into.

Grampa simpson[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: WWII squad. Grampa calls in his retirement castle friends in aeroplanes to shoot the enemies. He can get a maximum of 8 coins of each opponent.

unlockable characters[edit | edit source]

Chief wiggum[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: police helecopter. Wiggum flies in a police helecopter, getting an automatic 8, taking 10 coins off whoever he passes and avoiding all bad squares. (unlock wiggum by completing level 1 in campaign mode)

Prof. frink[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: Mecha frink: frink jumps forward 15 places (unless it is a trap square in which case he will land on the closest safe square) and if he lands on someone, he takes 3/4 of thier money... (unlock frink by completing level 2 in campaign mode)

groundskeeper willie[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: tractor: Willie drives the tractor forwards 10 spaces taking 10 coins off each player he hits. he can also dump manure on 3 places creating a trap. (unlock willie by completing level 3 in campaign mode)

Reverand Lovejoy[edit | edit source]

bonus ability: hand of God: Lovejoy calls upon God to smite the opponent with the most coins, giving half of them to himself. Unfortunatly, he can't move for this turn. (you get the idea. there are 10 levels in the campaign. complete them each to unlock the characters in this order.)

Comic book guy[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: superguy: CBG becomes a superhero flying forwards 12 spaces, taking 8 coins off everyone he hits and avoiding trap squares.

Krusty the clown[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: corporal punushment: CP shoots krusty in a cannon shoots Krusty 15 spaces (unless the space is a trap in which case the closest safe space) if he lands on an opponant, he steals 3/4 of thier coins off them.

Sideshow Bob[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: wright plane: Bob calls the Wright bros. plane and fly's ahead 12 places, avoiding traps and shooting opponents with a machine gun, taking one coin for each hit.

McBain[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: McBain's tank: McBain drives forwards 8 places in his tank being able to take 3 traps before losing coins. He also takes half any eneimies coins he hits. Not only that but after moving, he shoots a cannonball that fires forwards or backwards 5 spaces, taking 5 coins off anyone it hits.

Mr Burns[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: the hounds: Mr burns releases 3 hounds who hunt down the opponents taking 10 coins off each of them. it can take numerous turns to reach the opponent but nothing can stop them. Mr burns can also roll after using this.

Kang[edit | edit source]

Bonus ability: Kodos' Armada: Kodos flies in in the flying saucer abducting Half the coins off anyone she can get to in 10 seconds. If Kodos reaches Kang, she can move him forward 12 spaces.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Evergreen terrace[edit | edit source]

The map sees the group starting outside the kwik-e-mart and heading down the street. You climb the burlesque house and run through a park. Eventually you reach the famous simpsons house. You go through the backyard and past the flanders house. After cutting through wiggum's yard you travel through the park once again, past lard lad's donuts and to the start via the kwik-e-mart's secret rooftop garden.

Trap squares

Kwik-E-Mart crossroad- land on here and you'll get hit by a car losing 5 coins.

Swingset- land here and the swingset will collapse on top of you making you miss a turn

Fire statue- land here in the simpsons home and you'll get a roadting, flying back 5 spaces and losing 5 coins.

Downtown springfield[edit | edit source]

The map begins at the town square. you travel through a construction site, past moe's tavern and into the heart of the city. You climb the escalator to nowhere cross the monorail track and through the springfield stadium. You arrive back at the start after taking a trip through the screaming monkey research centre.

trap squares

escalator- land at the top of the escalator and you'll drop to the ground losing 10 coins.

monorail track-land here and you'll get hit by the monorail losing 10 coins

Electrifyer- in the SMRC, land here and you'll be teleported onto the monorail track

Squidport[edit | edit source]

The map begins near planet hype. you travel through squidport for the majority of the map but then climb a light house and jump onto the C-spanker. You take the crane back to the beginning.

trap squares

shark- when on the beach, avoid the shark as it will eat you and you will spawn at the fishing port near the start

faulty stairs- at the top of the lighthouse. land here and you'll fall back down a level, losing 5 coins.

Knightboat flames- land at the Knightboat container and you will be burnt by the flames losing 5 coins

Unlockable levels[edit | edit source]

Springfield dam[edit | edit source]

Starting at the top of the Dam and climbing down, facing obstacles along the way before climbing into the Dam itself. After going through the dam you come out at rancho relaxo. take a trip through there and you arrive back at the start.

trap squares

Pipe- certain pipes drop blinky fish. get hit by one and you'll lose 3 coins

steam pipe- get hit by this in the dam and you'll lose 10 coins be blown back outside

TNT- hit this and you will lose 15 coins and destroy the dam, adding more hazards!

Duff brewery[edit | edit source]

Here you will start in the car park and will climb up through the 4 levels before arriving on the roof. here you will take a waterslide (that is actually a Duff slide) down to the start

trap squares

Duff Ice container- freezes anyone who lands on it and makes them miss a go.

Duff heat container- burns anyone who lands on it and makes them lose 5 coins

Duff BOOM container- explodes sending them up a leve but losing them 15 coins.

Springfield Observatory[edit | edit source]

Starting at the bottom of the hill and going up past krusty's house, you reach the observatory and avoid many hazards like the robot. You then climb down the hill slightly until you get to kamp krusty. You can choose to go down the well which is safer but with fewer rewards, or across the bridge witch is more risky and more rewarding. both lead to the start.

trap squares

robot-land near the robot and he will fire his laser costing you 5 coins.

bridge- land on one of the red bridge squares and you will fall into the raging torrents and back to the start losing 20 coins

crocodile- land here and you will be eaten by a crocodile and must miss a turn...

Springfield elementary[edit | edit source]

You start on the street of springfield elemantary and must cross the main road to get to it. As you enter the school you go through many rooms including the chalkboard room, the science lab and the teachers lounge. you then traverse the deadly playground and willies shack, before looping back to the start.

trap squares

poision chemical- land here and you will lose 5 coins every turn for the next 3 turns...

breezeblock swingball- land on any of these squares and you will be knocked back one square by the block, losing 5 coins every time.

willies shack- land here and willie's skeleton will rake you and cost you 10 coins.

3D land[edit | edit source]

You start in the simpsons house and explore for a while before you get to the case and enter the 3D world. you must avoid many obstacles including your biggest yet, the sink hole, which grows in size every turn.

trap squares

coney- the cone will randomly bounce around the 3D world. if you land in it's path you lose 3 coins

the sinkhole- grows in size every turn cutting off different paths. if you fall you lose 25 coins and spawn in the simpsons front room.

cube- land on any of the 3 cube spaces and you will be crushed losing 5 coins.

Main street[edit | edit source]

You start outside the comic book store and go down the main street and back up. it's that simple. but at the end you enter the comic book store and the secret tape room.

trap squares

the road- be on the road with a car coming down and you will lose 5 coins if you are hit.

KBBL anntenae- get zapped by the radio waves and you will lose 10 coins

radioactive monkey- get attacked by the monkey living in the tape room and miss a go.

Krustylu studios[edit | edit source]

starting outside the entrance, you go in and traverse the obstacles of the krusty the klown show. If you suceed in taking the tightrope sortcut you can also go on the nightwatch set. you take a path back, pass the duff brewery and go back to the entrance!

trap squares

cannon run-land on a cannon run square and you will be knocked back, losing 5 coins for every hit.

tightrope- get hit by mr. teeny's bouncy ball and you will fall to the ground and miss a go.

Minefield- hit a mine and lose 15 coins!

Springfield prison island[edit | edit source]

you start in the top cell block and try to get past the criminals. you go down a floor and repeat the process. then once more before lapping the island and repeating.

trap squares

shotgun- land on a shotgun cell and you will be shot, losing 10 coins

flamefhrower- land on a flamethrower cekk and you will be burnt running backwards 5 spaces.

erosion- outside, the island erodes. land on a space that falls in the ocean and you must miss a go...

Vietnam war[edit | edit source]

Go back in time to the vietnam war. avoid rocket launchers and mines to get to the enemy bas then escape down the river to do it all over again

trap squares

mine- land on a mine and lose 15 points

rocket launcher- get hit by this and you are propelled into the river going back 10 spaces

missing rock- land on a missing rock and you will be propelled backwards 10 spaces

Power plant[edit | edit source]

Starting in homer's work station, climb up the levels of the power plant and traverse the fans above and you will find the passageway to burns' manor. get through the traps there and you will return to homer's workstation via a pipe.

trap squares

waste silos- land in any of these and miss a go

Anvil- get crushed byany of these and lose 10 coins

trap door- fall down these and take the passageway back to the start of the office.

outer space[edit | edit source]

race through space in astro suits. avoid laser beams, falling meteros and board a spaceship to lap around in the upper atmosphere...

trap squares

laser beam- land on any square in a laser beams path and you will be knocked back 7 squares

falling asteroids- over time, some parts of the board will dissapear. don't be on those parts or you'll miss a go!

tractor beam- land here and you will miss a go and lose 15 coins plus you will be experimented on which may affect your dice luck later on...

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