Simpsons Fanon

The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace same as in canon except less of Homer’s storyline and instead just zany inventions, fluorescent boogers, S Club Juniors and Wizard of Oz references.


The chalkboard gag is “I will not push the munchkins.”

The couch gag is the Simpsons being taken by a tornado to a grey scale, old fashioned film of a farm in Kansas.

The episode starts with the Simpsons on a old film of a farm in Kansas. Lisa as Dorothy falls into the pig pen and cries for help. A farm hand with traits similar to Scarecrow rescues her. And another with kind hearted traits like Tin Man checks to see if she’s alright.

“I am alright fellas. Thanks for helping me!” said Lisa.

“Any time Lisa. As long as you’re not hurt.” said the kind hearted farm hand.

Then an evil hag of a neighbour arrived to tell Homer that Toto had bitten her and wanted the little black dog destroyed.

“Forget it you old bat! What are you gonna do? Report us to the authorities?” said Homer comforting Lisa and Toto.

“Um yes that was the entire point of this scene...” said the bitter old hag.

A house falls on her crushing her to death.

“Um okay...” said Homer.

Lisa was then frustrated with her brother Bart’s antics and an argument.

“Did so!”

“Did not!”

“Did so!”

“Did not!”

“Did so!”

Lisa frustrated he wouldn’t back down went out for a walk with her little dog Toto.

She met Oscar as Professor Marvel. It makes sense later in Oz. He was Professor Marvel, a travelling charlatan selling miracle cures, performing magic tricks and occasionally selling Marvel comics.

“Holy crud! Stan Lee and his lawyer’s!” Oscar yelled. He packed up his things and fled while being chased by Stan Lee and his lawyers.

Lisa face palmed.

At home Bart wondered why the narrator killed off the wicked witch’s Kansas counterpart.

Because she’s a horrible old hag trying to take Dorothy’s dog.

“Yes that’s what kick starts the plot narrator...” Bart sighed.


Then a tornado was spinning around and tearing stuff to pieces and generally causing destruction because that’s what tornadoes do.

“Everyone inside!” said Homer.

“No I want to go to Oz!” said Oscar as Professor Marvel because tornadoes in Kansas always take you to Oz...

Homer face palmed and left the mad Professor to get himself killed.

Lisa unfortunately got locked out and like in Hurricane Neddy got knocked out and had a dream of being taken to Oz. Where she met munchkins, Mrs Krabappel as an evil witch, Homer as a scarecrow, Bart as the Tin Dude and Milhouse as the cowardly lion.

But this was all a dream of Lisa’s as she woke up one morning.

“Okay I really need to stop dreaming about going to the land of Oz...’ said Lisa.

Meanwhile in Springfield Homer was out driving and listening to Bill and Marty.

They were ripping on Bill Clinton. Yeah we get it. He shagged his secretary and denied it...

“But Hillary! I did not have sex with that woman!” said Bill.

”Impeach him!” The Republicans screamed.

Meanwhile Trump tries to become Hitler 2.0.

Crickets chirp as the Republicans say nothing.

They said the life expectancy of the average American man was now 75.

Homer stopped his car suddenly causing cars to ram into the back of him causing a domino effect of wrecked cars and angry drivers.

“Aaaaaagh! I’ve already lived half my life!” He screamed. “And nothing to show for it!”

He abandoned his car and went home. People angrily shouted at him to take his car.


That night he ate a bag of flour.

“Homer don’t eat that. Wouldn’t you rather have your sugar bag?” Marge asked.

“No I don’t deserve it. I’ve wasted half my life... I am not looking forward to my funeral...” Homer groaned.

At his funeral in a dream Homer was buried head first with his legs sticking out of his grave as he was dumped in. Ned was now a cardinal, Lenny was President of America and Carl was his Vice President. And for some odd reason the two crows from Tex Avery cartoons were there. One of them spoke in a low class manner referring to Homer as a sack of crap. The other spoke posh using big words.

“Most indubitably old chum!” said the posh crow.

In the real world Marge comforts Homer.

“You’ve made me happy.” said Marge.

“Oh like they’ll make a stamp of me for that...” Homer sighed.

“I only have three memories. Waiting in line for a mobile, getting a key cut and talking to you right now. 38 years! That’s all I have to show for it!”

“Homer you’re 39.” said Marge.

Homer screamed.


Homer came home from work miserable.

“Surprise!” Everyone jumped out at him and ribbons and confetti flew everywhere.

His family threw him a surprise party to celebrate his life and Bender thought it was his fake funeral.

A projector film was put on.

“You went into space! That’s something!” said Marge.

“All we did was grow space tomatoes and attack the Mir station...” said Homer. The space shuttle he was on was ramming the Mir space station as Russian astronauts inside shouted at them angrily.

“And can’t forget when we were enslaved by giant space ants...” said Oscar.

“That was so silly...” said Homer.

“You were once heavy weight champ!” said Bart. There was footage of Drederick Tatum punching Homer violently.

“Finish him! Finish him!” Grampa yelled.

“And you raised three beautiful children.” said Marge.

Oscar cleared his throat to correct her. “Four beautiful children Marge, four.” said Oscar brining Hugo on screen.

“She said three “Beautiful” children, Oz...” said Homer.

Hugo bursted into tears and and ran off crying.

“Oh now look what you’ve done!! You’re so mean!” Oscar yelled before running after Hugo. “Hugh-gy Wait!”

The family continued watching the slideshow without him.

“Look Dad! A special message from KITT from Knightrider!” said Lisa.

“Oh my God!” Homer gasped.

“Hello Homer. Your family have called me out from my busy schedule of driving David Hasselhoff about to give you a special message. You have been invited to a very special-“ The projector film burnt out

“Stupid projector film!” said Homer putting out the burning film. “Who invented these? Was it you Bart?”

“No Dad! It was Thomas Edison!” said Lisa.

“I thought he invented the lightbulb?” said Homer.

“Only in America. Britain people like Oscar insist Joseph Swan invented it for them.” said Lisa. “And Tex Acme of Acme enterprises invented idea bulbs to float on Toons’ heads when they have ideas.”

Quiffy hooded with approval.

“But Thomas Edison invented many things such as the film projector and the phonograph, the microphone and the electric car, until a mysterious cult shut down development.” said Lisa,

“Oh I wouldn’t say they were that mysterious...” said Homer winking and wearing his Stonecutters ring.

“Um you’re supposed to say you don’t believe me and I say I read about Thomas Edison on a place mat in a restaurant.” said Lisa.

“Now why would I not believe you sweetie? And I would have thought you read about him in a library or something.” said Homer.

“Whatever.” said Lisa.


At school the kids were mucking about in the library as Bart rode on the world atlas globe again. “Look at me Ma! I’m on top of the world!” Bart ran on the globe as it spun.

“No! Only Hugo May do that!” said Oscar.

Bart went flying. He landing flat on his face on a small table near where Homer was sat reading.

“Bart settle down! I’m trying to read about Thomas Edison.” said Homer.

“Dad why are you here?” Bart sighed.

“I got kicked out of the big people’s library in town. There was some unfortunate business. I can never go back.” said Homer.

Hugo was reading Jules Verne.

“Oz I thought you said only Hugo can ride the atlas globe and run about on it?” said Bart.

“Not your brother Hugo! I meant Jungledyret Hugo!” said Oscar.

A furry yellow cartoon creature that looked like a teddy bear with two square teeth like Dale’s climbed on the atlas globe and sprinted about on it. “I’m on top of the world!” he said gleefully.

Bart sweat dropped.

“No zaniness! I’m trying to read...” said Homer.

“Dad that’s a pop up book for kindergarteners...” Bart sighed as Homer giggled and made Thomas Edison dance.


Homer was boring his friends at the pub by talking about Thomas Edison. “His favourite flower was the heliotrope and he once created a machine to communicate with the dead!” said Homer.

“Cooooool!” said Oscar while drinking buzz cola.

Then Homer from Universe B told him off. “That’s boring! You’re boring everyone! Quit boring everybody!”

“Oh shut up alternative universe me! What have you said that’s been interesting lately?!” said Homer from our universe.

Universe B Homer paused trying to think of a snappy response. “Um... well I saw a pink dog with a puffy tail once.”

“Homer no one wants to hear about Thomas Edison! Lenny tell us more about this beautiful babe you saw!” said Moe.

”I can’t! I forgot! All I can think about is that damn Thomas Edison!” Lenny whined “Thanks a lot Homer!”

Homer sighed.

That night.

Then Homer annoys Marge by talking about Thomas Edison and quitting his job at the power plant.

“And did you know he invented the carbon microphone?”

“Yes dear I knew that...” Marge sighed.

Then he said she had promised to torch the house.

“I would never say something like that!” said Marge.

“We’re not torching the house?” Oscar asked holding a flamethrower.

“No!” said Marge.

Homer decided he wanted to invent things. He set up a den in the basement and put up a poster showing a time line of Edison’s inventions and set it to when Thomas Edison was 39.

“Thomas Edison at 39 had already invented many inventions! I’m way behind!” said Homer. “I suppose I could say I invented the drinking bird.”

“No Dad, someone already patented that.” said Lisa.

Homer thought long and hard of a useful invention but couldn’t invent things so he asked the kids for help.

“You each say a word, one adjective and one noun.” said Homer to Lisa and Bart.

“Automatic...” Lisa suggested.

“Butt!” said Bart.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

“Fluorescent...” said Lisa.

“Booger!” said Bart.

Oscar cracked up laughing.

“Those are great ideas!” said Homer writing them down.

“No Dad! Those are terrible ideas! Bart just ruined the point of this exercise with his moronic toilet humour...” said Lisa.

“I think a fluorescent booger is a great idea!” said Oscar laughing.

Lisa sighed.

Plot 2[]

Homer then went to Frink for advice and loads of books on inventing.

Frink gave him loads and loads of books.

“And these should give you the grounding you'll need... in thermodynamics, hypermathematics... and, of course, microcalifragilistics.” said Frink.

”And Supercalifragilistics!” said Oscar.

”No Oz...” Frink sighed.

Oscar sang a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

“Look I just want to invent things...” Homer groaned.

“Well to invent something you need an idea.” said Professor Frink.

“Such as...” said Homer.

“Well most inventions make things out of things out of something that already exists.” said Frink.

“Like Hamburger earmuffs!” said Homer.

“Yes I suppose so.” said Frink. “Or something that is needed.”

“Like an electric blanket mobile!” said Homer.

This episode has funny inventions! XD!

“Yes I suppose so.” said Frink.

“Or a florescent booger!” said Oscar.

”That’s not very useful...” said Frink.

”I don’t care. It’s funny!” Oscar giggled.

“Woohoo! I’m an inventor! In your face jackass!” Homer dropped his books on the floor and ran off home.

Frink frustrated gathered up his books.

“Don’t worry, these babies will be out at the stores while he’s still grappling with the pickle matrix!” said Frink putting on hamburger earmuffs and making Frink noises while dancing.

An episode of Veggitales.

”There is no spoon Bob!” said Larry the cucumber as Neo.

Mmmmmmmm! Pickle Matrix....

Homer winced.


At home Homer kept blowing up the house including dynamite in his inventions until he realised dynamite was not a good idea...

“I think you should ask the Simpsons’s resident inventor and mad scientist, Hugo?” said Oscar bringing in Hugo who was dressed as a scientist. “Be nice!”

However Hugo found Homer’s inventions ridiculous. “I am not helping to invent an automatic butt, a fluorescent booger, hamburger earmuffs or an electric blanket mobile...” Hugo rolled his eyes as he read Homer’s ideas.

“But they sound awesome!” said Oscar.

“No. They sound idiotic...” said Hugo.

Homer sent him to his room and went back to inventing. “Go to your room!”

Some time later he showed the family his zany inventions.

“The automatic hammer!” He turned on an electric hammer but it went crazy and dragged Homer along as it smashed up the floor and walls.

“The everything is alright alarm!” said Homer. An alarm went off making a loud irritating noise.

“Homer turn it off!” said Marge yelling.

“It can’t be turned off!” said Homer. The alarm ran out of battery power and went off.

“Now a little something for the ladies... how often have you gone out only to find you’re not wearing any make up...” said Homer.

“All the time.” said Marge thinking he had a brilliant invention.

“Well say hello to the makeup gun! Shut your eyes Marge and don’t inhale!” said Homer pointing a gun at her. Coool! He shot make up at her. “Now open your eyes!”

Marge screamed because she looked like a clown. She had way to much makeup on. “I look ridiculous!”

“Oops! Must have it set to whore! Hold on!” Homer adjusted the gun.

”No you had it set to clown...” said Oscar.

Homer rolled his eyes as he adjusted the gun.

“There! Now remember don’t inhale...”

Marge pushed the gun aside and Homer fired, making a distorted and smeared face on the wall.

“Oh great Marge... now I have to get the cold cream gun!” Homer sighed at the mess.

Oscar saw the distorted and smeared face on the wall and screamed in terror and ran away.

“Um okay...” said Homer.

“Homer women do not want to be shot in the face...” said Marge.

“They’ll like what I tell them to...” said Homer. “And now my last invention. The armchair that’s also a toilet...”

“But now, with the Lazy Man Reclining Toilet Chair... you can just lean back and let 'er rip.” Homer rambled.

“Coooool! I have to go right now! Gangway, gotta poop!" said Bart running to use the chair potty but Marge grabbed him by his shorts.

“No, Bart! We are not going to the bathroom in our living room!” said Marge.

“I’m always going to the bathroom in here! In fact I am right now!” said Oscar wearing a diaper. He screwed up his face sweating and grunting as he shat in his diaper and it sagged slightly from the weight of his poop.

“Eeeeew!” The Simpsons groaned.

“Dad these are all wonderful inventions but-“ said Lisa.

“No they’re not! They’re horrible!” said Marge.

“Guys do you mind?!” said Bart sat on the armchair toilet with his pants and underwear down reading a newspaper while pooping.

“Bart that’s disgusting! No!” Marge told him off.

Lisa winced in disgust. "Ugh, Bart! Not in the living room!"


Then Homer did invent something useful a chair with hinged legs that flicked out when someone leaned back in a chair too far to stop the chair falling.

“This could save lives!” said Lisa.

However Thomas Edison already had one.

“But why was it never mentioned.” said Bart.

“Because he never patented it! Let’s go to the museum and smash up his chair just to be sure!” said Homer.

Then at the museum Homer learns Edison also had an invention stolen from him.

The penny farthing bicycle by Leonardo Da Vinci so he gives Up sabotaging his inventions.

Bart sighed disappointed as he wanted to break things.

Then Homer to his horror finds museum staff found his automatic hammer and the hinged chair attributing them as lost inventions of Edison. Homer was so angry he used his armchair toilet as a toilet.

“Eeeew! What an ending...” the Simpsons sighed.

Meanwhile Oscar was wearing hamburger earmuffs or headphones while listening to an edited version of S Club Junior’s Automatic Love called Automatic Butt.

Automatic Buuuuuuuttt!

Hugo rolled his eyes at Oscar’s bizarre taste in music. However he conceded that a fluorescent booger would be a brilliant invention.

Homer then sued the museum with help from OJ’s lawyer. He used the Chewbacca defence and won.

Homer was working in the basement inventing.

“I brought you a tuna sandwich. They say it's brain food. I guess because there's so much dolphin in it, and you know how smart they are.“ said Marge giving Homer a tuna hoagie sandwich.

Unfortunately Oscar heard them.

He started crying.

(Oscar bawling)

”Oooooooh!” Marge comforted him.

”Don’t eat the dolphas!! Dolpha! Dolpha!” Oscar cried.

Homer grimaced exasperated.

“Oh, damn it!” Homer cursed.

“Hey Dad, heard you swearin'. Mind if I join in? Crap, boobs, crap!” said Bart.


“Authorities say the phony pope... can be recognized by his high-top sneakers and incredibly foul mouth.“ was a news headline.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

Bart winced.

Elsewhere Thomas Edison developed a rivalry with Nikolai Tesla. Basically he was being an enormous jerk while Nikolai was trying to save the world from aliens.

A scorpion Alien was trying to invade while the Doctor suddenly became a woman.

”Oh no! I’m having a period! And it’s that time of the month where I’m really bitchy!” The Doctor gasped.

Thomas Edison was taunting Tesla about how he was a better inventor.

Nikolai Tesla invented a Death Ray! But sadly didn’t submit it for patenting.

“Thomas Edison your lightbulb will light up the world as lights.” said a guy. “And Nikolai Tesla, your Tesla coils will be used as a prop in the background of Frankenstein movies.”

”Ooooooh! I wanted that!” said Edison.

The scorpion alien roared.

The Doctor was going through PMT because it was her time of the month.

Nikolai Tesla saved the day with his death ray.


At the Simpsons. The attic.

Hugo was in the attic reading a book on Thomas Edison.

”So, what do you think of Homer’s attempts to be an inventor?” Oscar asked.

”I think he’s being ridiculous. He doesn’t have the brain cells to invent....” said Hugo reading.

Oscar wanted something.

Hugo sighed.

”No Oz! I am not inventing florescent boogers...” Hugo sighed.

”Please!” Oscar whined.

”No!” Hugo groaned.

Oscar grabbed Hugo’s Newton swinging balls desk toy and stuffed it up his sweater to take it.

”Oz... give that back...” said Hugo.

Oscar sighed and gave him back the swinging balls thing.

The future.

“Uh, President Lenny, you have anything to say?” a journalist asked at a conference.

”Nah.” said Lenny.

”Oh come on!” the journalist whined.

”Nah.” said Lenny.

”Oh come on!”


”Oh come on!”

Lenny relented.

Elsewhere for some reason Homer dreamed Heckle and Jeckle were at his funeral. Hopefully Screwy Squirrel is in this future too.


Homer was working on his electric hammer. Apparently it was a Gremlins reference. I um don’t recall an electric hammer in Gremlins.

“Well Dad. This is better than the grease business you were in.” said Bart.

“Oh, Son. You're young and headstrong just like Thomas Edison Jr.” said Homer.

He said funny things that apparently were facts about Thomas Edison Jr. “You know, he started a mushroom farm and an auto parts company... and he sold his good name to a quack medicine company. Oh, and later he raised turkeys. That was on his turkey farm.”

”Um... sure...” said Bart.

In Mrs Who. Edison had a turkey farm. I have no idea how that helps him invent things.

Plot 3[]