Simpsons Fanon

The Temple of Boom Mr Burns is moving the power plant to India. So the Simpsons have to move to India. Apu wants to go with them because President Monkey Banana brains (George Bush Jr) has deported him. However Mr Burns so pleased how Homer is motivating the workers. (They just like working, they like Homer as long as he keeps them working) That he puts him in charge. However Homer lets his power get to his head and thinks his a god and runs his own evil cult...


The couch gag is the Simpsons as playing cards being flipped onto the couch. We pan round to Oscar playing with his Simpsons playing cards in a Duff can. He dropped his cards.

”D’oh!” He grunts.


The episode starts the same way as in my Fanon version of Bart's Friend Falls in Love where Indiana Jones music is playing and Bart is sneaking about the master bedroom trying not to step on Homer’s various bunny slippers dotted about the floor. He stops at a jar of money and ponders taking it. He does and leaves thinking all is well. However the house shakes.

“Why you little!” said Homer angrily. He was in his underwear having just came out of the bathroom.

“Uh oh!” said Bart.

The Indiana Jones theme kicks in as Homer chases him. Then Homer trips and rolls down the stairs like a boulder with Bart in front just escaping being crushed. Bart runs into the kitchen and swings around the ceiling fan dodging Homer. Slides under a coffee table and Maggie shoots plunger darts at him. They stick to the wall.

Bart runs into the garage. Homer activates the doors to trap him. But Bart slides under. He drops his lucky red hat and blindly grabs for it. He gets it But Homer slams into the garage doors buckling them in a comical manner.

Bart gets on the school bus and waves his lucky red cap enraging Homer in his underwear who waves a rake about screaming in Hovitos language.

Bart sits down next to Milhouse.

“Wow Bart! Look at all that pocket change!” said Milhouse. “What should we spend it on?”

“Well for starters here’s what we’re not spending it on!” said Bart setting some ground rules. “First off we are not using the laundrette! We are not buying lunch for a hobo... We are not getting all syrup squishees...” said Bart.

Meanwhile as they left for school, Hugo grimaced at the sight of his dad in his underwear waving a rake about screaming in hovitos. “That is one sight I do not want to see...” said Hugo.

“Haw Haw! Your dad is embarrassing!” said Nelson.

“Nelson that doesn’t even make sense! Your mom is more embarrassing!” said Lisa.

“Well... You’re gay!” said Nelson.

“Those that call others gay are usually covering up their own homosexuality...” said Lisa.

“Uh... Bullies rule!” Nelson broke out the emergency fire exit and tumbled into the road. He got up and yelled “Bullies rule!” before running off somewhere.


At the plant Mr. Burns went to see Homer.

“Simpson? Ye gods! He’s He’s transformed into a chicken!” said Mr Burns as a chicken was at Homer’s work space.

“No sir I was just in the decontamination showers.” said Homer.

“Smithers! Why haven’t they installed flamethrowers in the decontamination showers yet!?” Mr Burns asked Smithers.

“Because that would be illegal sir...” said Smithers actually getting fed up with Mr Burns’s ridiculous requests.

“Simpson. I am moving the plant to India! You should go home tonight and prepare your family to move to India. Or you could leave them behind!” said Mr Burns.


At Home Homer gave the news.

“Aaaaaaaw! India?! I thought he meant Indiana...” Ho er sighed.

“Homer we can’t just uproot and move to India! The children have school here!” said Marge.

“Oh well. mr Burns did say just to leave you behind then. Bye Marge...” said Homer packing.

“Homer! Okay we’ll go with you!” Marge yelled. Annoyed at him.

“Dad we can’t just drop everything to go live in India!” Lisa explained.

“Lisa I have to do what I’m told at work to keep us living in luxury!” said Homer.

“Luxury?! This thermostat is just painted on!” said Bart wiping off some paint off of a crude picture of a thermostat painted.

“Oh! I better ring the gas man!” Homer pretended to ring a phone he had clearly painted on the wall. “Yeah-ello?” He asked into his hand doing a phone gesture. “And here he is!” He bought in a cardboard cutout of the Moon man from the Mac tonight McDonald’s adverts.

“Dad... that’s Mac Tonight from McDonalds commercials...” Lisa sighed.

“And while I’m gone he’s in charge so do as he says...” said Homer.

”Buy McDonald’s!” Hugo threw his voice.

”No Hugo...” Marge sighed.

“I’ll let Oscar know. He’s playing Indiana Jones on my SNES with Toon Link...” said Bart.

Oscar was upstairs in Bart’s room with Toon Link from Wind waker playing Indiana Jones greatest adventures on the SNES. The boulder chase theme was playing.

“Oz... Oz! Listen up!” said Bart.

Oz died in the video game.

“Aw I got dead again...” said Oscar. “What is it Bart.”

“Mr Burns is moving the power plant to India. We have to live there now. If you want to come you have to pack your bags...” said Bart.

“Can I call your family the Singhsons now?” Oscar asked.

“No!” Bart snapped.


The Simpsons were discussing going to India.

“Oh this is wonderful! India has such enriching culture! And poor people I can feel sorry for! And... Gmmmmph!” Lisa was boring everyone. Hugo gagged her with his hand over her mouth.

“Hugo! Don’t do that to your sister!” Marge told him off.

Suddenly Apu was in their house.

“Please Simpsons! Take me with you!” said Apu.

“Why?” Homer asked.

“Because your stupid monkey brained president has ordered my deportation!” said Apu.

“Oh no!” said Lisa. “We have to do something!”

“Mmmmm! Monkey brains...” said Oscar being silly.

“We don’t have time for one of your crusades of justice Lisa we have to leave for India tomorrow!” said Homer packing.

Lisa grumbled. “Then I want to stay behind and fight for Apu’s right to live and work here!”

“Lisa no one is staying behind!” said Marge.

Lisa growled annoyed.


They flew to India with Apu.

“I hope they have Indian food.” said Oscar.

“That’s a stupid thing to say Oscar of course they have Indian food... Just that what you’re used to eating is adapted to western pallets...” Lisa explained.

The over head compartment knocked as if something alive was trying to get out.

“Homer!” Marge yelled retrieving Hugo from inside the over head compartment.

“Aw crap! Now I have to pay for another seat...” Homer whined.

Hugo kicked his shin and stormed off down the plane. “Ow! Mutant little!”

They eventually landed at an airport dedicated to the god Ganesh. Elephant headed statues were everywhere.

They had to go to their new home by elephant.

“I wanna elephant!” Bart whined.

“You had an elephant... he was called Stampy. You loved him....” Lisa explained.

“Oh yeah...” said Bart.

“That blond lady from Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom is pouring perfume on the elephants...” Oscar sighed.

“Lady only here because she humping director.” said Short Round Griffin, Stewie’s Chinese cousin.


Apu told the Simpsons about the Hindu gods. In particular Hanuman the monkey god.

“They say every sunset is him eating the sun because it’s a ripe mango!” said Apu.

“Yeah sure Apu...” said Bart.

As they travelled a giant Hanuman peeked out from the horizon and licked his lips at the sight of the afternoon sun however Ganesh stopped him and pointed to a wrist watch to tell him it wasn’t time to eat the sun yet... Hanuman groaned.


Mr Burns invited everyone for a banquet at his new power plant. While everyone was waiting they debated the recent activity of Thugees. However the Indian prime minister dismissed this as superstition.

“Imagine dropping out of a plane in a rubber dinghy and sailing to a quiet Indian village...” said Oscar.

“No Oz...” Bart was frustrated he was making Indiana Jones references again.

They were then called in to the banquet. They had to take a short jungle road there.

“Look at all those big birds!” said the blond screaming lady from Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom pointing to a flock of bats...

“Those aren’t birds Willie... They’re bats... Vampire Bats...” said Indiana Jones.

“Oh cooool! Hi Ace!! We’re down here!!” said Oscar at the bats.

“Will you be quiet! You are disturbing their mating ritual!!” Ace yelled at him hanging upside down from a tree.

Then they came to some frightening blood covered statues. Homer screamed at them. So did Willie Scott.

“Statues dedicated to the dark goddess Kali...” said Indiana Jones.

“Kali maaaaa...” Oscar chanted. Bart clonked him on the head with a rolled up magazine for being stupid.


They were soon at the waiting building outside the banquet hall and let in. Homer was surprised to see they sat on the floor to eat.

“There’s no chairs!!” said Homer.

“Yes Dad... in Indian like cultures they don’t believe in chairs. They it on cushions and eat off a low table or the floor.

“Oh! Suits me!” said Homer.

Marge sighed.

They took their seats. Willie Scott and Short Round were discussing the extremely young marahjah. Sort of like the sultan really.

Dr Jones was discussing Thugees with the prime minister who found such topic offensive and included in his conversation Captain Blumburrt, a colonial/British Raj era British army captain who blustered and jabbered about as a British army captain with a walrus face would.

Oscar was embarrassed as Willie Scott picked at a guy’s hair and sniffed him. Oscar silently mouthed to Short round to stop her.

“Oz no one wants to see your stupid Curly...” Lisa sighed.

The head waiter explained dinner was about to be served.

“Oh! I hope we’re having Popadoms! And samosas and onion bhajis and...” Oscar listed his favourite Indian take away food.

“Mmmmm! All of those sound delightfully vegan!” said Lisa.

Bart gagged rudely.

Oscar was still talking about Indian food when the first dish came down. A big lifeless snake...

Lisa was shocked and covered her mouth turning slightly green.

“Snake surprise!” said the man next to Willie Scott.

Short round dropped his mint he was sucking on in shock.

“What’s the surprise?” Willie asked.

“I think we’re about to find out...” said Oscar wincing as the snake was cut open. Lisa couldn’t bear to look. Suddenly little slimy eel creatures slithered out and were squeaking.

“Eeeeeeew!” said Bart. Even he didn’t want to eat the slimy eel things.

“Coooooool!” said Hugo. I like to imagine he is an avid eater of gross things. He eats fish heads after all...

“You like eating anything slimy or disgusting Hugo...” said Bart.

The Simpsons were put off by the slithering things and by the various diplomats and rich men eating the slithering creatures with gluttonous joy.

Hugo was eating one.

“Eeeeugh! Hugo!” Lisa gagged.

“Hugo...” Marge nagged.

“What?” Hugo said with a slithering eel thing half in his mouth.

“I think that should be Hugo’s character. Eating gross things.” said Oscar.

“Okay, so he’s my insane twin brother who wants to sew us back together. Keeps a pet pigeon rat... eats fish heads out of a bucket with milk. Lives in the attic... doesn’t wear shoes. Is deformed from malnutrition and lack of hygiene... is a mad scientist and a creep... and now likes to eat gross food...” said Bart.

Oscar nodded.

Bart sighed.

Plot 2[]

“Those yellow cartoon people sure are noisy...” said Willie distracted from the disgusting food and Captain Blumburrt flicking an eel away while talking to Indiana Jones.

Oscar caught an eel trying to escape and was pulling it across the table like Blackadder was doing to a black adder in the Elizabethan era series.

“Oscar! Don’t pull them like that!” Lisa scolded him. “If you’re not going to eat then leave them alone!”

Oscar sulked and let go of the eel.

Then the next dish arrived. Beetles...

Lisa gagged.

“I tried a Beatle once. I still have bits of John Lennon in my teeth.” Ace made a joke.

“That’s not funny Ace...” Bart sighed.

“I tried a beetle once too. I still have engine parts between my teeth.” said Oscar.

The Simpsons and Ace stared blankly at him.

“What it’s a make of car.” said Oscar.

“Comedy is not your thing Oz...” said Ace.

“Neither is it yours... How is cannibalising John Lennon funny?” Bart asked.

“It’s a play on words...” said Ace.

Willie was disgusted as everyone was eating beetles. A posh man asked if she was eating but she lied and said she had bugs for lunch. The man laughed at her good humour and continued eating beetle. Then a man burped rudely at the table.

“I think in this culture Marge it’s polite to burp at the table...” said Oscar.

“Not according to me!” said Marge. “Besides I don’t want it to encourage Bart and Homer...”

Homer belched. The men congratulated him.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Homer bowed to everyone.

Marge sighed.

Hugo was eating beetles.

“How many more dishes...” Bart asked.

“How ever many I can write for. In Indiana Jones it was dessert and then Willie ordered soup. But it shocked her. Spoilers!” said Oscar.


“Do you have anything simple. Like soup?” Willie asked. Some soup soon arrived.

“Why does it shock her?” Lisa asked.

“Watch.” Oscar was grinning.

Willie screamed as eyeballs appeared.

“Eyeball soup?!” Lisa asked. “I think I’m gonna be sick...”

“Hey lady if you don’t want that soup I’ll have it!” asked Hugo.

“Ugh! Hugo... That’s quite enough!” Marge didn’t want him eating more disgusting things.

“He’d ace I’m a Celebrity if he was famous...” Oscar said to Bart.

“That’s not the point of the show though! The entertainment is watching squeamish celebrities!” said Bart.

Hugo somehow got Willie’s eyeball soup and was eating the eyes.

“I can’t eat food that’s looking at me...” said Oscar.

Bart giggled. “Now that’s funny!”

Ace frowned.


Then dessert came.

“Surely that can’t be any worse...” said Bart.

Everyone was served a monkey head.

The Simpsons except Hugo went O_o! (A shocked face)

“Chilled Monkey brains.” said the man who was speaking to Willie.

Willie fainted as he ate the monkey brains!

“Now I get that these people eat some... interesting things... But you can’t eat monkey brains! And that’s not because it’s cruel.” said Lisa.

“Why then?” Bart asked.

“Because it causes Creutzfeldt Jakob disease...” said Lisa.

“Uh?” Bart asked.

“Turns your brain to sponge...” said Oscar.

“Oh...” said Bart.

“Hugo don’t eat tha- Ah what’s the use...” Oscar sighed as Hugo was eating monkey brains.


They went to their chambers for the night.

Marge was pacing up and down embarrassed at her family especially Hugo for eating disgusting things. And Homer for belching.

“I don’t get it. I bet Bart always asks for gross things for laughs at restaurants...” said Hugo.

“Yes, but I don’t want to actually eat them...” said Bart. “There must be something you can’t stomach...”

“Well apart from Lima beans I could never eat rat or pigeon because of Freckles and Flaps.” said Hugo.

Freckles the rat and Flaps the pigeon. Or pigeon rat as they were sewn together. Flapped across the communal space of the Simpsons’ room at the power plant and bothered Homer.

“Boy! Put your feathered rat thing away!” Homer yelled.

Hugo sighed and got up to collect Freckles and Flaps.

The Simpsons agreed on one thing. Unlike the eerie cold mechanical corridors of the old Plant. The new one was rather opulent. All though this area was probably just living space.

“Hugo... If you really loved your pets you wouldn’t have sewn them together...” said Bart.

“Don’t tell me how to love my pets!” Hugo argued.


Oscar and Lisa were investigating but couldn’t find anything unusual at the Plant/Temple of Doom.

Oscar then heard Willie Scott and Indiana Jones arguing after he bought her some fruit.

“Lisa look!” said Oscar.

“What? The silly cameos you’re making...” Lisa asked.

“No! The fruit Willie is eating! There’s fruit somewhere!” said Oscar.

“Well I am rather hungry... I could go for some fruit now...” said Lisa.

They snuck off to the lounge. Ignoring some obviously dodgy bandits that were about to try to kill Indy. The two yellow kids found a buffet table with fruit laid on it. They helped themselves.

“Bart and the others must be desperately hungry I’ll get them some fruit as well.” said Lisa.

“I find it ironic after that dinner of puke they just give fruit. Perfect normal edible fruit...” Oscar replied.

“What we’re you expecting...” Lisa asked.

“Durians? Cheese fruit?” Oscar listed possible exotic and disgusting fruit that could have been served. Yet there was a mercy of edible mundane fruit. Boring but nice ones like apples and bananas.

“I have to get back to our apartment room.” said Lisa.


Bart was insisting he found a secret passage way. The Simpsons went to bed early as Homer had an early start at work. And Mr Burns only allowed family members to stay one night at the plant.

The next morning the Simpsons minus Homer were told to leave and go to their new Home in India. It was nothing to fancy but comfortable. This gave Marge time to get everything normal as she could get it. I.e. the kids in a school and a church to go to every Sunday.

Meanwhile Homer was so good at motivating the workers he was made owner of the plant.

“Now I can retire and do everything I want!” said Mr Burns. “I think I might paddle a boat down the Ganges...”

“Woohoo!” Homer cheered.

However he soon let his power go to his head again like in the Stone cutters.

Homer had taken to painting a red strip on his bald head. Wearing dark coloured indian robes and, against Lisa’s advice and Apu’s angry yelling, a cow skull on his head. And insisting he be addressed as Mola Ram.

“Oh geez... You saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore’s teaser picture and that’s what you came up with Oscar?!”

Oscar giggled.

“I have a strange compulsion to form my own evil cult that practices human sacrifices and ripping hearts out of people’s chests...” said Homer drinking a duff.

Marge sighed.

“Do it Dad!” Hugo cheered.

“Yeah Do it Homer!” Oscar added.

“You two are completely insane!” Bart yelled.


That night Marge and Homer were talking in bed.

“Homer I really don’t think you should go around dressed as Mola Ram...” said Marge.

“Kali ma shakti de! Kali chuppi is kashtprat aurat!” said Homer in Hindi calling upon Kali’s dark powers. (“I invoke the power of mother Kali! Mother Kali hear me! Mother Kali silence this annoying woman!”)

“Homer stop invoking Kali!” Marge told him off.

“Kali ma...” said Homer sadly.

Meanwhile Hugo was scaring Bart by going “Kali maaaaa!” at him and pretending to pull out his heart.

Oscar joined in dressed up as a Thugee priest. “Kali Maaaaaaa!”

“Oscar stop this blasphemy and go to bed!” Lisa told him off.

Oscar pulled a face at her and went to his room.

The next day at work. Some Indian people were praying to a statue of Shiva.

“Om namah Shaviya! Om namah shaviya!” They chanted while bowing to Cultist Homer.

“Enough! Now for my amusement let the monkey fight the elephant!” said Homer.

An elephant was released into the room and then a monkey wearing armour and carrying a scimitar. The elephant trumpeted.

The monkey shrieked and dropped his sword and ran away.

“Yeah you better run Hanuman!” Homer yelled. “Now everyone take a coffee break and we’ll start the human sacrifices to Kali at two o clock.”

The Indian people left cheering.


The rest of the family were having lunch.

“After that puke fest yesterday I’m ordering us some real Indian food!” said Oscar getting out an Indian menu and ordering.

“Anything not to too hot for me.” said Bart.

“Okay I’ll order you a prawn puri.” said Oscar smirking.

“No! Do not order me that!” Bart whined. “I’m allergic!”

“Then be more clear about what you actually want me to order.” said Oscar.

“Only vegetarian things for me!” said Lisa. “And nothing too spicy that I can see through time!”

“Stop looking into the heart of the TARDIS then...” said Oscar.

“I want beef curry! Mwuhahahaha!” said Hugo laughing evilly.

“That doesn’t exist Hugo. For obvious reasons...” said Oscar. “Now everyone write down what you want or I’ll just order anything...” said Oscar.

Oscar ordered lots of food.

“Mmmmmm! Onion Bhaji...” Oscar moaned with pleasure like Homer would with food.

Plot 3[]

Meanwhile in a fiery red hellish cavern below a giant demonic statue of Kali with a big skull below her carrying the shankara stones. Homer as Mola Ram was over seeing a human sacrifice as some poor Indian sap wearing a flower garland thought he was on holiday as thuggee guards strapped him into a cage.

“Om Namah Shaviya! Om Namah Shaviya!” He chanted frightened.

“Kali Ma shakti de! Kali ma! Kali Ma!” said Homer as Mola Ram. Then his mobile phone rang.

“Oh hi Boy! Er this is kind of a really important moment at work.” said Homer.

“Dad are you performing human sacrifices?” Bart sighed.

“No...” Homer lied. “Look don’t ring me up during work hours telling how to do my job!” Homer told Bart off. “Anyway how are things?”

“Well there’s a new bully at my school terrorising me!” said Bart. Suddenly a window broke. “Oh crud! He’s in the house!!” There was a tubby kid wearing old fashioned British clothes carrying a small club menacingly as he entered the lounge where Bart was.

Oscar screamed a karate war cry as he jumped at the bully.

Homer found this to be weird. “Okay I have to go now...” he ended the call. “Now where was I? Ah. Kali ma! Kali ma!”

The poor Indian guy prayed desperately to Shiva.


Meanwhile after defeating Bart’s new bully Oscar took Hugo to the plant.

“So where is this secret passageway Bart found supposedly...” Oscar asked.

“Here, behind this statue with boobs!” said Hugo pushing a statue backwards with his hands on its chest.

“Don’t touch its boobs!” Oscar groaned.

Hugo laughed. They went down the new tunnel revealed behind it.

Eventually they came to a tunnel with bugs all over the floor.

“This floor is crunchy. Hold on we need light.” said Oscar. “Lumos!” He used the wand light charm and a green eerie light filled the chamber. There were bugs crawling on the floor. “Ugh! Bugs...”

“Mmmmmm! Crunchy!” said Hugo licking his lips. He began eating the bugs. Oscar gagged at the sight of him doing that.

Meanwhile Indiana Jones, Willie and Short Round were in a chamber.

“Now Short Round, don’t touch anything.” said Indiana Jones.

“Okay Dr Jones. I not touch anything!” said Short Round carelessly leaning on a hidden switch. It clunked and went in. Spikes descended from the ceiling.

“Indy!!” Willie cried.

“Lady only here because she humping director.” said Short Round.

Meanwhile in the bug corridor.

“Did you hear someone?” Hugo asked as he crawled about on all fours eating bugs.

“No not really. Now stop eating bugs! You’re making me gag!” Oscar groaned. “Let’s get out of here.”

They passed Indiana Jones peaking out of a hole in the wall.

“We are going to Thai!” he yelled.

“I hate Thai! It’s too spicy! I wanna go Olive Garden!” said Oscar.

“We always go Olive Garden! I hate Olive Garden!” said Indiana Jones.


Meanwhile Lenny and Carl were trying to find Homer in the temple of Doom.

“Behind one of these doors is Homer Simpson. Behind the other is a man eating tiger!” said an Indian guy.

Lenny looked behind one of the doors there was a tiger. He quickly shut it in. Carl looked behind the other expecting to find their good friend Homer. But there was another tiger.

“Both these doors have tigers behind them!” said Lenny.

“One of the tigers is called Homer Simpson.” said the Indian guy.

Meanwhile Mr Burns took the rest of the Simpsons up river because apparently they needed to help Homer because he went mad with power.

“Like that book Heart of Darkness.” said Mr Burns. Bart shivered in disgust at the mention of books.

“I’m pretty sure that was the point of the episode until Oscar went insane with the Indiana Jones references.” said Lisa.

Moon man from McDonald’s was sailing with them.

“Why is he here?!” Bart groaned.

The crescent moon headed mascot would not leave them.

In the temple of doom Homer was drinking the blood of Kali.

“Mmmmmm! Valuable iron...” he groaned.

“Homer you’re being a right jackass...” said Carl.

“Oh you! Fine! Now I will not give you the antidote!” Homer growled annoyed.

“Antidote?! What for?” Carl asked.

Homer snickers. “To the poison you just drank! A Hahahahaha!”

Carl face palmed.

Homer got everyone to pray to him again.

”Oh nom Shivay! Oh nom Shivay!” The people chanted to Shiva.

”Kali ma shakti de! Kali maaaaaaa! Kali maaaaaaaa!” Homer chanted.

”Oh bloody blessed Homer stop invoking Kali!” said Apu’s cousin because apparently in canon Homer met Apu’s cousin/nephew in India. “Do you know anything about The Hindu gods?”

“Well, let’s see... We have Monkey Guy... The Elephant man...(XD) Johnny six arms and old Papa Smurf...” said Homer calling a blue Brahman Papa Smurf.

”No you idiot!” Apu’s cousin yelled.

Suddenly Homer’s family, Oscar, Apu, Mr Burns and Smithers and the Moon man from McDonald’s stormed in.

“Intruders! Seize them!” Homer as Mola Ram yelled.

”Homie we’re your family! And you’re not a god! You’re a sweet gentleman who just thinks highly of himself sometimes...” said Marge.

”I too am a God! I know all!” Homer replied.

”Oh yeah? When’s Mom’s birthday?” Lisa asked.

”Januuuuuuuu... Februuuuu... Maaaaarge...” Homer tried to guess.

“Ooooooooh! It’s October the 1st! Same as Randy Quaid’s!” Marge snapped. Barring inconsistencies in canon. I’m going with this one.

”I knew that...” said Homer.

Mr Burns did nothing to convince Homer to stop his cherade. “Now Marge I don’t mind if Hubert has let power get to his head like Col. Kurtz but as long as he runs my Power Plant just fine,,,”

”Oh look at the time! Tea break everyone!” said Homer. “Relax for a few minutes then it’s back to work!”

”Yaaaaaaay!” everyone cheered.

“Wait! You like your master and overlord?!” Mr Burns gasped.

”Yes! Apart from the blasphemous human sacrifices to Mother Kali and blood drinking, Mr Simpson is a kind and generous man!” said an Indian worker.

”He taught us pay rises, sickness pay, annual leave...” said another.

”Who taught you such things?!” Mr Burns snapped.

”Homer Simpson did!” said the Indians.

”Well... The going mad with power, the human sacrifices, the lava pit and the animal combat I can understand...” Mr Burns ranted, an elephant dressed nicely was swallowing the monkey from earlier. Oh my god! Meat eating elephants!

”Hey! No crimes against nature! You’re a herbivore!” Bart told off the elephant.

”But treating employees like human beings?! that is MADNESS!” Mr Burns screamed.

”Madness...” Homer muttered.

”Dad no!” Bart knew where he was going with this...

“THIS IS INDIAAAAAAAAA!” Homer screamed and and thumped the button that opens the lava pit trapdoor. Mr Burns plunged to his doom screaming.

”I’m coming sir! Aaaaaaaagh!” Smithers jumped after him.

”Okay this episode is screwed. End it now please...” Bart groaned.

”You are the worst god I have ever heard of!” Oscar yelled at Homer leaving his evil cult.

”But you’ve heard of me right?” said Homer.

”Dad you’re not a god...” said Lisa.

”Okay. It was fun while it lasted. Let’s go home.” said Homer.