Simpsons Fanon

The Simpsons Halloween Spooktacular is the last episode of the first season of the Simpsons in my fanon. It's the start of Halloween season so the Simpsons announce there'll be a spooky episode each year.

  • Dan Castellana as Homer Simpson
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson

Guest stars

  • Hank Azaria
  • Harry Shearer
  • Tress MacNeille
  • Phil Hartman
  • Eileen Stevens as Oscar Tamaki


It's the start of Halloween at the Simpsons and Marge and Homer are decorating the house for Halloween. They then address the Fourth Wall (Us) about Halloween and that each year (Season) they will have a spooky episode where anything can happen.

"Halloween is a very strange holiday. Personally, I don’t understand it. Kids worshipping ghosts, pretending to be devils." said Marge concerned.

Her family and Oscar glared at her.

”Anyway from now on every Halloween we will have adventures where anything can happen!” said Lisa.

“Like Bart having an evil twin, cannibalistic teachers or horror movie references.” said Oscar. “Or even... Headless clowns!”

“No.” said Homer.

"Now won't that be cool!" said Bart to the fourth wall.

“I wanna clown with no head!” Oscar said being silly.

“No Oz...” said Bart.

“How about clown taquitos?” asked Oscar.

“No!” Bart yelled.

”Bart don’t yell at him!” Marge said sharply.


At Springfield Elementary Willie chases out some bats from the school's boiler room. The kid think this is some Halloween prank and run off screaming.

Then in Ms Krabappel's, Bart pulls a prank with the model skeleton and scares everyone. Ms Krabappel tells him off and says if he likes Halloween so much then they can learn its history as the Gaelic festival of Samhain. Everyone except Martin groans.

“And that’s why a vengeful evil pumpkin headed spirit in Ghost Busters called Samhain is where we get Halloween from.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Now who wants to here the history of Mexican Day of the Dead?”

Everyone ran off screaming not wanting another boring lecture.

Meanwhile in town that night Samhain from Ghostbusters was gathering his monster minions.

“I’m pleased you arrived my little ones.” said Samhain

“And soon the world will have eternal night! I will make Halloween night last for ever!!” said Samhain

“That’s actually cool Mr Pumpkin dude.” said Oscar.

“I am Samhain! How dare you address me mortal!” Samhain yelled.

Before Oscar could say something witty Slimer flew screaming at him and slimed him.

“Eeeeeeew! He slimed me...” Oscar groaned.

“No matter. You insignificant mortals cannot stop me!” said Samhain.

Bart, Lisa and Oscar arrive home to find home to find the house decorated for Halloween. There are pumpkins out, spiderwebs and plastic spiders, and skulls with candles in them. Ned Flanders complains their celebration is devilish and takes Rod and Todd indoors to the Flanders shelter.

”Oh Neddy!” Maude cried. “Those devilish Simpsons and their evil holiday!” Maude cried.

”I know pumpkin. Into the Flanders shelter...” Ned shuts himself and his family into the Flanders shelter.


Marge sends the kids upstairs to pick out their costumes. Bart wants to be a Frankenstein's monster. Oscar wants to be a clown. Bart explains clowns aren't scary, he has to pick a scary costume. “No Oz... you have to be something scary...”

"Fine, a vampire clown." said Oscar.

“Oz why the fudge do you want to be a clown?!” Bart yelled.

“Because they’re cute especially cartoon clowns with big red shiny noses...” said Oscar as a clown.

Bart face palmed.

”Oz you’re not being a flippin’ clown!” Bart ranted.

”Maaaaaarge! Bart won’t let me be what I want for Halloween!” Oscar yelled.

”Bart! Let Oscar go as a clown!” Marge snapped.

Bart sulked frustrated with Oscar going as a cute clown with a big red shiny nose.


It's Halloween night and Marge takes the kids trick or treating. Oscar as a vampire clown keeps squeaking his shiny red rubber clown nose. They don't get much candy because of Lisa's educational costume, Susan B. Anthony.

“Oscar stop squeaking your clown nose...” Bart sighed.


“Oz what the?!” Bart gasped. Oscar was picking his clown nose as if it was his actual nose. He was pulling on a long gooey booger.

“Eeeeeeeew! Oz...” Bart groaned.


At church, Reverend Lovejoy is angered by the latest Halloween celebrations and campaigns to have it banned as satanic. Suddenly gremlins invade the church and harass everyone. Bart and Lisa follow the gremlins outside to find the sky omninously red and a being wearing rags with a pumpkin jack o lantern for a head.

The being announces he is Samhain, the Lord of Halloween. And that he is angered by talk of canceling halloween. However he's not to happy about people making a mockery of his gremlins and monsters either.

Then the Ecto-1 pulls up and the Ghostbusters jump out and zap Samhain with their proton packs. However it doesn't work so Lisa suggests they speak with Samhain. He agrees to leave if they don't cancel Halloween. The townsfolk make Reverend Lovejoy and Ned back down as they don't want an angry Gaelic deity unleashing eternal night and gremlins on them.

Samhain is pleased, but decides to make Springfield suffer a gremlin infestation for the rest of the day, because he has no reason for being nasty, it's just his nature.

“I don’t have a reason to be mean and nasty. It’s just my nature!” said Samhain.

”Well maybe stop being mean and nasty then...” said Bart.

”Shut up!” Samhain snapped.


The Simpsons at home plot to find away to get rid of Samhain and his monsters. Oscar exclaims they're not so bad until some gremlins dance on the table and ruin dinner.

Suddenly all the holiday mascots arrive and agree to help. They are Tom Turkey, Cupid, The Easter bunny and Santa Clause. The Mascots fly to Samhain's tower and beat him up. He agrees to leave and takes his monsters and gremlins with him.

“Oscar that was the stupidest story ever...” said Bart.

“No it wasn’t! It had everything! A Ghostbusters reference! Samhain from Ghostbusters... Zuul...” said Oscar,

“Zuuuuuuuul!” Zuul yelled.

The Simpsons were in a theatre with red curtains. Could be the school assembly hall.

“Mom why are we in this hall?” Bart asked.

“Because we will be needing it every Treehouse of Horror episode dear.” said Marge.

“You’re calling it Treehouse of Horror?” Bart asked intrigued.

“Well it was either Halloween horror or Mad man Moe’s Spooktacukar frudgeacooker.” said Honer.

“I like it.” said Barney hiding in the curtains.

“Barney get out from behind the curtains.” Homer sighed.

“Anyway I think this hall would be sweet for the openings where Marge tries to warn our viewers not to watch the episode because it is too scary." said Oscar.

“Why do I have to always be the bad guy?” Marge sighed.

“Because you always insist on being the Mom all the time...” said Homer.

Marge grumbled.

“Any next we- Oh God!” Oscar was disturbed by something.

“What?” Bart asked.

Under a stage curtain was Steph Curry’s daughter Riley. She was pulling at the curtain and walking towards the stage giggling.

“Aaaaaaaaaaagh! A curtain monster!” Oscar screamed.

“Oz that’s just Riley Curry playing with the curtains...” said Bart.

”Oh...” said Oscar wiping his brow.

”How many stories should we do for every Treehouse of Horror?” Lisa asked.

”Three. We take it in turns to each tell a story, and they have to be good ones.” said Homer nagging and being bossy at the end.

”Are horror movie references allowed?” Oscar asked.

”Oh sure! Hell reference the latest trending films if you must. That’s a,ways a great idea!” said Homer.


In the kitchen at the Simpsons house Marge was making Halloween cookies.

“Black icing for spider webs, orange icing to look like little jack o lanterns. And voila!” said Marge.

An old lady praised her.

“Why thank you.” said Marge.

Marge did the dishes. But unbeknownst to her the old lady turned into a monster. A giant green T. rex like beast with a beak of exposed gum tissue and crooked teeth.

“Oh! The immediate staff? That would include you right?” asked Wat.

Oscar came in and saw the monster. He gulped and did his Shemp impression waving his arms about pointing at the monster.

“I’ve seen your stupid Shemp...” Marge sighed.

“Gna! Gna! Gnaaaa!” Oscar made vampire noises.

“I’ve seen your stupid Curly too...” Said Marge.

Wat roared startling her.

“Oh my! I mean Aaaaaaaaargh!” Marge screamed.

“You dare thwart the will of Wat?!” Wat roared.

“Cool! They rhymed!” said Oscar.


Bart meanwhile encounters the Ghostbusters version of the Boogeyman.

“Fear me child! I am the Boogeyman!” said the boogeyman in a raspy Negatron voice.

“No. That’s a boogeyman.” said Bart pointing to a shadowy monster with long bent arms ending in claws. A wide mouth of razor sharp teeth and yellow eyed.

The Ghostbusters Boogeyman screamed and ran away in terror.

“I thought a boogeyman was a disgusting blob of living slime...” said Oscar imagining the boogeyman as a slime and booger monster.

“No that’s something else Oz...” said Bart.

Oscar was then downstairs eating Stay Puft marshmallows when the eggs exploded and cooked themselves. He was startled by this. Then the fridge glowed with eerie light and something inside roared.

He looked inside. Instead of groceries and the back of the fridge, there was a Sumerian pyramid with demon dogs at it.

“Zuuuuuuuuuul!” said the demon dogs.

Oscar screamed and shut the fridge door.


Meanwhile Maggie waddled about in her diaper when Teddy the living teddy bear sniffed her diaper with his big wet shiny nose. She squeezed his nose.

He then sniffed her again. So she honked his nose again.

“Don’t do that Oz...” Bart sighed.

“Do what?” Oscar asked.

Fill up your five page quota with random nonsense about shiny bear noses and diaper sniffing! Especially involving my sister Maggie!” Bart ranted.

“Fine. Maybe I’ll sit on that possessed Zuul chair that molests Dana in the Ghostbusters film and gives everyone nightmares!” said Oscar ranting.

“Why did they think that would a good idea in a lightheartedly spooky family movie?!” Bart asked disturbed by why the makes thought traumatising everyone was a good idea.

“Okay I’ll stop writing crud. Mmmmmmm! Crud...” said Oscar having sexual thoughts about Crud the slime monster from Winnie the Pooh.

Speaking of which. He sat down to watch Winnie the Pooh doing his exercises in the mirror. But at one point his head spun round far too many degrees for a neck to allow. Like the girl in the Exorcist basically.

“Winnie?!” Oscar gulped.

“The legions of Hell will consume you! Fire and blood! Purge the unclean!” Winnie was possessed by demons.

“Oooooh! This cartoon has gone downhill since the eighth season....” Marge sighed.

“Marge... why is there a dog in the refrigerator?” Homer asked.

“Zuuuuuuuuul!” Zuul yelled.

“Can I get a beer?” Homer asked.

“There is no beer! Only Zuul!” Zuul yelled.

“Okay I’ll drink that then.” said Homer.

Zuul grimaced. This Sub creature was obviously stupid.

Then he possessed Maude Flanders.

”There is no Maude, only Zuul!” said Maude to Ned dressed in a revealing orange torn dress with her hair down and long.

”Oh Zuul you old nut. Now let me talk to Maude, I want to talk to my wife!” said Ned chuckling.

”There is only Zuuuuuul!” said a creepy deep monster voice from Maude.

”What a lovely singing voice you must have!” said Ned.

”Why thank you Sub Creature! I may request Gozer spare your pathetic world!” said Zuul pleased.

Plot 2[]

Baby Oscar in a diaper climbed onto the green armchair and sat down, suddenly monstrous arms ripped out of the armchair and pinned him down. He screamed until a monster’s arm that looked zombie like clamped over his mouth and nose silencing him.

Zuul was at a door way roaring.

Oscar wet his diaper from fear.

”Eeeeew!” Zuul groaned.

The armchair was then dragged with Oscar into the light.

Oscar found himself in Zuul’s temple. Demonic arms tore out of the armchair and tickled his feet. He giggled until he wet his diaper. Teddy then climbed in the couch and sniffed Oscar’s diaper taking advantage that he was pinned down. Oscar winced as the Teddy’s big wet shiny black nose sniffed him. He wet himself further.

Zuul released him. Oscar ran off back through the portal to the Simpsons house. He found a peach coloured armchair in the place of the green one Zuul possessed. Thinking nothing could go wrong he sat in it. Yog Sothoth used his powers to melt it into living slime. The cartoon slime engulfed Oscar who cried out and struggled in the goo.

“Ugh! Slimy! Nnnnngh!”

It then oozed across the floor, up the wall and settled on the ceiling. Gluing Oscar in place. Oscar struggles and squirmed.

Bart saw this and winced. “Um okay...”

Bart was then watching Halloween themed shows that were on at Halloween. Ie a mad scientist was performing horrific experiments on some poor sap.

During this interlude in which Homer was dealing Zuul in the fridge again. Oscar got himself free of Yog Sothoth’s slime that disguises itself as armchairs. Oscar was picking a Halloween costume to go trick or treating again. Um Halloween is forever now because of Samhain...

”Please don’t go as a clown again...” Bart groaned.

Oscar who was purple for some reason glared at him. “No I’m going as the incredible plum!” He wore a purple Hulk mask. “Grrrrr! You won’t like me when I’m angry!”

”I already don’t like you...” Bart said rudely.

”Shut up!” Oscar snapped.

”Oz I’ll run you a quick bath and you can go as the Boston philharmonic orchestra...” said Bart.

”That doesn’t make sense. Nobody will get-“ said Oscar.

”Oz just get in the bath!” Bart yelled.

”I want to go as the incredible Plum...” said Oscar.

”No you’re not! Now get in!“ Bart snapped.

”Okay. But you won’t like me when I’m angry...” said Oscar.

”What’s going on? Bart are you being pushy about Oscar’s Halloween costumes again...” Lisa frowned.

”Oh look! Who’s here to ruin everything you ruiner! No author I’m not being edgy like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and making an A bomb gag....”

“I’m going as the incredible Plum!” said Oscar.

”No Oz! No you’re not!” Bart grunted annoyed.

”Oz would you like to go as Tom Selleck?” Marge asked holding a fake moustache kit.

”Only if I can be The Incredible Plum too.” said Oscar.

”Why sure!” said Marge sweetly.

”No! NO! Nononono-“ Bart scolded Oscar.

”Stop it Bart! Oz will go as whom he wants!” Marge scolded Bart.

Bart rubbed his temples (sides of his head) frustrated.

Oscar was going on about the Incredible Plum.

”Yes. And his genitals were purple!” said Bart.

Suddenly Hugo arrived downstairs.

”Hey Look Marge, we’ve already got a trick or treater!” said Homer.

”No you don’t understand. I live here. You’re my Mom and Dad.” said Hugo.

”Really?” said Homer.

”I live in the attic. Along with this onion spider thing called Willie Nelson.” said Hugo.

”The Willie Nelson?!” Bart gasped.

”Well no, not the Willie Nelson.” said Willie Nelson the onion spider thing.

”Nice costume.” said Oscar.

”No I told you! I’m not in costume! I live here! In the attic! I’m a monster.” said Hugo.

“Aaaaaagh! Marge get the ax!” Homer yelled.

”Well I am Zuul! Zuul mother fucker!” said Zuul.

“Now has there been any mail?” Hugo asked.

”Oh yeah there is. Master Hugo Simpson. 7 42 Evergreen Terrace Attic.” said Lisa handing Hugo a letter.

Hugo took it and returned to the attic.

“Wait! We can order an ax! From Amazon!” said Homer in the background.

“You are the gayest monster ever since the gays came to Gayville!” Bart called Willie Nelson the onion spider thing gay.

”Bart stop that.” said Marge.

“What are you supposed to be? Onions of Arabia?” Oscar asked Willie Nelson the onion spider thing.

Willie Nelson the onion spider thing sighed exasperated.


Bart went trick or treating frustrated as Oscar got to go as the Incredible Plum.

”You won’t like me when I’m angry...” Oscar said to a neighbour.

”Ahehehe!” said Dr Hibbert giving them candy.

Elsewhere in the attic Hugo was having a “Attic monsters Anonymous” meeting with Willie Nelson the onion spider thing and Roger the alien.


Then the Simpsons had to deal with an ax murderer called Jerry. Because it’s Halloween...

“Yeah Jerry says you guys had a little run in, but he's a decent guy once you get to know him.” said Oscar.

“I know that guy was all over you with his ax!“ said Homer as Oscar had an ax in his back.

“Nah, that don't sound like Jerry. Now the Jerry I know took me to Merry Christmas." said Oscar.

Lisa winced exasperated.

”Oz, what is wrong with you...” Bart groaned.

Then Jerry chopped his way in through the door like Jack Nicholson. “Here’s Jerry!”

The Simpsons fled screaming.

Oscar by all logic should be dead from the ax in his back was talking to some socks he wore on his hands as sock puppets.

“SILENCE! Do not insult Orbnauticus, or you will be damned forever to the Forbidden Zone!” He yelled at his sock puppets.

Bart winced as he ran past in blind panic as Jerry chased the Simpsons with an ax.

Oscar decided amongst the serial killer attack to eat his Halloween candy.

”Oz we’re being attacked by an ax murderer and by all logic you should be dead! Jerry got you in the back!” Bart yelled being chased by Jerry.

”No this is is only a flesh wound.” said Oscar.

”Can I tell a high brow scary story like Poe’s the Raven?” Lisa asked.

”No!” said Bart and Oscar.

Lisa frowned.