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In this conclusion, the regular theme-song comes on, and Homer finds out Lisa is having another baby.

The Simpsons Family Reunion Pt. 2
Lisa's Sax Solo:
Lisa plays the Scooby Doo, Where Are You? theme-song.
Blackboard Text:
I AM NOT A DIVORCED 40 YEAR OLD FATHER (Ironically, he is in this episode.)
Title Screen:
Kang and Kodos fly by in a UFO watching this episode and laughing.
Billboard Gag:
DR. FRINK'S TIME MACHINE! - Try it today!
Special Guest:
Josh Keaton as Troy McClure's ghost


Homer is confused when Bart shows up for the reunion, and plays along with it. Homer later sits down in the kitchen and says "oh, what would Troy McClure do?" All of the sudden, Troy McClure's ghost appears and says "I could help!" Homer tell McClure's ghost to shut up, then Homer grabs the toaster and throws it at the ghost, causing it to dissapear. Meanwhile Lis and Millhouse arrive with there daughter, and Lisa reveals the big news: she's having another baby! Homer walks in and sees Lisa, says hi, and walks back into the kitchen. Marge asks why Homers so grumpy, and everybody is quite for 1 minute, then they hear an explosion. They go outside and see a puff of smoke coming from the Kwik-E-Mart. Apuruns screaming as he is chased by a cyborg version of Snake. Later at Moe's, Homer is drinking a Duff when Bart walks in and asks him why he's being so grumpy. Homer yawns and Bart says "ya know, Lisa having another baby." Homer jumps out of his chair and yells "What?!?!?!" Barney burps and says "congrats, Home--- er, whats yer name again?"