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The Simpsons Family Reunion Part 1
The Simpsons Family Reunion Part 2
The Simpsons Family Reunion Part 1
Episode Number
Original Airdate December 21, 2011
Couch Gag In the new version of the theme-song, Bart is in his apartment drinking Duff, when he looks at the clock then jumps out of the apartment building on a mortorcycle and drives past Ralph Wiggum, the new sherrif, and somone holding a container with a hole in the bottom leaking out ashes with the name "Bleeding Gums Murphy" on it. Then we see Lisa at work writing something down, then she looks at her wrist-watch and walks out humming a catchy tune. Next we see Marge shopping at the store with grown-up Maggie, then at the check-out, Maggie slips on the wet floor and lands on the check-out. The cashier scans her with the price scanner and puts her into the paper bag, then the cashier throws the paper-bag into Marge's cart, and Maggie is sitting in the paper-bag, frustrated. Then we see Homer land in the simpsons drive-way (NOTE: Homer is in a flying-car, when Bart jumps over the top of Homers flying car on his motorcycle, and Homer grunts. Then Lisa drives by and scratches Homers car, and finally, Marge flies by, but bumps into Homer, and when she lands, Homer falls backward through the open door. Then Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge jump on the couch, and Maggie jumps onto Marge's lap. Finally, Homer and Marge's grand-children jump onto the couch, and Bart slips off the end of couch.
Special Guest Voices Brad Pitt as Himself / Robot Version of Himself
Written By Sam Jones
Directed By Sam Jones

Its the future in Summer, when the family reunion of the Simpsons takes place, but not everything goes well.


Homer is old and angry. He goes to Moe's, and now that Moe already killed himself, Barney runs the bar. Homer watches TV and drinks a Duff when The Addmas Family Reunion comes on TV as part of the "long lost centuries old marathon of cheesy family movies" on TV. Barney starts talking, and says "aw, that was a [BURP!] movie", leaving it unknown if he liked it or not. Homer decides to call the kids and see how they're doing, but when theres no time to answer the phone, they all ignore Homer. Homer asks Marge to write a letter to the kids for him, because everyone in the future has the ability to write besides Homer, because to keep theyre writing ability, all humans had to take a shot, and Homer was too scared to do it. While writing, Marge gets a call from Selma about planning for Patty's wedding (with a robot version of Brad Pitt, of course), and when the call is over, she forgets what Homer told her to write, and she says "well, it was something about the family getting to bond again." She then writes a letter about a family reunion and sends it to all her relatives. Meanwhile, Homer is watching a movie with Brad Pitt in it, when Brad Pitt walked up, and he was still young. Homer screamed, and Brad said he was so rich, he got a time machine. Homer said they didn't invent them until at least 2017, and Brad Pitt nervously replies and says "uh, yeah. But, uh, when your... you know, that rich... uuh... NASA has nothing to do with this!" Just after Brad says this, a computer-chip in the back of his neck shocks him and he falls down on the floor, unconscious. Homer, after a few minutes of silence, screams again and quickly changes the channel. Marge walks in and kicks Brad's body to the side saying "I dont even wanna ask why he's here." Marge is about to say something when the door-bell rings, and she angrily goes to answer it. She opens the door and sees Bart with his 2 sons. Homer walks up and asks whos at the door, and sees Bart and screams saying "aaah! You were kicked out of your house again?!?!" Bart mentions the family reunion and Homer, once again, screams. Bart looks at Homer with confusion, as Homer runs into the living room.