Simpsons Fanon

The Simpsons Day Out The Simpson family go to a candy exhibition and Homer causes trouble by stealing a rare Venus de Milo gummy.

Then Homer gets accused of sexual harassment by the baby sitter for grabbing her butt. He was actually pulling his Venus de Milo gummy off of her butt that she had sat on.

Homer’s solution when he gets in serious trouble is to go and live under the see and infringe the copyright of Disney. Meanwhile Bart uses this opportunity to force Homer to give him what he wants by accusing him of sexual harassment.


The Simpsons are having breakfast. Bart is picking the oat pieces out of his marshmallows Itchy and Scratchy cereal and putting them back in the box.

“Damn FDA! Why can’t it be all marshmallows?” Bart groaned.

"Bart! Don't put them back in the box! Put them in the trash!" Lisa whined.

There's a candy exhibition and Homer had tickets.

"Listen kids, I have a tale of the sweetest sweets! The dandies of candies! The-"

"You've got tickets to a candy convention. We can see the tickets..." Bart replied.

"Please Marge! Can we go? Can we?" Homer begged his wife,

"Okay, but please don't do anything embarrassing..." Marge groans.

"Fine..." Homer groans.

"And the kids want to come too." Marge explained.

"But their arms are too puny! They won't be able to carry much candy!" Homer groans.

"They're coming, and that's that!" Marge insisted.


"Way to go, Mom!"

"D'oh!" Homer groans.

”And Hugey is coming too.” said Oscar.

”No!” Homer snapped.

”Hugey!” Oscar yelled.

”Oz!” Homer yelled.

”Huuuuug-ey!” Oscar acted like a brat.

They customise an old coat of Marge's to have very big pockets for storing candy. Hugo did the sewing because he’s good at sewing.


At the candy exhibition they split up to gather candy.

”Lisa you get anything fudgey, Bart you get anything chocolately.” said Homer.

”Yes sir!” said Bart.

Bart and Lisa raid the free samples of fudge.

Meanwhile Homer and Marge talk to a man selling novelty wax lips.

He talks about the wax lips many uses.

”Such as... uh... comical replacements for your own lips...”

"Wax? You can't eat that!" Homer retorts. The salesman pretends to be walking down some steps behind his counter.

Homer and Marge, who has Maggie, split up as Marge needs to sit down and think about something other than candy. She takes out a stick of celery she had on her somehow, to eat.

However a security guard stops her. "You'll have to put some sugar on that ma'am or you'll have to leave."

Marge hrrrrms.

Meanwhile Homer steals a very sour atomic lemon ball that was part of Professor Frink's experiment, to create the most sour lemon ball.

"Hey! Where did it go?" Frink asks. Homer clearly has something in his mouth which is being sucked inwards by the sourness.

"I dunno." Homer muffles.


Everyone reunites at the lobby while putting their candy into Marge's coat pockets. She is soon very full and finds it difficult to walk.

Meanwhile Homer collects Gummi sweets/candy.

“Oooooooh! Gummi bears!” said Homer. The camera pans over to Cavin and the Gummi bears from Disney’s Gummi bears. “No! I said Gummi bears! The candy not the corny cartoon!” Homer yelled. Then he collect more gummies including Gummi bears. “Gummi calves heads! Gummi jawbreakers!”

Oscar was singing the Gummi bears theme.

Cavin winced.

Homer then sees a gummy carved to look like the Venus de Milo.

"Precious Venus...." Homer groans in a creepy manner.

"Ah, I see you are admiring our Venus de Milo gummy. Carved by the finest artists in gummy!" The curator explained. Homer is collecting gummies to take home in a bag. The conversation leads to the mention of gummies a lot, which annoys Marge.

"Can you two stop saying Gummy so much?!" Marge snaps.

"Gummy!" The curator says in a German accent.

Homer really wants to steal it, but needs a distraction.

“Marge cause a distraction.” said Homer.

”No! What are you planning?!” Marge said sharply.

Suddenly Marge's coat bursts and candy spills everywhere. Everyone gasps.

"Oh! How did that all get in there?!" Marge asks innocently.

"Let us help, madame!" A curator offers to help gather up the candy.

Suddenly Homer smashes the display case of the Venus de Milo gummy and takes it. An alarm goes off.

"Stop him! He has the gummy!" The curator yells.

"Marge run!" Homer grabs Marge and the kids and they run for the exit.

As they pass a vending machine, Homer stays back and punches it to get a can of buzz cola and some pop rocks (popping candy) from it. He opens the can and the bag of candy and mixes them together to create a bomb.

"See you hell! Candy boys!" He throws it at the crowd.

The exhibition explodes as the Simpsons leap out the front door dramatically.


"Cooooool! That was awesome!" Oscar cooed.

"Oscar! Hundreds of people have died!" Bart yells at him.

"Oh leave him alone. Let's go home and enjoy our delicious sweet candy." Homer suggests as they go home.


At home the kids are crawling about in Marge's coat like ferrets.

"Hey, Lisa, I've found a deposit of nougat at the back!" Bart explained before Marge's coat explodes again spilling candy all over the living room floor.

"Woohoo! It's like Halloween! Except in the summer!" The kids cheer as they swim about in the massive pile of candy.

However Marge is cross with Homer.

"I told you I didn't want to be humiliated! Why did you steal that stupid gummy and kill all those people?!" Marge yelled at Homer.

"Marge, please! Not in front of the kids!" Homer says sheepishly. The kids are playing inside the pile of candy and staring at them.

"Homer, we hear you two fight all the time..." Bart remarks eating a fudge.

"Fine. But this isn't over! We'll talk about this later."


Soon it's time for bed, the kids are still playing in the candy pile, now in their pyjamas, and eating from it.

"It's time for bed, kids! I hope you haven't eaten so much that you'll get nightmares again..." Marge orders them to bed.

"We haven't..." The kids groan as they smuggle some to bed.


However they have nightmares again. And sleep together in Bart's bed. However they can't because of Homer and Marge arguing.

They interrupt Marge and Homer.

"Oh great, Marge, now the kids are awake!" Homer says loudly in a sulk.

"Fine... We'll talk in the morning." Marge groaned. "Off to bed you lot!" She puts the kids back to bed.


In the morning the kids have candy for breakfast and have stomach aches.

"If you don't want the candy. I can always give it to the orphanage." Marge explained. Seeing that they can't eat anymore candy.

"Noooooo!" The kids groan and hug the pile as they want to keep it.


Marge sends the kids out for the day. They go to the cinema. Bart wants to watch Space Mutants.

"No Bart! That'll give us nightmares!" Lisa whines. "Maggie wants to watch Happy Little Elves 2!"

"But that film is for babies! I don't want to watch it!" Bart whines.

"Fine, but we'll covering our eyes during the scary bits." Lisa mumbles.

"Babies!" Bart groans as they go to buy tickets.

"I'm sorry, this movie is R rated you kids aren't allowed to see it." says the squeaky voiced teen as a ticket booth worker.

"Well that's that. Looks like you can't watch it Bart." Lisa says smugly.

"Fine... four tickets to Happy Little Elves 2..." Bart reluctantly buys tickets for Lisa and Maggie's favourite cartoon. Don't worry, I'll find some way of sneaking in there.

"Is the curious bear cub in it? He's so adorable!" Oscar coos.

"Yeah, it's 3D too so make sure to take your glasses." said the squeaky voiced teen as he handed over four pairs of 3D glasses.


They then go inside to buy snacks.

"Ugh! I'm sick of the taste of candy." Bart groans still feeling sick from their candy breakfast.

Before the movie Oscar goes to the toilet to change into a baby. Bart rolls his eyes as baby Oscar comes out.

"Hey, you're going to look very odd going to see a babies' film. At least now you can just say you're babysitting me." Oscar explained through his translator. They follow the baby clad only in a diaper into the movie's screen room and take their seats.

The film soon starts. Bart is already bored and falls asleep. After some plot explaining involving a pirate and some buried treasure. The elves let out the curious bear cub from his chest. The giant green bear cub sniffs the screen breaking the fourth wall. Every baby/toddler in the audience wets themselves including Oscar.

"Ugh! Oscar it's too dark for me to change you!" Bart groans as the spiky haired baby boy whimpers.


Eventually the movie finishes and they go home. Homer and Marge have finished bickering. Then the kids are suddenly sick on the floor from eating too much candy.

'Oh dear..." Marge sighs.

After clearing up vomit Marge and Homer have arranged to go out for the evening to make up from arguing. They hire Ashley Grant to babysit.

"Wow! Ashley Grant! College student and well known feminist!" Lisa is in awe.

"Mom! How could you leave us with this monster?!" Bart whines.

"Bart!" Lisa yells at Bart.

"Now you kids be good while your father and I are gone." said Marge.

After they left.

"Lady, there's no way Bart Jojo Simpson does chores." said Bart.

"I have the Eviscerator IV!" said Ashley Grant holding a videogame cartridge.

"Coooool! That's the game Mom won't let me play!" Bart cooed. Um I thought it was Bonestorm...

"Do your chores and I'll let you play it." said Ashley Grant. Keeping the cartridge out of his reach.

Bart drooled.

"Wow! How did you get him to listen to you?" Lisa asked.

"Oh men always follow their videogame cartridges..." said Ashley Grant. She swung the cartridge towards the hall wall so Bart slammed into it trying to get at the videogame cartridge.

"Ow!" Bart groaned rubbing his head.

Lisa snickered.

Later Oscar and Bart were watching Gentle Ben, a talk show.

"Wow, I didn't know you guys like watching talking shows." said Ashley Grant.

"I don't. I want to watch cartoons." said Bart bored.

"Sssh! This show is hilarious! Gentle Ben always goes completely nuts!" said Oscar.

The talk show had a twist. A full sized grizzly bear with a microphone on his head called Gentle Ben was the host. He would crawl about and let ladies make comments about the guest on the show.

"I say we pay more into our public schools and less Juan Joses!" said a lady. Ben growled and nodded before scampering over to another guest.

"Yes I have a question-" the lady spoke but Gentle Ben ignored her and ran for the buffet table and started eating.

"No Ben no!" A crew member tried to stop him. Ben smacked him away. Then crew members with tranquilliser guns shot him and he growled before stumbling into the audience and the show suddenly cut out and went to test card.

Oscar was laughing hysterically.

"Okay it's not that funny Oscar..." Bart sighed.

Plot 2[]

Homer and Marge eventually got home.

“How was the boy...” Homer asked Ashley Grant dangerously angry, essentially screwing things for Bart immediately if he was misbehaving.

“Oh he was an angel tonight Mr Simpson. I even managed to get him to tidy his room!” said the babysitter.

“Oh my! You’re a miracle worker! We can never get Bart to tidy his room! What’s your secret?” Marge asked.

“Oh I have my ways...” said the babysitter.

Then Homer was wasting time when the babysitter wanted to go home looking for his Venus de Milo gummy. “Where is it!? Boy did you eat my Venus de Milo gummy?!” Homer desperately looked for his gummy that caused all that trouble... He even accused Bart of eating it.

“Hell no!” said Bart.

“Homer the babysitter has been waiting in the car for ten minutes! Take her home!” Marge nagged.

“She’s fine! She’s having loads of fun n there!” said Homer.

Someone was impatiently honking a car horn.

“See? She’s having fun already!” said Homer.

Eventually Homer drove Ashley Grant home. He bored her with idle conversations about what Lenny did yesterday in the tavern.

“Just drop me off here Mr Simpson I can walk home.” said the babysitter bored.

“Okay, but I’d feel horrible if something happened to you!” said Homer.

As Ashley got up Homer saw his Venus de Milo gummy was stuck to her butt all smooshed. Homer didn’t consider this a problem. He wanted his gummy...

“Precious Venus...” he said in a creepy manner and peeled the gummy off of Ashley’s butt. She thought he was groping her and screamed and ran away.

“Thank you!” said Homer and he ate his gummy.

Of course he ends up in serious trouble...


It was breakfast. Bart, Lisa and Oscar got their appetites for candy and sugar back. They were eating from the giant candy pile.

Marge sighed in disappointment.

“So you like sweets kids?” Homer asked. The kids nodded and chatted with approval. “Well kids I know a place that’s sweeter than sweetness itself! In this sweet place, earthly donuts are as sour as poison! You’d spit them out, you would!” Homer went on and on.

“You got tickets to another candy convention Dad...” said Bart.

“Yes indeedy!” said Homer.

“How did you get tickets?” Lisa asked.

“Oh they were giving them away with one in every million Krusty Klump bar and Krusty Klump bar with almonds.... I have my methods...” said Homer.

There is a flashback of him at Apu’s shop. Apu is angry at him for mangling the merchandise to find the tickets. He was ripping open the Krusty Klump bars and putting them back until he got the one with the tickets.

“Hey, hey! I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise! You leave me little choice but to ask you nicely again!” Apu scolded Homer.

Back in the present, before Homer could even consider discussing this candy convention matter further there was the sound of an angry mob outside.

“Oh my! That sounds like an angry mob!” said Marge.

“The candy conventioneers tracked us down!” Homer yelled.

“How? You murdered all of them!” said Oscar.

“Anyone here find this adventure in our lives annoying that Dad somehow got away Scot Free with multiple counts of first degree murder? I really hope it’s the authorities...” said Bart.

“Quiet boy.” said Homer getting up to see what the commotion was about outside.

At his front door was an angry mob.

“There he is! That’s the man that sexually harassed me!” Ashley Grant yelled.

“Whoa, for a minute there I thought I was in big tro-Whaaaaaat?!” said Homer before realising.

“Two, four, six, eight! Homer’s crime was very great!” The angry mob chanted.

The rest of the Simpsons came outside.

Marge eventually got wing of what Homer was being accused of.

“Marge I swear I didn’t touch her! You know how bashful I am! I can’t even say titmouse without giggling like a schoolgirl! Hehehe!” said Homer giggling.

“Well I believe you sweetheart!” said Marge.

The angry mob booed her.

“The trouble is this angry mob doesn’t! You’ve got to appeal to them that you didn’t do it!” said Marge.

The angry mob jeered and booed.

“People please! I did not grab your butt! I was merely grabbing a Venus de Milo gummy that was stuck to your pants!” said Homer.

“That’s the oldest excuse in the book!” said Ashley Grant disgusted with Homer.

“Yeah get outta here Weinstein!” yelled a protester.

“Come on! I’m a decent guy!” Homer whined.” The protestors threw things at him.

Homer ran inside whimpering and shut himself and his family in.

“Why would any guy want to touch a girl’s butt? That’s where cooties come from!” said Bart.

“Bart you have a lot to learn when you’re older...” Oscar sighed.

“I don’t understand! What is she saying you did?” Lisa asked.

“Kids remember that post card Grampa sent us back from Florida of the alligator biting a woman’s butt?” Homer asked the kids.

“Oh yeah that was hilarious!” said Bart.

“Indeed it was son.” said Homer. “But we were wrong to find it funny. That was sexual harassment.” Homer explained. “And the dog from the Coppertone ad? Well... Er... that’s a grey area.”

“Well at any rate we believe you Dad!” said Lisa.

“Awwwww! Thanks kids!” said Homer hugging his kids.


The next day the protestors were still outside protesting. “Hmmmm, seems like they’ve set up a shantytown.” said Marge. “And their chants are rather catchy.”

“Well I can’t stay indoors all day. I have a job to go to.” said Homer going to work at the power plant.

However as he started the car the protestors gathered round and shook the car.

“Do your worst Protestors! You can’t stop me living my life!” said Homer.

He got to work but the protestors were in his control booth with him hassling and shoving him.

“You just try to push buttons now!”

“We’re not big on nuclear power either!”

Smithers came in.

“You people are not supposed to be in here!” He told the protestors.

“No they’re not Mr Smithers. Would you please be so kind and remove them please.” said Homer.

“Certainly Simpson.” Smithed clicked his fingers and hired goons dragged the protestors out.

“Hey! You can’t silence us!” The protestors yelled as they were dragged away.

“We know what you did!”


One night Homer and Marge wanted to go out.

“Well that was the babysitter...” Marge sighed as Babysitters everywhere were refusing to take care of Homer and Marge’s kids. “The only two left is a sack of potatoes and a scary looking crazed hobo.”

“Crazed hobo! Crazed Hobo!” Bart cheered.

They got the scary looking hobo.

“Shut yer traps! I’m trying to watch Jerry you (Long string of censor bleeps) little assholes!” The scary hobo yelled while watching Jerry and eating cold beans from a can and drinking White Lightning.

The Simpson kids shivered and Bart realised to be careful what he wished for in the future.

That night in bed.

“Marge these protestors are ruining my life! You’ve gotten help me! Give me a sign you’ll help me!” said Homer.

“Homer... I spoke to the protestors today and told them you’re a kind and decent man. But they just won’t listen., there’s only so much I can do!” said Marge. “I’m afraid you’re on your own on this one!”

“Ooooooh! I don’t want to be on my own!” Homer whined. “If only there was a sign from God or something...”

The bedroom phone rang. Homer answered it.

“Homer, this is God (Homer gasped)-frey Jones. (Homer groaned disappointed it wasn’t God.) From Rock Bottom. We would like to help you. Give you a chance to say you piece.” said Godfrey Jones of Rock Bottom.

“Homer that’s great news! A chance to put your side of the story!” said Marge.


Homer went on Rock Bottom wearing his finest suit. Unfortunately the program has nothing to do with the Rock Dwayne Johnson.

“Now Godfrey I agree whole heartedly on that piece you did about the Sasquatch. I thought it was fair and even handed.” said Homer.

“Thank you Mr Simpson. In your own time tell us your side of the story.” said Godfrey Jones.

“Well someone had to take the babysitter home...” Homer sighed. “Then I noticed she was sitting on my Gummi Venus de Milo so I grabbed it off of her. Oh just thinking about that sweet, sweet candy... I just wished I had another right now!” said Homer. “But the most important thing is...”

“Thank you Mr Simpson. That was great! We’ve got everything that we need!” said Godfrey Jones.

“Oh okay.” said Homer leaving.

“Say could you introduce me to the Sasquatch? I like his style.” said Homer.


Homer and his family were in the lounge watching the Rock Bottom episode Homer would be on.

“Here comes the bouncing wrecking ball of justice!” said Homer eagerly.

“Tonight of Rock Bottom.” said a dramatic voice over. “A sex farm for sex hookers?”

“I keep telling you I just grow sorghum here!” A cartoonish farmer whined.

“Uh huh. And where are the hookers.” said Godfrey.

“Round back.” said the farmer. “Uh oh.”

“But tonight’s main story. She was a promising young honours student. Until she met the grossly overweight pervert Homer Simpson!” said the voice over as there was a clip of Homer either scratching his balls or trying to find his car keys. “Who taught her a crash course in depravity! In Babysitter and the beast!”

“Oh crap!” Homer yelled annoyed.

“Well that footage of you dear doesn’t exactly paint you in a good light...” said Marge.

“I was trying to find my car keys...” Homer sighed.

There was then clearly edited amateur footage mocked up to make Homer guilty. You can tell because the clock in the background is whizzing about from the sloppy edits.

“So someone had to take the babysitter home... then I noticed she was sitting on her sweet can... just thinking about her sweet, sweet can... I grabbed her sweet can... Oh just think about her sweet can... I just wished I had her sweet, sweet, sweet can...” said Homer.

“So Homer, you admit you grabbed her can.” said Godfrey Jones. “What do you say in your defence?”

There was just a freeze frame of Homer pulling a ridiculous face. Oscar screamed with laughter.

“Quiet boy.” Homer hushed him.

“Homer your silence will only incriminate you further...” said Godfrey. Homer was still making that face... “No Mr Simpson! Don’t take your anger out on me! Get back! Mr Simpson nooooooo!”

“Dramatisation may not have actually happened.” said a small print.

Oscar laughed. “Coooooool! The magic of video editing...”

“Hmmmmmm! You can clearly see the clock in the background moving back and forth! No one in their right mind would take that footage seriously!” said Lisa.

Plot 3[]

But everyone obviously did believe the badly edited footage because programmes were on accusing Homer of being a pervert, including a Bumblebee Man sketch.

Homer groaned and turned off the TV. “Marge, kids... everything is gonna be just fine. Now pack up all your bags and things. We’re going to start a new life! Under the sea...” said Homer.

In a daydream the Simpsons are under the sea while Under the Sea! from Disney’s the Little Mermaid plays.

“Under the sea! Under the sea! Where there’s no accusations, just friendly crustaceans under the seeeeaaa!” Homer sung.

Marge and the kids were playing with under water musical instruments. Bart was hitting clams as drums, Lisa was playing a coral saxophone and Marge was playing a poor octopus like a guitar by plucking his tentacles.

“Under the sea! Under the sea! Down where it’s wetter! Down where it’s better! Under the seeeeeeaaaa!” Homer sung. Then he started eating the poor sea creatures such as fish, seahorses, lobsters and even a snail.

“Under sea! Under the sea! This song is fair use, so Disney please don’t sue! Under the seaaaaaa!”

The song drew to a close with Homer surrounded by fish skeletons and lobster tails.

“Homer! You’ve eaten everyone!” said Sebastian the crab. Homer grabbed him and ate him.

“Mmmmmm! Crab...” said Homer.

The daydream ended. Oscar was humming to Under the Sea...

“Homer that’s your solution to everything! We are not living u dear the sea!” Marge yelled.

“Not with that attitude!” said Homer annoyed.

“Awwww! I want to live under the sea with Ariel and Flounder and Sebastian!” Oscar whined.


One morning Homer took a shower when suddenly Kent Brockman’s helicopter was at the window peeping in on him. Homer screamed and in a struggle to shut the shower curtain he ripped it from its rings and fell over covered in the curtain. Channel 6 news took a photo of this.

“Breaking news. Homer Simpson sleeps in an oxygen tent he believes gives him sexual powers...” said Kent.

“Hey that’s only half true!” Homer whined.

Then Kent explained his crew had been spying on the Simpsons twenty four hours a day. “Nothing much happened except when the garbage man came to collect the garbage and at eight this evening when Marge put the cat out. Probably because it was being harassed.” said Kent.

“Hmmmmmmm!” Marge sighed.

“And now because we can’t see the Simpsons through walls we have bought a very expensive thermal imaging camera. Now you can see that the inside of the house is cold suggesting Homer is a stickler for saving money on his heating and the orange heat signatures in the lounge are the Simpsons. Mr Simpson himself appears to be slowly rotating in what appears to be an oven. Probably stewing in his own juices at a very high four hundred degrees centigrade!” said Kent. He thought the chicken dinner cooking in the oven was Homer.

“He thought our chicken spit roast was Dad?!” Bart asked flabbergasted.

“Ha!” Oscar laughed.


At school.

“Okay class take your seats.” said Mrs Krabappel. Fourth grade sat down. “Due to current circumstances around Springfield about sexual harassment the school has ordered a special guest speaker. Here to explain sexual harassment is Petey the sexual harassment Panda...”

A man in a panda costume arrived. “Hello children! I’m Petey the sexual harassment panda!” said the sexual harassment panda. He sung the sexual harassment panda song.

Mmmm... South Park...

Bart and Cartman got a naughty idea that they could threaten to sue people for sexual harassment if they didn’t get their own way.

“Yes that’s true.” said Petey the sexual harassment panda.

Bart wanted to go see an R rated film.

“No Bart, you can’t go an see Bloodthirst II, it’s R rated!” said Marge.

“Fine! Then I’ll sue you for sexual harassment!” said Bart.

Suddenly Blue haired lawyer and a news crew stormed in.

“Is this accusation true Bartholomew Simpson?” Blue haired Lawyer asked.

“Okay! Okay! You can go and see Bloodthirst II! Sheesh!” Marge sighed.

“Mooooom!” Lisa whined.

“I recant my accusation.” said Bart looking smug.

Meanwhile Homer was watching bumblebee Man. A man grabbed his butt. “Ay Ay Ay! It’s Homer Simpson!”

“Ooooooh! I liked it better when TV was laughing at people who aren’t me...” Homer groaned. “I know! I’ll watch midnight improv! They never cover any material beyond the eighties.”

There was a black comedian, like the one from the Apusons episode. “So I think some weird stuff. Like what if ET and Mr T had a baby? Then it would be Mr ET!” everyone laughed. “And he’d go something like this! I pity the fool who doesn’t phone home!” said the black comedian, everyone laughed.

Homer laughed. “I would not want to be Mr T right now!”

Then the door rang.

“Oh! I wonder who that could be...” said Homer answering the door. He screamed because at the door were Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

“Homer we’re here to end these horrible, horrible accusations of sexual harassment that are slandering your good name. Just as they have ours.” said Harvey Weinstein.

“Eeeeew! No fair! You guys are actually guilty!” Homer said disgusted.

“Guilty? Ha I don’t know the meaning of that word! Zip zop boopity pop! Koo koo kacharoo! Frazzle Snazzle!” Bill Cosby replied speaking gibberish.

Homer laughed. “Oh come on how can this guy be a monster!? He’s hilarious and speaks nonsensical gibberish!”


The TV was unfortunately nothing but Programmes insulting Homer.

“Homer S in Prtrait of a Sex Offender.” said a dramatic voice over.

“Aaaawwww crap!” Homer groaned. The film was a dramatisation of Homer as an evil pervert plaid by a sleazy guy in a wife beater vest with a five o clock shadow. He was portrayed evilly.

“Mr Simpson no! Don’t run over that cat!” said a girl in the car with him.

“I’m gonna grab some of that sweet ass!” said the actor portraying Homer.

“No Mr Simpson! That’s Sexual harassment! I’ll scream!” said the girl.

“And who’ll hear you with a man in the White House!?” said the man portraying Homer.

“Why is this the same style of dramatisation as that film they made about me when Principal Skinner went missing and everyone thought Fat Tony killed him?” Bart asked.

Then Homer put on Gentle Ben.

“And now. Mothers and wayward daughters reunite over their hatred of Homer Simpson.”

Homer groaned.

“I think we need more public schools and less Homer Simpson’s!” said a lady.

Then Gentle Ben the bear went nuts again and mauled everyone. Everyone screamed as the bear went crazy and the programme cut to test card.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

“He sure loves that bear...” Marge aighed.