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The Simpsons Family Road Trip: Pack your bags 'cause the Simpsons are going on a Cross-country road trip and hilarity ensures as they visit various landmarks, quarrel over which activities to do, lots of stupidity involved, pranks pulled, and sibling rivalry.


The episode begins with Bart and Lisa at an indoor trampoline park. The kids talk about mom and dad's plan for a big cross-country road trip as they bounce up and down. Lisa asks Bart if Maggie is coming along or if she has to stay home with Aunts Selma and Patty or Grampa.

"It is Mom and Dad's decision, Lise." Bart answers his sister as they finish their jumping time and they leave. They answer their cell phones and receive a call from Homer and Marge.


Meanwhile, Marge is shopping at Cosington's to prepare for the family road trip with Maggie and Homer. At the same time, Bart and Lisa ride their bikes to the library for a brief visit.


Marge, Homer and Maggie continue their road trip shopping at the Springfield Mall, then Sprawl-Mart and finish at the Kwik-E-Mart.

Bart and Lisa arrive home from their bike ride and watch Itchy and Scratchy cartoons on TV. Marge, Maggie and Homer also arrive home, having finished their road trip shopping.

Marge gives each member of the family their respective packing list and tells them to start sorting out the clothes they intend to take for the trip.