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The Return of Gamblor! Bart unlocks two new forms and just in time as Gamblor attacks!


Bart encounters Dr Colossus and goes to change into Bartman, but instead turns into robot Bart.

"Cool! I wonder what this form does?" Robot Bart asks himself. He discovers he has laser eyes and shoots lasers at Dr Colossus. After defeating him he flies home.


However on the news Kent Brockman announces that Gamblor is attacking the town. A giant robot slot machine with neon claws is attacking. The Simpsons drive into town to stop him.

Bart transforms, but this time into Flyboy. "Yes! This is exactly how I imagined this form!" Flyboy Bart fights Gamblor with his eye lasers and four muscular arms. However Gamblor is too powerful. Bart tries his psychic powers, but they won't work on machines.

"You cannot stop me Simpsons!" Gamblor declares.

However Radioactive man and the rest of his hero gang fight the giant robot.

This gives the Simpsons time to retreat.


They're quite annoyed they couldn't beat Gamblor.

Bart and Lisa read comics to get ideas for new hero forms.

Lisa decides on having Jean Grey powers in her Dark Phoenix mode. But not till Treehouse of Horror 65 or so.

“How high is Gamblor’s power level any way?” Bart asked. “Because he is pretty tough...”

“Somewhere around Ultimate Ultron or Thanos with all the infinity stones.” said Oscar.

“In other words we’re screwed...” said Bart.

“What is Gamblor’s motive for being a supervillain? Apart from that you like him Oscar...” said Lisa.

“He wants to get everyone addicted to gambling.” said Oscar.

“And...” Bart asked.

“Well someone might gamble something really stupid like their soul...” said Oscar.

“So his an evil casino. Makes a change from evil casino owner.” said Bart.

“The devil runs the most evil casino in existence though.” said Oscar.

“Now let’s rescue your mother from his neon claws!” said Homer.

“Okay but I want to design one of those badass awesome Treehouse of Horror style posters!” said Oscar.

“Sure whatever.” said Homer.

While the Simpsons and Dark Lisa were fighting Gamblor Oscar was drawing and inking a poster for this episode like the Treehouse of Horror episodes post Treehouse of Horror 12. In the centre taking up all the focus of the poster was Gamblor in a suitably menacing pose as he leered over the Simpsons. The Simpsons fighting him in the poster were Lisa dressed as the state of Florida. She was wearing attic insulation and had an orange taped to he shoddy costume.

“I’m not a state! I’m a monster!” Poster Lisa dresses as the state of Florida cried and sobbed.

“That’s it Lisa look upset at your costume but fearful of Gamblor.

Also fighting Gamblor heroically was Homer. Because in $pringfield or how I stopped worrying and learnt to love legalised gambling he vowed to fight Gamblor.

In Gamblor’s neon claws was Marge Simpson. Oscar was pondering whether or not to paint her with green hair and a blue dress like in Homer’s photographic memory.

“Nah I’ll save that for this corner.” said Oscar.

Also in the poster was Robert Goulet.

“Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.” Robert Goulet sung cabaret style.

And James Bont and his enemies Blofeld, Jaws, Goldfinger and Oddjob were at a blackjack table.

“And Dustin Hoffman as Raymond” said Oscar.

Raymond was screaming and hitting himself in the poster.

In another corner was the boogeyman, depicted as a shadowy creature with yellow eyes.

And in yet another were the citizens of Springfield in Homer’s imagination. Green haired Marge nagging Gamblor while holding a rolling pin. Mr Alligator man in a suit. An old guy who looked like Milhouse’s possible grandpa wearing a bikini. Apu with three heads and many arms. A lady with her head on a spring. Ned Flanders wearing a baseball glove looking bored and a bearded baby. And amongst them was Crazy Mr Burns when he isolated himself and grew his hair and nails really long.

“Cool poster!” said Flyboy Bart.

“Thanks Bart.” said Oscar.

The Simpsons found themselves in a surreal casino dream world.

“What happened?!” Lisa asked.

“Gamblor took us into his dimension. Where all things are casino related and gambling etc and he makes the rules.” said Oscar.

“Great...” Bart sighed.

“Run, Simpsons! Run for your lives!” Gamblor laughed evilly.

“Why would we do that? You’re not threatening us in any way.” said Oscar.

“Just run!” Gamblor roared.

The Simpsons scattered around the casino dimension. Going their separate ways.

Marge found herself surrounded by slot machines as Gamblor laughed and invited her to play for all eternity.

“Hmmmmm... I don’t know...” said Marge remembering last time.

Homer found himself as the banker of the table in charge of everyone’s winnings and wagers at a blackjack table with James Bont and his arch enemies Blofeld etc.

“A joker? Homer your supposed to remove these!” said James Bont.

“D’oh!” Homer groaned. Once again James Bont was dragged away by Jaws and Oddjob.

Grampa found himself at a roulette table with Jasper and Crazy old Jewish man as Raymond screamed and hit himself.

“Oh put a sock in it you crazy coot!” Abe yelled at Raymond.

“Hey!” Oscar snapped. “He can’t help it! Just like I can’t help it sometimes when I squeal at dolphas!”

Lisa ran about the dream world when suddenly she was magicked into her Florida costume! “No! I’m a monster!” she sobbed.

Gamblor laughed evilly.

Bart was running about amusements when a shadow came to life as the boogeyman.

“Aaaaaaaagh! Boogeyman!” Bart screamed.

Maggie encountered the white tigers who growled at her but Barney rescued her.

“Oh no! That was close Bart! Uuuuuurp!” Barney mistook Maggie for Bart.

Oscar ran about thinking Gamblor was more focused on the Simpsons. When he was accosted by the people in Homer’s imagination such as green haired Marge and Alligator man in a suit. They were having a meeting of some kind. Oscar did a he’s crazy hand gesture to show what he felt about this.

“Legalised gambling is wrong! You can build a casino over my dead body!” said Marge as seen in Homer’s photographic memory.

“Homer I don’t look like that...” Marge sighed pulling herself away from the slot machines to see the imaginary versions of the townspeople at that meeting.

Robert Goulet found himself on stage performing cabaret songs and magic. He was singing Hey big Spender! The audience cheered.

“Hey big spender!” Duh duh duh duh! Hey big spender!” Saxophones. “Speeeeend a little time with meeeee...!”

Robert seemed content with being Gamblor’s plaything.


Bart was cornered by the boogeyman when Oscar sliced through the boogeyman killing him.

“Oz! You saved me!” said Bart.

“Yeah, Homer’s imagination people aren’t a problem to me.” said Oscar.

“We’ll just see about that!” said Gamblor.

The bearded baby grew gigantic.

“Giant baby!” Oscar screamed and dived out of the way as a giant chubby baby’s fist cane crushing own upon where he was.

Bart ran about tagging his family to get them to leave, if they could, areas they were at. When Homer joined his muscle helped push over the slot machines to get to Marge.

“In Britain we call them Fruit machines. You can guess why...” said Oscar ducking and diving from the giant bearded baby. The baby was trying to grab him because he thought Oscar was a toy.

“Mwuhahahaha! Who ordered a fruit salad? Hahahahaha!” Gamblor laughed evilly as fruit poured out of the slot machines and fruit machines.

When the fruit poured on Bart and Homer they found themselves on one of the cabaret stages dressed as Carmen Miranda fruit hat dancers with frilly clothes, fruit hats and holding maracas.

“Oh what the heck.” said Bart. They fruit hat danced.

Oscar dropped a big cartoon anvil on then. “That’s annoying...”

“Oz you’re supposed to be helping...” Bart groaned.

Ace was in the casino dimension for some reason eating some melon.

“Uh Ace why?” Oscar asked.

“I’m a fruit bat!” said Ace.

There was canned laughter.

Oscar face palmed.

Then Baby Oscar or Oskar (I refuse to accept that’s a legitimate spelling! - Oscar) from Hey Arnold was transported into the casino dimension. He landed on his butt clad in his blue and yellow pyjamas on a craps table.

The shadowy people gambling decided a baby counted as a wager as the banker used his golf club thing to pull Baby Oscar along with the wagered poker chips.

Baby Oscar picked up a hand of cards then cried and threw them in a tantrum. He then found himself tumbling until the giant bearded baby caught him by the flap on his pyjamas.

Baby Oscar’s stomach gurgled and he messed his diaper with a splat as lumps filled the seat of his pyjamas.

“That’s real mature Oscar...” Bart groaned.

Oscar laughed.

Magic returned the bearded baby to normal size. He too promptly messed his diaper with a splat. The bearded baby bawled and cried.

“Eeeeew! This casino world is starting to stink!” Bart groaned.

“Wait where is Hugo in all this?” Oscar asked.

Hugo was leaving the area flooded with fruit when Gamblor summoned buffet tables. Hugo was especially delighted by seafood such as shrimps and shrimp cocktails. Because casinos are already a house of greed and avarice why not gluttony too?

Hugo was eating the buffet food.

“Hugh... come on...” Bart groaned as he and Lisa tried to get him to reunite with the family to fight Gamblor.

“Nah Uh... I’m eating...” said Hugo.


Oscar, that’s my Oscar not the Hey Arnold one was trying to fight Gamblor when an awful stench of poopy diaper distracted him.

“Eeeeugh! Gamblor change them please...” Oscar groaned pointing to baby Oscar and the bearded baby bawling as they sat there in messy diapers.

“Fine...” said Gamblor. He magicked up domino people, anthropomorphic dominos and they changed the babies out of their dirty diapers into clean ones.

“Oscar, why do you keep writing Oskar’s name as Oscar?” Lisa asked.

“Because I refuse to accept the Eastern Europe spelling is legit!” Oscar ranted.

“Well it is.” said Ace. “The spelling Oskar is used in Romania too.”

“Lalalala! I can’t hear you!” Oscar sung with his fingers in his ears.

Ace sighed.

Suddenly Seymour Skinner appeared.

“Okay enough of this madness! I have to start the B Plot of this episode... in our daily lives!” said Skinner.

“Oh. What is it Principal Skinner?” Oscar asked sparring with Gamblor.

“Third grade gets a new class pet to replace Super Dude the gerbil!” said Skinner.

“Ah yes Super Dude.” said Oscar.

Sometime in season seven after Who Shot Mr Burns part 2. Third grade class, including Oscar were holding a funeral for Super Dude the class gerbil and crying.

“The kids really need a new pet. And the coloured chalk is causing signs of rebellion!” said Skinner.

“I warned you the coloured chalk was the devil’s work! I warned you!” Willie ranted.

In the present. Third grade cane into class one day to be greeted with a surprise. In a cage for small rodents was a brown hamster sniffing about and eating sunflower seeds.

The kids cooed at the cute hamster because they thought it was cute.

“Class attention please. Oscar get your finger out of your nose...” said Skinner. “Allow me to introduce Nibbles the hamster. The hamster was called Nibbles.

The Teacher from Bart and Lisa vs the third grade asked if this pet would cause a distraction in class.

“Well I don’t know Julia. But the kids love their new pet, so there.” said Skinner.

“Nibbles ain’t got nothing over the science classrooms goldfish...” said Bart in science class pointing to a fish tank with a goldfish and a black moor goldfish with bulging eyes swimming about in it.

Hugo was performing a science experiment when it blew up in his face giving him a black face from soot and his spikes blown back and burnt shredded clothes.

“Haw haw!” Nelson laughed.

“Hugo did you add too much peroxide to your mixture again....” the science teacher sighed.

“Yes sir...” Hugo sighed.

Bart was too busy sleeping because he found class boring.

The teacher sighed and decided to fail him for this class.

Plot 2[]

The third grade teacher was trying to teach class while reading a book on the civil war.

“And then General Robert E Lee surrendered and sighed a peace treaty with Jefferson and Lincoln thus ending-“ said the teacher but there was a rattling of a hamster wheel as Nibbles ran about in his hamster wheel.

“Aaaaaaw!” The third graders cooed.

The teacher sighed. This was Super Dude all over again.

She tried to discuss Nibbles with Skinner but Skinner said the school was coping with a large menagerie of creatures as class pets.

“Yes that is the problem Seymour...” the third grade teacher sighed.

In the corridor a pet python that was one of the class pets had swallowed a rabbit because it had a rabbit shape inside it hopping about.

Then Matt couldn’t make up his mind if Nibbles was the school hamster or a pet of the Simpsons.

In free time before Maths, Ace insisted the school should have got Third grade a vampire hamster.

“Ace don’t be stupid! There’s no such thing as a vampire hamster!” Oscar ranted.

“There is too! They wrote a kids book about a vampire bunny rabbit called Bunnicula! It’s entirely possible!” said Ace reading Bunnicula books. “Hehehe... Bunnicula...”

Oscar rolled his eyes thinking of Ace’s weird taste in kid’s books.

Bart as punishment for something had to hand out abacuses for the third graders. “Hey kiddos, did you guys know if you squeezed Super Dude the late third grade gerbil hard enough he’d squeak the song Bad to the Bone?”

“Bart that’s cruel! How would you like it if I squeezed you really hard to see if you made an amusing sound?” Oscar frowned.

“Well... I did try to squeeze Ralph once to se if he morphs if you squeeze him too hard...” said Bart.

“Anyway I wanted those purple hamsters you can get in Springfield...” said Oscar.

“You try making Agouti fur with grey ink!!” Mart Groening ranted.

Bart winced, wondering if Oscar was talking about Lisa’s science experiment hamster from season three or the hamsters at his gifted school for a class experiment.

Then Gamblor was at the classroom Windows. “Hey! What about my storyline?!” Gamblor the fruit machine monster asked.

“Go away Gamblor...” said Bart.

“But this is my episode!” Gamblor protested in a mechanical monster growl.

Bart didn’t get to give a snarky reply as the teacher from Bart and Lisa Simpson vs third grade arrived.

“You can return to class now Bart.” said the lady teacher.


On his way home after getting off the bus, Bart was annoyed by Gamblor and his neon claws.

“Oz why do you take my Dad’s insane diatribes and make them characters?” Bart groaned as Gamblor ripped up Marge’s petunias and crushed them in his neon claws that could crush a human skull if he felt so inclined.

“Because Gamblor is cool!” said Oscar carrying Nibbles the third grade class Hamster in his cage.

“Oh and I got to take Nibbles home this week!” said Oscar carrying a hamster cage with a small Berwyn hamster scuttling about inside.

“I see...” said Bart.

At Home Marge was exasperated that Oscar got his turn to look after the class hamster so soon. “Homer I have to go out and buy sawdust and hamster food, look after the kids while I’m gone.” She decided this was better than asking Homer to buy the hamster food and come back with something completely irrelevant.

Homer sighed lied on the couch. This state of nothing happening called for act II!

The TV was on, it was on Troy McClure’s I can’t believe they invented that. Dr Nick was off sick today or being sued for malpractice.

So Professor Frink was showing off an invention that makes TV characters come to life.

“I will now demonstrate with the zapping and we’ll see what happens and OH God! Giant Praying Mantises!” said Frink zapping a TV that was showing Itchy and Scratchy.

Meanwhile Kang and Kodos were moaning about not being in enough episodes.

“Blast! Yet again another Treehouse of Horror we’re absent from!” Kang the alien ranted.

“Sometimes I think this network just doesn’t like us!” Kodos whined tearfully.

“There, there Kodos... those humans will pay with a blast from my fictional character to life beam. Then chaos will ensue! Mwuhahahaha!” Kang pulled a lever with his green tentacles and a huge ass beam cannon cane out of the UFO from some compartment and fired a huge laser at the Earth. Cooool!

In the Simpsons house as Oscar put Nibbles’s cage somewhere, there was a weird green glow.

“That’s odd. Does everything glow green at this time of day?” Oscar pondered.

Meanwhile on the TV.

Frink’s experiment was successful for once and Itchy and Scratchy were in the real world. However they didn’t seem to care much and kept killing each other still. Well actually most of the encounters are rather on sided with Scratchy minding his own business and Itchy the mouse killing him in some horrible manner just because it seemed funny to him.

“Cooooool!” said Bart as Itchy once again killed and tortured Scratchy in some horrible manner.

“Itchy, Scratchy! I’m Troy McClure! You may remember me from such films as...” said Troy McClure.

“Nope! But kids! You remember old Itchy and Scratchy from your favourite cartoons? Right?” said Itchy in a high pitched voice.


Itchy and Scratchy were treated like celebrities and given the red carpet treatment. The news reporter from that episode where Bart found out Chester C Lampwick created Itchy and Scratchy and not Roger Myers snr, was drowning on.

“Here we have cartoon mouse called Itchy and a cartoon cat named Scratchy. Absolutely fascinating.” said the news reporter in a lemony voice.

However when Mr Burns invited Itchy and Scratchy to his Power Plant, they caused trouble.

“Good lord Sir! They’re in the primary power core!” said Smithers as on a security feed of a camera showing the status of the primary power core showed Itchy tormenting Scratchy by tying him in knots around the plutonium rods.

“That will cause a meltdown! Killing thousands! Well... killing me!” said Mr Burns realising he didn’t care for anyone else.

And the plant did have a catastrophic meltdown.

“Oh dear god!” Mayor Quimby was horrified as the Power Plant had a melt down and exploded. All life in Springfield cane to a cruel and abrupt end...

Except it didn’t! Everyone survived miraculously unharmed but with new Super powers. Marge was the Entangler. She could grab people with her hair and throw them. Lisa was now the Jazzler. A beatnik beret and sunglasses wearing jazz artist with magic pain causing or entrancing jazz playing. It just depended on whether you liked Jazz or not. It was painful and ear splitting to those that hated it but entrancing to those that liked Jazz.

Homer was the Inedible Bulk. Himself green and the Hulk basically. But he would eat random things like brick walls.

Maggie was the big brained baby, she floated and had a big head and could communicate via telepathy.

Edna Krabappel was a vampiress.

“Coooool!” said Ace as Mrs K lured people with her vampire luring gaze to feed on them.

Troy McClure could duplicate himself infinitely which he demonstrated while fighting Snake.

And Quimby was the Mudslinger. A mud monster.

“Yeeeeeuck!” said Oscar dodging some mud thrown by Quimby as a mud monster.

Mudboy thought the Mudslinger was his Dad.

However to Bart’s annoyance. He didn’t get any powers. “Oh rats!” He whined. He fetched out from hammerspace his Bartman cape and mask and put it on.

However Gamblor demanded he be the main villain.

“This is my episode! And now I am going to make you all addicted to gambling! Mwuhahahaha!” said Gamblor laughing evilly.

However the super powered townsfolk just turned on him and attacked him with their super powers.

“Ow! No fair!” Gamblor whined.

Bart as Bartman tried to talk some sense into his family members. But they wouldn’t recognise him.

“Mom? Who’s Mom am I? There is only the Entangler!” said Marge as the Entangler as she grabbed him by his ankle with her grasping hair and threw him away.

Bartman dusted himself off and encountered Lisa but she didn’t recognise him or the name Lisa. She just bored him talking about Jazz and hurting his ears playing loudly.

Bart then bumped into Homer as the Inedible Bulk.

“Dad! Let me guess you don’t recognise me either...”

“Bulk hungry! Bulk gnash!” Homer as the Inedible Bulk tried to grab him.

“Yikes!” Bart escaped.

“Nothing escape the inedible Bulk! Raaaaawr!” Homer bit a chunk from a brick wall...

Bartman tangled with more super hero and super villain characters that were once his fellow townsfolk. He eluded vampire Krabappel only to be grabbed by the Mudslinger, Quimby as a mud monster.

“If I’m errr going down, you’re going down with me!” said Quimby. Bartman winced as the Mudslinger sunk into the mud he was generating as a mud elemental and Bart sunk into the mud too!

“Ugh! Time to drain this swamp! Nnnnnngh!” Bartman grunted as he started sinking.

Oscar as a superhero got aroused watching Bart sink in the sinking mud from Mudslinger’s Clayface like powers.


Milhouse as a cowboy superhero rescued Bart from the mud with his lasso. However Bart trying to thank him just got another insane boasting from a brainwashed hero townsfolk who genuinely thought they were a super hero.

“This is stupider than that time I made a cameo in a Radioactive Man Comic and Mrs Krabappel was the Krabocalypse...” said Bartman. “Wait! That’s it!” He had an idea and went home.