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The Mom Who Cooked Too Much
March 28
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The Mom Who Cooked To Much is the 5th episode of the New Simpsons first season.


While the rest of the Simpsons play Scrabble, Homer is in his donut place cooking donuts for tomorrow. Marge reveals to the kids that she's jealous of Homer because she always wanted to open her own restaurant. Finally, with the kids support, she open's Marge's Muffins. The children are with Grampa every night because their parents are at work. Lisa and Bart turn the house into a complete mess. When Homer and Marge arrive home and are shocked to see what's going on, Marge gets mad and says: "You couldn't have one night off, couldn't you!"

Homer packs his things saying: "I can't live with a woman, who pulls down my dreams!" Homer goes to an apartment, which looks pretty nice. Then it's revealed to be Lenny's new apartment, and Homer rents a room in there.

Meanwhile, Marge angrily cooks muffins while she is about to give birth. When the water is released, she calls Homer. Homer is amazed and drives there right away.

In the hospital, Homer and Marge have twins - a girl called Cindy and a boy named Thomas. Homer and Marge forgive each other. the hole 7- membered family drives home, happily.