The Itchy and Scratchy Movie Frustrated by Bart constantly causing trouble and taking advantage of them contradicting each other. Marge and Homer ban him from seeing the new Itchy and Scratchy movie, until Oscar gets involved of course.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Grampa is in charge of the kids while Marge and Homer attend their parents evening.

"Remember if you're good you get pizza, if your bad you get poison!" Homer warns.

"What if one of us is good and one us is bad?" Lisa asks.

"Then we get poison pizza!" Bart replies.

"Oh no I'm not cooking two meals tonight. Now behave for Grampa!" Homer warns.

Oscar gets a knock at the door.

"Who's that, Oscar?" Bart asks.

"My social worker. They finally found me..."

"You sound like that's bad. At least your new mom and dad will love you." Lisa comforts him.

"I'm living here dummy! Marge and Homer adopted me!" Oscar explained. "Oh and the social worker will be sticking around so Homer won't be able to strangle anyone..."

"Come on Oscar, we're going! Kids behave for Grampa." Marge says as they leave.


Bart decides to play with Grampa's teeth and scare Maggie.

"Eeeeew! Bart! Those have been in Grampa's mouth!" Lisa yells.

Bart immediately spits out the teeth. "Eeeeugh! Bleh! Why did I do that?"

"Keep your fingers off my teeth! Dagnabbit, now I have to wash them." Grampa says slightly muffled as it's difficult to talk without teeth.


At School. Homer attends Lisa's parents evening. He can't fit at the desks so he breaths in to fit. His stomach flab engulfs the tiny desk. While Miss Hoover writes on the board he does armpit noises.

Muss Hoover looks around gasping to see who did that.

Homer laughs quietly to himself.


Meanwhile Mrs Krabappel tells Marge Bart's been naughty again. But unusually calls a boy in to explain that Bart had a voodoo doll and threatened to shove fireworks up its butt.

Marge gasps in horror, but Oscar interrupts.

"Wait, hold on a minute! That's Nelson's voodoo doll. I saw him with it in class, and it was him who threatened Timmy, not Bart. Spit it out Timmy, because whatever beating Nelson threatened you with, you'll get worse for blaming other kids!" Oscar yells.

"Have you read Oscar's file, he's known for hitting other kids..." Ms Krabappel asks his social worker.

"Yes as a matter of fact. And his late parents were actually rather abusive towards him." The social worker replies. "Oscar we don't threaten people. Timmy is this true?"

"Yes ma'am! But Nelson threatened to beat me up if I squealed!" Cries the kid.

"Hmmph! Telling lies about my son! You'll be hearing from my lawyer and the principal! I demand to speak with Principal Skinner this instant!" Marge yells.

”Hold on Mrs Simpson. I have more shocking stuff in my draw I’ve confiscated from Bart. This Doll.”

”That’s an ordinary Krusty Doll...” Marge frowned.

Mrs Krabappel took off the doll’s head. Bart had installed a razor sharp knife blade inside so it was a concealed knife. Marge gasped horrified.

Marge storms out of the parents evening and goes to Principal Skinner's office. However he's having a parents evening, with his mother.

"Seymour! Sit up straight! Look at this paperwork!" Agnes Skinner yells.

"Mother..." Skinner whines. "Oh Mrs Simpson. Can I help you?"

"I have a complaint to make about Mrs Krabappel!" Marge says in a cross tone.


Meanwhile Bart is playing frisbee with the music records.

"Bart you should really put those back." Lisa warns him.


Merge, Homer, Oscar and Oscar's social worker drive home.

"I can't believe the nerve of Mrs Krabappel... does she even watch her students?!" Marge yells.

"Lisa's so talented! I didn't know she had straight As!" Homer gasped.

"Oh Homer! See why I've been praising our daughter! She's our little angel! And Bart... well he's trying his best..." Marge kisses Homer.


They come in to find Bart swinging from the ceiling fan.

"Bart! Get down from there at once!" Marge yells. Bart does so.

"Where was the babysitter while that was happening?" The social worker asked.

"Uh, my dad is supposed to be looking after them." Homer explained. They find Grampa asleep. "Dad we're home! Wake up!" Grampa wakes with a start.

"Your son's been at my teeth again! And look at the mess he made!" Grampa yells.

"Perhaps you should have been watching the kids instead of sleeping, Mr Simpson. Is he supposed to be looking after them?" The social worker asks.

"Bart! You can go to bed without dinner." Marge yells.

"Mrs Simpson! Starvation is not a suitable punishment. In fact it's a felony..." The Social worker says in a serious tone.

"Oh sorry! Never mind! Bart we'll speak about your behaviour later." Marge gasps.

It's time for the social worker to go, it's revealed she's just a robot built by Oscar.

"Hey, less on threatening the Simpsons over their own kids! It's my welfare I'm worried about! Not theirs!" Oscar discreetly shuts down the robot and stores it away.


The family all have pizza together.

"So... how did our parents evening go." Lisa asked.

"You've been an angel as usual Lisa." Marge replies.

"We have a super genius in the family! Woo!" Homer cheers.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you, Dad. But you are always so busy telling off Bart." Lisa groans.

"Bart, well you know you've been very bad tonight! However Mrs Krabappel has been lying about you being involved in bullying another student with a voodoo doll." Marge frowns at Bart

"Oh! Because I didn't-"

"We know you didn't do it. However you're still mucking about in class young man. If you misbehave anymore this week you will be punished! And this time we mean it! Don't we Homer?"

"Damn straight boy..." Homer frowns at Bart.


The next day Bart is smooshing mustard packs under the piano with a hammer. And singing Jingle bells. “Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way!”

"Bart what are you doing?!" Homer yells.

"Nothing..." Bart replies.

"That's it you're-" he's about to ground Bart but he hears an ice cream van. "Ice cream!" They get ice cream.

"Now where was I?" Homer asked.

"You were talking about a funny Married with Children episode you watched last night." Bart replied as he licked his popsicle.

"Oh yeah..."


“Bart did you take out the rubbish like I asked?” Homer asked.

“Indeed I did.” said Bart.

Homer goes into the kitchen to find the bin tipped over and rubbish everywhere as goats eat the garbage.

“D’oh!” said Homer.


Later Bart is melting a James Bond toy in the microwave.

“Goodbye Mister Bond! Thinks are about to heat up!” said Bart turning on the microwave oven. “Mwuhahahaha!”

"Bart! Come and watch this! It's about Itchy and Scratchy!" Lisa calls him. He runs in and watches TV.

There is a trailer for the new Itchy and Scratchy film.

"Cool!" Bart cheers.

One if the trailers is Itchy and Scratchy killing Hitler, then Itchy decapitating Scratchy.


Later that day Bart's supposed to be watching Maggie but is too busy watching cartoons. Maggie crawls away, takes Marge's car keys and goes driving about town.

"Hey chief, there's a baby driving a car!" Eddie explains to Chief Wiggum.

"They grow up so fast..." Chief Wiggum comments while drinking his coffee.

Maggie drives past Homer.

"Maggie?! Doh!" Homer yells. Luckily Maggie sensibly parks the car and the airbag comes out. She hugs the airbag.



"Bart! Your sister could have been killed!" Marge yells.

"That's it! You are banned from seeing the Itchy and Scratchy movie!" Homer yells.

"No fair! I'm just a kid! I'm not responsible for a baby! I wish Oscar's social worker was here right now and heard everything!" Unfortunately he was holding the monkey paw. It grants his wish. Oscar's social worker is not impressed.

"Leaving a baby under the care of a minor? I'm not I pressed Mrs Simpson! I shall report you for this!"

"No please! Fine, you can go to your stupid movie! And we'll never ask you to help with Maggie ever again! For goodness sake Bart, you only had to watch her for a few seconds!" Marge yells.

"Ms Blackwell? What are you doing here." Oscar asked.

"I don't know, but have you been left to babysit a baby?"

"No, why'd you ask?" Oscar feigns ignorance. He comes back later without her.

"That was close, she's gone home." Oscar lied. “She has a point... And you are a mean tyrant for not letting Bart enjoy his movie!”

“Oz, All I asked is for Bart to keep an eye on his baby sister for a short while...” said Marge.

”Yeah Oz... don’t be such a brat...” Lisa explained annoyed at him.

”Don’t call me a brat! How would you like it if your Mom and Dad forbade you from watching the Moon Landing!” said Oscar.

”Such a situation wouldn’t happen because I know to behave and do as I’m told...” said Lisa.

”I don’t even like that Itchy and Mitchy cartoon! It’s violent and a bad influence on Maggie! She attacked her father remember!?” said Marge.

”This is not up for discussion! Bart is seeing that movie! End of!” Oscar snapped.


The next day Bart goes to watch his movie.

"Fine, but I'm not going to enjoy it. You are so horrible Bart!" Lisa yells as they go into the screen room where the film is being shown. She blanks him for the whole film.

Bart cooed in awe at the blood and gore. Itchy drove a steam train dressed as Casey Jones and ran over Scratchy.

”Cooooool!” said Bart.


They get home. Bart's family blank him.

"Ahem, Nelson's got a new BB gun, can I go out and play with him later?" Bart asks.

"If we said no you'd probably get us in trouble again so whatever. Do what you want..." Marge says coldly.

"Fine... it's not fun when you don't care..."

Bart goes out to play with Nelson, but is bored the whole time.

"Why are you so bored?" Nelson asks.

"My Mom and Dad stopped caring." Bart replied.

"Oooh! I remember when my mom stopped caring, when the judge said we're trying you as an adult!" Nelson replies. Putting on a voice as the judge.

Bart goes home to find Oscar throwing away his robot.

"She's a robot?!" Bart yells.

"Uh yeah..." Oscar says nervously!

"Thanks Oscar... now my parents hate me! And they won't stop me from doing something stupid that could get me seriously hurt or killed!"

"Well do something stupid then. Do us all a favour!" Oscar yells.

"Oscar wait!" Bart goes after him.

"What?!" Oscar yells.

"Let me ask you something. Would you rather have a minute of fun or friends forever?"

"FUUUUN!" Oscar yells.

"I was afraid you'd say that." Bart gulps. "But what if that fun hurts people or upsets them?"

"Bart, I don't go out to upset people. They bring it on themselves being difficult. All you're mom had to do was keep an eye on Maggie, like most responsible parents do! You're not a parent! You're not responsible for a baby!" Oscar storms off.

"Well Bart, you've got everything you ever wanted..." Bart goes inside solemnly...

“I can’t believe he quoted Mudboy...” said Peter.

“Well Ozzy knows best! He knows Boss monsters are bad and must be stopped!” said Mudboy.

“Yeah but not by drowning them in quicksand Mudboy...” said Oscar.

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