Simpsons Fanon

The Food Wife Homer in this episode is being the fun parent. (Strict Homer is dead and buried I see..) Marge feels left out doing the Mom things like enforcing bed times. So one weekend she takes them on a fun day out. But fails epically. However on the ride home the car breaks down outside an Ethiopian restaurant. Marge with some pushing from the kids tries the most authentic thing on the menu and becomes a foodie. Mmmmm! Ethiopian restaurants, I love being served an empty plate while flies buzz around me!


There is just the plain titles and then we cut straight to the episode as there’s no title gags.

In the kitchen the Simpson are looking at two big jars of marbles. One is labelled Bart’s Reward Jar and the other Lisa’s Reward Jar.

“Apparently Lisa felt left out that Bart got a reward jar to act as an incentive to behave. We tried explaining Lisa, sweetie you don’t need one because you’re always such a good little girl!” said Marge.

“But I really wanted one so I got one.” said Lisa to the fourth wall.

“Oh I had a reward jar once.” said Oscar. “When I was five!” He coughed. “And by reward jar I mean reward chart.”

“Uh huh.” said Bart.

“Now I go wherever I want, whenever I want. As long as I can afford it.” said Oscar.

“Here’s one marble for Lisa for tidying her room. And one for Bart for not trashing her room...” said Marge giving them marbles. “And that’s it! The jars are full! That means!”

“Fun Dad Saturday! Hooray!” The kids cheered.

Homer spoke as a trailer announcer. “Kids, from the dad who brought you, cemetery paintball and go kart racing on real roads... I give you the best, most fun day out yet!” said Homer. "But Hugo stays home in the attic!"

”No he doesn’t!” Oscar snapped.

”Yes he-“ Homer argued.

”Homer!” Marge snapped.

Homer whimpered.

He took them to the E3 video game expo. For copyright reasons called E4. Mmmmmm... repeats of trashy channel four British soap operas and teenager soaps where teenagers get drunk and lose their virginity...

Bart and Lisa were in awe of the statues of Master Chief. Oooooh if we’re skirting copyrights we can cameo anyway because reference and cameo falls under fair use..., why not make him, Master chef...?

Master Chief suddenly had a white chef’s hat on.

... statues of Mario. Probably pallet swapped so Nintendo doesn’t sue even though cameos are fair use. And statues of the Big Daddies from Bioshock. Wow! Matt actually researched trending video games and not “Lol! Halo and Mario. It’s a video game convention!” Also there was a statue of a fat guy eating fried chicken. Uh....

Homer ran off excited and joyful with Bart and Lisa.

“Wait Homer!” said Marge. Homer stopped. “Aren’t you forgetting someone?”

Hugo got out of the car wearing his filthy rags and no shoes.

“No! Absolutely no way am I taking the freaky thing!” Homer was being stubborn and cruel.

“Homer!” Marge yelled, as she yanked him by the ear.

“Marge I can’t afford another-“ Homer explained.

“You’ll take him now or die!” Oscar pointed a rocket launcher at him.

Homer screamed and sighed as he would have to not go to Moe’s after work this coming week. He dipped into his drinking money and bought another VIP necklace thing for Hugo.

Homer reluctantly took Hugo with Bart and Lisa.

“Thanks for the VIP passes, Homer!” said Bart.

“Yeah nothing like cutting in line because a plastic card says you’re better than everyone else...” said Homer. “Oooooh! I hope you like video games kid!” He whined at Hugo who was scratching himself like a dog.

They were let in via the VIP gate by the guards.


In the courtyard was a real life re-enactment of Angry Birds. However the Angry Bird projectile missed the pigs and knocked over and destroyed a children’s hospital being built. Everyone cheered for some reason.

“Cooooool!” said Bart. Thinking a children‘s hospital being destroyed was cool.

However inside the Expo it got better.

The kids gasped as they entered to the sounds of video games and blooping and Mario dying.

“Coooool! GTS! That’s Grand Theft Scratchy.” said Bart.

“Oooooooh! Blocko!” said Homer. Lego rip off.

“Yes Dad... Blocko...” Bart sighed.

“Cosmic Wars!” said Oscar. “Because we’re so scared George Lucas might sue if we say Star Wars yet we can pay Mark Hamill to cameo...”

Hugo was scratching himself like a dog.

“Sir, keep your dog on a leash...” said an Expo staff guy.

“Oooooh!” Homer groaned embarrassed. “For your information that is my son!”

“Hugo, have some dignity...” Bart sighed as Hugo was still scratching himself like a dog.

Despite this embarrassment Homer and the kids continue to enjoy seeing all the cool video games.

“Protovision!” said Homer.

“Mapple!” said Lisa. “I hope you don’t make a spectacle of yourself mocking them again Bart...”

“I won’t...” Bart sighed.

“Bonestorm III: Extra bloody edition!” Oscar cooed.

“I hope I don’t have to steal myself a copy this year Dad...” said Bart frowning at Homer.

“Oooooh! What makes you think you were in the right just because your mother said no to you! Do boundaries and age ratings mean nothing to you?!” Homer ranted.

“Super Smash Bros Brawl!” Oscar and Hugo cooed.

“Wow... the freak actually likes something we came to see...” said Homer.

“Hey any game that lets you beat the snot out of Mario is cool!” said Hugo.

“Apparently you can take Samus’s suit off this time! Omg! Naked Samus!” said Oscar.

“Oz she has a jumpsuit underneath.” Hugo explained.

“Yeah Oz. Remember when you believed me when I said there was a cheat in Tomb Raider that lets you play as Lara Croft naked?” Bart asked.

“Yeah and then she exploded and I lost my turn on the PlayStation...” Oscar sighed.


Even more games.

“Cooool! WKL!” Bart cooed. I don’t know what that is.

Oscar sees a sign for World of Warcraft.

“Leerooooooy Jenkins!” He yelled. Bart and !isa stared at him. “What? It had to be done...”

There was also Y Box, ChalmSkinn, EC, Shaun White time snowboarding with added dinosaurs and pirates!


And Second life. But it’s Tree of Life and it’s logo is a foot.

“Ooooooooh! The flying tomato!” said Homer pronouncing tomato as Tom May Toe.

“It’s tomato you yank!” Oscar snapped. Tom Mah Toe.

And Dig Dug Revelations. But! But you’re afraid of referencing all those other games Matt but you’ll say Dig Dug!

“Assassin’s Creed: Summer of Love!” Bart cooed with excitement.

“Coooool! Hippies!” said Oscar.

Pac-Man Centipede.

“AC one?! AC DC?! Wooooow! Guts of War II Entrails of the Intestinox!” Bart went off to play a violent video game.

It was God of War basically. Bart was killing things as a parody of Kratos.

The man who made the game was boasting it promises thousands of hours of game play.

“Completed it...” said Bart. He completed the who game in minutes somehow.

“But I wasted my whole life on this! My wife left me! I have twins I’ve never even met!”

”Cool! Twins!” said Hugo. “Are they Siam-“

“Well when you do, you can tell them your game is too easy...” said Bart.

Lisa was excited to find a school marching band simulator. How sad...

“Yeah I’m sad for liking my saxophone and wanting to get better at playing it...” Lisa sighed as she went on the school marching band simulator game.

Bart gave Oscar a glance as if to say “Can you believe I’m related to her?” And did a She’s crazy! Charades gesture.

Homer was putting coins in a PlayStation 3...

“How many coins does this machine take?” Homer thought it was an arcade machine.

“Sir this machine was worth Three hundred dollars.... but now you’ve broke it.” said a games tester for Sony, or should that be Phony?

“Ooooooooh!” Homer groaned.

“And you have to pay for breaking it.” said the game tester.

“D’ooooooooh!” Homer whined writing a check for three hundred dollars.

The kids arrived.

“Dad! Dad! Dad!” They called. “Nintendo is unveiling their new system in ten minutes!” Bart was excited over the Wii U. “In hall G!”

“And we’re in Hall D...” said Homer. “Three halls, three minutes.”

There was Big super happy fun fun game. The anime dimension Homer and Lisa went to in the Simpsons game. Medal of Duty. A Call of Duty and a medal of Honor rip off. Well they are pretty much the same game so...

Cue angry MoH and angry CoD players stampeding.

There was also female Sonic with a ponytail. Why?! Just why?!

Homer took the Medal of Duty disks and threw them at people to get past. A level start menu appeared saying he had two lives and no bathroom breaks. Or hadn’t taken any.

However as he threw disks at people one guy retaliated by throwing a bag of merchandise at him.

Homer’s vision flashed red as he took damage. He went to a food station staffed by Squeaky Voiced Teen. Homer bought some pizza and ate it. It restored his life bar.

“Wooooow! Meta...” said Bart.

They continued barging last people and throwing disks.

However at the doors to Hall G.

“Stop!” said some guards.

Homer looked in his inventory. He had a fire extinguisher, a crowbar and a gun somehow! He squirted fire extinguisher foam at them and got past. He should have shot them.

He completed the level. Woohoo!


Marge was at home with the babies and watering some daffodils. Homer arrived home with the older kids and they exited the car on green space hoppers.

“Video game Expos rule!” said Bart on a space hopper.

“Hooray for Fun Dad!” said Lisa.

“I like yelling!” said Homer. They bounced about on space hoppers.

“Kids you’ve had a long day. Head up to the tub while I deflate your toys.” said Marge deflating their space hoppers.

“Save us fun, Dad!” said Bart. Bart, Lisa and Hugo climbed on Homer’s space hopper as he bounced away over the fence. They cheer as they bounce.

Then we hear Rod and Todd whine “Hey!” as they are picked up and taken bouncing down the street.

Marge sighed.


That night Marge and Homer were brushing their teeth. Marge felt left out of being the fun parent.

“I wanna be called fun mom...” said Marge.

Homer said she needs to come up with a fun activity then.

Unfortunately Marge’s ideas of fun were terrible ideas that only she found fun. Like going to the dollar store.

Marge after an insult from her husband to get all the bad ideas out of her system... Homer try to be supportive towards your wife...

The next Saturday she took Bart and Lisa to what they thought was the X games.

“X Games! X Games!” They chanted. It was a Christian convention thing.

“Mom that is not an x, that’s a —" said Bart.

“Cross! Well I’m not cross to see my wonderful neighbourinos! Hi diddly ho Simpsons!” Ned greeted them.

“Christianity?! Mom! I’m a Buddhist now! I feel like I’m betraying poor Buddha!” Lisa whined.

“Well you betrayed God when you changed your religion in one of your protest stunts!” Marge retorted angrily.

“Mom you have really got to get over that...” said Bart.

"My twin is right, mother." Hugo added, as he was eating a fish head. "Why can't you accept my dear sister Lisa for the person she is?"

“This isn’t fun! It’s boring! I’m glad I don’t have to stay here!” Oscar said before teleporting back to the Simpsons house.

Marge sighed as the kids found the convention boring.

Plot 2[]

Marge sighed and drove the kids home apologizing for the bad day out.

“Sorry Gang...”

“Stop calling us a gang! Gangs are cool!” Bart ranted.

“It’s okay Mom. Dad will take us on a fun adventure next Saturday.” said Lisa.

“Ooooooh! But I tried! I really tried!” Marge whined.

Hugo jabbered In beastly growls and gnawed his own arms.

Suddenly the car broke down.

“Ooooooh! Why do old squirrels go into my exhaust pipe to die?!” Marge sighed as the squirrel indicator light for dead squirrels in the exhaust flashed.

“Looks like we need to make a pit stop Gang...” Marge sighed.

“Stop saying we’re a gang! Gangs are cool!” Bart ranted.

Eventually they arrived in a strange African neighborhood.

“Um mom... where are we?” Bart asked looking round.

“Uh nowhere scary.” said Marge locking the child locks.

“Holy shit! Black people!” Oscar yelled.

“Oz language!” Bart scolded him.

“And that’s offensive...” said Lisa.

“That baby has ear rings!” Marge gasped.

“Cooooool!” said Bart.

Marge frowned at him.

Cut to commercial.

Little Caesars!

Pizza! Pizza!

Insurance companies!

Eggo Waffles!

After commercials.

“Mooooom! I’m hungry...” said Bart moaning.

“Well I suppose we’ll have to make a pit stop at one of these outlets...” said Marge looking around the unfamiliar restaurants.

The Simpsons and Oscar, are drawn towards a pink restaurant called Haile delicious Ethiopian food. Mmmmmmmm! Thin air...

“Now the Narrator’s being offensive...” Lisa sighed.

“No he’s not!” Oscar argued.

Bart noticed the customers were eating. Well that’s odd considering Ethiopians don’t eat. But the thing he pointed out was that they were eating with flat breads.

“They are using tortillas as spoons! Let’s see what else they do wrong!” said Bart.

They all, Marge carrying Maggie and Eric, Lisa, Bart, Hugo and Oscar, got out and went to the pink restaurant.


They all sat down and read the menus. Marge rudely and audibly made disgusted sounds about the food. “Oooooh.... Eeeeeew!”

Then she saw CDs being sold in the restaurant. “They’re selling CDs in the restaurant! Back in the car!” Marge has rather odd phobias...

A waitress arrived though. “Can I help you madam?”

“Um we’re not really hungry. Can I have a small side salad...?” Marge asked.

“We have no side salad.” said the waitress.

“Back in the car!” Marge insisted. Oh no! No salad! The horror! The horror.

“Narrator you don’t have to be so sarcastic...” Lisa sighed.

“Come on Mom! Have fun! Be adventurous! Dad would!” said Bart. Oh dear he’s gonna lose that bet later on in this episode...

Marge reluctantly ordered, “what is the craziest thing in the menu?”

“She means the most authentic...” Lisa apologized for her mom’s ignorance.

“Oh that’s the (Ethiopian for lots of injera breads and multiple tapas like blobs of different fillings. A sort of buffet dish.)” the waitress explained.

“Okay I’ll have one of those.” Marge replied.

The waitress and everyone in the restaurant gasped.

The waitress served them injera flat breads with blobs of different foods.

“Woooooow.... and here I thought you Ethiopians ate nothing...” said Oscar, being offensive.

Bart kicked him under the table.

“Well Marge, you’ve raised five kids...” said Marge taking an injera flat bread and scooping up some meat coloured gloop and another goop. A green one. Marge quickly stuffed the injera in her mouth.

Inside her mouth after she tasted and swallowed the foreign food Marge taste buds partied and celebrated and there were brothel/sex club bird cages!!

“Wow! That’s some great gloop!” Marge found the food delicious.

Bart tried some injera flat breads and flavoured gloop. “Woooooow! I wished I lived in Ethiopia!”

“Your wish is my command!” said Genie, Voiced by Dan Castellana. Bart vanished from time and space.

Ethiopia, the present, but another timeline.

Bart as an emaciated black Ethiopian boy eventually succumbed to starvation and died. Flies buzzed around his corpse.

“Narrator, stop! Not funny!” The Simpsons yelled.

“He has a point...” Oscar whined.

“No he doesn’t!” Bart yelled.

Hugo sniffed at the food and then picked up one of the inerja flat breads. Sniffing it like a dog, he determined it was food and that he was meant to eat it. He ate an injera. He liked it and ate bread and gloop in a messy fashion as he was never taught table manners since he had been isolated in the attic all his life.

“Hugo...” Marge sighed at his bad table manners.

Lisa trying to ignore Oscar’s stupidity and ignorance tried an injera and some green stuff and loved it. “Hmmmm! Exotic, vegetarian, and I can mention it in a college essay! Mom! This is amazing!”

The Simpsons ate.

Then Comic Book Guy and Sideshow Mel came in.

“Wait Wait Wait! What is she eating?! I’ve been here many times and they’ve never served me that! And I wear indigenous beaded head gear!” said Comic Book Guy.

“Oh this? It’s just a little (Whatever the hell that dish is called.) It’s all I ever eat in here!” said Marge.

“She ordered off the Ethiopian language side of the menu.” Lisa explained.

Mel picked up the menu. He gasped. “They have prepared her something from the non translated page of the menu!” Can they do that? Have dishes you can’t order unless you speak the language?

“So grab a pancake and slurp some slop!” Bart encouraged.

Mel, Comic Book Guy and their friends the foodies joined the Simpsons.

“Foodies, hear my call! Commence the ripping and dipping!” said Mel.

Some Foodies sat down and eagerly had some injera flat breads and gloop.

some eating later...

“So. Did all your cars break down hear?” Marge asked.

“Mom! These people are here on purpose! They’re foodies!” said Lisa.

“Yes that is correct, Lisa. We are foodies. We travel across America, so far mostly Springfield. Where we sample the most exotic foods and then blog about them on the Internet.” said Comic Book Guy. His blog for Android’s Dungeon amusingly enough had a picture of him as Jabba the Hutt being served dinner by the Rancor wearing a chef’s hat.

“Ha! You’re Jabba the Hutt!” Oscar laughed.

“Yes I suppose I really fell into that one choosing such a corpulent character who matches my physique!” said Comic Book Guy sighing.

“We discovered Korean Barbecue.” said a Foodie.

“Uh.... before the Koreans...?” Lisa found that hard to believe.

“Sure... they cook it... but they don’t get it...” said a brown haired foodie.

“Why would you want to try barbecued dog?!” Oscar cut in. “It’s true! Koreans eat dogs!”

“Oz! That one is true but still!” Bart yelled. “He’s been like this all evening... being offensive about other races...”

“When you stick a pancake in a friend’s mouth, it’s called a goursha! Everybody goursha!” said Marge. I thought the page of menu she ordered from wasn’t translated?

“Goursha!” Everyone cheered. And fed each other pancakes and Wots (dip filling gloop)

“Ha! I fed you a meat one!” Bart laughed at Lisa.

“Bleh!” Lisa spat but unfortunately she had already swallowed the injera and meat wot. (Yes I’m aware the dish is meant to be vegetarian because it is eaten by orthodox Christians on days where they must fast from meat but it’s funny. And some of that gloop was meat colored.)


The Simpsons house.




Bart and Lisa were feeding each over injera with fillings.

“Maaaaaarge.... the kids are acting ethnic...” said Homer.

“Oh Homer. Relax and try some left over galalalalalala!” said Marge. Offering Homer an injera.

“Mom it has a name... it’s (What ever the flatbreads and wots is called.)” said Lisa.

However, Homer wouldn’t try it and shied away like a baby when you try to feed them and they don’t want the food.

“Oh no! I never try anything new, unless I’ve eaten it before!” said Homer being oddly fussy about food.

Marge tried to feed him again but he won’t eat.

“Ha! Dad’s just like Eric when we try to feed him at dinner!” Bart laughed.

We cut to the Simpsons each trying to feed Eric his spinach. Well strained and blended spinach... However he shies away from the food not wanting it.

“(Blurbling, babbling)” Eric blurbed not wanting his food.

Marge gave up offering Homer the injera.

“Come on, Homer! Be a foodie! You’re already a fatty and a drunkee!” Bart tried to encourage his father.

“Why you little! I’ll teach you to be clever with words!” Homer strangled Bart for calling him fatty.

“Dad, are you seriously not gonna ever try new food?! I thought you loved food!” Lisa asked.

“I do! But I’m never trying anything new or foreign ever again. Not after that time at the Happy Sumo when I was poisoned from eating fugu!” said Homer.

“Dad, that was your own fault! The chefs advised you the dish was risky to prepare but you insisted on trying it...” said Lisa.

“Plus the head chef was getting rather frisky with Mrs Krabappel...” said Oscar.

“Look I want to enjoy food! I don’t want to think about it! Why go miles out of town to try mystery goop when we have four Krusty burgers across the street!"

At the kitchen window they could see Krusty’s smiling face on Krusty burger signs poking up over the horizon.

“And look. The finest restaurant of them all... the fridge... it’s open twenty four seven, and there’s no dress code...” said Homer.

He strips to his underwear and gorges on food from the fridge.

“What kinda man doesn’t wanna explore global culture?” Lisa asked getting out a laptop.

“And then brag about it on the internet?” Bart added.

“We should start our own food blog!” said Lisa. She had the idea of what to call themselves immediately. “The three mouthkateers!”

That sucked.

“Three?! You mean one, two and Me?” Marge was happy to have found an interest the kids shared with her.

“Hey what about us?” Oscar and Hugo whined.

“Fine, your D’artagnan. And Hugo, you’re Dogtagnian.” said Lisa. Hehehehe... cartoon dog musketeers...

Hugo growled not happy with his nickname. "What is that supposed to mean? And what about Maggie?"

”The freak doesn’t get to be part of your story this episode!” Homer snapped.

”Shut up or die!” Oscar pointed a rocket launcher at him.

”Oz threatening Dad isn’t going to change things...” Bart sighed.

Homer had... um... died. His ghost came out of him and realized he was dead and now a ghost. He screamed and picked up his body and gave it the heimlich manoeuvre until Homer coughed up a bone and revived. He high fives his ghost and it went back inside him. He then went back to eating from the fridge.

Plot 3[]

In the lounge as music played, Lisa wrote up the food blog for the Three Mouthketeers. Actually the song playing was Empire State of Mind by Beyoncé. But about food blogging.

Marge’s section was Marge’s favorite kitchen appliances, including stupid ones like raisin re-grapers and banana separators! And soup ruler!

Bart’s was list of the weirdest and grossest things he has eaten. Including Fish eye pie. Eeeeew! Locust bugs. Leech cheeks. Eeeeeew! And how?! Frog haunch. Eeeeew! Blood cheese. Ace would love that cheese! Mwuhahahaha! Bear oysters. What heck?! Laotian grub log. Eeeeeew! Brain curry. Frog legs. Charles trotters. Maggot cheese. Sannakji live octopus. Tuna eyeballs. Hormigas culonas big butt ants. Fried tarantulas. Eeeeew! Triple baked tripe. Eeeeeeew! Crocodile meat curry. “And make it snappy!” Bart probably demanded when he ordered it. Duck butter. It tasted quackers. Beondegi silkworms. And Krusty Burger. The only normal thing on the list.

Lisa’s list was cutest vegetarians. Including Avril Lavigne, Paul McCartney and Edward Cullen. Vampires aren’t vegetarian. Nikolai Tesla. Samwise Gamgee! Well his actor. Mmmmm! Hobbit...

Marge, Lisa and Bart went to a sushi restaurant and had sushi. Lisa had some sort of soup. Bart fist bumped Akira.

Oscar came in wearing a kimono robe and chopsticks in his hair and sandals. He greeted everyone in Japanese and called Akira Mr Roboto. “Kon’nichi’wa! Konichiwa Mr Roboto!”

”Oz don’t!” Bart groaned.

Hugo swiftly followed on all fours like a dog. He was wearing a ragged old shirt of Bart’s with holes in it and threadbare shorts with holes in them too.

Since they too were foodies they got sushi too.

They blogged photos of themselves enjoying the sushi as well as funny photos such as Bart suffering an allergic reaction because Hugo fed him a Ebi Nigiri. (Prawn nigiri). Bart trying to feed Lisa meat but her shying away. A giant lobotomised squid strangling Hugo. And Oscar’s face turning red and sweating because he tried wasabi.

The Mouthkateers then went to Korea town.

There was a photograph of a ramen on their blog. A photo of some sort of brown meat. Probably beef in a square frying pan.

In the restaurant Bart dressed smartly had pushed rudely past some ladies and sat down at a table and admired the hot sauce and the jar of kimchi. A type of sour cabbage thing.

Then Oscar blogged a photo of himself trying to eat dog meat and the Simpsons crying because he was considering eating dog.

While Oscar was being cruel and eating dog meat and leering evilly at the Simpsons, Bart ordered Ramen.

He later has a thing for ramen in later episodes set in the future.

Then there was a head cheese being sliced. Then a duck! Then a confit of duck or a duck drumstick.

Then Lisa put a pot on to cook and turned the flames up high and shied away. Marge was then taking a big thanksgiving turkey out of the pot in a trash bag to cook. It’s stupid I know.

“Hey we should measure that turkey against tiny Tim see if it’s bigger than him like the one Scrooge promised to buy the Cratchits when he turned good.” said Oscar.

Okay... said Marge.

Bart held Tiny Tim up straight because his weakness or rickets made it difficult to stand up straight. They confirmed much to Oscar’s amusement the turkey was bigger than Tiny Tim.

Then the blogging continues with a French butcher with a big sausage. A salami based on the song words.

He then threw it and Marge in the Simpsons kitchen caught it.

She posed with the huge salami sausage.

”I am haunted by six generations of pig ghosts!” said the chef.

”Um okay...” said Bart.

Toadstool gelato! sang the song as some blockhead was selling mushroom ice cream. Lisa being even more of a blockhead tried some for the blog as she held a cone with a scoop of toadstool gelato/Mushroom ice cream.

Bart ate a taco for a newspaper article.

Lisa ate a carrot. That’s not exciting... silly gourmet magazine.

In a restaurant Marge photographed her food. The waiter was confused why she choose to do that while his back was turned.

Bart is then a disk jockey with pizza turntables! And rapping!

“I’m a silly rapper now.” said Bart making a goofy face.

Lisa took our a bowl of radicchio when the song sung radicchio.

On Iron Chef or some cookery show they voted off the bald guy host.

At Moe’s he served them different slices of pizza including a mushroom one.

At home Marge was slicing up meat with a meat slicer.

The brown haired foodie sang about carpaccio while putting the meat slices in a bowl.

The other foodies told him throw it in the pho but don’t call that pho foe.

Then at a restaurant Marge and Bart were served Asian bao dumplings. They smelt them and then probably because they were high, it rained dumplings!

Then we read reviews from Marge, Bart and Lisa.

“The vegan meal being entirely vegan was cruelty free. Except I saw the head chef beat one of his busboys in the alley.” said Lisa’s blog. XD.

“I used to feel guilty about eating veal, but now I just think about it as the baby corn of the beef world!” said Marge’s blog. Poor baby cows.

Bart’s read. “Ostrich burger with buffalo mozzarella? It’s like a zoo exploded in my mouth!”

Hugo’s blog was just gibberish. He’s been driven to psychosis by living in the attic all his life.

At home Marge and the kids were uploading their photos on the laptop.

Marge and Lisa were eating Tofu burgers in one photo.

In another Bart was eating pig snouts while Lisa looked disgusted and Spider Pig/Plopper was crying. Awwwww! Poor Spider Pig!

Then they went to what looked like a Russian restaurant because they had kossacks on. They were eating kebab skewers.

”Oh lamb kebab! Oh chicken kebab! Oh fire kebab!” Oscar ate kebabs.

”Oz no!” Lisa saw he was about to eat a fire breathers fire stick.

”Oz yes!” Bart said eagerly.


Later at home, we see Homer looking at the pictures, chuckling.

"All of those food in the pictures are poop by now!" Homer chuckled.

The rest of his family ignored his crude comments.

”Pooop! Poop! Poop!” Oscar chanted being silly.

“That review on the Afghan restaurant is going viral!” said Lisa.

”Yeah it’s called Aloha Snackbar.” said Oscar.

“I just feel so bad about all those other restaurants that didn’t make the final cut...” said Bart.

“Hello! Hellooooo!” said Homer in a patronizing manner. “News flash! All the food in those pictures is now poop! Eyes closed, mind opened...”

“Dad, stop talking about poop...” Bart sighed.

”Poop! Poop! Bum! Bum!” Oscar was being silly.

Homer had been staying home with Hugo, Eric and Maggie while the Three Mouth-Keteers were food-blogging.

“Let me remind you what is fun.” Homer put his laptop on the food blogging one.

Krusty was laughing. “Hooahahaha! Here at Krustyland we have a new ride! The eyeballs of death! It passed safety standards by three votes. That third vote really costed me!” There was a ride where a giant Itchy was juggling round cages with people inside. The cages were painted to look like eyeballs.

“Wooooow!” The kids wanted to go.

“Uh kids remember our Saturday treat?” Marge reminded them.

“Oh yeah. This Saturday coming, because our food blog is so popular they invite us to this exclusive restaurant. So exclusive that Kent Brockman could only get a reservation at five thirty or nine thirty...” said Bart.

Lisa put another laptop, how many do they have?! On Homer’s. “It’s called Al Chemistri. A restaurant where they cook with science!!” said Lisa.

“Oh cooooool! Mwuhahahaha! Science! Delicious science!” said Hugo laughing maniacally.

“No! Hell no! No way! Not if the freak likes it!” said Homer. “He doesn’t deserve happiness!”

“Dad put a sock in it. You never have anything nice to say about poor Hugo!” Bart snapped.

“But! Boy you’re terrified of him! He’s always kidnapping you and taking you to the attic to do hideous things to...” said Homer.

“Dad, he’s grown out of doing that...” said Bart. "When are you gonna stop being mean to Hugo?"

“Pine needle sorbet.” said a chef on Lisa’s laptop.

“Pine needle?! Pine needle sorbet?! You can’t eat a Christmas tree! That’s stupid!” Homer ranted.

Maggie babbled and giggled happily at the Krustyland ad.

She clapped merrily.


Marge felt the babies were left out of food blogging and took them to the Ethiopian restaurant. Unfortunately they couldn’t eat anything without it being put through a food processor first.

Maggie and Eric ate the wots and carefully ripped up fragments of injera.

Oscar insists on having the authentic Ethiopian experience sits in a glass box at a table with an empty plate with hundreds of flies buzzing round him.

At home.

“Pine needle sorbet?! Pine needle sorbet?!” Homer ranted. “My kids do not eat sorbet! They eat ice cream and they’d wish it were exotic or stupid flavours like Christmas tree!”

“Dad you’re less exotic and willing to try new foods than Catherine Tate...” said Lisa.

Catherine Tate and a man as a fussy couple were recounting a time they had shiitake mushrooms.

“Shit ache mushrooms. Who the hell wants to eat something with the word shit in it?” The husband asked.

“The dirty shit mushroom eating bastards...” said Catherine Tate.

“Besides now I’m craving that pine tree sorbet Home boy you can enjoy your Neapolitan ice cream without me eating all the chocolate section from it.” said Bart.

“The Nea? Why would you do that?!” Oscar ranted at Bart shaking him.

“To annoy Dad. Plus I only really like chocolate ice cream.” said Bart.

Hugo watched a cookery programme about making sushi.

”First you’ll need sheets of Nori, a kind of seaweed. Sticky grain rice, and your choice of filling. Fish and vegetables are the most common.” said the chef.

Hugo drooled.

Homer growled but stopped because he saw Bart licking a green coloured ice cream sorbet in a cone that was clearly Christmas tree flavoured. He stormed off annoyed.

”Attention everybody! As foodies we’ll all be drinking different animal milk and eating different animal cheese than boring old cow! So now we have buffalo milk, yak milk, goat milk, sheep milk and chicken milk....” said Lisa holding bottles of milk.

”Chicken milk?!” Homer screamed in horror.

”Of course as the vegetarian I’ll be drinking soya milk or almond milk. Yes I know I’m only vegetarian and not vegan, but I never do things by halves... I really think I should go full vegan and be done with it...” said Lisa.

Homer screamed triggered by his family being exotic with their food rather than just chowing down on food.

”Homer, you’re a load of bulgogi...” said Bart. (Korean fire meat).

Homer cried and weeped.


Eventually he gave up resisting and wanted to be a foodie too.

However Marge had a bad dream where he embarrassed her and the kids on a foodie outing.

A chef at a street stall fried a stingray. Homer grabbed the fried stingray and ate it in one bite.

Gordon Ramsay appeared in Marge’s dream to swear at her for letting Homer ruin her dream.

”You mother fucking donkey! Fuck! Shit! Wanker! Shite! Ass!”

Marge winced as Gordon swore.

“Now this is my fucking dream!”

Gordon Ramsay woke up in bed next to Mrs Ramsay.


Marge and the kids were foodie blogging in a restaurant with a plate of blood cheese. A type of head cheese made of blood.

Ace leered hungrily with his fangs out to feed.

Bart face palmed.

Oscar was reading Lisa’s blog on cute vegetarians.

He saw she put Edward Cullen.

”Vampires can’t be vegetarian.” said Oscar.

”Uh they can. Count Duckula is vegetarian.” said Ace.

Oscar laughed hysterically.

Bart groaned.


At home Hugo was annoyed Bart was trying gross things.

”It’s not funny anymore if you’re all used to eating bug and not grossed out by me eating them....” Hugo groaned.

Bart sighed. “Hugh...”

In canon Lisa briefly started eating bugs because her iron was low.

Meanwhile in the Good Wife, a legal drama with lawyers, wigs and shit. Alan Cumming cameoed. Yes, Alan Cumming!

”Yes! I am invincible!!” Alan Cumming yelled.

Plot 4[]