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The Fatsons a series of stories where a member of the Simpsons gets really fat! Starting with Homer!


Homer is in the toilets one day when Smithers is trying to find him for mandatory exercise.

“Come on, Simpson. Open up. We know you're in there.” said Smithers. “Mmm. That one.”

”Hey! Someone's in here.” Oscar screamed sat on the toilet with his pants down reading a news paper.

”Oops!” Smithers laughed sheepishly to Crusher and Lowbow.

They find Homer in another cubicle.

"Aaaaaagh! Occupied!" Homer screamed.

The goons dragged him outside screaming.

"I've never seen someone so horrified by an hour's exercise before!" said Smithers.

Outside in the hot summer weather Mr Burns was getting everyone to exercise. Homer reluctantly joined in.

”Come on people! I want to see more Teddy Roosevelt and less Franklin D Roosevelt!” Mr Burns ranted. FDR spent most of his life in a wheelchair.

After work he tried to think of how to get off sick from work so he could stay at home. Then he noticed a colleague who he normally worked with wasn't in.

"What happened to that guy with the swollen eye?! You know the really big eye?" Homer asked Lenny and Carl.

"Didn't you hear Homer? He got really really fat so he was declared disabled and allowed to work from home!" said Carl.

This gave Homer an idea.

He discussed his idea with Bart to purposely gain weight. Unfortunately for them Lisa was listening.

"Daaaaaad!" she yelled revealing the purple cushion in front of them was her sitting on it reading as she swiftly turned around.

Homer screamed.

"Oh here's little miss know-it-all..." said Bart.

"Quiet you!" Lisa silenced him. "Dad obesity is really unhealthy! Any Doctor will tell you that!"

They went to see Dr Payne.

"Oh my this is monstrous! I won't be part of it!" said Dr Payne.

"Can you recommend a doctor who will?" Homer asked.

"Why yes!" said Dr Payne.

Lisa frowned and grumbled.

They went to see Dr Nick.

"Hi everybody!" said Dr Nick.

"Hi Dr Nick!" said Homer Bart and Lisa.

Dr Nick was more than happy to help Homer get fat.

"Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon! Instead of quenching your thirst with juice, drink maple syrup!" said Dr Nick. “Instead of using bread to make a sandwich, use pop tarts!”

"You could brush your teeth with milkshake!" said Bart.

"Hey! Did you graduate from upstairs medical school too?" said Dr Nick scruffling Bart's hair.

"I wish I had Doc. I wish I had." said Bart.

Lisa grumbled.

"And one final thing, if you're unsure about eating something, rub it on this greaseptoof paper... if it goes see through helloooo to obesity! Hi everybody!" said Dr Nick.


Lisa wanted nothing more to do with Homer's scheme. However Bart was happy to be part of it. They went shopping and bought fatten things like a tub o snacks, a giant sausage and weight gain powder that Cartman took that made him extremely fat.

"Luckily for you this stuff doesn't work." said the clerk at the till when scanning the protein powder.

"Ay! Then why am I so damn fat?!" yelled a morbidly obese Cartman.

"Because you're a fatass Cartman!" said Kyle.

"Shut up Jew!" Cartman yelled.

"Let's get outta here..." Bart sighed.

They went to the frying Dutchman for lunch.

"Eat around the banana Dad, it's just empty vitamins!" said Bart as Homer ate a banana split.

Eventually he was getting full. "Fish? I dunno..." said Homer as Bart offered him a fish burger. Hugo drooled wanting the fish burger. Bart rubbed it on the window. The window went see through and a bird flew into it and splattered against the glass.

Hugo winced.

Homer ate the fish burger.

Homer weighed himself, he was for once happy to gain weight. Then he went to bed but the mattress sagged under his weight (he was visibly fatter)

"Oh Homer! Have you put on weight?" Marge asked him.

"Well sweetie I was going to keep it a secret but oh well. I'm purposely gaining weight to get out of work!" said Homer.

Marge was horrified. "Have you considered your health?! Your appearance?!"

"Oh." Homer was disappointed. "I didn't realise you were so shallow..."

"Ooooh! I'd love you even if you were three hundred pounds!" Marge explained she wasn't shallow.

"Woohoo! Goodnight dear!" said Homer.


Homer weighed himself again.

"What?! I've lost weight?!" He was lighter.

"Um Dad. You're on the towel rack." said Bart. Homer's belly was on the towel rack. Bart pushed him off. The scales went up.

Homer sighed with relief as they read his actual weight.

Then Homer and Bart watched TV. There was a stuntsman doing something.

Homer wasn't impressed. "So? I bet he can't do this!" Homer used his fat belly to tip his beer towards his mouth to drink it. Once it was empty his belly engulfed the can and crushed it.

Bart shivered in disgust and grimaced.

Later that evening it was time for Bart to go to bed. He had been lying on Homer's stomach.

"Bart! Bed time!" said Marge.

Bart struggled to get up because he was stuck. Eventually he did but left an impression of himself in Homer's flab like a mound pressed into clay.

Hugo walked past and saw this. "Eeeeeew!"

Homer then went to bed dreaming of heading up a hill towards a goal of 320 pounds. The pig from Jolly Farm Review was egging him on. Homer ran back and bit a chunk out of his arm.

"Yes Homer, that's the spirit!" said the pig.


Homer had almost reached his goal one work morning.

"Oh no! Just one pound more or I'll have to go to work!" Homer whined.

”Dad you ate all the food, in fact you ate anything that could be considered food! You ate all the tarragon and drank all the soy sauce...” said Bart.

Homer whined.

Maggie gave him a donut made of playdoh.

"Awwww! That looks like a real donut!" Homer cooed.

"Daaaad, it's non toxic!" said Bart holding the tub of playdoh.

"What now?" Homer said while eating the playdoh donut.

Homer's weight jumped to its target of 320 pounds.

"Woohoo!" Homer cheered.

"Um Dad... towel rack..." Bart explained he was stuck on the towel rack again. His weight went even higher meaning he didn't need to eat that playdoh...

Homer giggled sheepishly.

Mr Burns was called over to announce Homer was now eligible for disability benefits as a disabled worker and entitled to a workspace at home to work from. A computer was installed for him.

Mr Burns delivered a speech and shook Homer’s hand and left him to work from home.

”Smithers who was that gastropod?” Mr Burns asked.

”That’s Homer Simpson sir, one of your seat warmers from sector 7G. He’s morbidly obese now.” said Smithers.

Marge grumbled annoyed at Homer getting extremely fat to stay at home to work from home.

Oscar cane in and saw how big Homer was. “Whooooooo! Momma! You got fat!! Fatty fatty boom boom! Fatty fatty boom boom!”

”Stop that!” Homer whined.

”Ey Fatty boom boom...” Oscar sang.

Homer growled.


Homer set up his drinking bird (the new one Herbert bought to replace the one Bill Gates broke) on his desk and got to work.

"Press any key to start. Where's the any key?!" Homer asked. "Phew! I'm thirsty! I'll order a tab." He pushed Tab and expected the computer to dispense Tab soda. However it came on. "Oh no time for that let's get to work."

He read the requests the computer made.

"Vent gas." said the message.

"No." said Homer.

“I’ll vent gas!” said Oscar. He forced out a loud smelly fart.

“Oz stop farting!” Homer yelled.”

"Venting gas prevents explosion." Homer misread the message. "Fine vent the stupid gas." Homer typed vent.

Somewhere in a corn field a vent sprayed out green toxic gas that killed all the corn.

"Awwww.... Ol Gil is gonna starve..." Gil whined.


Bart and Lisa were watching Homer work one day. Um it was a school holiday?

"Hey Lisa I just imagined myself if I was fat..." said Bart. In his imagination he was a morbidly obese man lying in bed being interviewed.

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick..." Said Bart in the dream

Back in reality Bart was flossing himself with something imaginary while making noises then scared Lisa by poking her with the imaginary rag on a stick. She ran off screaming.

"Mom how long are you gonna ignore Dad's campaign! For once I'd like you to intervene!" said Lisa.

"You know your father, he comes up with a hare brained scheme then gives up halfway through." said Marge.

One afternoon Homer wanted to watch TV. He used a broom to tap the keyboard.

Bart's friends were spying on him and making fun of him.

"I hear his ass has its own congressman!" said Jimbo. His friends high fived him and cheered.

"Hey! Leave my dad alone!" Bart yelled.

Homer suddenly started yelling and tapping the window with the broom.

"Uh oh! I think he's trying to get up to yell at us!" said Milhouse. The boys all ran away.


Homer was still working one day when Lisa had enough of just ignoring him and hoping he'd get bored.

"Mom I think Dad's just enjoying this!" Lisa explained.

"Okay but let me find my least nagging voice. Homer... Homer... That's it, bring him in." Marge replied.

"Um Dad... Mom made a cake." said Lisa.

"Woohoo!" Homer ran in to see Marge but there was no cake.

"Homer I've listened some cons about your weight gaining. Con it's very unhealthy!" said Marge.

"Pro. I've never felt happier." said Homer.

"Con! You're setting a bad example to Bart!" said Marge. Bart was flossing with an invisible rag on a stick again...

"Pro! Um I love you?"

"Con... I'm finding myself less attracted to you..." Marge sighed.

"Marge I've never felt happier about myself! Now don't stand in the way of my happiness! I'm tired of being a fat man trapped in a skinny man's body! The thin Homer you married is dead!" Homer ranted.

Marge sighed.

"Now where's that cake?" Homer asked.

"There is no cake!" Marge replied baffled he thought there was cake.

Plot 2[]

Homer was imagining that Marge would one day come round to the idea of having a morbidly obese husband. He was in his garden working at a computer terminal when Marge in a skimpy outfit appeared with a glass of lemonade.

"And something stronger for later my bag of sugar..." Marge kissed him.

They then started dancing.

An exhausted Ned arrived home from the races.

"So Ned how was work?" Homer asked.

"Ugh! Terrible! Someone ran over my hat!" said Ned.

Then the dream ended with Homer dancing in the lounge alone. He didn't know Bart and Lisa were watching.

"Lisa, look at Dad!" Bart laughed.

Lisa giggled. "I suppose he does look rather funny!"


However Homer's fatness embarrassed Bart. One afternoon Bart and Milhouse caught Homer in the bathroom at the mirror shirtless having painted a clown face on his belly.

"Are you hungry Mr stomach?" Homer asked holding a slice of pizza.

"I'm always hungry! So make with the pizza fatso!" said Homer putting on a voice for his belly.

"Okay." Homer fed his stomach some pizza pretending a flab was its lips. He then noticed he was being watched.

"Um.... I need to do this for work..." said Homer shutting the door on them.

Bart and Milhouse grimaced and shivered in disgust.

Marge then went shopping.

"I have to do some groceries." said Marge making it obvious she didn't want to see him.

"Can you get me a lemonade?" Homer asked. She slammed the door. Homer sighed.

He then got mail. Then a pink box followed the letters some moments later. "Oh! Free sample!" It was a free sample of washing powder.

Homer decided to wash his hat in the basement washing machine.

"Dad what are you doing down there?" Lisa asked.

"Washing my fat guy hat Sweetie..." said Homer.


Meanwhile Marge was at the shops.

"Hmmmmm, canned spam doesn't excite me anymore... Oh! Devilled Spam!" She took a can of spicy spam.

”I don’t like spam!” Oscar screamed while wearing drag.

”Spammity spam! Wonderful spam!” Vikings sang.

Marge winced.

Then she decided to ride on her trolley. However she saw a giant cheese and leapt off the trolley. It got swallowed up the giant cheese. Marge whistled and wandered off.

"Sir... It happened again..." said Squeaky voiced Teen as he checked the giant cheese.

Meanwhile at home Bart somehow got his arm stuck in Homer's flab.

"Nnnnnnnnngh! Rrrrrrrrgh!" Bart grunted as Hugo and Oscar tried to pull him free.

"Now we know not to punch a really really fat guy..." Homer explained smugly at Bart's predicament.

After this amusing scene Homer decided to go clothes shopping.

"Daaad you promised Mom you wouldn't go out of the house." said Lisa.

"She's not the boss of me." said Homer. He went out.

"Who's covering your station!?" Bart asked.

"I've got a guy doing that." said Homer. The drinking bird was tapping the Y key continuously.

Lisa examines the computer she was horrified Homer's laziness at just saying yes all the time almost caused a catastrophic accident with the main gas tank at the plant. She quickly grabbed the drinking bird and tapped N.

"That was close! Dad's laziness is becoming a menace!" said Lisa.

"I bet his fashion sense will too..." said Bart realising a very fat man buying clothes wasn't a good thing.


Homer was at a clothes shop for very, very fat people.

"Hmmmm! I think you're a computer technician. Computer geek? Something with computers..." said the shopkeeper.

"I use a computer!" said Homer.

"Hmmmm must be a loose connection." said the shopkeeper. He showed Homer around. "We have clothes to suit the larger man, robes, gowns, muu muus..."

They passed the two fat guys on motorcycles. Oscar saw this mannequin and laughed hysterically.

"I don't want to look like a weirdo! Get me a Muu Muu." said Homer.

Homer arrived home in a blue Muu Muu with pink flowers. Oscar laughed hysterically but Bart and Lisa were mortified.

"Hey don't laugh." Homer said, annoyed at Oscar.

"Oh my! Homer I don't want you going outside dressed like that!" Marge yelled.

"Fine..." Homer sighed.

"By the way, your work buddy almost caused a serious accident at work while you were gone so you should fire him." said Bart.

"It's a drinking bird toy..." Homer replied as if what Bart said was silly. "Anyway I'm back in the saddle so there won't be any accidents under my watch..."


Patty and Selma cane round.

They sighed disgusted when they saw Homer was even fatter.

“When does it get worse...?” Selma groaned.

“When he's 800 pounds and has to be cut out of the house to go to a movie?” said Patty spitefully.

“I lost my cleaning stick in my belly fat.” said Morbidly obese Homer in a dream sequence. “But I found a kitten.” He pulled out a kitten. It mewed.

“D’aaaaaawwwwwww! Kitty!” Oscar squealed.

“That is so sweet.” said Marge in the dream.

Patty sighed exasperated.

Marge then had that nightmare she was attending Homer’s funeral again.

(Sobbing) “I wish they never, ever invented grilled cheese!” Marge cried.

Raphael was moving a huge crate that presumably contained Homer’s massive corpse. “Whoooooaaa! The rope won’t hold! Hurry up down there!”

The rope snapped and the crate fell on Marge and the kids, crushing them.

Marge, in reality lied in bed that night wide awake with worry,

Bart and Oscar were discussing how to convince Homer to lose weight as he was becoming embarrassing.

"Well I was hoping to get away from the canon ending where he saves the plant..." said Oscar.

Meanwhile Homer had won a competition involving his fatness he was on the street topless with a painted face on his stomach. Some people put a hat over him so it looks like his belly is a round creature on legs. Bart was embarrassed.

"I have a plan but it involves your manimal form." said Oscar.

Bart turned into Spider Bart.

Some events lead to Spider Bart capturing Homer in his web and webbing him up.

"Give up now, Dad?" Bart asked. However Homer webbed up in a cocoon was listening to I'm funky and chunky while singing along. Bart sighed.

”I’m funky and chunky!” Homer sang while listening to it on his Walkman.

Then Homer as a very fat superhero had to stop the tank at the plant from blasting out deadly gas. He vented the gas but fell off the walkway into the vent. He got stuck upto his waist as the the tank rumbled.

"Wow, and I thought it was ironic that Dad saved the day when a skinnier man would have fallen to his death." said Lisa.

"And I thought it ironic that Dad's butt prevented the release of ga-" Bart remarked.

"Bart!" Marge told him off.

Oscar laughed hysterically at Bart's remark.

Homer had his butt and lower half hosed down while Mr. Burns awarded him and had him pulled free.

"Now is there anything I can do Homer?" Mr Burns asked.

Marge and the kids pleaded for him to ask to lose weights.

"Um it'll have to wait, my wide behind is needed elsewhere." said Homer.


Homer somehow sold his soul to Devil Ned again. He got stuck in the hell portal again.

"Grrrrr! Your wide behind won't save you this time Homer!" Ned was cross that he got stuck.

Lisa was going to school when Ralph was teasing her about her dad.

"I heard your dad ate all the food in a restaurant and they had to close the restaurant!" said Ralph.

"Hey! Just because my dad is overweight doesn't make him some food crazed glutton!" Lisa yelled.

Homer drove past in a stolen ice cream van while eating ice cream.

"Oh raspberry!" He said licking the ice cream.

Lisa groaned.

Then he caused hilarity when they had to save Agrabah from Mechanicles' giant robot centipedes.

"Oz..." Bart sighed.

Genie Homer got waist deep stuck in a Centipede section (Like the pot centipede boss it could separate into sections to trick heroes thinking they could destroy a section by cutting it from the centipede mecha.) the centipede section rumbled and jiggled while Homer was stuck in it until it exploded violently sending gears and mechanical parts flying everywhere.

"I really liked that scene in Disney's Aladdin Tv Series." said Oscar.


Soon, the result of Homer's obesity caused, high blood pressure, type 1 diabetes, low HDL cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol, sleep apnea and difficulty breathing, gallbladder disease and a heart attack.

Homer was taken to the hospital.

If this was reality or an episode teaching a vital lesson on health, Homer would die. But because Matt is no longer in his Kill Homer phase and Homer’s a main character, he pulled through once again and lived happily ever after.

”The red thing is connected to this bone... This red thing is connected to my wristwatch! Uh oh...” said Dr Nick performing his triple bypass or something.

Marge stages a meeting AA thing to discuss with Homer and his friends that his obesity was unhealthy.

”Hey look! I found a grilled cheese sandwich in my folds of fat!” said Homer pulling out an old grilled cheese sandwich and offering it to Lisa. “Eh?”

”Eeeeeeew!” Lisa groaned in disgust.


Meanwhile Homer wasn’t the only plant worker shirking duty with a phoney sickness.

”Jugglers Lament...” Lenny read funny illnesses.

Quiffy and Clownja winced because they juggle.

”Achy Breaky pelvis.” said Lenny.

”How about Achy Breaky heart?” Oscar asked.

”Come to my heart, my achy Breaky heart! I just don’t think you understand!” Billy Ray Cyrus sang.

Lenny and Carl winced.

some Korean guy came in.

”Hey where’s Charlie?” He asked of the glasses wearing guy who dropped a pencil down Homer’s butt crack.

”Oh didn’t you here? He got injured at work and got sent home with injury pay and is working from home until he recovers.” said Carl.

Oscar was listening to Billy Ray Cyrus on his Walkman.


At home Morbidly obese Homer had chest pains because Lisa was yelling at Bart for doing his see? Food! Thing.

”Hey hold out Heart Boy! Marge can’t live without her Homer!” Oscar told Homer’s heart.

”Stop feeding me junk and beer!” Homer’s chest whined.

”Shut up heart! Ooooh! That hurt!” Homer punched himself.

”Homer! You’ve had your fun! This is really unhealthy! Even your heart can’t take your extra weight! You’re going on a diet!” Marge nagged.

Homer groaned.

Plot 3[]