Tabitha Vixx
Gender Female
Job Professional singer
Age 20s
Hair Light brown

Relatives Edit

After seeing Homer and Marge kissing on the Kiss Cam; Buck shows up at the Simpson's front door the next day and asks for help with his marriage in exchange for season tickets. Marge thinks that this would not be a good influence for Bart. Tabitha apparently likes showing her body in public, which gets Buck really angry. Later of the two sessions in their mansion, Homer comes to meet her in the locker room to check up on things. There he gives her a neck rub; her loud moans through the door are overheard by Buck, who barges in enraged and slugs Homer. Tabitha goes to Marge and tells her that she is going to break up with Buck, Marge tells her not to and asks what attracted her in the first place, she says that Buck didn't just like her for her enormous breasts and slim physique; he also liked her for her hair. Homer hijacks the Duff Beer blimp and spells out a message to Buck during a game, supposedly from Tabitha proclaiming her love. Buck, reinvigorated, hits the ball into the blimp itself, causing it to crash into the field; as Homer alone runs from the wreckage; Buck realizes Tabitha had no part in the message. He charges Homer, bat in hand, but Marge delivers a monologue over the loudspeaker, dissuading him. It also prompts Tabitha to tell Buck she wants to stay together