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Sweet Homer Alabama: The Simpsons go to Alabama for a holiday. While there, Lurleen Lumpkin also arrives on tour with her country music band called Wild Dixie Riders for the Country Music Festival.

Soon, Marge realizes this trip is becoming rather risky.


Chalkboard gag: "I will not chew gum in class".

Couch gag: Flintstones Couch Gag


The episode begins with the family at home one bright summer morning.

Homer and Marge are discussing their summer holiday plans upstairs in the master bedroom while the kids are seated on the couch downstairs in the living room wearing pajamas, each eating a bowl of cereal and watching Itchy and Scratchy cartoons on TV.


We now cut to one of the Itchy and Scratchy show episode title: "Set Fire to the Pain"

The cartoon begins with Scratchy visiting the tanning booth salon - run by Itchy. 

Scratchy rents a tanning booth and reaches for a bottle of anning lotion but Itchy switches it with flammable fluid.

Scratchy unknowingly covers himself with flammable and Itchy slams the tanning booth shut, trapping the unfortunate cat.

Scratchy screams in pain as he is burned alive.

Bart, Hugo and Lisa laugh. Oscar is traumatised by Scratchy’s screams and gruesome death. Bart reminds him of several times he found the episode traumatic and scary. Ie Steamboat Itchy.


Bart and Lisa laugh together as Homer and Marge walk into the room to inform them about their plan for an upcoming family road trip to Alabama. 

"Alabama?" Bart repeated. "I do hope that there are some lot of cool stuff to do, like skateboarding, go-karting, paintballing, knee-boarding and all that!"

Hugo is scratching himself like a dog would scratch themselves behind their ears.

Bart winced embarrassed by Hugo.

Oscar sings Sweet Home Alabama while playing his guitar. Homer grabs it and tosses out the window.

”Hey!” Oscar yelled.

Plot 2[]

At their suites room, the family discuss and talk about what activities they want to do in Alabama.

Grampa chooses the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum, a walk on the gulf state park, the Army Aviation Museum, Armed Forces Museum, bingo, Southern Museum of Flight, Cullman County museum, shuffleboard, Oak Hallow Farm, National WWII Museum, USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Fort Gaines, drive-in theatres and Flight Works Alabama.

Homer chooses the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, mini bowling, The World of Coca Cola, NASA Infidelity Space Center, Coastal segway adventures, fishing, food tour, Brewery Tasting Tour of Birmingham, breweries, Alabama BBQ trail, sailing the pontoon boat, paddleboarding, parasailing and boating.

Lisa's choice for activities are Spring Valley Beach, exploring the state parks, Little River Canyon National Preserve, The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, nature walks, seahorse stables, a stable for seahorses..., biking, waterfalls, geocaching, bird watching, caves, Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, The F Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, Little River Canyon National Preserve, breakout escape games, botanical gardens and the gulf coast dolphin cruise.

Marge is interested in shopping, alone time with Homer after the kids go to bed, parasailing, Owa, kayaking, Alligator Alley, flea markets, the ferris wheel at the wharf, the beauty salon, day spas, manicure, ziplining, taking Maggie out to the park playground for a mommy-and-me playtime, Waterville USA, helicopter tour, volleyball and Adventure Island.

Bart settles for his own choice of activities as collecting shark teeth at Shark Tooth Creek, arcade games, go-karts, laser tag, jet skiing, the dog pond and the Gulf Shores dog park with Santa's Little Helper, water wars, basketball, trampoline park with a ninja course, tennis, a surging surf at Gulf State Park, the Hot Wheels Skating Center, miniature golf, water parks, Alabama sports hall of fame, scavenger hunts and the Unclaimed Baggage Center. He also wants to skateboard but most marinas forbid skateboarding.

”Oooooooh! This is just like when we went to L.A!” Bart whined.

Hugo wants to go to the science museum, bird watching with Lisa to do Alfred Hitchcock The Birds and set the birds on people. Go to a sushi restaurant and have a flea bath. Homer is being nasty and says he can’t have activities and calls him a freak. Oscar throws the minibar fridge at him.

Oscar likes a lot of activities Bart, Lisa and Hugo are doing. He particularly wants to do the dolphin cruise with Lisa so he can squeal “Dolpha!” at the dolphins and smack people with his dolphin plushie he bought at the Sea Life centre.

Plot 3[]

After deciding on the activities, the family heads out to the Shark Tooth Reek, the Gulf Shores Dog Park with Santa's Little Helper, hiking and nature walks at the at Nature Canyon Natural Preserve.

Soon, they meet Lurleen Lumpkin again and she's brought her band, Wild Dixie Riders on tour to play the Country Music Festival. She asks Homer to help manage her band's tour just for the festival, since she now knows that he is married to Marge.

Marge refuses and has a high octane cat fight with Lurleen with the slapping and hair pulling!

”Cooooool!” said Oscar.

Eventually Homer separates his wife and Lurleen and admonishes them for fighting and that Lurleen’s request is strictly platonic.

Lurleen sees Lisa play on the six-string guitar and is greatly impressed by her musical talent.

The Simpsons then do the dolphin cruise that Lisa and Oscar wanted to do. Oscar squeals “Dolpha! Dolpha! Dolpha!” Every time he sees a dolphin. Bart is mortified.

Plot 4[]

Soon the trip becomes rather risky. Mostly because Sideshow Bob tries to kill the Simpsons again.