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Maggie was helping her sister,lisa to perform experiments on soldiers to create giga soldiers.When maggie stopped helping her,she made experiments on her to make her stronger.To make matters worse when maggie had 1 month she saved milhouse from an explosion on the great hadron collider (ghc) and fused with a particle named higg's boson that controls reality.Milhouse thinks lisa was the one who saved him,that's why he loves her.Besides when maggie was in brazil she went to a nuclear power plant disaster and experienced 1,5 million rads!That created super maggie,a girl that talks,has an I.Q. equal to 1.000.000 can perform dark magick,can create spaceships & metal alloys that clean and/or fix themselves and are indestructible.She also is immortal,but her power is smaller than god's. a psyonic,she reads minds,regenerates her entire body from only one cell (or piece of cell),moves objects with mind (telekinesis),has a shield and is theorized she could potencially create a black hole.