Simpsons Fanon

Stark Raving Dad After a mishap with Bart's hat causes Homer's shirts to go pink Homer is incarcerated in a mental institution where he meets a man claiming to be Michael Jackson. Meanwhile every has forgotten it's Lisa's birthday.


Bart is sleeping. Lisa wakes him up by grabbing his nose.

“(Snorts and coughs) Lis, it’s six am! What’s wrong? Did Dad die?” Bart asked.

“No, he’s fine.” said Lisa.

“Then leave me alone.” said Bart.

“Bart, in case you haven’t realized. My birthday is coming up...” said Lisa.

She then explains it's her birthday soon. “I’m gonna be eight. That’s almost double figures.” Lisa explained. “That’s when you no longer feel like a kid, candy loses its flavor...”

“So? Oscar’s nine and he seems pretty chirpy still.” said Bart.

Oscar was singing a silly song while wearing clipper Filofax holders as earrings.

Lisa whines at Bart.

"Ok, ok! I'll buy you something." said Bart.

"Not just anything! I want the Malibu Stacy convertible!" Lisa whines.

Ok! I’ll get you a Malibu Stacy whatchumacallit!” Bart sighed. “I miss having my reality warping magical powers...”

“Oh thank you!” Lisa hugged him and kissed him.

“Eeeeeew! Sister cooties!” Bart whined.


Homer is getting ready for work when he finds all his shirts are pink. He screams and wonders how this could have happened. Bart then arrives and finds his red cap must have gone in the wash with Homer's shirts.

“You! You did this to me! You betrayed me!” Homer yells at Bart.

Homer then strangles him.

“You betrayed Shiva!” Oscar yells holding a Sankara Stone from Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom.

“Oscar don’t be silly.” Marge sighed.

Homer cried.

“Homer... it’s not the end of the world if you wear a pink shirt to work.” said Marge.

“Yes it is!” Homer sobbed.

Meanwhile Jimbo's gang picks on Bart and Oscar.

“Hey dingus! Give us your lunch money or we’ll pound ya!” said Jimbo.

“You better do as he says Oz.” said Bart.

Oscar shook his head. “No! Why should I give you my money just because you’re bigger than me and threatening me?!” Oscar asked annoyed.

They push Oscar too far and he pulls a gun on them.

“Right let’s pound this dweeb!” said Dolph.

Oscar pulls a gun on them. “Uh uh. One step closer and I’ll blow your brains out.

“Oz!? No!” Bart yelled.

“He’s packing heat! Run!” The bullies fled in fear.

Although he scares them off, Bart is cross with him for pulling a gun on people. He asks Oscar to use his powers for good not evil.

“Not even slightly evil?” Oscar asked.

“No Oz!” said Bart.

At work Homer is teased by everyone for wearing pink and is called to Mr Burns's is office. Mr Burns thinks he is crazy wearing pink and gives him a psychiatrist report to fill out to prove he's sane, he lets Bart fill it out.

“Sir maybe this is just a case of colour run in the laundry. I once accidentally made my shirts purple once not separating the colours from the whites.” said Smithers.

“So you’re both in cahoots ey? I distinctly remember you had a penchant for wearing bell bottoms back in sector 7 9!” said Mr Burns.

“That was my costume for the Plant’s production of H.M.S. Pinafore!” Smithers retorted.

In Springfield penitentiary.

“Mmmmmm... Gilbert and Sullivan...” said Sideshow Bob asleep on his hard prison bed.

At work he's deemed insane and restrained by Mr Burns's goons. However they are given an electric shock by something and are knocked out. A small figure knocks out the doctors and Homer escapes in the chaos. Later the figure reveals himself to be Oscar.

Homer gets home and locks himself in.

"Homer, what's wrong?" asks Marge.

"Mr Burns and his goons are after me! They think I'm crazy!"

"Oh lord!" Marge gasps.

"Don't worry, I'm perfectly sane, as long as there's beer in the fridge and the TV is working.

"Um... you finished your beers off last night. And the TV's on the fritz again."

"... I'LL KILL YOU! I'Ll KILL ALL OF YOU!" Homer yells.

"Aghhhhhhhhhh!" Everyone screams and runs from Homer. However a SWAT team bursts in and arrests Homer.


The Family sees Homer in the mental hospital he was incarcerated in. The warden offers them a guide of the place.

“Now I must warn you, one of our patients is a cannibal!” said the warden. The Simpsons are horrified. “I’ll leave you to find out who. You’ll be surprised!”

Marge mumbled about this place not being a safe place to take the family.

As they pass they see Ms Botz in one of the cells.

Meanwhile Homer is processed for insanity with the Rorschach test.

“Blob. Blob... don’t know what the ck that is...” he is then shown what looks exactly like Bart.

“Aaaaaaaaarrrrrgh! Kill the boy!” He screams at the Rorsarch and has to be restrained. He is stamped insane.

He is put with a bald man who thinks he’s Michael Jackson. So much so that this episode got banned because of that documentary about Michael Jackson being a pedo.

Homer makes lip blblblblblb! sounds.

“Homer don’t mock the people here...” said Not Michael Jackson.

At home Bart and Lisa watch Itchy and Scratchy.

The episode is called Bang the Cat Slowly.

It is Scratchy’s birthday. Itchy gives him a bomb for his birthday. Scratchy screams and Itchy ties his tongue round the bomb puts it in a present and forces him to eat the present. Scratchy’s head blows up and his hat lands on what remains of him and then his head is skewered on the hat.

Bart and Lisa laugh.

“Hehehe... you know Bart, before he got his head blown off, I bet Scratchy loved the thoughtful gesture from Itchy.” said Lisa.

“Okay I’ll blow your head off with a bomb on your birthday...” said Bart.

Meanwhile Homer meets his cell mate. A man who can remember any number no matter how big and a fat bald man who thinks he's Michael Jackson and can sing like him. And a tall Native American guy. The Michael Jackson guy explained he has never spoke since he came here.

“Hello.” Homer greeted him.

“Hello.” said the man.

The paparazzi suddenly interview him astonished he spoke.

“Well it’s about time someone said hi to me!” said the man.


Homer went to make a call but was embarrassed at having to call his family from a mental institution.

Michael Jackson offered to take the call for him.

“Can you tell them I’m in one of those places where they help fat women lose weight?” Homer asked him.

“Hello?” Michael called the Simpsons. “I’m Michael Jackson and I’m with your father at a mental instution.” said Michael Jackson.

“D’oh!” Homer was annoyed Michael wouldn’t lie for him.

“Who is this talking?” Bart asked at home in his room.

“Michael Jackson.” said Michael Jackson.

“Yeah right... and I’m the Queen of Sheba...” Bart didn’t believe him.

“Bart I’m serious!” said Michael Jackson.

“Coool! Is Elvis there?” Bart asked.

“Probably.” said Michael.

Bruce Campbell as Elvis/Bubba Ho Tep was shuffling about the mental institution trembling aided by a Zimmer frame. “Are you lonesome tonight...?” He sung.

“Oz! No!” Bart whined.

Back at the hospital. A black guy voiced by Red Foxx thought he was President John F Kennedy. “Hey dummy! I’m president JFK!”

“No you’re not! You’re black! Kennedy was white!” Homer retorted.

“Nah uh! I’m John F Kennedy!” said the Red Foxx sounding guy.

Bart face palmed at the Bubba Ho Tep references.

“Bart you need to help you father.” said the Not Michael Jackson.

“And if I don’t...” said Bart being cruel.

“Then he’ll get lobotomised.” said Michael.

“Cooooool! A lobotomy...” Bart dreamed something.

In the dream he was playing with a paddle ball. But the ball snaps off and flies about and knocks over a lamp smashing it.

“Oh noooooo!” Bart cried.

“It’s okay son...” said Homer in a pink shirt drooling with stitches on his scalp from a lobotomy.

“Coooool! said Bart.

“Bart please...” said Michael.

Bart sighed and wrote something on a notepad that he had to tell Mom. “Okay MIcheal but I want autograph and you have to see all my friends...”

Bart put down the phone and went to the kitchen.

“Mom, Dad’s in a nut house! Eeehehehe! Chamone!” said Bart doing Michael Jackson impressions and moonwalking as he gave her the list.

“Oh lord!” Marge gasped.


At home Lisa sadly sings herself happy birthday because everyone has forgot. Unknown to her Oscar is listening. Bart then comes down stairs to rant about Oscar abandoning their videogame just because he lost.

"You can real selfish sometimes, Oscar!"

"Oh really?! What day is it today, Bart?" asks Oscar.


"It's your sister, Lisa's birthday tomorrow. And now she's crying because no one remembered." Oscar replies.

"What do you care? You're always yelling at her!"

"Nuh uh! I only yelled at her once for preaching about stealing because your mom ate two grapes." Oscar explained. "Now go and see her about Lisa's birthday, then you can be in a position to call people selfish, hypocrite!" They run off to see Marge.


"Mrs Simpson, do you know it's Lisa's birthday soon?" Oscar says as he and Bart go into the master bedroom.

"Oh Lord! So it is! I've just been so busy with Homer being locked up. We better get ready." said Marge she got planning for Lisa’s birthday party.

They saw Lisa crying and singing Happy birthday to herself as Maggie in her high chair watched.

“(Sobbing) Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me... (whimpering) happy birthday to Lisa Simpson...(breaks down in tears)”

Marge was horrified Lisa thought no one cares about her birthday.

“Oh I’m such a terrible mother!” Marge wept going somewhere.

“Maybe we should put her in a nut house too.” said Oscar being cruel.

Plot 2[]

In the asylum some inmates were playing cards, one inmate was laughing and another was mad at him because he cheated at cards probably. There was also a man in a dressing gown dancing and Jim Carey in a tutu from Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Homer was testing the savant guy who can remember numbers again.

Then JFK Kennedy annoyed him by insisting he was John F Kennedy and not a Red Foxx in a motorised chair.

“I keep telling you! John F Kennedy was white and he is dead! Lee Harvey Oswald shot him in the head!” Homer ranted.

“Nah you see that’s a myth.” said Red Foxx insisting he was JFK.

Suddenly an undead mummy dressed as a cowboy broke in and sucked the life essence from inmates like that cool life draining scene from the horror movie Lifeforce. Ie lightning being sucked from them.

“Suck on this baby. Uh huh.” said Bruce Campbell as an elderly Elvis Presley as he shot the mummy with a shotgun. “Groovy.”

Everyone suddenly bowed to him in respect and grovelling.

“All hail his majesty King Elvis! Long live the king!” Everyone cheered.

“Hey we’re a Republican democracy!” said JFK.

Not according to the years 1954 to 1977 where America briefly became a monarchy under King Elvis Presley.


At Home Marge was angry over being a bad mother and forgetting Lisa’s birthday and Bart making light of Homer being in a mental institution as she looked up the mad hospital’s number.

“I told you kids you’d drive your father to the crazy house!” Marge snapped.

“Hey what did I do?” Lisa whined.

“I thought you said poor house.” said Bart.

“I said crazy house!” Marge snapped.

“Poor house.” Bart was being cheeky.

“Crazy house!” Marge yelled.

“Poor house.”

“Crazy house!”

“Poor house.”

“Crazy house!” Marge screamed.

“P-“ Lisa quickly hand gagged Bart.

“Bart stop it! You’re driving Mom mad! Is that what you want?!” Lisa nagged.

“Maybe...” said Bart.

Homer is eventually is allowed out along with the Michael Jackson wannabe, he goes home.

One of the reasons he was kept incarcerated was that he kept screaming about a Bart Simpson.

But when Marge explained Bart was real they had to release him.

“The devil in blue shorts is real?! I thought that was just a horror story!’ said a warden.

Homer calls Bart to tell him to put out cold cuts and beer for Michael.

“Uh Homer I’m Vegetarian and I don’t drink...” said Michael.

“Are you sure you’re here voluntarily...” Homer said rudely.

“Now that ought to annoy me but I’m still a meat eater viewers.” said Lisa at home helping herself to the bacon. After frying it that is.

Bart was told under no circumstances to call people that Michael was staying over.

Bart’s hand was suddenly possessed by a need to call Milhouse. Bart fought with his hand. I take this to the silliest conclusion!

“Aaaaaagh! Lisa help! My hand! It’s controlling me!” Bart yelled as his hand pulled him about and throttled him etc.

“Narrator no!” Lisa whined.

“Lis I don’t think he’s listening.” said Bart as he was dragged about by his hand.

“Bart chop off your hand!” said Oscar.

“No! Are you insane!?” Bart yelled throttling his hand by its wrist. It soon stopped trying to control him.

Homer came home to his loving family and promised to Bart not to be so angry. It wasn’t long before Bart made a smart aleck remark and got strangled.

“Why you little!”

However Someone else got a scolding from Homer!

“Lisaaaaaah!” Homer screamed from the kitchen. “Did you eat all the bacon again?!”

“Mmmmmm! Bacon...” said Lisa drooling.

The Michael Jackson guy tries to claim to Bart that he's the real Michael Jackson.

"You're not Michael Jackson. This is Michael Jackson." Bart shows a Michael Jackson Thriller Album.

"You do know he has vitiligo?" The man explains.

"Yeah, he looks like this now." Oscar shows a more recent album of Michael, now pale with long black hair. Suddenly Michael Jackson appears.

"That's right. And I don't appreciate you impersonating me. Although your voice is fantastic!" says Michael.

“Wait, even if you were Michael Jackson... can you raise the dead and make the zombies dance?” Oscar asked.

“Oz that was a music video! Don’t be silly!” Bart whined.

Oscar was calling Milhouse and accidentally let slip Michael Jackson was over at the Simpsons.

“Michael Jackson!?” Milhouse gasped.

“Michael Jackson?” Krusty gasped.

Eventually Apu was the last to know. “Michael Jackson?”

“Hey give me all your money and stop reminiscing about Michael dude!” said Snake. “Wait! Michael Jackson?”

There was a huge crowd outside the Simpsons to see Michael.

“Boy!” Homer growled and strangled Oscar.

Oscar choking. “Ack! Police! The asylum wards! Help! A crazy guy is attacking me! Ecccck!”

After Homer released him Nelson punched him in the stomach. “That’s not Michael Jackson...”

“Oooof! My squeedly spooch!” Oscar cried holding his stomach in pain.

Suddenly Lisa was arguing with Bart because he had still not bought her a birthday present. It’s implied the Simpsons missed her actual birthday.

“Bart (Sniffing) Do I really have to say it...” Lisa sobbed.

“Hey look! Madonna!” Bart was distracted by Madonna.

Lisa ran inside crying.


Inside Michael sees Homer in the bathroom furiously trying to rub off his stamp that’s says he’s insane.

Then he sees Lisa in her room crying and writing Bart an angry letter.

“Bart I am writing to you with the stationery Mom and Dad bought me for my (emphasis) birthday (emphasis) That once I get this letter approved by an attorney we will now be brother and sister in name only. Probably to see each other only at family reunions and that. Goodbye Bart.”

Michael tuttered with sympathy and went to speak with Bart,

Some time later the Michael Jackson impersonator helps Bart write a song for Lisa’s birthday. Bart seems reluctant. The Michael Jackson guy appealed to his heart, his actual love towards his sister.

“Oh okay...” Bart groans realising The guy who thinks his Micheal Jackson was right. He may have been an aloof bad boy. But deep down he loved his sister.

They came up with ideas for songs. Bart’s first idea didn’t go down very well.

“Lisa! Her teeth are big and green!”

“Lisa! She smells like gasoline!”

“Lisa! La la la Disa!”

“She is my sister, her birthday, I missed-ah!”

“Um no.” said the guy who thought he was Michael Jackson.

“Look Man, I can’t write a song! I’m only ten years old!L said Bart. Cough do the Bart Man, cough, Deep deep trouble.

“Hey man, our guest star Michael who some reason we can’t use his likeness helped me write those!” said Bart to the fourth wall.

“Bart when I was your age I already had six albums.” said Michael.

“Yeah because your dad used to beat you if you didn’t sing!” Bart retorted.

Meanwhile in 2019.

Oscar in the far and distant future was annoyed to find this episode had been erased from the archives, DVD compilations of seasons, in this case season three, and even TV re runs. He stormed off to Fox to find out why.

They had removed the episode over a fake documentary about Michael Jackson molesting children. Oscar shot everyone and put the episode back into circulation.


That afternoon Bart tries to sing Lisa, her teeth are big and green again.

“Lisa! Her teeth are big and green!”

“Lisa! Her breath smells like gasoline!”

“Lisa! Da da disa!”

“She is my sister, her birthday, I missed Ah!”

“No no no Bart. Your song has to be your true feelings about your sister...” said Michael.

“I don’t have any feelings...” said Bart.

“Come with me...” said Michael.

In the treehouse they watched Lisa in her room. “See Bart. Doesn’t she look upset...” said Michael.

“She’s just upset because we’re looking at her...” said Bart.

“Bart while that’s true that I’m aware you’re spying on me, I’d still feel the same even if you weren’t.” said Lisa.

Oscar suddenly ran in Lisa’s room and smooshed his mouth against her bedroom window and made demented faces at Bart.

“Oz don’t! You’ll smudge the window!” Lisa sighed.

Downstairs that evening Michael asked Bart some more about information about Lisa.

“Well the training wheels came off her bike...” said Bart.

“That’s great! (Sings) The training wheeeeeels came off your bike! Eeeeeheeee!” Michael sung.

“Hey you’re doing that weird laugh for effect...” said Bart.

The next morning it's Lisa's birthday. Bart decides to get revenge by waking her up by holding her nose.

"Ugh. Leave me alone..." Lisa tries to go back to sleep.

"Lisa it's your birthday! Happy birthday!" Bart and Oscar yell. Oscar blows a party horn.

"Who's making that noise at this time in the morning?!" Homer yells from the master bedroom.

Bart and the Michael Jackson impersonator start singing a song for Lisa while Bart is on the drums. (Using Lisa's bin as a drum.)

“Lisa it’s your birthday! Happy birthday Lisa!” Were the lyrics. Which from Bart were actually rather heartfelt considering how he usually is with Lisa.

“Lisa it’s your birthday! Happy birthday Lisa!”

The little newspaper delivering boy hears them singing as he delivers the morning newspaper.

“Lisa it’s your birthday! Happy birthday Lisa!”

Their singing eventually wakes up Homer and Marge.

Soon they're having breakfast. The Michael Jackson impersonator loses his voice and reveals his real voice. A gruff Brooklyn accent. He's a builder and one day he started to sound like Michael Jackson and actually thought he was him, that's why he was incarcerated.

The man takes his leave just as the birthday celebrations begin.


Later it's Lisa's surprise birthday party. Oscar chose a Malibu Stacy, Ponies and Happy Little Elves theme. All of Lisa's friends are there, predominantly girls. There are also live ponies.

"I love it!" Lisa hugs everyone. She opens her presents. She gets everything she wanted. "Thanks Bart!"

"Aw shucks!" Bart blushes. Everyone is having fun until Oscar takes exception to a few Bronies in the pony themed area. He begins hassling the boys.

"Get out of there you weirdos! Princess Pony is a girl's show!" Oscar yells at some sixth graders.

"Hey don't kink shame us, Happy Little Elves baby!" The Bronies retaliate. Oscar's wearing a Happy Little Elves t shirt and diaper.

"Hey! I'm a little childish about what shows I like, but I'm only nine! You're teenagers and you're watching a little girl's show! Why are you even here?!" said Oscar blushing

"For the ponies! Duh!" said the sixth graders.

"Oscar, don't ruin things. There's a ball pit in the Happy Little Elves room!" Lisa explains seeing the argument is ruining the atmosphere.

"I love ball pits!" Oscar runs in there.

Plot 3[]

Bart and Lisa reconcile as he admits he was uncaring and not remembering it was her birthday. She’s happy he did remember and that deep down he does care as the sing a lovely duet of Ben by Michael Jackson with Leon singing.

“Bart, the two of us we need look no more.” Lisa sung.

“We, both found what we were looking for....!” Bart sung.

“Wiiiiith a friend to call my own!” Oscar sung in a heartfelt manner. “I’ll never be alone!”

“Sis, you’ll never be alone!” Bart sung to Lisa who was tearful with joy.

“And you, my friend will see, you’ve got a friend in me...” Bart sung softly to Oscar and they hugged.

Everyone cried.

“Oz, you’re always here and theeeeere!” Teddy his living teddy bear sung.

“Yoooou feel like you’re not wanted anywhere....” Lisa sung.

“Iiiif you look behiiiiind!” Leon sung. “And you don’t like what you find!” We see Oscar leaving somewhere carrying a hobo stick with a sack on the end carrying his things. “There’s something you should know... you’ve got a place to go...“

People are still crying.

“I, used to say, I and me....” Bart sung. “Now, it’s just us and we...”

“Bart, most people would just turn you away...” Lisa sung. “But I don’t listen to a word they say....”

“They... don’t see you like I do... I really wish they’d too....” Oscar sung. “I’m sure they’d think again... if you weeeeereeee their friend....”

The end!