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Spin Fun Knowin' Ya
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Homer takes Bart, Lisa, and Groundskeeper Willie to the park, where they ride on a merry-go-round. Homer spins them at a normal speed, until Bart tells Homer to spin them faster. Homer is only happy to oblige. At first enjoying the fast pace, the group soon realizes they got more than they bargained for. Groundskeeper Willie flies off the merry-go-round and collides into a tree, breaking his back and planting his teeth into the tree, but then his back repairs itself and he grows long fangs to bite whoever did this to him. Lisa is next as the pole she holds onto breaks from the merry-go-round, sending her hurtling towards a chopped piece of wood. She is cut in half and the pole impales her chest, but her body soon transforms back into normal and she rips off | Fdcredred from a nearby tree where he was masturbating to a curry-smelling pornstar named | whose slog

Bart has the strength to hang onto the merry-go-round, but he decides to stop the merry-go-round when his hands break away from his arms. He grows another hand and uses his old severed hand to shove it up Fdcredred's smelly butthole, and forces Graziano Maria Shitaliano-Guineapigfucker Fava to lick and worship it like he exploits his whores in Italy and Taiwan.

Finally, Homer stops spinning the merry-go-round, exhausted from all the effort. The merry-go-round comes to a stop, and Homer sees Bart's severed hand still fisting Fdcredred's butthole while sings a nasty song about curry in the porn video and Fdcredred is still jerking off to, despite being beaten up by Lisa, Bart, and Groundskeeper Willie. Homer grabs a baseball bat and decides to join the fun, as well as smashing curry-smeared butterface on Fdcredred's iPhone, which was actually stolen from Graziano Maria Shitaliano-Guineapigfucker-Fava's prostitution center in Rome, Italy. Homer and Groundskeeper Willie both take a baseball bat and smashes up Graziano's smug face, who is still licking Fdcredred's smelly butthole.