Simpsons Fanon

Some Enchanted Evening is the fifteenth episode in my fanon. Marge is fed up with the way Homer is treating her and is on the verge of divorcing him when he buys her flowers. She forgives him and they go out to dinner. The kids need a baby sitter but the only one available is an escaped convict!

  • Dan Castellana as Homer Simpson
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson

Guest stars

  • Hank Azaria
  • Harry Shearer
  • Tress MacNeille
  • Phil Hartman
  • Eileen Stevens as Oscar Tamaki


The chalkboard gag is "I will not yell Fire in a crowded classroom."

The Simpsons house one morning.

Marge is making breakfast and singing. And occasionally speaking to Maggie.

“I love you!” she kisses Maggie and sets the breakfasts on the table. Someone wanted one fried egg. One solitary fried egg.

Marge then sighed as she heard the family come stampeding into the kitchen full of energy yet they hadn’t had breakfast yet. Some were obviously more of a morning person than she was.

Bart decided to pour all of the sugar on his cereal.

“Bart! You can’t possibly eat all that sugar! It’s very unhealthy! Especially for your teeth.” said Marge.

“Not to mention you’ll give yourself diabetes. Or glaucoma.” said Lisa.

Oscar winced at Alisa while he was rummaging in the fridge. That reminds me, he told himself. I have to have my insulin or I’ll die.

Bart made a face at Lisa and ate his pile of sugar and Krusty os.

“Oscar get out of the fridge and eat your breakfast.” said Marge.

“I’m getting myself some orange juice Mrs S.” said Oscar.

The radio is on. Arnie Pye is telling what’s happening.

“There is an overturned watermelon wagon on the freeway!” said Arnie Pye.

“Ooooooh!” said Oscar sitting down. “Mmmmmmmm! Watermelon...

Then Bart and Lisa saw a donut in a box on the table. Homer’s last donut.

They started fighting over it.

“It’s mine! Gimme!”

“No way! It’s mine!”



However this squabble tore the box and the donut went flying onto Homer’s head, bounced off then landed on his plate.

“Ooooooh! Mmmmm! Donuts...” said Homer eating the donut.

”Bart I’m serious! You can’t eat all that sugar you’ll be sick! Or diabetic!” said Lisa.

”Hey! What is with you and diabetes?!” said Oscar as Marge administered his Insulin Jab.

”Sorry Oz. I forgot!” said Lisa. “Take Oz’s condition as a warning Bart...”

”I have the strain where I must eat sugar...” said Oscar.

”D’oh!” said Lisa. "I didn't know you were diabetic."

"It hadn't come up yet or mentioned. Basically my pancreas doesn't break down glycerol by producing insulin. So I need insulin injections or I'll die!" said Oscar.

Everyone gets ready for school and work. Homer drinks Marge's tea and doesn't kiss her goodbye before he leaves.

Marge feels he has been off lately. She calls Dr Marvin Monroe's helpline and explains her problems with Homer calling him by a fake name per Monroe's instructions. Dr Marvin Monroe suggests she divorces him.

"Leave Homer?!" Marge gasped.

"Use his fake name." said Dr Marvin Monroe.

"Leave Pedro?!" Marge gasped.

"Marge, your husband is a pig. He only sees you as his mother." said Dr Marvin Monroe. He seems to want to end their marriage this episode. Or he's being helpful I dunno.

Marge winced. She had only seen old photos of Homer's mother he brought with him when they were dating.

Anyway it's hilarious that he still wants to help the Simpsons after them mucking about in his shock therapy room.

"Hold on is Marge Simpson?!" Dr Marvin realised.

"Um yes..." said Marge.

"You fried my office electronics goofing off with the electro-shock therapy room! Don't ever call here again!" Dr Marvin Monroe furiously put down the phone.

Meanwhile Homer and swollen eye man are listening on the radio.

"Hey, turn it up. I love hearing those wackos!" said Homer to swollen eye guy.

"Awwwwww! I love you too!" said Wakko Warner.

Bart in a split screen gag while riding the school bus winced exasperated.

However the caller is Marge!

Homer realises he has deeply upset Marge.

At Moes, Moe suggests after getting another of Bart's prank phone calls, that Homer makes a romantic gesture to let Marge know he loves her. Homer buys flowers and chocolates.

Homer walks into a flower shop and is greeted by the flower seller.


"Uh, I'd like some flowers." said Homer

"What kind of flowers?" The florist asked.

"You know, pretty ones, not dead." said Homer.

"Sir we don't sell dead flowers..." said the florist.

Harold the owner decided to be a bit more helpful to Homer. "Well, we have some beautiful long stem roses. They're $55 dollars a dozen."

"One please." said Homer.

Harold made up a bouquet of a dozen roses.

"I meant one flower..." said Homer.

Harold frowned at him for being a cheapskate.

Meanwhile Marge is getting angry waiting for him. The kids ask for dinner but she turns into a monster and scares them!

Marge roaring.

The kids scream and flee.

Homer eventually comes home to an angry Marge, but she sees his gifts and forgives him. Homer decides to show how he really cares and takes Marge out for dinner. However the kids need a babysitter, despite Bart's protests.

”Shut up brat!” Homer snapped.

To put himself in a better mood, Bart prank calls Moe.

"Is there an Al? Al coholic?" Bart asked.

"Al? Al coholic? Hey everybody! I'm looking for an alcoholic!" Moe asked. Everyone laughed.

"Why you! If I ever get ahold of you I will kill you!" Moe yelled down the phone.

Bart laughed as the other end of the line was put down.

Homer tries to get a babysitter, but they are banned from the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Babysitters service because of Bart's behaviour.

Homer growls at Bart for getting the house banned from the babysitter service.

So Homer uses a fake name and successfully gets a babysitter.

”Samson ey! Oh good you’re not those awful Simpsons!“ said the old lady on the line.

Homer growled. “As a matter of fact, the Simpsons happen to be our neighbours! And they are lovely people!!” He snapped.

Marge and Homer get ready. Lisa is in the master bedroom watching Marge get ready.

”Mom you look beautiful!” said Lisa.

”Oh thank you sweetie.” said Marge.

Oscar comes in being cheeky as Bart is elsewhere.

“Honhonhon! (Stereotypical french laugh) Why if it isn’t Mary Antoinette! Honhonhonhon! Let ze peasants eat cake!” said Oscar making fun of Marge’s big hair.

Marge sighed.

”It was actually Brioche Oscar...” said Lisa.

“Hmmmmm! Go and play with Bart... I think he’s pestering his dad in the bathroom...” Marge sighed.

Bart was in the bathroom head bopping as Homer sung his favourite song, the Bobba bobba bobba song. Homer was getting ready and shaving.

Oscar came in.

“This reminds me of that kids book about the elephant family when the dad is shaving.” said Oscar.

“Yeah you can see the resemblance...” said Bart.

“Bart!” Homer yelled and threw shaving cream at him. It splattered on his spikes. “Go and play downstairs or something!”

Bart left with shaving cream on his head.

Marge gives them a film to watch for the night. The Happy Little Elves and The Curious Bear Cub. Bart doesn't want to watch it because it's babyish, but Homer threatens him.

Oscar sees the tape and grins there is a cartoon green bear cub on it with a big green shiny nose. “Well I think I’ll love this movie!” He was hugging his teddy bear creature Teddy and honking his big shiny black nose.

The babysitter arrives, but the kids are scared of her, even Bart. After Marge and Homer leave, Bart tries his luck with the babysitter and she scares him into behaving. The kids all sit down to watch The Happy Little Elves movie.

MsBotz also took all the animators time and energy to animate smoothly. While Bart and Lisa stuttered about in a few key frames. Mmmmmmm.... lazy animators

”We were animated by Klasky Csuspo aka the guys who made Rugrats then....” said Bart.

”Okay Chuckie...” said Oscar.

Bart throttled him.

Marge bores the babysitter by giving her a list of instructions. Ie that Bart is allergic to shrimp and butterscotch and that Maggie needs a bottle of warm milk before bed.

The kids watch Happy little elves.

when the bear cub sniffs the camera with his big wet shiny green nose Oscar winced andwet himself.

Bart doesn't want to watch it and puts a scary crime documentary on.

“Bart no! That’ll give us nightmares!” Lisa protested.

Their babysitter, Ms Botz is on it. It turns out she's a fake babysitter who ties children up and robs them.

Meanwhile Mrs Botz is robbing the house! “This woman sure loves pea green dresses...” Ms Botz sighed.

The crime documentary reveals who the babysitter bandit is. Bart and Lisa scream. Then they scream when they see Ms Botz with a rope.

Ms Botz realises they know the truth and must be silenced. The kids run away.

Lisa calls the helpline but it is engaged and she's caught by Ms Botz. Bart hides in the basement and tries to drop Homer, the bowling ball, on her head. However he falls off the cupboard. Ms Botz ties Bart and Lisa up. Bart is noisy so she tapes up his mouth and makes them watch Happy Little Elves.

Meanwhile at the power plant.

Mr Burns is retiring some workers who have been horribly deformed by radiation. Including swollen eyeball man.

“Brrrrrr! Smithers I can’t look any more. Just send them home with a fruit basket or something.” said Mr Burns.

Ms Botz tries to catch Maggie and Oscar but they evade her and Maggie unties Bart and Lisa after Lisa promises to let Maggie watch the whole film.

Meanwhile Marge and Homer are having dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Marge snickered.

"Does my wit amuse you daring?" Homer asked romantically.

"No (giggles) I'm laughing because you look like a little boy!" Marge giggled.

"Because of my innocent charm?" Homer asked.

"No because you're wearing a bib! Hehehehe!" Marge giggled.

Homer was wearing a lobster bib.

Then they have a romantic dance.

Maggie lures the babysitter to the under the stairs cupboard with her pacifier sucking noises. Bart knocks her unconscious with a baseball bat.

They tie her up and force her to watch The Happy Little Elves on repeat. The kids go to call the police. Oscar elects to stay behind in case their Mom calls to check on them. Plus he gets aroused by the curious bear cub's big shiny green nose so he wants to watch the film. Plus he's the least likely to fall for any tricks Ms Botz may try to get them to untie her.

Meanwhile Homer takes Marge to an apartment where they have a water bed. They snuggle on it for a while.

Bart, Lisa and Maggie use a phone box to call the help line to get Ms Botz arrested and get their rewards. Free t shirts.

Marge decides to check on the kids and rings the house. Luckily Oscar answers and when Marge asks for the babysitter he is able to mimic her with an electric voice the ones in Diamonds are Forever. Satisfied the kids are safe, they go back to snuggling. Oscar gets back to fapping to a scene of the curious bear cub smooshing his big shiny wet green nose into the screen.

The cops arrive with Bart, Lisa and Maggie and arrest Ms Botz. They explain the kids will definitely be rewarded tomorrow. Bart says Oscar will get a reward too.

Lisa wonders if they should call Mom. Bart says not worry her. They wonder who's gonna babysit them until Bart says they're free to do what they want. Lisa and Maggie stay downstairs to watch their movie, Bart and Oscar go upstairs to play video games.

Marge and Homer finally decide to checkout and go home only to find the babysitter absent and a cop looking after the kids. The officer explains their babysitter has been arrested. Homer thinks Bart has scared off yet another babysitter until Marge tells him to listen to the officer. They had unknowingly been given Ms Botz who was probably masquerading as someone else.

Plot 2[]

Another night they want to go out again. But they need another sitter. Just by luck Bart's old babysitter a trendy teenager with red hair and a purple hat arrived.

"Julie?! What a pleasant surprise!" Marge gasped.

"Well look who it is..." Bart said smugly as he entered the hall from the dining room.

The girl gasped and had a flashback of baby Bart in Marge's car having somehow got the keys starting it and trying to run her down as she ran away screaming.

After the flashback ended the girl ran off screaming.

"What's up with her?" Homer asked.

"I dunno." Marge replied.

Bart gleefully snickered.

Some time later.

"I know! How about that old fashioned lady! You know. Abigail!" Homer asked.

"That's a brilliant idea!" Marge kissed him and rang up Abigail.

However her sister answered the phone.

"I'm sorry but I have to look after Abigail full time now, she can't even leave the house now..." said Abigail's sister. We then pan to Abigail who is catatonic and sitting in a rocking chair repeating "put it down Bart. Put it down."

Geez you're scary Bart!

("I know Mr Narrator! Mwuhahahahaha!")

The Simpsons were stuck with who to ask to babysit.


Meanwhile Bart commandeered the phone.

"Oliver, last name Clothesov." Bart asked.

"Oliver clothesov! Everybody! Oliver clothesov! (All of your clothes off!)" said Moe to his customers. They laughed.

"Why you! If I ever find out who you are I'll slice open your belly!" Moe yelled down the phone.

However Marge had the phone. "Oh my!" she gasped before putting down the phone.

Later Oscar managed to obtain a tape of the beta footage of this episode.

"Ugh! We look ugly!" Bart said while grimacing. "And why am I wearing a tough looking jacket? I look even more intimidating than Nelson."

Oscar was squinting at the video. "Actually you look like Ed from Ed,Edd and Eddy."

Later on Bart on the archive tape was in the backyard. He was slamming his head into the ground. "I'm a woodpecker! Except with dirt!"

Bart facepalmed. "Turn off the tape Oscar."

Meanwhile Ms Botz that night after she was arrested was processed and sent to her cell. She spent the time swearing revenge on the Simpsons.

"Well looks like we won't be able to go out tonight. No one is available to babysit." said Marge.

Homer groaned.

"Homer we had a wonderful night last night." said Marge.

Homer smiled and purred at her in a animalistic manner, aroused.

Marge giggled.


The next morning.

"Kids, I got donuts!" said Homer having bought donuts for breakfast. He's nuts for donuts...

"Yaaaaay!" The kids cheer.

They had donuts for breakfast. Didn't bicker as much and Homer appreciated Marge more today as he kissed her goodbye instead of drinking her morning coffee.

At work Swollen eyeball man was off sick. He looks like the kind of guy that has the death sentence on 12 planetary systems...

Homer hadn't had his fill of donuts today despite having one with his breakfast. He scarfed down the donuts at work.

Elsewhere Homer from the future had to buy flowers from the flower shop.

"Um hello?" The florist didn't recall Mr cheapskate from the first arc.

"Yes I'm looking for some flowers." said Homer.

"What kind?" The florist asked.

"Um..... Oh I dunno some tasty ones. Those tulips look delectable..." said Homer.

The florist was alarmed. "Harold! It's that guy who keeps eating the flowers again!"

"Mmmmmmm! Secret shame..." said Homer.

Flint the Time Detective grinned and ate a tulip, leaving a stem.


Oscar was doodling at the Simpsons house. He heard a faint harsh whisper in his head.

"Oh it's you." He frowned.

"Your fairy godmother." Dark Oscar snarked.

"No. you're not my fairy godmother..." Oscar sighed. "Now what do you want?"

"Same as you. Power. Absolute power!" said Dark Oscar.

"No I don't want that." Oscar sighed.

"We're meant to clash, as certain as the sun and shadow." said Dark Oscar in a snake like tone.

"We're meant to clash, as certain as the sun and shadow." said Bart to Lisa trying to justify why they were play fighting.

"Ow! Bart let go! Let goooo! Mooooooom!" Lisa yelled.

"Bartholomew! Let go of your sister!" Marge yelled.

Bart winced. He disliked being addressed by his full name.

Anyway it's the first season so that means characters acting really weird compared to later seasons.

Ie Marge being the irresponsible drinker.

"Here we sit, enjoying the shade." Marge sang while drinking alcoholic punch with her friends.

"Hey brother! Pour the wine!" Her friends "Merrily" sang.

"Drink the drink that I have made."

"Hey brother! Pour the wine!"

"He's here at last, my one and only, Goodbye, friends, and don't be lonely."

"Hey brother! Pour the wine!"

Homer being the embarrassed spouse. Yeah he's embarrassed by Marge drunk and singing broadway style.

"Yeah you get to be embarrassed by your wife's drinking, rummy..." said Oscar snarking.

Homer growled. "Yes runt! Especially when she's drunk at my boss's picnic!!"

Bart and Lisa just being a bickering brother and sister with no one in the right in particular. Compare this later where Bart is always the one starting an argument being obnoxious and Lisa giving logical responses instead of "You suck! No you suck!"

Ie their childish spat at the beginning of There's No Disgrace Like Home.

"Oh yeah?" Bart shoved Lisa.

"Yeah!" Lisa shoved him.

"Oh yeah?"


Oscar winced. "Do you two even know even though what you're arguing about..."

"They once picked on the baby..." said Hugo from inside the vents.

Oscar winced.

Lisa before she became vegetarian was obsessed with bacon...

At another breakfast one morning Lisa was eating a baco sandwich with um a lot of bacon inside it...

Homer smiled proud of his daughter's gluttony and love of bacon...

"Mmmmmm! Bacon...." said Lisa drooling.

Marge sighed.

Mr Burns just being a Scrooge and not cartoon supervillain.

Richard Rodgers sang his song Some Enchanted Evening.

Bart winced.

The school bus pulled up.

"Oh Kids that's the bus! Here are your lunches you better get going!" said Marge.

Bart and Lisa took their lunches and left.

Marge was speaking with Homer over them booking a dinner out again.

Maggie was asleep at her high chair.

Oscar went to sleep in his high chair. But smoosh! Face planting straight into his sandwiches as he slept.

Marge stifled a giggle.


After work Homer went to Moe's.

Blonf evil Barney was fighting with everyone again.

"And stay out you mindless thug!" Moe kicked him out.

"Oh hi Homer!" Moe greeted Homer.

"One Duff Moe." Homer asked for a Duff. Moe poured him a beer.

"Hey they say there's a burglar going around posing as a babysitter." said Lenny.

"Yeah but who's stupid enough to fall for that..." said Carl.

Homer groaned. Because he was stupid enough to fall for it.

A prank caller rang up.

"Yello?" Moe asked.

"Is your refrigerator running?" A caller asked. Moe didn't recognise them. However a split screen gag reveals the caller is Oscar.

"Um yes. It should be." said Moe.

"Well you better run out the door and catch it! Nyahahahaha!" The caller replied laughing.

"Ooooooooh! It's you again! Isn't it?! When I get ahold of you I'll!" Moe threatened the caller.

Oscar laughed as the call ended.


After school. Bart and Milhouse passed the Rubber Baby Buggie Bumper Babysitting Service building. He gasped as a band was leaving it.

"Milhouse look!"

"Looks like they booked a performance. No fair! I want to attend a concert. Preferably Spinal Tap..." said Milhouse.

"No Milhouse. I know those guys... that's Trout Fishing in America! A band that's in cahoots with my arch nemesis Dr Demento!" said Bart worried.

"Bart you have some serious issues that you're frightened of Dr Demento..." Milhouse winced.

"Look I made a lot of enemies... Nelson, A washed up sideshow who was framing Krusty... A deranged babysitter..." said Bart.

At home Oscar watched Happy Little Elves.

The cartoony theme played.

That random baby at Mr Burns's picnic with Abe Simpson hair looked up mouth agape as Happy Little Elves was on. The babies must really like it for some reason...

Up in the attic Hugo was holding another Attic monster Anonymous meeting with Roger the gay alien and Willie Nelson, no not that Willie Nelson but the onion spider from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

"Okay first on our agenda. Our families stink..." said Hugo.

"Agreed but I am strangely attracted to my owner's son Steve." said Roger.

"Roger that's sick! He's a kid!" Hugo winced.

"The box of fries, milkshake and raw Patty meat I live with are alright. Also I'm a dangerous serial killer." said Willie Nelson.

"Willie, I'm a psychopath. You don't scare me..." said Hugo petting his pigeon rat.

Dad cane up with his afternoon snack.

"Okay your friends have to go back to their attics mutant. Here's your fish heads." said Homer handing Hugo a bucket of fish heads.

"Even Peter Griffin's hairless twin?" Hugo asked his dad.

"Let's all eat garbage." said Peter's hairless twin in a creepy manner.

"Yes even him, Freak..." said Homer.

In Oscar's room could be heard the song We don't have to take our clothes off.

"You don't have to be, (beat) A monster! to have a good time! Oh no!"

"We can dance and party, all niiiiiiight! And eat some red vines. Oh oooooh!"

Oscar was watching beta scenes and animation from his cartoon he was creating.


  • The Happy Little Elves is mentioned. The kids watch a video tape film where the elves meet the curious bear cub.
  • This episode introduces Ms Botz as a character. She's an evil babysitter who robs her clients.
  • Homer the bowling ball appears from Marge's Birthday.
  • Bart used to wear a green jacket in the beta footage of this episode.