Simpsons Fanon

Soap Boxing Oscar refuses to do the next episode because it’s politics. So we throw a bunch of stuff together involving Cousin Kathy’s wedding and an evil media corporation in the Statue of Liberty and cat flu.


The title gag is Maggie as baby new year going up in a parachute and Grampa as the old year in a diaper going down. He moans.

The billboard gag is “Vote Quimby. The devil you known for 18 years.

However for this special billboard gag we zoom in on the billboard as Oscar in a harness pulls himself up with a pulley and tags with red spray paint, “Vote West!’ He really likes Mayor Adam West...

However Gino Terwilliger pulls himself up a pulley system in a harness and tags in Blue spray paint, “Vote Bob!”

“Eleggere! Eleggere my papa!” Gino says repeatedly and demanding.

Oscar sprays red spray paint in his face and makes him cry.

The chalkboard gag is “Tintin does not SuckSuck.”

Oscar’s 100 lines read. “Tintin in the new movie should not be played by Bradley Branning from Eastenders.”

The couch gag is the Simpsons as a Victorian upperclass family carrying tea cups and sitting on the couch. Suddenly the lights go out and in the darkness a gun goes off.

When the lights come back on, Homer is lying dead on the floor.

“Dad!” Lisa cried.

Wiggum as a British old timey bobby appears and accuses Bart and takes him away. Bart cries in protest that he’s innocent.

He is as Marge discretely and suspiciously puts away a pistol.


The episode starts as Politically Inept with Homer Simpson. The Simpsons are at an airport in a queue.

“No no no! I am not writing a political episode!” Oscar ranted.

“But Oscar you have to-“ Lisa explained.

“No I don’t! And I’m sick of animated sitcoms jumping on the politics wagon! Politics is boring! Zany antics and jokes are fun!” Oscar argued.

Lisa sighed at him refusing to do the episode.

“And besides that episode where Krust ran for Congress was boring! There were no jokes or the dead rising from their graves to vote Republican!” Oscar ranted.

“Dad drunk a southern senator under the table...” said Bart. “And threw up in the senate chamber...”

“My crotch still hurts to this day...” said Homer.

“What about when we went to the Smithsonian and Dad damaged the bill of rights and got beaten up?” said Lisa.

“That sucked! We didn’t get to see Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt or Ben Stiller, and lay off the republicans and the police you damn Commie Matt! Maybe if people didn’t break the damn law and not resist arrest the police wouldn’t have to whack them with their batons!” Oscar ranted.

The Simpsons sighed at his stubbornness and right leaning tendencies.

“I’m like Brian Griffin but Republican to you guys...” Oscar sighed. “Well I’m not! I pick the best out of the two parties not the worst! I swear if Rush Limbaugh and Conservative Brian say women who abort should be burnt at stake again I’ll kill Brian myself!” Oscar ranted. “Having respect for law and order does not make me a boot licker you Communist Hippy!”

“Some of our cops overstep the line in terms of their authority sometimes Oz!” Lisa retorted as they were still in line.

“No they don’t! Wiggum, one of the most incompetent cops is really nice and easy going. Far too easy going! Especially with criminals!” said Oscar. “Your town needs a hard line fascist cop to stop Sideshow Bob getting out of prison every so often and force some redemption upon him!”

“Gaaaaah! I can’t listen to your extremist views any longer!” Lisa ranted.

Marge and Homer sighed at their bickering.


Eventually they got to the front.

“Finally... the only other line I have to wait in this long for is getting a slightly better Cell phone.” said Homer. True. 1 grand for the new IPhone X with singing emojis? Hell no!

“Why do we even have to go to this stupid wedding?!” Bart whined.

“Cousin Kathy invited us so our feelings wouldn’t be hurt.” said Marge.

“And we’re going so her feelings won’t be hurt!” said Homer.

“And I’d rather we did a wedding episode than politics, Lisa soap boxing, Homer endorsing Ted Nugent even though it’s out of character for him to upset his daughter over politics! It’s not out of character for me though because who cares about Liberal Lisa... she’s not my daughter...” said Oscar.

“And I’m glad I’m not your mom either!” Lisa yelled.

“Good, because if you were I’d poop inside you while you were carrying me in pregnancy!” Oscar retorted.

“Eeeeeeeew!” That’s disgusting!” Lisa groaned in disgust.

“I just don’t understand any of you! Grownups going to weddings of a Cousin I’ve never met! Lis and your politics arguing with Oscar’s stupid fascism!” Bart ranted.

“I am not fascist for respecting our police and wanting that monster Sideshow Bob who terrorises you regularly to suffer in prison!” Oscar screamed angrily.

Homer was getting his suitcase weighed.

“Sorry pally,” said Raphael the Death Wish Guy. “Your bag is two pounds over the limit! Are you sure everything you have is essential?”

“Absolutely!” said Homer. “Let me just redistribute everything into my family’s bags.” Homer put down his suitcase and opened it.

“High school year books...” said Homer taking out thick books.

“I told you not to pack them!” said Marge.

“Marge please don’t argue in front of the airport line! Strangers are judging our marriage!” Homer whined.

“Lisa, do you really need all these Kurt Vonnegut novels?” Bart asked Lisa unpacking her novels.

“They self reference each other!” Lisa replied.

“Marge do you really need all these female hygiene products...” Homer asked going through his wife’s things.

“That’s toothpaste!” Marge replied.

“Yes but I never use that kind of toothpaste...” said Homer chuckling.

“Hugo, why are you bringing a chemistry set to a wedding...?” Lisa sighed pulling out beakers and test tubes and a Bunsen burner.

“Why does Bart need to bring a Gamestation 500?” Hugo replied.

“Marge why have you brought so many diapers...” Homer asked.

“Most of them are for Oscar! Okay?!” Marge replied as she shared everything between the bags and shut them tight. Suddenly the bags and suitcases bursted open and it rained clothes!

“Catch them on your tongue!” said Homer catching some boxer shorts on his tongue. Eeeeeew!

“We are not related to him...” said Lisa.


At the security section everyone had took take off their shoes.

“Thanks Bashir! Because of one of your stupid uncles tried to blow up a plane with exploding shoes I have take my sneakers off and show everyone my grotesquely overgrown toenails and bloody toes!” Oscar ranted at Bart’s Muslim friend Bashir as extremely long toenails spring out when he took his bloody socks off. The toes were bloody and pus oozing from being lacerated by the long toenails.

“Eeeeeeew!” The Simpsons groan.

Billy from Grim adventures got out a tiny guillotine.

“Eeeeew! Billy! You’re not eating my toenails!” Oscar groaned.

Marge had Maggie’s bottle of milk confiscated.

“This needs testing.” said a security guard lady. A baby dressed as a security guard sucked on the bottle of milk.

He belched.

“Awwwww! He thinks he’s security...” Oscar cooed.

“Mmmmmph! Now I’ll have to put a clean teat on that bottle...” Marge sighed.

“True patriots breastfeed...” said the security lady.

A man was giving Homer a pat down. “Sir you have been selected for a pat down.” said a security guard man.

“Wooohooo!” Homer cheered and striped down to his underwear and lied on the table where your hand luggage comes out the x Ray machines. “Work my lower back, there’s a lot of tension there.”

The security guard sighed and gave him a massage.

Oscar went through a metal detector and set it off. The guard asked him to empty his pockets. He emptied out loads of guns and ammunition...

“Oz why did you bring so many guns... you’re not planning a massacre are you?” Hugo asked.


Eventually they got on the plane.

“Unfortunately due to a sudden unforeseen jail brake in New South Wales, this flight will be delayed for a few hours.” said a lady crew member.

“We’re not even leaving the states you nut! That shouldn’t affect us! And not relevant!” said Oscar.

“Fine... due to an unforeseen jailbreak at Springfield Penitentiary in Springfield we are just a little bit delayed.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” Bart screamed.

“Seat 362 stop screaming. It’s not Sideshow Bob...” said the crew lady. “Now we’re turning off the air...”

“No! I need to breath or I’ll die!” Overly dramatic guy screamed.

“Please don’t interrupt sir... and ethnic people are welcome to open their home cooked food.” said the crew lady.

Everyone groaned as Eskimos opened their food that stank. No I’m calling them Eskimos and not Inuits Lisa...

Then what looked like Swiss people opened their food. Uh I don’t think they have weird food... Mmmmmm! Swiss cheese...

Then the Swedes got out Tupperware boxes containing fermented herring. Surströmming.

Then Jurkle’s family got out his mom’s weird home cooked food.

Jurkle grinned sheepishly at his friend Oscar as he ate some horrible home cooked food that Yiddish mothers make on TV but no one has the heart to tell em it’s awful.

Oscar turned round and winced as his other friend Hugo was eating a bucket of rotten fish heads.

Hugo eats fish heads ravenously.

Oscar was disgusted. Then he grimaced as he saw Ace eating his country’s ethnic food. Cabbage rolls made of fermented cabbage and sweetbreads! (Thymus gland/pancreas.)

”Sarmale and momite.” said Ace.

Oscar pondered if his friends actually liked their gross food. Because he was put off by it....

Then Homer looked confused at a Russian gangster dude.

“Hehehehe! Crazy food Comrade.” He drank from a goat’s head...


Homer was trying to force a blue suitcase in the overhead compartment.

“Sir that won’t fit..” said a crew lady.

“Yes it will!” Homer grunted as he forced it in. The suitcase ripped a hole in the plane and another suitcase fell out onto the run way.

“Sir we also found this child stowed in the overhead lockers. Is he yours?” The crew lady held Hugo.

“Nooooo...” Homer lies.

“Really, because he looks exactly like your little boy over there...” said the crew member pointing to Bart.

“Homer! Yes ma’am that’s our other son, Hugo!” said Marge angry at Homer for trying to put Hugo in the over head compartment again.

Sometime later everyone was sweltering, coughing and babies were crying. It had been seven hours...

“Congratulations folks, we have been cleared for take off. You can’t get off the plane, but you are more than welcome to look outside at the crew members laughing at you. That is all.” said the pilot.

Homer groaned and got up to go to the bathroom but a lady crew member stopped him.

“Sit down sir.”

“But I really need the bathroom!” Homer whined.

“Too bad, you should have thought about that before you drank the fluids you need to live...” said the crew member.

Homer did the pee pee dance. Then he grabbed a speaker thing and ran down the plane.

“Don’t tread on pee! Alilililililili! (Al Qaeda Death cries)”

“Right that’s it! Relax folks, this is what my CIA training came to... stopping another 9/11...” said Oscar getting up wearing Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch from Predator clothes and carrying a machine gun.

Homer screamed and ran down the plane.

“Die terrorist bastard!” Oscar yelled shooting at him.

“Oz!” Bart whined.

“Also language!” Lisa scolded him for swearing.

“Someone get the Air Marshall!” said a crew member.

“Homer keep still! I’ll hurt people in the cross fire!” Oscar whined trying to kill him.

A big guy got up but stood aside for Andy Griffith.

Oscar stopped chasing Homer to laugh that Andy Griffith was the Air Marshal.

Homer laughed too.

Andy Griffith said something he’d say. “Now you’ve done it!” He wiped his nose with his finger.

Oscar and Homer laughed hysterically.

“Stop it! You’re killing me! Ahahahahaha!” Homer laughed.

The crew ladies sighed.

“Why did we hire Andy Griffith...”

Plot 2[]

Homer was hauled off and punished by security guards for being stupid and dangerous on a plane.

“Hmmmmm... that was the last airline that would take us...” Marge sighed.

“Now we have to travel on cargo trains with a hobo who’ll tell us stories for sponge baths...” Lisa sighed.

“We’re still going to Cousin Kathy’s wedding right?” Bart asked.

“If I say we are, we are. Some how. Anything is better than Homer and Lisa debating Ted Nugent...” said Oscar.

“I have a wedding to catch guys and you have to put me up in a fancy hotel! That’s the rules!” said Homer to the guards with angry dogs when suddenly one of the guards shoved their baton down his throat.

Oscar’s Alsatian pulled around her leash. She was in love with the security dogs in the room Homer was in.

“No girl! This is why people keep saying I should spay you!” said Oscar pulling back on his dog’s leash.

His Alsatian squealed.

Bart laughed at his Dad being beaten up by the guards and texted the video of Homer’s rampage he recorded on his high tech folding phone with a keypad to YouTube or uploaded it whatever.

Everyone watched it, from men refuelling their cars at the gas station to Lovejoy showing it in church on his mypad to Milhouse watching it at home on his computer while drinking buzz cola.

A man in a black coat holding his collar closed over his face wearing sunglasses and a furry ear pad hat trying to look incognito went into the Kwik e Mart.

“A six pack of Duff please Apu.” said the man hiding his identity.

“Certainly Mr X.” said Apu.

“Oh I can’t lie to you of all people Apu!” Homer was the mysterious man! Dun dun dun! “And you of all people should know it was me! You were at my fake knighting at Mr Burns!” said Homer referencing Lord of the Fries Menace Shoes.

“No Mr Homer, I wasn’t invited! You’re that scoundrel Mr X?!” Apu asked.

“Um no... I was the Undead Mr X from Umbrella. The one Oscar keeps referencing...” said Homer.

X gonna give it to ya plays as the undead monster Mr X stomps into the Kwik e Mart in a black trench coat and hat.


At the Simpsons house Oscar was getting ready for Cousin Kathy’s wedding. He was going through what the episode was before his tantrum. “Nash Castor?! That blowhard that got us hated by all of America because Bart accidentally mooned the flag?! No way! Screw Nash!”

“Yeah! Screw you Nash!” said Bart.

“Ah... that donkey literally ate your shorts boy...” said Homer.

Bart blushed. “Guys is my catchphrase just one big joke to you all now?!”

Then the door rang.

”Just a sec.” said Marge almost ready, aside from her earrings. She answered. Hugo came in. “Hurry up Hugo! And why have you brought friends?” Ace and Jurkle were at the door.

”Oh we’re just here to tell Oscar that no. We don’t actually like our native home cooking. But we wouldn’t dare tell our moms that.” said Ace.

”No sirree.” Jurkle concurred. Shaking his head.

They somehow got to Kathy’s wedding a day late, cos it was one of those dumb overnight ones where you turn up the night before to have dinner and stay over.

Kathy was not happy they were late. Also for laughs, she’s Homer’s cousin or second or even third. Not Marge’s.

“We are so Sorry Kathy... Homer um got into some legal trouble and got us kicked off the plane...” said Marge.

“Yeah Dad’s in even more hot water than uncle OJ when he made lobster dinner once!” said Bart.

Cue OJ Simpson, yes that OJ Simpson cooking lobsters... he drops them and his wife laughs. So he shoots the lobsters and gives them the gun to make it look like the lobsters killed each other in a shoot out,

“I was acquitted!” said OJ.

“Yes Unky. That just means the jury couldn’t come to a decision...” said Bart.

Jessica Simpson was happy to see them though.

“Aunt Marge! Uncle Homer!” said Jessica Simpson. She probably was gonna sing one of her songs at the wedding too.

“Oh no! It’s your great great Aunt Wallis! Who got my king Edward abdicated!!” Oscar whined as Wallis Simpson was there.

“Well he shouldn’t have tried to marry a married woman then Oz.” said Bart.

“She was on on the verge of finalising her divorce! And that’s not fair! Harry married Meghan! Why can’t Edward marry an American! My people should want to be more friendly with America!”

“Um she died in 1986.” said Hugo. “If she gets to be here Oz, so does my name sake...”

“Oh yeah that Hugo ancestor that looks like Bart with a beard...” said Oscar.

Then Canadian producer Bart Simpson was there.

“Ay Carumba!” said our Bart simultaneously with Canadian producer Bart Simpson.

Marge and Lisa sighed and grumbled.

Then American Novelist Mona Simpson!

“Wait a minute! Oh my god! Oz and the Internet is right! What the?!” Homer gasped.

Our Mona looked very concerned with Matt.

“Okay I got lazy, the rest of you are based of my family though. And that’s true! Look it up!” said Matt Groening. It’s true! He based Bart on himself as a kid!

Oscar was browsing for more famous Simpsons. He screams with laughter. “Look at this one! George Gaylord Simpson!”

“Oz that’s an actual middle name...” Bart sighed. “It’s Norman French for high spirited and joyful...”

“Gayloooooord!” Oscar laughed.

Bart sighed.

“I also found two Bobs, and a Bobby.” said Oscar.

“Okay...” said Bart.

“Oh look! Dr Simpson!” said Lisa as the Dr Simpson relative from where Abe thought Lisa had the Simpsons gene was there.

“Yeah but I bet Kathy still invited all the men...” said Homer.


Kathy needed some time getting ready and to scold the Simpsons for arriving late.

“Well Homer, because you took your sweet time and got ya self kicked off the plane and arrested, you missed last night’s dinner!” Kathy scolded him.

“Oh it’s okay Kathy. After the cops discharged me we all had a takeaway...” said Homer.

Kathy seethed with anger.

“Homer! That’s besides the point! Kathy put herself out for you and you cause a big stink and get us kicked off our cheap and nasty flight!”

“Marge I have to to watch my finances until my fiancé gets his promotion...” Kathy sighed dryly.

“It was pretty dire though Kathy...” said Lisa.

“Look just take your seats at brunch...” said Kathy.


At Brunch Oscar played on his guitar a song about bad weddings.

“Four weddings and a funeral with Hugh Grant and Rowan Atkinson as the vicaaaaar! Hey not the last time he wore the white collar!”

“Bridezillas! Mother in laws! Monster in Laws! Preschooler page boys who didn’t get their hair cuts done fir the wedding because their new age parents think long hair looks cute on a little boy, (Oscar takes a breather to catch his breath) Aaaaand said Pageboy is still not potty trained and still uses a pacifier... Babies in sailor costumes! Throwing the bouquet! Smooshing cake in the bride’s face! Funny drunk stag antics! Groom got handcuffed to a lamppost naked!”

However he was swiftly interrupted by Homer yanking him off stage.

“Oscar play something nice...” Kathy sighed.

“Well... I was gonna sing Valerie by Amy Winehouse at Valerie’s wedding but Homer and Marge wouldn’t let me!” Oscar snapped.

“He doesn’t realise its in bad taste to serenade the wedding with a song right as the singer has suddenly died...” Marge sighed.

“Hey! A lot of great singers have died recently Marge! Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t sing their songs!” said Oscar.

“Yeah but in 2009 when all that bad stuff about MJ...” said Bart.

“Fake news! He didn’t do anything! Kevin McCallister made it up!” Oscar yelled.

“I did not!” Kevin McCallister yelled back.


In the lobby Oscar coaches Homer to be a confident blowhard that even Nash Castor can’t interrupt him and accuse him of hating America.

Homer made Nash cry and leave the show.

“Um... I guess you’re the host now.” said the camera men of the skull crackers politics show.

Then the evil Republican headquarters stooges, Mr Burns, Dr Hibbert, Rainer Wolfcastle, Dracula, Birch Barlow, Sideshow Bob, Rich Texan, George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr were trying to pick a Republican to run for President.

“Agh! Monty it’s no use! All these people are hated because they did or said something stupid or racist!” said Rich Texan.

“We have to pick someone! And it can’t be me or my son! We’ve already both ran for president!” said George Bush Sr.

“How about that orange guy with blond hair? I like the cut of his jib?” Mr Burns asked.

“How about Ted Nugent? He’s a rockstar! Kids love rock! And he hasn’t embarrassed himself yet. Has he?” said Chalmers. Yes Chalmers is an evil Republican too.


Lisa was devastated reading a newspaper in the hotel lobby.

“Ted Nugent?! Ted Nugent?! Our media is endorsing Ted Nugent?” Lisa gasped horrified.

“Who’s Ted Nugent?” Oscar asked.

“He’s a rockstar and he hunts animals! He’s everything I hate!” Lisa whined.

Ted Nugent came in playing an electric guitar loudly. Oscar did the horns hand gestures as he air guitar’ed.

“I killed this stag this morning. Cool huh?” said Ted Nugent throwing a massive dead stag upon the table Lisa was sat at.

Lisa screamed and ran off.

“Did someone say rockstar?! Coooool!” said Bart but then he saw the dead Stag. “Oh my god! You killed Bambi’s dad!” Then he ran off crying.

“Well I’ve heard of a stag do but this is ridiculous!” said Oscar speaking about the dead stag.

Everyone groaned and booed him.


At the Simpsons house after the wedding.

Ted Nugent was in the backyard firing nerds into Ned’s garden with a crossbow. He had just fired Martin Prince into Ned’s garden.

“Why are the nerds here and why is he picking on Ned?! Ned is a god fearing Christian!” said Bart.

“Christian?! Well why didn’t you say so buddy? Come ere you!” Ted lovingly hugged Ned and scruff led his hair with his fist.

“Well bless my sweater! Howdy fellow Republican!” said Ned.

“Now where can I find a god hating heathen liberal moon maiden to shoot nerds at?” Ted asked.

“My sister’s a Buddhist!” said Bart.

“Bart! Oof!” Lisa whined but Database was flung around her from Ted’s crossbow.

“Daaaaaah! This is very romantic!” said Database.

“Database get off of me...” Lisa grunted off screen.


At city hall, liberals were protesting at something. “We don’t know! We just won’t shut up!” They chanted.

Ted Nugent ran them over and squashed all of them into a bloody paste with a steam roller.

“Daaaaaad! Ted Nugent just ran over all those poor protestors!” Lisa whined.

“Well maybe they should shut up and let the government do its job of sorting out the mess the last government made.” said Oscar.

Lisa seethed angry at him.

Ace then arrived to sort out the steam roller. “Za Warudo! Wryyyyyyyy!” He threw the heavy steam roller in the air and threw knives at it and punched it while making karate grunts that sounded like “Muda!Muda!Muda!”

It then blew up. Taking Ted with it.

“Okay...” said Lisa.

“Oh so I’m a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vampire now?!” Ace sighed with his fangs noticeable.

“Well.... Good lord there’s a human Dodoria in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!” said Oscar as the camera pans over to Shigechi. A spiky person who essentially looks like Dodoria but human...ish... and his nose was running. Eeeeew!

“I am not Dodoria as a human...” Shigechi sighed.

“My head canon, my rules...” said Oscar.

Shigechi sighed and transformed grotesquely into Dodoria.

Plot 3[]

Oz why is you head canon that Shigechi from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is Dodoria from Dragon Ball Z...” Bart sighed.

“Just is...” said Oscar.

Shigechi was himself again. His nose was disgustingly snotty...

“Eeeeeeew! He lets his nose run worse than Zill...” Toon Link groaned. Zill with a long strand of snot hanging from his nose frowned at Toon Link.

“Eeeeew! To me he’s snottier than baby Quiffy...” Oscar groaned.

Baby Quiffy in a diaper was letting his nose run with a long booger hanging out deliberately. He looks like an anime Timmy Turner with green eyes.

Then Kathy was annoyed because they were goofing off with random nonsense instead of attending her wedding.

“Come on let’s go...” said Homer.

Somehow they got to Lovejoy’s church, or a church wherever they had to fly to, maybe they were flying home at the start, I dunno.

“If there is any reason these two shouldn’t be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” said the reverend.

Everyone showed respect and remained silent. Homer’s brain sung “lalalala hey! Nalalalala! Hey! Lalalala hey!” again.

However Ted Nugent came back from the dead with Canon Homer leading supporters with gravy boats on their heads.

“They’re wearing gravy boats on their heads!” Oscar gasped.

Lisa face palmed.

“Why am I such an idiot in canon?” said Homer. “I mean I know I am the loveable oaf but why am I just argumentative and supportive of monstrous republicans Matt?!”

“Because he’s high now...” said Oscar.

“Nugent! Nugent! Nugent!” Canon Homer chanted as he wore a gravy boat as a political blowhard.

His supporters followed repeating his chants for Ted Nugent.

He’s like me with Trump. I only wanted him to win so Hillary wouldn’t and I find it amusing he is upsetting the SJWs...

“I think Narrator has a touch of that German shameful joy...” said Oscar.

“Schadenfreude Oscar...” Lisa replied.

“Gesundheit.” Oscar quipped thinking long German words sound like sneezing.

“Now because I am somehow kissing Burns’s ass for some reason and working with the obviously evil republicans... I am somehow in agreement with Sideshow Whoositsname.” said Canon Homer.

Sideshow Bob appeared wearing the flag of America.

“A fine Mahok to you all.” He said as his theme played.

“Aaaaaaagh! Sideshow Bob!” Bart and the rest of the Simpsons screamed.

“Matt stop making Homer such a prick!” Oscar swore.

”Never!” said Matt.

”Kamehameha!!” Oscar unleashed a kamehameha beam at Matt vaporising him.

”Oz you just vaporised our creator...” said Bart.

”I am your creator now! At least I take better care of you.” said Oscar.

”Yeah... making Hugo canon and writing nonsensical crap is taking care of us...” said Bart.

That night during Dinner.

”Talk about preachy... Look at this latest Halloween mask the dumbocrats made...” said Gravy boat hat evil republican Homer.

”Dad isn’t that just a Shrek mask painted yellow?” Lisa asked.

Yes but look!” He put it on. He resembled Homerino the ogre from Equalia.

”Ay carumba!” Bart yelled.

”Oh my god! It’s the foul smelling Orge, Homerino! Stand aside Princess Lisa!” Oscar cosplaying as his Equalia self yelled as he jumped on the dining table brandishing a cardboard sword.

”Oscar, get off of the table...” Marge nagged.

”Anyway Homer, about tomorrow’s trip to the psychiatrist over your bought of hardline republicanism.” said Marge.

”Hey, I don’t take you to psychiatric care over your democratic leanings!” Homer yelled.

”Dad you’re shaking hands with Dick Cheney!” Lisa whined.

Homer screamed. “You’re a monster!”

”Well whatever I call shotgun.” said Bart.

”Bart it’s too early to call shotgun...” said Lisa.

”It’s never to early to call shotgun!” said Bart.

”No one’s shotgun! Now be quiet!” Marge yelled.

”I totally have a shotgun...” said Oscar cocking his shotgun so it made that cool pump action sound.


The Simpsons realised the only way to take Gravy boat hat Homer down and stop Ted Nugent who was alive again somehow was to form a reluctant alliance with their arch enemy Nash Castor.

”Well look, if it isn’t the godless family that hates America...” said Nash.

”Nash. We need to shut down my weirdly hardcore republican Dad. If you won’t shut up and help. You’re gonna be the soggy pampers stuck to the Freeway of America’s talk shows... you’ll be even less popular than Jimmy Fallon...” said Bart.

”Hey! That was my soggy pampers that Homer left on the freeway to Utah...” Oscar whined.

Everyone laughed at the fact he wore pampers.

”Please Oz... stop embarrassing yourself... and Huggies are a lot more comfortable said future Eric.

Suddenly Shigechi, Zill and baby Quiffy webbed Oscar up with snot webs from their noses and dragged him off camera.

Oscar was webbed/slimed to a wall back stage. Next to Wind Waker Link. “Eh?”

”I told Zill to buzz off because he was bothering me while I was running errands for my Grandma.” said Toon Link webbed up in a cocoon of snot and plastered to the wall.

Baby Quiffy in a diaper arrived and put on a projector film. Stuff was on a projector screen.

”Ugh! What is that?! Some sort of bicentennial Lemon Party?!” Link said an actual line from Politically inept with Homer Simpson.

”Oh my god no! It burns! It burns!!” Jake Long screamed.

”Hey knock it off Link! That’s just my drawings!” Oscar ranted. “My uh personal slime monster torturing Quiffy in a diaper while Teddy sniffs him drawings.” said Oscar.

”Oh god! It is a bicentennial Lemon Party!” Link screamed.

”Hey shut up!” Oscar yelled.

Then someone made a Lemon Party shock image of the founding fathers of America. Eeeeew!

”Oh god that’s disgusting! Hold on I have to throw up!” Homer yelled and ran off to be sick.

Then Kathy Simpson screamed and became a bridezilla because we’re ignoring her wedding...

”Kathy please... democracy is at stake here...” Lisa whined.

Meanwhile Gravy boat hat Homer or evil Republican Homer photoshopped the Mount Rushmore as figures he deemed evil. Ie Chairman Mao despite cooing over his body about him being the angel who killed millions. Ayatollah Khomeini, Patty and Selma.

”Oh Homer...” Marge groaned annoyed.

And finally the last head of the new Mount Rushmore was Dr Doom from Marvel.

”Coooooool!” Oscar cooed.

”Oz, how is Dr Doom as a face on Mount Rushmore cool?” Bart sighed.

”Well Simon Templeman Doom is cool!” said Oscar.


Meanwhile Smithers was on fire.

”Sir! Help me!!” Smithers cried.

”Why? You’re not helping me right now.” said Mr Burns being cruel.

”Because I’m flaming!” said Smithers.

Mr Burns gave the fourth wall an odd look.

”That means he’s gay...” Oscar whispered.