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Smashed Sandy Coot far in Springfield's future from Lisa's future timeline Martin, the phantom of the opera has another lab accident involving Oscar's rocket for his science fair experiment and develops a psychotic rage and an affinity for building doomsday devices and killer robots, just because.


An unknown time after her failed wedding. Probably a few years but no one freakin ages in this show!

Lisa and Bart were on holiday.

“I need a loan-ski... and a drink-ski...’ said future Bart.

Lisa sighed.

”Moochi Moochi.” said Bart.

”Okay that’s enough Bart.” said Lisa.

When all of a sudden in a blast of energy Oscar arrived possibly from the past. The young boy was lying on the ground unconscious.

"Oh no!" said grownup Lisa as she was concerned for him.

Oscar regained consciousness to find two people vaguely familiar to him but looking a lot older than he remembered looking down over him to see if he was alright.

"He's awake!" said Lisa.

"Uh..." Oscar groaned. Next to him was the time travelling toaster.

"Are you ok kid? Let me help you up." Lisa offered to help him up.

"Uh... Who are you guys? I'm looking for Bart and Lisa Simpson." Oscar asked.

"That's us!" said grownup Bart.

"Bart?! But you're bigger! And you're a gwown up!" Oscar gasped.

"Well, duh! What were you expecting?" Bart said sarcastically.

"I must be in the future!" Oscar gasped. He then turned back to them in turn, first Lisa, then Bart.

"Don't you guys recognise me? It's me Oscar!" Oscar asked them.

"I thought you disappeared one day fifteen years ago!" Bart asked him.

"No, I time travelled to here from fifteen years ago with this toaster. My time travelling must have resulting in my absence from my own timeline for fifteen years." Oscar explained out loud.

"Why are you time travelling anyway?" Lisa asked.

"Experimenting with the time toaster. I seemed to have finally got it to go forwards in time as well as backwards." Oscar replied.

"Well, you seem fine but you should probably get a nap just to be sure." Lisa explained.

”Fine but when I wake up I might be wet so you’ll have to change me...” said Oscar.

Bart winced in disgust.


Sometime later their holiday soon ended and they flew back to Springfield with Oscar.

Oscar got to meet everyone's future counterparts.

Homer and Marge were getting old. Homer moaned and complained about his back. etc.

Maggie was a talkative teenager but no one would fricking let her speak!

”-“ said Maggie.

”Don’t talk with your mouthful young lady!” said Marge.

Maggie sulked.

Hugo was incarcerated in a lunatic asylum/mental hospital for committing various acts of human centipede-esque horrors. (Sewing people together).

"That's a shame. Anyway what cool inventions do you have in the future?" Oscar asked.

"You mean the present, kid." Homer explained.

Lisa explained Oscar time travelled from the past. Using the time toaster.

"Oh..." Homer realised. "Why are you playing with that?! Didn't I warn you kids not to touch that!"

"Homer!" Marge told Homer off for yelling at Oscar. "Sorry about him. Bart how about you show your friend about."

"Fine, but when or if you go back to the past don't go blabbering about what you've seen here. That screws about with time!" Bart explained to Oscar.

"Fine... Sir..." Oscar sighed.

Bart pretended he didn’t hear Oscar’s snarky comment.

”Oh and don’t eat steak and kidney pie. It’s now deadly and causes botulism. And beware of Mrs Dracula...” said Bart.

Oscar winced.

”Oh and Ralph’s constantly on LSD...” said Bart.

Ralph was marching in a carnival with pink teddy bear soldiers.

”Yay I’m in a carnival!”

However in reality he’s holding people up.

”Get out of the road you idiot!” A guy yelled as Ralph caused a traffic jam.


Bart was showing Oscar around the house.

"This is a video phone. They still can't handle more than one phone call on the line at once, but you can see who your speaking to now! Cool huh?" said Bart.

"Probably," Oscar replied.

"The only problem is I can't prank call anyone anymore for obvious reasons." Bart replied.

"I would have thought you would have grown out of that..." Oscar said wearily.

"I thought so too..." Lisa sighed.

Bart pulled a face at Lisa.

They then went into the dining room. There were two black machines with headsets and wires on the table.

"These are virtual reality headsets." Bart explained.

"Cool!" Oscar was enthusiastic.

"Pretty cool, except these ones are mostly for eating virtual food. I.e. Food that no longer exists." Bart explained. "And the mouth wire you chew on needs cleaning because Homer was using them.

"Call me Dad!" Homer yelled from a nearby room.

"Don't you have hover boards yet?" Oscar asked.

"Nope. Frink's still working on that." Bart explained.

”Anyway Virtual fudge doesn’t taste the same as cyber fudge.” said Bart.

”I want to see Hugey.” said Oscar.

”You can’t. He’s been incarcerated in Arkham Asylum for stitching people together like that horror movie Human Centipede.” said Bart.

”Coooool!” said Oscar.

Bart winced.

In Arkham.

Dr Heiter was talking to Hugo.

“I'm Dr. Josef Heiter, retired, but still very well known as the leading surgeon in separating Siamese twins.“

Hugo growled annoyed.

“Six months ago, I designed a never-seen operation, not separating any more but creating. I transformed my three Rottweilers into a beautiful three-hound construction.” said Heiter.

Hugo beamed a wicked grin. “That’s splendid! Mwuhahahaha!”

”Yes I thought you might like that Hugo.” said Dr Heiter. “Alas they confiscated my equipment and put me in this straight jacket.”

”Well, as you already know. I’m Hugo V Simpson. I was a former Siamese twin, surgically detached from my brother against my will! And I made a pigeon rat!” Hugo had his pigeon rat with him.

”Wonderful! Simply wonderful!” said Heiter.


The next day Oscar is made to go to school.

Oscar was sleeping he was snoring.

”Is he still sleeping?” Lisa asked.

Bart nodded. He grabbed Oscar’s nose.

Oscar coughed and spluttered and woke up.

”Hey! What gives?!” Oscar whined.

”You’ve got school. Get up.” said Bart.

"Bart please! Be cool!" Oscar whined as he pulled off his bedsheets.

"Sorry kid but we can't risk a visit from the truancy death bots." Bart explained.

Before Oscar could ask what that was Lisa answered. "All truancy officers were replaced by ED209 robots from Robocop. If they catch you skipping school you'll get terminated by their chain gun arms, So don't get any ideas..." Lisa explained.

"Yeesh! That seems a little extreme!" Oscar whined.

”Yeah... it is.” said Bart.

Eventually Oscar got showered, dressed and had his breakfast and Marge packed his lunch and school books etc.

He got the hover bus to school.

Oscar was put in fourth grade class. Ms Krabappel was still teaching.

"Okay kids put on your virtual reality helmets for history class." Krabappel asked. The kids groaned and did so. Today they were learning about the civil war.

After class was recess. Oscar recognised no one except Nelson's son Nelson jr, who tried to bully him by pushing him into a puddle of mud. However Oscar put him in an arm lock.

"Ok! Uncle! Uncle!" Nelson jr cried until Oscar released him. Oscar went off to try and wash the mud off his clothes.

”I eated dynamite!” said a Ralph clone. He blew up.

”Oh my god! He’s dead!” Oscar gasped.

”That’s just a clone of Ralph. He’s always dying...” said a kid.

Oscar winced.


Sometime after school Oscar had got himself detention and was doing lines when he overheard Ms Hoover and Skinner talking about Martin. Supposedly in this future he had died tragically in a lab accident. However Oscar heard music from one of the air vents.

Oscar wanted to explore but he had to wait until he was dismissed from detention and would have to ask the Simpsons.

Speaking of the Simpsons....

Bart called his parents.

” "B... Bart... is... that you," stammered Marge with tears in her eyes, "Bartholomew J. Simpson, my only son that I had?"

”Hey!” Hugo yelled.

”Hugo you’re not canon!” Homer yelled.

Yes he is!

”Okay one of my twin sons.” Marge sighed.

Bart winced.

”Has Lisa got another boyfriend?” Homer asked Bart on the video phone.

”No.... she’s still cut up about Hugh...” said Bart.

”Is this asking for more money...” Homer sighed.

”Maybe....” said Mooch Bart.

”Because the answer’s no.” said Homer.

Bart sulked.

Elsewhere Oscar got the late bus home. Another school bus runs at a later time for pupils in after school activities or detention.

He got home at the Simpsons house and had to deal with Spike Lee, a mad celebrity and then he got inside.

He had news.

"I'm telling the truth! I heard music from one of the vents!" Oscar explained to the Simpsons.

"That's impossible and Martin is dead now." Marge explained.

"Well, I'm going to investigate whether you like it or not." Oscar ran away.

“Oz no!” said Lisa.

"I better go after him..." Bart sighed.


Oscar was at the school after closing time. He snuck onto the roof and got into an air vent that sucked. He was transported into the basement by the suction.

“Does this vent blow or suck?” Pause. “It suuuuuuuucks!”


Getting his bearings he looked around with his torch until he found a hole in the wall. It was just big enough for him to enter.

Oscar explored the cave until he found where the music was coming from. stone steps led down to the deeper caverns far below the school.

However someone grabbed his shoulder. And that ends this chapter! Dun! Dun! Dun!

Plot 2[]

However someone grabbed his shoulder. It was adult Bart in his Bartman costume.

"You still wear that?!" Oscar asked.

"Hey, don't get smart kid. You're lucky I'm gonna help you instead of making you come back home." Bartman explained.

Oscar stuck his tongue out at him.

They went down into the caves below.

Oscar made a face at Bartman.

They arrived in a wide open chamber with a massive organ.

Dramatic organ music played. Like the tune Ganondorf plays in Ocarina of time.

"Ay carumba!" said Bart.

“Holy macaroni!” Oscar yelled.

Martin suddenly stopped playing.

"Bart?! What are you doing here? Who dares disturb my music?!" Martin asked.

"Martin?! You're alive?!" Bart asked him.

"Of course! However I was horribly scarred from the lab explosion so I hide away so people don't recoil from my ghastly appearance." Martin replied.

"It can't be that bad." Oscar remarked.

"Seriously it is Oscar." Martin explained. He was wearing a white mask over his scarred part of his face.

”Martin... you look like the phantom of the opera...” said Bart.

Oscar screamed. “Aaaaagh! It’s the gayest supervillain ever! Beware his scented candles! Scented!!”

Bart winced.

Martin frowned.

"But everyone thinks you're dead! Are you just happy to continue to let everyone think that?!" Bart asked him.

"Yes! Now leave! And never return!" Martin yelled.


”Go!” Martin insisted.

"Come on, let's go Oscar." Bart sighed as he took Oscar back upstairs.


The next day at school was a school reunion fair. Old and new students were in the assembly hall. However a special guest speaker interrupted Skinner's speech.

"Martin Prince?!" Skinner gasped.

”Martin?” Mrs Krabappel gasped.

"Yes Principal Skinner. I am alive. I have hidden myself away out of shame and embarrassment of my injuries." Martin explained.

After the assembly was a science fair.

Lisa had grown yet another giant tomato. She anxiously looked out for how Bart was going to sabotage it this time.

But Bart was busy talking to Milhouse.

Hugo was sewing mannequins to each other and laughing maniacally.

He got a day pas out of Arkham somehow.

Kid with the possessive Dad was now the one obsessing over his son’s volcano experiment.

“But Dad! This is supposed to be my science fair project!” said his son.

“Well it’s mine! Go stand in the corner!” said the now grown up boy now mimicking his father.

Oscar built a working miniature rocket.

However Bart set it off. It went flying everywhere.

"Oops!" said Bart.

"Bart what have you done now?!" Skinner yelled as he ducked to avoid the rocket. Eventually it hit Martin in the face.

Martin woke up to find the rocket lodged in his head on the masked side.

"Cool! He looks like N.Gin now!" Oscar cooed.

Skinner examined Martin.

"It's too dangerous to remove. Besides trying to could set off the warhead." Skinner explained.

"Skinner, I'm sorry it was an accident!" Bart was sorry.

"You bumbling fool! Look what you've done to me!" Martin ranted. "I shall make you suffer Bart Simpson!" He then left for his cavern under the school.

"Way to screw things up again, Bart!" Lisa sighed. Her tomato exploded. “Nooooooooo!”

Martin's idea of making Bart suffer involved riding about in giant killer mech suit destroying everything and kidnapping sentient cartoon bandicoots.

“Oz...” Bart sighed.

Oscar giggled. “Crash bandicoot...”

That weekend Bart went about in his eye searing and blindingly horrible Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts and sandals carrying his mooching money sack.

“Moochy moochy!” said Bart asking for money.

“That doesn’t have the loveable quality of Eat my shorts or don’t have a cow man...” said Oscar.

“Oz, I’ve grown up now. I’ve developed more... sophisticated catchphrases...” said Bart.

“I can’t believe they had you say Moochy Moochy! over the Gracie Films gag...” said Oscar.

The Gracie Films logo played but with Bart saying “Moochy Moochy!” over it.

“Oz... go and play somewhere. I’ve got lots of video games, how are you bored?!” said Bart.

“Kids pipe down! The news is on!” said Homer.

“And in other news the following celebrities are at large”. Names run up the screen. “If you see one, do not approach them! Consider them insane and dangerous!” said Kent.

“Cooooool! You still have mad celebrities?” Oscar asked.

“Yep.” said Bart.


Oscar then got a day release pass for Hugo from the mental institution. They rode hoverboards that he had quickly invented when Oscar requested the future should have hoverboards by now.

They we’re flying about Springfield.

Hugo still liked Oscar very much for saving him from neglect and being trapped in the attic,

Martin as N Gin was rampaging through town in a giant mecha while dealing with sapient orange cartoon bandicoots that spin as little tornadoes.

”Oz...” Bart sighed.

Oscar laughed,

Martin in his mecha saw Bart.

”Bart Simpson! You did this to me!” He yelled.

”Geez! I’m sorry!” said Bart.

Oscar and Hugo arrived in a giant robot mecha.

”Hey rocket head! What’s-“ Oscar asked Martin to solve a maths problem.

Martin solved it with ease. It was 8008 times A. in algebra multiple signs are not used so you just say 2b instead of 2 X b. Then multiply that by 93.

”Now turn the calculator upside down! What does it say? Charles Boobage!” Oscar laughed.

Martin N Gin growled annoyed by him mocking Charles Babbage. Then the yellow and brown one of the Time Keepers of the millennium sneezed snot in his face and over some of his consoles, short circuiting them. Martin screamed angrily as the mecha blew up.

At school a kid was going to the bathroom without a hall pass.

”Where is your hall pass?” The ED209 truancy death bots yelled.

”I eh don’t have one.” said the boy. Possibly Milhouse’s son.

”Return to your classroom immediately! You have fifty seconds to comply!” said the ED209 truancy death bot turning its arms into massive chain guns!

The boy screamed and fled back to class.


Simpsons attic.

Hugo sat on his bed. Well it was really a mattress in the corner with a thin blanket draped over it and a single pillow. Nearby was a small nightstand with a lamp on top that didn’t match with any of the furnishings downstairs so it was abandoned to the attic.

Hugo sat on his simple bed.

He was recalling when he got drunk in Dad’s tool shed, well it was more of a tool gazebo, and passed out. Oscar found him in the evening with a hose coiled round his leg.

“Damn. Why can I never get straight lines?” He got up from his mattress on the floor and sat at a cardboard box and drew blueprints for some invention. He muttered as he kinked a straight line and it went squiggly.

“Ralph Fiennes?! Ralph Fiennes is here?!” Oscar ran up into the attic screaming.

Harry Potter ran around the attic screaming.

“No, I said "straight lines." I can never get them.“ said Hugo.

”Hugo what you need is a ruler. And some other stationery.” said Oscar.

”Yes I know.” said Hugo.

They were going on about Greek people. Probably Pythagoras when Homer came up with Mona who sneaked back, again...

“Shut it down, pack it up.” said Homer shoving Hugo’s blueprints aside.

“What?“ Hugo was startled.

“Pack up your crap; you're moving to the basement.” said Homer.

“My mom's gonna live up here from now on.” said Homer.

Mona smiled at him being a gracious host.

“But, Dad, this is my attic.” said Hugo.

“This is my house! And I pay the bills! So it is my attic, Freak!” Homer snarled.

Oscar’s eyes glowed red. “SHUT UP! HE IS NOT A FREAK!”

Homer screamed.

“This is my home. You can't do this.” said Hugo.

“Sorry, Mutant Bart, Mom's family.” said Homer.

“But I'm family, too! I’m your son!” said Hugo.


Bart was in his room worried about the now homicidally angry Martin aka N Gin rampaging around with Oscar’s rocket lodged in his head.

Bart sighed and lied on his bed.

“Hugo! I thought I told you to move down to the basement.” Homer yelled at Hugo.

Hugo was carrying a box with his toys etc in it.

Bart winced.


Anyway so Martin is now N Gin.

“Attention my revolting Doom Monkey minions. This Friday is Hawaiian shirt day so find a sufficiently tacky shirt. That is all.” Martin announced to his new minions.

”Hey!” Adult Bart yelled.

”Bart Hawaiian shirts are not cool...” said Oscar.

Bart frowned as he sat in a waiting room wearing an orange Hawaiian shirt with green flowers.

Next to him sat Dale wearing a red shirt with yellow palm trees.

Then Quiffy wearing a purple Hawaiian shirt.

Then Quagmire copying Dale.

”Can you not copy me...” said Dale.

”I’m not. I’m copying Thomas Magnum from Magnum P.I.” said Quagmire.

”Hawaiian shirts are so lame that. Well... Picture me in a glittery Happy-Little-Elf costume, slow-dancing with Martin. And you get the picture.” said Oscar.

”SHUT UP!” All the characters wearing Hawaiian shirts yelled.

”Awww I feel sad now! Even Quiffy and Dale yelled at me...” Oscar sniffled.

”Because you were badmouthing Hawaiian shirts...” said Quiffy.

”Yeah not cool!” said Dale in a high pitched voice.

Oscar pouted.

In the future Space Clowns invaded, again. There was a circus tent flying saucer.

Oscar went inside to annoy the space clowns.

Shorty frowned. He was a small green haired clown with a big red shiny nose.

Plot 3[]

Another Future

Where Oscar hasn’t time travelled to the future.

Adult Oscar and Lisa were shopping.

Oscar pouted.

“What? What's wrong?” Adult Lisa asked.

“It's just... adults are boring. And I don't wanna buy all this boring adult stuff and become boring adults.” Oscar whined.

Lisa grabbed him by the front of his sweater. “Hey, listen to me. Yes, we're gonna buy a dish rack, and shower curtains, and a cutting board. But if you think for one second I am getting something stupid like a gun that shoots marshmallows I swear!” She ranted on and on. “Then you’re the dumbest person I know!”

Oscar sniffled and looked like he was about to cry. “You’re mean! I think I’m gonna cry.”

Lisa sighed exasperated.

Then Wally Amos as Infamous Amos was one the loose along with other deranged celebrities. He was offering everyone free samples of his own home made cookies.

”Cookie cookie! Me eat cookies!” Cookie Monster tackled Wally Amos trying to get his cookies.