Sins of The Brother Lisa and Cecil Tewilliger are feeling left out by their respective infamous siblings so when he gets let out of prison on a technicality, Cecil plots his revenge against Lisa...

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lisa gets soaked by puddle water accidentally by Otto when he drives the bus through a big puddle.

“Whoops! Sorry little dudette!” said Otto.

After getting laughed at she gets comforted by a class mate only for them to ask if she's Bart's brother. When she confirms they ask to see Bart. Lisa sighs as she tells them where Bart is.

On the bus ride home, Bart is getting attention.

“And that’s when I fooled Skinner with a whoopee cushion...” said Bart.

Kids are in awe and cheer.

Bart sits down.

Martin and a new kid with blue hair in a dorky cardigan are talking about Bart and his reputation for being a troublemaker. Lisa tries to introduce herself to the new kid,

“I’m pretty impressive! I’m reading at a fourth grade level and I’m only-“ said Lisa.

But Martin explains she's Bart's sister. The new kid only likes her because she's Bart's sister.

”Wow! It’s like you’re Tito and he’s Michael!” said the blue haired boy. “It must be cool having Bart as your older brother!”

Lisa rolled her eyes and muttered to herself annoyed.


Meanwhile at Springfield Penitentiary, Cecil Terwilliger accidentally gets sprayed with a prison hose.

“Whoops! Sorry there um...” said the guard.

“Wow! That’s how many times you’ve tried to kill Bart now?!” Snake asked.

”I try not to keep count...” said Sideshow Bob.

Cecil then finds the other prisoners gathering around his brother Bob in awe. Cecil tries to introduce himself to the local inmates.

”Hey I did blow up Springfield Dam and embezzle...” said Cecil.

”That’s Bob’s younger brother, Cecil.” said Snake.

Only for Snake to explain to a new inmate that he's Bob's little brother Cecil. The new inmate annoys Cecil by comparing him with Tito Jackson to Bob's Michael.

"Yes always Tito, never a Michael. Or even (shudders) a Latoya..." Cecil says bitterly.


At home. Lisa tries to recite her saxophone solo, but Marge and Homer are preoccupied with telling Bart off for getting Principal Skinner's mother arrested by the UN for crimes against humanity.

“How did that happen?!” Oscar asked.

“It’s a long story. But I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again...” said Bart ashamed.

“Good. Now let’s all have some apology cake.” said Homer.

Lisa storms off to her room, missing out on the apology cake.


At Springfield Penitentiary, Bob is put up for another parole meeting. Cecil asks when he is up for parole. However due to a technicality where he wasn't processed properly so he was never an actual prisoner. He is released as a free man.

Cecil buys a villains monthly magazine and reads it in a cafe, There's a lair for rent. He arrives just as the previous owner, Dr Colossus is being kicked out for not paying the rent.

“But I’m almost taking over the world!” Dr Colossus whined.

“Like you almost paid this months rent...” said the landlord.


“Take a hike Dr Colossus!” The landlord evicted him.

Dr Colossus walks away on his colossus boots while crying.

Cecil pays the outstanding rent and is given the lair after being explained its features, a dipping pool for torturing prisoners and a table with manacles and a laser beam cannon. The landlord explains the rules of the contract and then leaves Cecil in his new lair.

Cecil is spying the Simpsons with the lair's satellite feed hidden camera system. He decides to do what his brother couldn't and kill Bart Simpson. Then decides this would just be copying Bob so he decides to kill Lisa Simpson instead as she also foiled his plan to flood Springfield and embezzle money from a faulty dam. He also figures correctly that she's the brains of the family and therefore a larger threat to him. He feels Bart would be too easy.


The next day. Lisa receives a death threat in the post. However Bart insists it was meant for him and was probably from Sideshow Bob again.

”Oh my! You’re days are numbered...” Lisa read the letter. “How awful for someone to send me this letter!”

”Lisa that’s my death threat from Sideshow Bob! Who would want to kill you!?” said Bart.

”Bart it has my name on the envelope!” said Lisa.

”No! It’s mine! Gimme!” Bart tried to take the letter.

”Baaaaart!” Lisa yelled.

Marge tells Bart to stop bothering Lisa and rings up Springfield Penitentiary to reassure Bart that Sideshow Bob is still locked up. Wiggum confirms this.

Just to be sure, Marge makes Homer drive Bart and Lisa to school. However he makes them sit in baby seats that are too small for them. Homer then crashes into a tree so Bart and Lisa walk the rest of the way.

At School Bart and Lisa find music lessons have been cancelled. When Lisa asks Principal Skinner why, he promptly confiscates her saxophone explaining musical instruments are banned under a new rule about them being dangerous and causing injuries. He gives Lisa a leaflet with funny injuries caused by musical instruments illustrated on the front to explain this new policy.

In class Lisa is distracted trying to play an invisible saxophone. Ms Hoover gets annoyed by her finger movements.


Elsewhere, Homer pisses off some construction workers on a building site by eating their lunches...

They decide to make him pay.

Meanwhile Cecil daydreams in his lair of his childhood again of Bob upstaging him.

“Look Mom! I’m a clown!” said child Cecil dressed as a clown wearing makeup.

“Yes Cecil you’ll embarrass the entire family...” said child Bob as he went off but stepped on a toy with coloured balls inside it and it smacked him in the head knocking him out. A studio audience laughed.

“Noooooo! Look at me! Laugh at me!” Cecil cried.

He wakes up with a start and realises he needs to get back to work destroying Lisa's life.


Lisa finds that the library has been shutdown and under new ownership. Comicbook Guy is going to turn it into a comic book store.

Then Itchy and Scratchy gets cancelled.

"Nooooooooooo!" Bart screams.

"Hey, I like Itchy and Scratchy too! This is probably from my mysterious enemy." Lisa replied.

"Nuh uh! It's totally Sideshow Bob!" Bart insists that Sideshow Bob is still planning some sort revenge plot.

“Bart stop that! Your sister can have an evil archenemy as well!” Marge told Bart off. She then called the Penitentiary again to make sure Sideshow Bob was still locked away.

“Yes Mrs Simpson. Bob is still here. I’m looking at him right now as he watches the prison production of Les Miserables.” said Chief Wiggum.

There were prisoners in costume. Some in drag. They were singing songs from Les Miserables.

A radio announcement at dinner from Skinner is that Springfield elementary school has been shutdown permanently.

"Woohoo! No more school!" Bart and Oscar cheer.

Lisa goes to her room and compares her death threat letters with one of Bart's. She confirms that someone else is writing them. She goes into Bart's room to explain but unfortunately triggers a booby trap he set up for Sideshow Bob. A bucket full of rancid pudding on top of the door.

"(Gasp) Why rancid?" Lisa asks.

"Homer eats less of it then." Bart replies as Lisa tries to clean off the oozing pudding dripping all over her.

She explains that writing in her letters are different to Bart's. Bart finally admits Lisa's right. Lisa asks him how this mysterious person knows how to target everything she likes as if they know everything about her. Bart Stupidly admits he posted some of her personal diary online.

Lisa reads his website StupidLisagarbageface dot com and explains they'll talk later, they have to get to the bottom of who's tormenting her.

Suddenly a wrecking ball comes flying through Bart's bedroom wall.

"Now they're trying to kill me?!" Lisa gasps.

"That surprises you?! You know Sideshow Bob went straight to trying to kill me every time he got out..." Bart explained.

"Enough about Sideshow Bob! We need to get to the bottom of this!" Lisa yells.

Lisa calls up to Mom that they're going out (during the night..) to find out why a wrecking ball went through Bart's bedroom wall and who's behind it before things get worse. Marge is sleeping so she just tells them to put on jackets.

"Why can't I dream about shirtless Rainer Wolfcastle..." Marge sighs.

"Mmmm, shirtless Rainer Wolfcastle..." Homer mumbles in his sleep. Homer's possibly gay thought wakes Marge up.


Bart and Lisa now dressed go to see Homer's nerd friends Benjamin, Doug and Gary. They hack into the one hit on StupidLisaGarbageFace dot com and figure out where it came from. Bart and Lisa leave for that location while the nerds say goodbye and eat s'mores.

Bart and Lisa find themselves spying on a storage locker complex. Except for super villain lairs instead of storage lockers. However Cecil ambushes them. However he forgot the chloroform.

"I forgot the chloroform, didn't I..." Cecil asks. Bart and Lisa silently nod. "You'll just have to walk to my lair then." He escorts them to his lair.


Cecil ties Bart and Lisa up and hangs them above a tank full of liquid nitrogen. He explains he tend to freeze them so that one day he may thaw them out when he needs a challenge. Lisa asks if that actually works. Apparently it doesn't as Door to Door salesman shatter like Tiffany crystal.

Lisa is in awe that Cecil was her mysterious letter writer and wanted to kill her for once and not Bart.

Cecil explains that they both lurk in their brothers' shadows crying out for attention. This is his way of getting attention.

Lisa admits it's a little disturbing, but agrees with Cecil.

Bart the rants at being ignored so Cecil has his mouth taped shut with hostage tape to shut him up.

Cecil then explains he was behind all of Lisa's pain, sacking Mr Largo, having her saxophone confiscated, shutting down the library etc.

"And you even sent a wrecking ball through my brother's bedroom wall! Why?!" Lisa asked.

"What wrecking ball?!" It wasn't Cecil...


At the Simpsons house. Wrecking ball machines are smashing up the house. Homer and Marge are standing outside.

"Homer, why are the Springfield Construction site mad at you again?" Marge asks.

"I ate their lunches." Homer replied.


Cecil then has some guests. Benjamin, Doug and Gary. They explain Cecil Bribed them to give Lisa directions to his lair. He then gives them their rewards. Tickets to something nerdy, like a William Shatner musical or something. The nerds leave happy.

Cecil is then about to dispose of Bart and Lisa but Lisa has one last question.

"What do you think is the most common foil to defeating a super villain."

"I'd have to stay stalling for time by asking them to explain their master plan so that help can arrive." Cecil replies. Suddenly the police led by Chief Wiggum burst in.

"Freeze Cecil! You're under arrest for kidnapping Lisa Simpson! Oh and her brother..." Wiggum explained.

"You had already alerted the authorities before I had captured you and were just stalling for time? I must say I'm impressed Lisa!" Cecil replied as he was handcuffed.

"Well I'm no Bart Simpson!" Lisa boasts.

"And I'm no Sideshow Bob!" Cecil replies, they both laugh heartedly, glad to be enemies.

"Ok, can we go now..." Wiggum asks.

"Very well officer. Take me away. But I will defeat you next time Lisa." Cecil tries his best revenge rant. It's surprisingly sinister.

"And I'm honoured to wait that day. Maybe I'll even be trembling in fear! See you soon Cecil!" Lisa waves him goodbye.


At Springfield Penitentiary Wiggum explains Terwilliger has been transferred to solitary confinement. Bob thinks it's him only to find out it was Cecil as Cecil is taken away to solitary confinement.

"Hey! I'm the master criminal here! What about me?! What about meeee?!" Sideshow Bob rants.

Cecil goes to sleep in solitary confinement peacefully that night, happy he'll be the most popular inmate for a while.


That night also Lisa puts her death threat letters from Cecil on display.

The end.

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