summary[edit | edit source]

On Christmas Eve night, the Simpson family reads three classic beloved treasured Christmas stories together.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Gift of the Magi[edit | edit source]

Homer and Marge's story. Jim (Homer) and Della (Marge) are a married couple who are poor with very little money and cannot seem to afford a Christmas gift for each other. It is Christmas Eve and Della wants to find the perfect gift for her husband.  

The Nutcracker[edit | edit source]

Lisa's story. One Christmas Eve night, the Stahlbaums (Simpsons) are hosting a Christmas party in the parlour and friends and family all gather to decorate the lovely Christmas tree in preparation for the party. The children are excited that Christmas is almost here, even Clara (Lisa) who says "As long as people could just focus less on consumerism goods and more on being together as friends and family, that's what matters."

Godpapa Drosselmeyer (Grandpa Abe Simpson) shows up and brings gifts for the children (Milhouse, Martin, Ralph, Janey, Rod, Sherri and Terri, Todd, Becky, Allison) and then has them put away for safekeeping.  Drosselmeyer has yet another surprise he's saved the best for last  - a Nutcracker doll made from 100% recycled wood and fiber material. However, the children find it boring and ignore it but Clara immediately takes a liking to it. However, her brother Fritz (Bart) breaks it. This results in a heartbroken Clara to attack Fritz and the two break into a fight for a few moments before she runs off crying.

Hours after the party ended, Clara tiptoes downstairs to check on her Nutcracker. She takes her pink Malibu Stacy ribbon and fastens it to the Nutcracker's broken arm to hold in place and says a Buddhist healing prayer as she places it gently onto the doll bed. To her surprise, she sees Drosselmeyer perched up atop the clock as it strikes midnight. Suddenly, she lets out a shriek as she hears mutated mice filling the room; each with three red eyes and without warning, the Christmas tree and her Buddha statue begin growing at dizzying heights and the Nutcracker grows to life size right before her eyes!

The Snowman[edit | edit source]

Bart's story. It is a snowy day in Springfield and Bart heads outside to build a snowman which he names Stardust, made with his dad's old tattered hat and scarf, coal for the eyes, and a button for the nose. His mother calls him inside as it is getting late. Bart heads inside the house to join his mother, father and his younger sisters.

One magical night, Stardust comes to life and Bart looks out the window to his surprise and dashes out to the yard. Together, Bart and Stardust begin their wild mischievous antics before the magical snowman gets high and whisks the boy away to a wintery wonderland - and a party gathered by all the snowmen all over the world!

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