Bart and Edna Body Swap[edit | edit source]

Bart, after detention, angrily thinks about Edna, vice versa with Edna

Bart and Edna: Man, Edna/Bart is just horrible! I wish she/he knew what it was like to be me.

That night, a shooting star granted their wishes and woke them up in a place that's white.

Bart: Huh, what happened?

Star: You two wished for the other to know what it was like to be the other. Will you two confirm this wish?

Edna: Ha! I bet that you won't last a week in my body!

Bart: You won't even last a day!

Bart and Edna: Confirmed!

Star: Good! You two are swapped!

(When they wake up, they are shocked)

Bart: Ugh, I had a dream that I swapped bodies with Mrs. Krabappel! Wait...(Feels hair and chest and runs to a mirror seeing Edna look back at him) Aaah! It wasn't a dream! (Calls Edna in his body's phone)

Edna: Ugh, I had a dream that I swapped bodies with Bart Simpson! Wait...(Feels hair and clothes and runs to a mirror seeing Bart look back at her) Aaah! It wasn't a dream! (Hears Bart's phone and answers it in her best Bart imitation) This is Bart Simpson, who is this?

(From this part onward Edna will be called Bart and Bart will be called Edna until they swap back.)

Enda: Mrs. Krabappel!

Bart: Bart!? What happened?

Edna: I don't know but we to swap back!

Bart: Meet me at the school!

Edna: K.

(Bart in Edna's body (Sorry, I broke the stream because it would be confusing here) walks up to Edna's car)

Edna: Good thing I still know how to drive.

(Edna in Bart's body takes the bus)

At school

(Edna and Bart runs to the Teacher's Lounge)

Edna: This is bad! I know know how to do this! Multiplying Fractions? How will I manage?

Bart: Just take the agenda and these teaching pills.

Edna: Pills?

Bart: This helps us teach things.

(Edna takes the pills and instantly hallucinates for a moment and wakes up on the floor.

Edna: Ow, I feel like I know everything.

Bart: Great. It's time to teach.

(Bart drags Edna to the classroom)

After Edna teaches the class.

(Bart walks Edna back into the Teacher's Lounge)

Edna: Ugh, what happened?

Bart: Well, Bart, you've taught a whole class!

At home.

(Edna nervously steps into the shower)

Edna: If I have to be Edna for a week, I have to get used to Mrs. Krabappel's naked body.

(Edna takes of her clothes, causing her to feel embrassed.)

Edna: Ugh! That was disgusting! At least I relax in my new bed.

(It turns out Skinner is in Edna's bed for sex)

So Edna sends him away.

Bart and Jessica Body Swap[edit | edit source]

(Bart is walking down the street until he notices Jessica)

Bart: Oh, hey, Jessica!

Jessica: Oh, hey Bart! I want to apologize for framing you for the stolen money

Jessica holds her hand out the shake hands and when Bart grasps the hand, they both get electrocuted. That's why Bart and Jessica swap While Bart in Jessica faints, Jessica in Bart stays awake and drags Bart in Jessica in Jessica's room.

Bart in Jessica's body: Oh, man, what happened?

Bart looks down and realizes:

Bart in Jessica's body: Oh my god, I'm Jessica!

Bart and Sideshow Bob Body Switch sideshow bob in bart body is to slo[edit | edit source]

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