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Invisible Party Posse

The Party Posse band became invisible.

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Nick Riverra

is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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Janet Muntz

is Nelson's daughter from the future which he hates.

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Kent Brockman - cropped.png Channel 6 News

This Wiki is in a loss of users and fanon content, we would be happy if the users here would be more active.

BartRulez666 has made a wiki for her spin-off of The Simpsons. She is currently taking a class on screenwriting so she can make transcripts & send the idea to Matt Groening to make it official. Her wiki can be found here: The Simpsons: The Next Generation Wiki(Link:[1].)
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Pranks A Lot is the first episode of Dude899's fan-fiction Season 26, which won the Simpsons Fanon Wiki Award for Series of the Year. Dr. Mulligan visits the Springfield Elementary School and speaks about the result of pranks, what they lead to.

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Assbackhome.png"Get Yourself Back Home" is a song by Gym Class Heroes featuring Neon Hitch, covered by recording artists Jane Mik and Young Prince, for their albums Superhero (Mik, November 2013) and Rapping It Up (Prince, December 2013). It was released on July 9, 2013, and immediately topped several charts worldwide. Later in 2013, the song was crowned as the Record of the Year and Best Collaboration at the 2013 Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards. An official remix was released featuring rapper Rapsta Chik. It was performed twice, once by Prince at the 2013 iTunes Festival, and once by Mik at her 2013 Rock in Rio performance.

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