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Simpson vs Skinner is the third episode of my Fanon. While out on the streets causing trouble as usual, Bart is accidentally run over by Principal Skinner. The Simpsons accept his grovelling apology and are just happy Bart's alive, but Homer realises he could use this opportunity to sue Skinner unless of course he lets Bart come back to school.

  • Dan Castellana as Homer Simpson
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson

Guest stars

  • Hank Azaria
  • Harry Shearer
  • Tress MacNeille
  • Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz
  • Eileen Stevens as Oscar Tamaki


Bart is loitering on the street alone graffitiing a wall with his tag 'El Barto'. He steps out into the road without seeing Principal Skinner's car and is knocked over.

Bart goes up the golden escalators to heaven, but spits over them when told not to so the stairs fold into a slide down to hell. In hell Bart meets the devil, who looks and sounds like Herman the one armed shopkeeper and finds it looks exactly like the Garden of Earthly Delights painting by Hieronymus Bosch. He explains Bart is not due down here yet until he's fifteen and after seeing a vision of his parents calling to him, Bart returns to Earth and wakes up.

Bart finds himself in hospital surrounded by his family. Principal Skinner comes in and apologizes for running Bart over as he was talking on the phone with his mother.

Marge accepts his apology, but Homer realizes he could use this opportunity to force Skinner into letting Bart go back to school.

Homer goes to mall to find an attorney office has opened up. Lionel Hutz, an incompetent lawyer offers to takes Homer's case and even persuades him to go along with it. He also suggests Homer gets a second opinion from Dr Nick.

Homer takes the family and Bart in a wheelchair wearing a neck brace and casts to see Dr Nick to get a second opinion. Dr Nick says Bart has several underlying injuries and won't ever play baseball again. Bart tries to explain he is fine and was only lightly injured, but Lionel Hutz bullies him into saying he is in horrible pain.

Marge is furious at Homer's selfish behavior and Lionel Hutz for forcing Bart to lie in court. She refuses to allow this continue and takes Bart home.

That night, Homer does his 'putting my foot down' speech. Explaining he's had enough of Bart loitering around all day doing what he wants. And tells Marge this would be something she would be concerned about.

In court, Lionel Hutz paints a picture of Principal Skinner as a monster. The court boos him. Skinner confidently explains his innocence and the court cheers. Next is Bart. He realizes he can't lie on the bible and asks to be excused.

While the court is adjourned, Marge coaxes Bart into doing the right thing while Homer, only seeing money threatens him into lying.

Back in court, Bart has to make a tough decision. After a tense pause he decides to tell the truth. Homer groans as he loses the case.


Outside court Marge and Principal Skinner are proud of Bart's honesty and offer him a second chance to go back to Springfield Elementary.

Then one afternoon Bart was ran over by Mr Burns's limo.

"Oh dear... Here we go again." The Simpsons sighed.


Bart went to hell again and had to be reminded that once again he was not due there until he was fifteen.

Then he woke up in hospital to his family.

Homer was very mad at Mr Burns and demanded compensation for running over his kid.

Mr Burns refused.

Homer got really mad and punched him.

Homer was fired and dragged out of the office by Mr Burns's goons.

"Oh you're a dead man Burns! A dead man!" Homer ranted.

Lionel Hutz agreed to take the case and was even willing to increase the compensation Homer asked for to millions!

"Woohoo!" said Homer.


They went to court.

Bart told the truth. People felt sorry for him, especially since he had been in court a few days ago for the same thing.

"This is an outrage! I should be allowed to run over whoever I like!" Mr Burns yelled. Everyone booed him.

"Mr Burns! A remark like that could be considered a threat to kill! I strongly suggest you retract it now!" Judge Snyder warned him.

"Fine! Very well!" Mr Burns replied in a huff.

The court ruled in Bart's favor but had to adjour while the jury decided.

However Mr Burns was willing to settle out of court in his mansion. However Marge didn't like the idea that Homer and Lionel Hutz were using dirty tricks to win the case.

Mr Burns was listening through the painting peepholes that had holes cut out of the eyes for spying through. Suddenly he came back in and tore up his offer, stating he would let the court decide his fate.


However the court ruled in favor of Bart. Mr Burns had to pay compensation; however, Bart admitted his dad and their lawyer were using dirty tricks of their own to blacken Mr. Burns's already evil character, so the compensation was lowered to just a thousand dollars.

Homer groaned.

"I'm so proud of you sweetie!" said Marge to Bart.

"Don't worry Dad, I'll never forget what Mr Burns did to me until he truly apologizes! I'll hold this grudge for the rest of my life if I have to!"

"That's my boy!" Homer hugged Bart.

The end!


  • This episode is based on Bart Gets Hit by a Car except by Skinner.
  • This episode introduces Dr Hibbert, Dr Nick Rivera, Lionel Hutz and Judge Roy Snyder. Also the Herman the one-armed shopkeeper as the devil from Bart's point of view.
  • This is the final episode of the tattoo saga. Bart still has the tattoo, it just doesn't come up much in the plot.