Simpsons Fanon

Simple Simpson Homer sees an advertisement for a chance of a guided tour of Farmer Billy’s pig farm and slaughter house and wants to go despite Lisa’s vegetarianism. However he has competition from a bacon obsessed alien and pre season seven Lisa when she still ate meat and had a bacon obsession. And um Uter too.

Homer only gets the silver ticket which lets him judge the winning pig at a state fair. While there Rich Texan bullies Lisa so Homer to avoid getting another assault charge to his name becomes pie man! A pie super hero who dispenses justice with hot pies to the face!


The couch gag is the Batman one with the Simpsons as Batman, Robin, Batgirl etc swinging down fire station pipes onto the couch in the Bat Cave.

“And welcome back to Poisonous Idiots Island on Fox! Home of Poisonous Idiots Island!” said the TV as Homer and Oscar watched.

The tv show was people on a tropical island dying from poisoning themselves from poisonous animals or plants.

“Oooooh! Why did I eat those deadly looking mushrooms!” A man groaned holding his stomach. Then he died of mushroom poisoning.

Homer and Oscar laughed.

“Poisonous Idiots Island has been replaced for network reworking. We now bring you, Promiscuous Idiots Island!” said the TV.

“Aaaaaaagh! A fly on the wall put loads of Horny young men and women together show and see what they get up to! Aaaaaaagh!” Homer and Oscar screamed. They turned over the TV. There was a commercial for Farmer Billy’s bacon.

Homer sighed with relief.

“Howdy partner!” said the cartoonish cowboyish farmer. “Do you like bacon?”

“Yes sir!” said Homer expecting the TV to hear him.

“Would you folks like to see how it gets made? All the way from the cute little porkers to the slaughter house and your table?” Farmer Billy asked.

“Warning bacon factory may explode!” said a disclaimer. Mmmmm! Exploding bacon...

“You bet!” Homer replied.

“Dad, this is a commercial... fast forward it...” Bart groaned.

“Certainly not! Fox expects us to watch the commercials! That’s like stealing television!” said Homer.

“Did you have the nightmare with Kieth Olbermann too...” Oscar asked. Mmmmmm.... foreshadowing....

“Then better get bringing home the bacon! Yeehaw! Because in limited packs of Farmer Billy’s bacon there will be a golden ticket! Get one and win a guided tour of my farm! Get a silver and ya only get to judge my prize winning pigs at Springfield’s state fair...” said Farmer Billy. “So ya better like bacon! Because if not, get the hell outta here!” The commercial ends with a cartoon anthropomorphic pig dressed as a farmer eating another regular pig alive! Pig cannibalism!

The commercial ended.

“Boys do you know what this means?” Homer asked.

“Buy loads of bacon we won’t eat for a golden ticket...” said Bart.

“Damn straight.” said Homer.


Lisa was not happy by this news.

“Daaaaad! I don’t wanna go to a slaughter house to see pigs getting killed! I’m a vegetarian now!” Lisa whined.

“Still?!” Homer asked. “But you used to love bacon! Now you won’t even see it getting made?!” Homer asked.

“Daaaaad! Yes I once liked Bacon... before I learnt the errors of my ways and became a vegetarian...” said Lisa.

“But would you like to see it getting made?” Homer asked about bacon.

“No!” Lisa whined. “Now let’s watch TV...”

“And now back to Promiscuous Idiots Island.” said the TV.

Homer, Bart and Oscar screamed.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” Homer screamed.

“Daaaaad! I happen to like this show! Sure the contestants are all blond bimbos and pretty boys and ooooohhhh.... six packs....” Lisa drooled. She regained her composure. “But it’s fascinating watching people who don’t know they’re being watched.”

“Like when Aunt Selma was picking her nose in the car when she came to visit...” said Bart.

“Face it, Lisa has a crush on all the men on this show...” said Oscar.

“I do not!” Lisa whined.

“Lisa likes Delvin! Lisa likes Delvin!” Bart teased.

“I do not! I just think he has a perfect body.” said Lisa.

“Hmmmm! Lisa you shouldn’t say that about boys...” said Marge. “In fact why are you watching this show...”

However they all watched to end where the twist was. “Ladies, men... I have something shocking to tell you. Promiscuous Idiots Island is not an island. It is actually a peninsula!” said the host.

The contestants gasped and some acted like they just found out their spouse had cheated on them.

“My whole life is a lie!” said a girl contestant.

“I want to get the boat back home!” said another.

“You don’t need a boat! You can walk back!” said the host. “It’s a peninsula!”


Against Lisa’s wishes and protests Homer brought lots of bacon.

“Daaaad! I’m vegetarian remember!” Lisa whined.

“So? You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to...” said Homer.

“Uh Mr Simpson, I can’t eat bacon...” said Jurkle who was staying over.

“Why not?” Homer asked.

“Because it’s not kosher! I’m Jewish!” said Jurkle.

“Dad, I would thought you knew that from when Krusty came over...” said Bart.

“No silly! Daddy doesn’t remember anything because of a crayon stuck in his brain!” said Homer.

“That’s it! Lisa we will invite all of Jurkle’s family over and Krusty. Then Homer can’t keep the bacon...” said Oscar.

“No because I want that golden ticket...” said Homer. “I am going to win that grand prize and go to that factory and see how bacon is made!”

However Homer had competition. While at Apu’s buying bacon.

“Mr Simpson! If you want to kill yourself I also sell handguns! It’s much quicker!” said Apu.

“Oh cool! I’ll have one gun please!” said Oscar.

“Oz no!” Bart frowned.

“Oh yeah... you hate guns...” said Oscar.

“Thanks Apu but I just want all this bacon! Hmmmm, nope... no.... naw...” Homer was ripping open the packets to see the golden tickets but found none.

“Mr Simpson! Stop mangling my merchandise! Or I will have to ask you again!” Apu yelled.

Then a UFO landed. Homer and Apu still astonished by alien life despite Kang and Kodos regularly invading, watched as a slug like alien with ET’s top half and eyes on stalks slithered into the Kwik e Mart.

“Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!” He gasped obsessed with bacon and buying it as he took loads of bacon to the till.

“You seem to like bacon sir from beyond the stars!” said Apu.

“I love bacon!!” The alien screamed.

“Uh okay...” said Homer.

Then to his shock, his daughter Lisa ran in buying loads of bacon eagerly. “Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!” She said hyper and practically yelling.

“Uh sweetie... I thought you were vegetarian?” Homer asked.

“Me vegetarian?! Yeeeeuck! I love meat! Especially bacon!” Lisa replied.

Homer gasped.

“I’m Lisa from before Season seven! So before I become vegetarian.” said Lisa.

“I think I’m gonna be sick...” said present Lisa horrified by her past self.

“Hey Future Me! I’m you but I don’t have a vegetarian heathen daughter! I have a god fearing meat eating American daughter I can be proud of... well except for her bacon obsession... but bacon is pretty yummy... mmmmm salty, crispy bacon...” said before season seven Homer.

“Stop Earthling! Mmmmmmm salty delicious bacon...” the alien obsessed with bacon said while drooling with hunger.

“Well, uh... I have a Hugo...” Homer sighed holding Hugo.

“Oh... the brown stuff finally hit the fan... great...” said past Homer.

”Ah yum! Bacon ist gut Ja?” Uter asked buying bacon.

“I say sirs! What is going on here?!” said the talking pig in a suit from Homer’s imagination when he was trying to reach three hundred pounds in weight.

Homer, pre season seven Lisa, pre season seven Homer and the bacon obsessed alien devoured the cartoon talking pig alive. He screamed as he was devoured.


Then one afternoon while opening a fresh packet of bacon... Homer saw a shiny glittering ticket tucked under a slice of bacon. “Oh my god!” He screamed. “Is it? It is! I won! I won! I got a golden ticket! Oh frabjous day! Callouh Callay! Ohohoho!” He cheered. Oh wait! It’s season fifteen! The strangely poetic and grandiloquent moments from Homer from the first four seasons or so are long gone!

“Uh no Dad. This is only a silver ticket...” said Lisa explaining the ticket was silver coloured.

“Only silver?! What does that mean?” Homer asked.

“It means you only get the runners up prise, judging in a pig judging competition at the state fair.” said Lisa.

“Ooooooh...” Homer whined. “Oh well I suppose that could still be fun! But judge in a pig competition? I ain’t no super genius! Or are I...” said Homer.


Hoedown bluegrass plays as the Simpsons go to the county fair. There is a sign saying “who still goes to these? Find out, inside.”

They are then watching giant vegetables be judged. A giant pumpkin wins largest pumpkin.

“These giant vegetables are amazing!” said Lisa.

There was also a giant bok Choi and a giant ribbon being judged! XD!

“How about a bite of the worlds biggest Brussel sprout?” Marge asked Bart as they stood near a Brussel sprout the size of a cabbage.

“Eeeeeeew!” said Bart in disgust.

Once Marge was gone he looked about shifty and pushed the giant Brussel sprout off of the crate and buried it under the world’s largest pile of mashed potato and went off whistling.

Then everyone went to see a patriot singing about America.

“This song song is about a country I love! You may have heard about it. It’s called America.” said the singer.

“I’ve heard of it!” said Homer.

The man sings about America.

“I could please Miss Barbra Streisand, by spitting on the flag...”

“Boooooooo! Death to Streisand!” Homer yells.

“She’s evil!” Bart yelled.

“Or by strangling a bald eagle....” the man sung. “On the cover of some mag... but I love this country! To me, she has no siiiiiins!”

Everyone cheered.

“If you don’t buy my record, then Al Qaeda wiiiiins...” the man sung.

Everyone cheered.

“USA! USA! USA!” Homer cheered while buying lots of copies of the man’s album.


Then the pig judging.

A farmer puts petroleum gel on his pig’s teeth so they are nice and shiny! Another is straightening his pig’s tail or curling it with a hair curler. And Cleatus is putting makeup on his pig!

“Of all the days for you to get a zit!” Cleatus said to his pig.

Scary music plays as Homer comes in wearing glasses to judge the pigs. He looks very serious about this opportunity to judge pigs.

The farmers present their pigs.

“Hmmmmm.... Lovely.” He said about Cleatus’s pig. “Succulent.” He said about a pig with an apple in its mouth. “Clearly had a snout job...” he said about the pig with shiny teeth grinning. It made a sad face.

Then there was a pig wearing sunglasses and a keyboard tie. Oh my god it’s a famous unpopular politician!

“Ugh! Too eighties!” said Homer.


Marge took Bart, Hugo and Maggie to see a place setting competition Lisa was in.

“Come on! Let’s see how your sister is doing in the place setting competition!” said Marge practically dragging poor Bart.

“Ugh! Place setting?! How is someone so lame related to a hot tamale like me?!” Bart whined.

Rich Texan was judging the competition. Unfortunately he is evil in this episode for some reason...

The competitors are Brandine. Hers was crap with one fork and a cracked plate. Krusty with prank devices such as a rubber knife and farting salad then Lisa’s a music themed one with her saxophone.

“My table setting has a musical theme! Tuning forks! Champagne flutes! Chopsticks and for dessert, Fitz Jello...” a musician as green jello under some cymbals.

Rich Texan was mean to her and made her cry by saying “it looks like the south end of a northern mule! Bahahaha!” And wobbling the table ruining her entry.

Lisa cried.

“Nobody makes my daughter cry!” Homer went to save the day. Hopefully by hitting someone.

However he was stopped by Wiggum in a thought cloud. “One more felony assault Simpson and it’s off to jail! Oh! I didn’t know I could fit in a bubble! Must be losing weight!”

“Ooooooh! But I must do something! I’ll need a disguise!” said Homer.

He took a table cloth someone was sewing, a small white apron from Raphael as he ran a fudge stall. Mmmmmmm! Fudge....

And a fresh it pie.

Lisa was crying as Rich Texan taunted her.

“There, there little girl! Dry those tears... with this!” A last place ribbon. Rich Texan presented to her. She cried as he continued mocking her.

He laughed and fired his guns.

“Hold it right there!” said Homer in a poor disguise wearing a pie tin mask and a cape. Heroic music played.

Everyone gasped.

“You have hurt your last feeling!” Homer in a poor disguise threw a pie in Rich Texan’s face.

Everyone including Lisa laughed. Rich Texan ran off crying.

“Pi R squared. But today pie R justice!” said Drederick Tatum.

“Mmmmmmmm! Math...” said Hugo. “Oh no!” Jimbo and his gang beat up Hugo for being a nerd.

“Thank you mysterious stranger- Hey! Where did he go?!” Lisa thanked the mysterious badly disguised hero but he was gone.

Homer arrived.

“Homer, where were you?! You missed everything!” said Marge.

“Will we ever see this pie man ever again?” Sideshow Mel asked.

“Oh I think we will! Wherever there is injustice! Pie man will be there!” said Homer. His shadow was a super hero.

Plot 2[]

After commercials Homer was with Lisa in the kitchen as she was drawing. He got a beer from the fridge.

“What are you drawing sweetie?” Homer asked.

“My hero Pie Man!” said Lisa drawing a super hero.

“Oh... I figured I had more of a beer gut pl uh I mean I thought he had more of a beer gut!” said Homer.

“Uh... I thought you didn’t see him...” said Lisa.

“Anyway that’s really sweet honey...” said Homer.

Bart cane in sad and whining,

“Oh let’s turn that frown upside down!” said Homer holding Bart upside down by his ankles.

“Whoa! No! Put me down! Dad I’m gonna throw up!” Bart groaned. Homer put him back on his feet.

“What’s wrong boy?” Homer asked.

“Comic Book Guy charged me for smudging these comics which I didn’t even touch!” said Bart showing some comics.

“Richie Rich incorporates in Delaware?” Lisa had a Richie Rich comic.

“Oh my God! He looks nothing like Macaulay Culkin!” Oscar screamed.

“Oz... that was the live action movie... it started as a comic and a cartoon...” said Bart.

“Easy to believe Tales?” Lisa held a Jesus Comic.

“The power of Christ compels your funny bone!” Oscar yelled.

“Oz stop...” Bart groaned.

“Super girl vs the glass ceiling... A man probably wrote and illustrated that one...” Lisa sighed.

“I liked Supergirl vs the toothpaste and hair gel quicksand/tar pit from the live action movie.” said Oscar.

“The Green Listener?” Lisa asked. The comic was a man wearing green listening to an old lady.

“He was just trying to offload these crappy comics on to an innocent kid...” Bart whined.

“Someone ought to take him down a peg, or a pie...” said Homer.

“No I think the expression is down a peg Dad...” said Lisa.

“Maybe you’re right Lisa. Maybe you’re pie...” said Homer. He kept mentioning pie.


Then in the basement Homer designs a proper Pie man costume.

Then he makes the mask then he puts it on and checks himself out. He’s uh fat... So he wears a corset. But it flies off.

In Android’s dungeon.

“This Comic you sold me is not Fantastic Four!” said Milhouse to Comic Book Guy. “It’s Fantastic Floor!” A floor based comic about floors. Mmmmmmm.... floors... “My family can’t afford wooden floors! We rent!” How do hell do you rent a floor?!

“ refunds!” Comic Book Guy said rudely.

Suddenly Pie Man enters.

“Oh great... why do we get all the weirdos at the comic book store...” Comic Book Guy sighed.

“Comic Book Guy! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the key lime!” He smooshed a key lime pie in Comic Book Guy’s face. Mmmmmm! Key lime pie....

“Oh no! How could this get any worse?!” Comic Book Guy cried.

Unfortunately for Comic Book Guy, Uhura from Star Trek arrived for an appointment with him. Probably signing autographs.

“Uhura! You answered my email!” said Comic Book Guy.

“Gah! I’ll say to you what I told Shatner, there is no way I am dating a man with pie on his face...” said Uhura. Um why did he have pie on his face?!

Comic book Guy cries and runs off. Bart and his friends laugh at him.


And the rest of the episode falls flat apart from when Homer pied Krusty...

“This is because your show is falling in ratings and lacking good material!” said Pie Man splatting a pie in Krusty’s face.

“Ow! It burns! You idiot! Don’t use hot pies!” Krusty whined.

And the climax where Mr Burns makes Pie Man pie the Dalai Lama...

“So we go from crispy bacon and bacon obsessed aliens to delicious pies to the face...” said Oscar at the kitchen table.

“Clow!” Clownja pied him in the face with a cream pie. Oscar sits there with pie on his face as everyone laughs at him.

“Ugh... that’s what I get for having a pet clown...” Oscar sighed taking Clownja with him as he went to wash the pie off of his face.

“Homer I was wondering, do you know where my Key lime pie I baked this morning went?” Marge asked Homer.

Homer gulped like Curly. He needed a new way to get pies.


Then for some odd reason the Simpsons are in Krusty burger eating lunch and discussing who Pie man might be. Marge thinks he’s Ned Flanders...

Then the news is on.

“The town has been gripped lately by a pie themed vigilante dispensing justice! And pies to the face. In other news the town has also been overwhelmed by a sudden clown attack by what this little boy can only describe as...” Kent said interviewing Oscar.

“Clownja, my pet clown monster going on a pie to the face rampage with yummy but messy pies... which he baked himself...” said Oscar. “He’s actually a great cook...”

We cut to Clownjas going on a rampage pie-ing everyone as the air fills with Clownjas laughing and pies splatting in people’s faces.

“Pie man must stop this villainous pie throwing! Only those that deserve it must be pied!” said Homer. He went off, probably to turn into Pie Man and fight the Clownjas.


Pie man arrived to the chaos ridden town square where Clownjas were throwing pies somehow despite not having any arms. They do in Rag doll form, smarty pants...

“Put the pies down... clowns...” said Pie Man.

The Clownjas reacted to his presence. Then they became aggressive and pied him.

But he fought back in a pie fight to end all pie fights.

Eventually it was stalemate and Pie man and the Clownjas formed an alliance.

“Okay, I’ll dispense pies into faces of evil and bullies. You can provide the pies right?” said Pie Man.

The Clownjas replied in Pokemon speak.

“That’s a yes. All Clownjas are great chefs. Especially pie making.” said Oscar.

We cut to the Simpsons house kitchen. Clownja has just baked a pie. Homer tried some.

“This is... delicious! Why don’t you enter a baking competition Clownja?” Pie Man asked.

Clownja shook his head and chattered.

“He prefers to throw the pies in people’s faces...” said Oscar.


Then the police tried to put a stop to Pie Man by cutting off his pie supply by asking everyone to hand in their pies in exchange for a gun each. Then the pies were blown up with dynamite.

“Pie, food, mathematical symbol and now the face of justice.” said Kent reading the news.

“Mmmmmm! Pi... said Hugo. Bart rolled his eyes at his geekiness.

“Except to the local police force who find Pie Man a dangerous interference! Like they do to all costumed vigilantes...” said Kent.

“Super man is a menace! He melted my radio with his heat vision!” said Wiggum.

“And so tonight the Springfield police force has set the ultimate bait for pie man, Springfield General Hospital is throwing out all the sick children to make room for vain celebrities to have plastic surgery...” said Kent. “Yes I know I like a nip and a tuck here and there Arnie...”

Outside the hospital Patches and Poor Violet are casted out.

“But who will treat my Whooping cough?! (Coughs in a sickly manner as if she’s very ill)” said Poor Violet the orphan coughing. Pronouncing whooping as hooping.

“Uh it’s Whoop-ing cough. Not Hooping cough...” said Oscar correcting her.

“Nope! For once I pronounce it right! It’s hwooping cough! Hahahaha!” Stewie Griffin explained smugly and laughed.

“Shaddup...” Oscar said annoyed.

“Oh no! That’s terrible!” said Lisa watching the news. “Someone should do something!”

Homer was already plotting to do something as Pie Man.


The police were set up to trap pie man. “He’ll be here soon. This is the sort of jerkish behaviour that will get ya a pie to the face from Pie Man... then we nail the bastard...” said Wiggum.

“What have ya got against him chief? He’s giving all the jerks their comeuppance!” said Lou.

“Yeah but he’s not teaching about bike safety...” Wiggum whined.

“At last no longer will people have to recoil at the sight of women ageing naturally...” said Quimby.

Pie man laughs dramatically. “Not so fast Quimby! You old liberal!”

“Old?!” Quimby asked.

“Get him!” said Wiggum as the cops took aim to shoot Pie Man.

“No Pie Man! It’s a trap!” Kenny yelled to warn the town hero.

“No trap can hold Homer Simpson- I mean Pie man! For I am not this Homer guy whoever he is! Homer Simpson away, I mean Pie man away!” said Pie Man stupidly.

He threw a pie it set off a pulley with a rope he swung from to a flat staircase and escaped.

“Shoot him!” Wiggum yelled and they shot at the hero.

“Yaaagh! Sonnuva!” Pie man was hit.

“Great shooting Lou!” said Wiggum.

“Oh god! What have I done?! I shot Pie Man!” Lou cried.

Suddenly there were Ripoer Roo laughter as hundreds of Clownjas arrived startling everyone as they pied Quimby and Dr Hibbert.

“Blueberry pie?! Oh god! I’m a mess! And on camera! Agh! Don’t record me!” Quimby with blueberry pie on his face whined.

Bart and Oscar laughed at the TV showing the live ambush of Pie Man which ended up getting ambushed itself by Clownjas.

The clown creatures throwing pies and police trying to shoot them caused panic and stampede. Marge was almost trampled but a dangling Pie Man hoisted her to safety.

“Why am I not being trampled?!” Marge asked. The she saw her saviour. Pie man with a bleeding arm.

He released her but wanted a kiss from her.

“Um I’m flattered but I’m married...” said Marge.

Pie man grabbed her and snogged her anyway and no she didn’t slap him or accuse him of assault. She returned the gesture and snogged him because somehow she sensed he was Homer. Or she likes cheating on him I dunno. It’s meant to be romantic. Like the upside down Spider-Man kiss with Mary Jane from the Tobey McGuire films.

Then Pie Man ascended up a ladder and disappeared somewhere. Marge went home feeling excited she kissed another man than Homer. Even though it was just Homer in a costume.


That night Pie Man got into the Simpsons house groaning and holding his arm as he stumbled about and knocked over a lamp. He went to the kitchen and got out a knife to extract the bullet from his arm. “Son of a! Aaaaagh! Cartilage, cartilage... muscle, nerve! Ah bullet.” He flicked out the bullet and it landed. But someone came in the kitchen. That someone was Lisa!

“Dad?!” Lisa asked.

“I a m not your father little girl! I am Pie Man! I uh... killed your father!” said Pie Man.

Oscar played the Star Wars music that played when Darth Vader explained he was Luke’s father.

Dun dun dun, duh de dun, duh de dun...

“Oz! Not helpful!” Lisa whined. “And Dad I know you’re pie man... we’ve been getting his mail!”

“I see, let’s discuss this... in the pie cave...” said Pie man. Dramatic music plays.

Pie man lead Lisa blindfolded down to the basement.

“Dad this is just the basement.” said Lisa once he removed her blindfold. “Look, the ice tea I made this morning is still here!” said Lisa holding a glass of iced tea she made but didn’t drink!

“Or so it would seem...” said Homer.

“Dad. I want you to stop this pie man business before you get killed!” said Lisa.

“Okay. But what do we do with all these pies Clownja made?” said Homer revealing a fridge of pies.

“Well, here’s a start...” Lisa ate some pie.

“Ooooooh! I was so busy shoving pies in people’s face I forgot they were food...” said Homer eating pie with her.

Plot 3[]

Meanwhile Bart was jealous of the vigilante pie throwing of the pie Man, and his near fatal encounter at the hospital ambush. The hospital under agreement from Quimby and Hibbert’s embarrassing pie in the face from the clownjas reversed their decision and sent away the vain celebs to treat genuine sick people and children.

“The world is to dangerous for Pie Man! It needs a new superhero!” said Bart.

“Bartman?” Oscar asked.

“No Oz, a new superhero...” said Bart.

“Stretchdude?” Oscar asked.

“No Oz... Ugh! Forget it... come to the Bart Cave... alone...”

The Bart Cave.

“I had this idea fuelling ever since Sherry Bobbins was our nanny, and I was bored hurling cupcakes at the walls. I thought... why not hurl cupcakes at jerks and bullies like Pie man does with Pies?!” said Bart putting on his Cupcake Lad costume. An orange cape, green mask and gloves with a green t shirt with a radiation symbol. “Behold! I am the cupcake lad!”

“That is ridiculous... throwing cupcakes at people?! Why not laser vision or fire farts?!” said Oscar.

“Um... okay...” said Bart finding his insistence in laser eyes and fire farts weird. “No one asked for your opinion...”

Bart’s first spot of vigilantism was Jimbo and his gang picking on Martin. They were beating him up.

“Unhandled him insidious bullies! Or prepare for butterfly cakes with sprinkles!” Cupcake Lad threw cupcakes at the bullies.

“He’s throwing cakes at us dude!” said Jimbo.

“Who cares?! I’m allergic to frosting! Run!!” Kerne screamed and fled.

“Thank you costumed vigilante! Wait! He’s gone!” Martin thanked Cupcake Lad but he vanished.

And from then on Bart as Cupcake Lad took to throwing cupcakes at wrongdoers.

Whereas baby Oscar took to throwing his own dirty diapers at people. Eeeeew!

However Bart had a problem, one afternoon he caught Inane Brian, a toon friend of Ace and Quiffy, was eating his cupcake ammo.

“Hey stop eating my ammunition!” Cupcake Lad yelled at the toon boy with spiked black hair with a white chunking highlights wearing a red and black sweater with the number 13 on it. The boy had a big flat shiny button nose and big buck teeth. He was eating Bart’s cupcakes.

“Mmmm?” Brian asked.

“You heard me! Scram!” Cupcake Lad yelled.

Brian left.

Lisa warns Dad to stop with the Pie Man thing. But Mr Burns is being a jerk at work. He called Homer bald and an idiot and that he was docking his pay just for being bald and an idiot. He then whipped Lenny and Carl at lunch time. “Eat faster!” And he told everyone he sold their clothes while they were showering.

”Again?” Apparently he did this before.

Homer can’t resist shoving a delicious pie in his face. So Oscar gets three Clownjas stacked on top of each other to pie Mr Burns and get caught in his trap.

”Rats! This isn’t that vigilante Pie Man! This is just those dumpster clown things Oscar leaves everywhere!” Mr Burns ranted.

The Clownjas pie him.

”Oh! Smithers I’ve been taken down a peg!” Mr Burns whined.

However despite this pie in the face humiliation he wanted someone to pie the Dalai Lama.

”No! That’s an awful thing to do! The Dalai Lama is a wonderful person!” said Pie Man.

The Clownjas wouldn’t pie him either.